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"Tina and I were snuggling on the couch drinking wine one evening when I whispered, "I have to pee." Tina rubbed my crotch and said, "Just go, I have a surprise for you." I started to get up but Tina wouldn't move her arm.

"Like I said, just go." I was a little confused but the wine was starting to get the better of me. So I started to relax my bladder muscles and after a few minutes I started peeing my pants....

I felt the hot urine begin flowing into my pants making a wet spot appear. As the wet spot grew Tina began rubbing it cooing, "Don't worry baby. Just let go, wet your pants." The urine was flowing unimpeded, cascading over my scrotum and pooling under my ass.

"There, doesn't that feel better?" I smiled and nodded, still a little confused especially since she just encouraged me to wet myself and was now rubbing my soaking wet crotch. Tina continued stroking my crotch until she was sure I had finished peeing. She started to get up saying, "Now you wait there, I'll be right back..." She left me sitting in my puddle wondering what she was up to for several minutes. When she returned she had what looked like a large purse over her shoulder. She looked at me with mischief in her eyes then looked down at my crotch and threw up her hands saying, "Look at you, sitting there on the couch, with your crotch soaking wet! Try and deny that you wet your pants this time!" She obviously didn't expect me to say anything because she kept on talking.

"Let me guess, it was an accident! I told you what would happen the next time you peed in your pants like a little baby, didn't I?" Tina glared down at me tapping her foot looking genuinely angry, "Well," she prodded. I looked at her rather confusedly, seeing how she had never mentioned it and nothing like this had ever happened before.

"You'd punish me?" I meekly offered.

"Close," she snapped, "I told you that if you ever wet your pants again that I'd give you a good spanking, and then I'd put you back in diapers until I think you're able to use the toilet again. Now I wanted to protest a little, "But I can use the toilet." I replied. Tina just stared at me, "Did you just pee?" I nodded.

"And precisely where did you pee, did you use the toilet?"

"No." I said, looking down at my crotch.

"No, you peed in your pants. Now that tells me that you obviously can't use the toilet. Only babies pee in their pants, correction, babies don't even pee in their pants they pee in their diapers." This was music to my ears, I'd been a diaper lover since I was a child and although we'd discussed it, Tina had never participated in any of my diaperings or even given any sign that she was interested in doing so.

"Now get up and take off your pants." she comanded. While I stripped off the offending article she pulled a plastic bag out of her purse. Once I had placed them in it she moved one of the wooden chairs into the middle of the room and began unzipping the side of what I now recognized as a diaper bag. She sat on the chair, placed the changing pad she had just removed from the bag across her lap and said, "This is in case you wet again while I'm giving you your spanking. Now LIE DOWN!" I lay across her lap and she began spanking me quite hard, "Maybe you thought I was kidding. Perhaps you didn't think I would do it, but I warned you, if you wet your pants like a baby then I'm going to treat you like a baby." After 20 swats my ass was burning and I tried to cover it with my hands. This just earned me another 10 swats from Tina. When she was finished she said, "Now stand in the corner, and if you touch your bottom you'll get another 30!" I stood in the corner, my cheeks bright red and on fire, begging to be rubbed. I could hear Tina moving around behind me but couldn't see what she was doing.

"Come here and lie down." she ordered. When I turned around I discovered that she had placed the changing pad in the middle of the living room floor. It had a white, adult-sized disposable diaper lying on it. Beside the pad was a bottle of baby lotion, a tub of wipes and a container of baby powder. I walked over to her and gently lay down on the diaper, as my ass was still quite sore. Tina pushed an over-sized pacifier in my mouth and proceeded roughly cleaning my crotch with baby wipes. Once she was satisfied I was clean, she rubbed the baby lotion into my crotch making me lift my bum so she could get it too, for which I was very gratefull. She told me to turn over and once I was on my stomach she sprinkeled baby powder on my butt and gently massaged it in.

