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The First Time

hi im a 19yr old who has loved daipers/nappies for ages but could never get the time or privicy needed for this love, well now i have time...

my parents went away for a few days for a quick break so i though this was my chance to endulge in a long awaited dream, to night before they went away i brought a few diapers from e.bay for a breat price, hoping that they wouild turn up in the 4 day gap i had to myself.

after returning from work i eagerly awaited the arrival of my diapers but they hadnt shown up yet, this was the first day my parents were away, i was pritty frustrated due to the fact that i really couldnt hold my sexual urges for diapers for much longer knowing that i had brought them and they were coming, but haven't arrived...

any how the next day thinking they would never turn up....they did..i couldnt believe it, i tore open the packaging and inhailed the sweet odour of fresh diapers, the funny thing is i wasnt sure what to expect but from what i saw on dailydiapers, i could wait. i tore off my clothes..well took them off! hehe, and sat on a a freshly open diapers laying on my this felt soooo good.

as i felt the soft cotten attends on my vagina, i couldnt help but groan with pleasure, well three times and then i came unlike anytime before i came with touching i love it i just sat there sticky from my cum, i pulled the front of the diapers up and onto my stomach and firmly attached the tapes to it, i stood up and rushed to the mirrow, i cuoldnt believe it after about 4 years of imagining and dreaming i had finally brough and put on a diaper.

that night i swear to you...i drank 4 litres of mineral water..this was about 7 o'clock, not expecting anyone i sat downstairs in my dressing gown and diaper watching tv think how natural, safe, and comfortable i felt for the first time in years....knock knock knock...shit who could this be? well i though i'll go answer the door in what im wearing ...knowing that you couldn't tell i was wearing unless i moved or sat down. i opened the door and my friend emily was standing there crying her eyes out, soaking wet.(it was storming). i hugged her and told her to come in forgetting what i was in the process of years of release.

i told her to come up stairs to get out of those wet clothes, she slipped out of her jeans and t-shirt and put on a spare dressing gown i had. we sat down and chatted bout her boy-friend and stuff and how he kissed someone else at a club...(it happens!) anyhow i cheered her up and we were laughing and drank a bottle of wine between us, nothing too serious but just a little bit merry (not quite drunk but not sobour either), and i suddenly felt an intense need to pee, i was really having a good time and didnt want to move, so i relaxed and wet my first time was unblievable i slid back into the chair and emily looked at me with a puzzled stair wondering what had just happened.....well long story short when we get drunk being best friends we get lebian urges, we always end but up kissing and touching each other up, and one night i mentioned my fetish for diapers.

she looked at me and said ' what the hell did you just do?' i just looked at her not sure what to say, then another urge to pee came over me, but instead of trying to hold it it just trickeled out, i started to pant from the embarressment and pleasure that was happening, then i little drop of urine dripped on the floor, she looked an me and told me to stand up...well what can i say, i had a really cheaky smile on my face and had no excuse, so i stood up and walked over to emm she stood up and with her left hand she groped my crouch and with a returning cheaky smile she grabbed my ass with her right hand. by this time we both new what had happed and what was going to happen, i pulled her towards me and stuck my tounge down her throut, and when i say porno kissing i mean it i inserted my finger into her pussy and rubber her clit while she gasped with glee with my tounge still in her mouth,( i love feeling that while kissing...such a turn on). any way after we settleed down she changed me, while having a play with me..if you know what i mean :) and putting the cum she had on her hand in my mouth, allowing me to suck her finger. she finished changing me and we spent the rest of the night srewing ourselves this day we are still best friends and we indulge in this act ALOT, i love being in diapers and she loves changing me and being my mommy....well i enjoyed tell you this, and this was all true story which happened 2 days ago..


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