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Tony sat behind his desk in his den. his is where he always sat when he had things on his mind and needed a quiet place to think. He and his wife Mary had been Married for six months. They were very much in love and for the most part got along very well.

During their engagement Mary introduced Tony to the Domestic Discipline concept with the husband as Head Of Household. She gave him good sound reason as to why she felt the need for this in their relationship and after may discussions on the whys and hows Tony agreed that this would be a good thing for them. They even joined a wonderful group on the web that helped them learn how to get started then continued to give support.

A list of things that were expected of Mary was made along with a list of consequences for not doing the things they agreed to.

Now Tony was faced with really having to put plans into action. In the past four days Mary hadn't done any of her work despite stern warnings and threats of more puishment. When Toy warned " You need to get your work done, or you will be punished". Mary Replied " Yeah ok I will" But she didn't. Even when Tony grounded Mary from the computer, that didn't work. As soon as he went outside to do wome yardwork she disobedietly got on the computer.

Tony had it with Mary's disobedience,irresponsibility and childish bratty attitude. She ws not usually like this unless she was feeling some special attention. Tony decided that if it was "special Attention" she craved then she would get just that. No more warnings or threats.

Tony walked out of his den into the livingroom where he found Mary playing with the dog and still none of her work was done. He bent over and took Mary by the hand pulling her to her feet.

" You young lady are in big trouble. I have had all I am going to put up with" He headed for the couch pullng Mary behind him.

Mary Knew she was about to be spanked, this wasn't the first time she had been spanked and she knew the routine. She felt a shiver run up her spine.

Mary: Tony nooooo I'll get my work done right now, I promise.

Tony: OH NO! You'v had plenty of oportunity to get things done. Look at you, you aren't even dressed yet and its almost 10:30.

Before she had a chance to say another word, Tony sat down on the couch, pulled her across his lap, pulled up her nightie to expose her bare bottom and began to spank. The swats were rapid and hard and stung like wildfire. Before long Mary was in tears and begging Tony to stop. He continued to spank a little longer then stopped.

Tony: Now go to the cornr, we are not done yet. Keep your nose to the corner and your arms at your sides.

As Mary stood in the corner with her bottom stinging she realized how awful she had been. She also knew she had pushed Tony's buttons somewhat somewhat intentionaly, to see see how far she could actually go. Now she had butterflies in her tummy from the anticipation of what was yet to come.

Tony: Come here, its time to continue, we have a lot to accomplish yet lil girl.

At This point Mary better than to hesitate or try to get out of this. She knew she deserved whatever Tony had in store for her.

Tony" I'm going to spank you again because I want you to remember this for a long time. When I'm done spanking you we will go sit at the kitchen table and I will explain about the rest of your punishent. IS THAT CLEAR? Mary: Yes Sir.

Tony spanked Mary again with rapid hard swats. She began crying immediately, patly from her stinging bottom but mostly because she honestly did feel remorse for the way she had behaved.

When Tony stoped spanking, he helped Mary to her feet, stood up and kissed her cheek then held her for a few minutes until she was able to calm down a bit.

Tony: We aren't finished yet Baby Cakes. Lets go to the kitchen for some coffee and I will tell you whats going to happen next.

Mary: Honey, I do promise you I will do better and I really am sorry for the way I have acted.

Tony" Well, I'm glad to hear that.

He took her by the hand and led her to the kitchen.

Tony: Sit down and I'll get the coffee.

Mary: Can I have a cigarette? Tony: SUre.

He brought them each a cup of coffee, lit Mary a cigrette and one for himself.

Tony: Mary, I took on the role of HOH because thats what you needed and wanted.

With that I took on certain responsibilities and I fully intend to uphold my responsibilities. Do you remember the things we talked about and ageed to? Mary: Yes, I remember.

Tony: Good beause not only have you not been doing your work for the past four days, You have been behaving like a spoiled little brat. So, now what do you think I'm going to do to make sure you not only get things done but keep that brat attitude of yours in check? Mary shuddered as she thought of what was about to take place. She remembered all what they had talked about and agreed to but she never thought it would actually happen. Now she knew she should have known better. In the beginning she didn't think Tony would actually spank her because he was such a sweet gentle man that she didn't think he had it in him. So, she pushed his buttons until he had had enough and proved her wrong. Now she had once again pushed Tony until he had to act on his promises. She figured out what was about to happen and she knew she deserved it.

Mary: OH MY GAWD!!! Honey are you really going to diaper me? Please, I'm not a baby and I really do promise to do better from now on. I will get all my work done and I will behave better.

Tony: Oh, I know your going to do better and yes I am going to diaper you. Not only will I diaper you and put you in a pair of plastic pants and T-shirt, You will be sent to the corner and given a pacifier. After I feel you have spent enough time there and I let you out, You will get started o your housework.

Mary: BUt but what if I have to pee? Tony: Well, I gess since you'll be diapered I'll just have to change you when you are wet but you will stay diapered until all your housework is done and I have checked it and I also see a positive change in your atttude. I told you Mary, if you're going to act like a spoiled toddler then I'll treat you like one. Now lets go to the bedroom.

Mary again began to cry but went to the bedroom as she was told. She felt she truely did deserve the punishment she was about to get Although she wasn't happy with herself at the moment she felt she truely did deserve this punishment and she felt so grateful that Tony actually loved her enough to assume this position and take on this responsibility.

Tony: Take off your nightgown and lay on the bed.

Tony went to the closet and got a cloth diaper and an unopened package and returned to Mary who was laying on her back on the bed.

Tony: Bend your knees and lift your hips.

Tony slid the cloth diaper under his wife's hips and brought it up between her legs and fastened it securely around her waist. Then he opened the package and pulled out two items. First he pulled out a pair of white plastic panties, he shook them to unfold them and then showed Mary that they were trimed with pink ruffles around the leb bands and waist band and on the back they said " Naughty LIL Angel". Tony lookd at Mary with a little grin as he pulled out the second item from the bag. It was a pink T-shirt and on the front was a picture f a little girl Angel with a drooping halo and a bare red bottom.

After Tony put the plastic pants on Mary he helped her into a sitting position and put the T-shirt on her then had her stand up. He pulled a pink pacifier from the drawer of the night stand and put it in her mouth then turned her toward the mirror so she could see herself.

Mary couldn't help but grin when she saw her reflection in the mirror, she really did look a lot like a little girl Tony: I must say, my naughty lil girl looks pretty cute. Then he swatted her diapered bottom and sent her back to the corner.

Mary stood in the corner feeling a lot of different things. She was definately sorry for her misdeds and fully intended to do better from now on but she also felt warm, secure and very much loved.She also found to her surprise that she really liked liked her little girl atire, To her it brought a sense of comfort and the feeling of the unconditional love that she had never felt until she Married Tony.

After about Fifteen Minutes Tony told Mary she could get out of the corner and get to work. She put the pacifier back in the drawer and went streght to work.

Mary worked very hard all day and actually completed all of her work. She went to Tony and asked him to please come and check what she had done. Tony was very pleased with Mary's work and even noticed that she had a much more cheerful attitude.

Tony: WOW! Baby Cakes You did a really good job, thats much better. Now why don't you go get dressed and we will go to the diner and get something to eat? But wear your jeans and that T-shirt, you look so cute in it.

Tony smied at his wife, they kissed and embraced then Mary went to change her clothes, she wore Her best jeans, the ones that Tony thought she looked good in becuase they fit tightly through the hips and ofcourse the Naughty Lil Angel T-shirt.

Epilogue: Has this form of discipline been administered yet? NO...

However, because this form of discipline has been discussed at length by both parties, and consensually agreed to, it has been placed on hold until we are in our own private domicile.

Will I incorporate and employ it? YES!!!!! TONY

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