The sweet smell of baby powder wafted into my nostrils, soothing me and exciting me at the same time. She made me roll over again and gave my front a generous dusting of baby powder paying special attention to my penis before drawing the front of the diaper up between my legs and taping it shut saying, "So you want to pee in your pants... Well now you can pee in your pants all you like, as a matter-of-fact I insist since you're going to be wearing diapers for quite a while. Now go stand in the corner while I put your pants in the wash." Before she left she took the pacifier out of my mouth and handed me a baby bottle of juice (actually it was wine but I think it was supposed to be juice), "Drink this, and you'd better be finished by the time I get back!" She gathered up the couch cussion and my pants and left me standing in the corner drinking my bottle of 'juice' wearing nothing but my shirt and a diaper. After I had finished 3/4 of it I had to pee again. Although I really wanted to wet my diaper I decided to hold it to make a show for Tina. Another 15 minutes passed and by the time she returned I had finished my bottle and was really struggling to not wet myself. I was squeezing my legs together and pratically hopping from one foot to the other. Tina looked at me and said, "I don't know why you're fighting it, its not as if I'm going to let you use the toilet. Sooner or later you'll end up wetting that diaper so you might as well get it over with, you'd probably be a lot more comfortable." I knew Tina was right but I was trying anyway. Tina brought me another bottle and sat down to watch. I managed to last another 5 minutes while she watched my hopeless struggle with an amused smirk on her face. The pressure became too much though and my bladder suddenly gave out. There was no build up in the stream at all, it went from nothing to full-bore instantly and try as I might I couldn't stop it. Tina smiled broadly as I gasped and instinctively grabbed my crotch. Both our gazes fixed on my crotch as I flooded my diaper. A small yellow spot appeared right in the front and quickly spread across and down, towards my ass.

"There, now doesn't that feel better?" Tina asked coyly. I couldn't help but smile since it felt REALLY good.

I just stood there with a goofy grin on my face as I continued wetting my diaper. Tina came over and ran her hand across the front of my warm wet diaper and asked, "Does baby Mikey wike going wee-wee in his didee?" She slipped her hand between my legs and pressed the sodden padding up against my balls. I was still peeing a mile-a-minute and the diaper had reached saturation point and the added pressure caused it to leak sending little rivulets of warm pee trickling down my legs. I was surprised to discover that all this was making Tina really horny as she stuck her hand down the front of my diaper and started stroking my penis as I continued to pee. The added bulk of her hand in my diaper pulled the leg gathers away from my legs sending urine pouring down my legs to puddle at our feet. She leaned in and gave me an extremely passionate kiss and moaned, "I can't believe how cute you look peeing in your diaper." She looked down at the puddle I was standing in (thank god for hardwood floors) and said, "Turn around so mommy can get a good look at your diaper." I turned around and Tina grabbed the urine-soaked seat of my diaper and squeezed it against my ass, making even more pee leak down my legs.

"Mmm, tell me how wet you are baby." I looked at Tina, smiling and responded, "I'm really wet Mommy, my didee's leaking."

"It sure is baby, tell mommy how it got that way." Tina coaxed as she put her hand back down the front of my diaper and started easing me towards the changing pad.

"I went pee-pee in my diaper." I exclaimed. Tina gestured for me to lie on the changing pad asking, "Did you have an accident?" I lay back and spread my legs, squishing more urine out of the diaper to pool around my ass, "No mommy, I didn't have a accident I went pee in my diaper." Tina slipped her panties off before kneeling down to open the tapes of my diaper, "Do you mean that you went pee in your diaper on purpose?? Aren't you supposed to be a big boy and use the toilet?" she inquired as she popped the tapes and pulled down the front of my diaper exposing my raging hard-on. I shook my head and said, "No mommy. I'm just a baby and need to use my diaper." Tina teased my erection for a second, "Well I guess mommy will have to keep you in diapers until you're old enough to use the toilet." she sighed as she climbed on top of me and slid my cock into her hot pussy. We kissed deeply and began the best love-making session we had ever had yet. When we were finished I looked deep in her eyes and said, "Tina, what if I said I don't want to be old enough to use the toilet?" Tina asked, "Do you mean you want to keep playing baby, baby?"

"Well I mean I want you to keep me in diapers." I replied. She pushed herself up on her elbows and studied my expression, "How often and for how long?" she asked enthusiastically. Biting the bullet I decided to tell her the truth, "24/7 for as long as we're together." She looked at me with a poker-face for a second leaving me hanging in anticipation of her response. After what seemed to be an eternity she finally smiled and said, "I had a feeling you were going to say that.

Of course I will, but you have to realize what it means." I looked up at her with a renewed sense of awe and love and listened to what she had to say.

"First, if you're going to wear diapers 24/7 that means no more all. You will do all your 'buisness' in your diaper. Second it means that without my express consent you may not remove or change your diaper. Third as long as you're in a diaper you'll have to be 'looked-after' like a baby, meaning when I'm not around I'll have to find you a baby-sitter. Fourth, don't expect me to try and hide the fact that you're in diapers when we're at home if it's conveinient for me I'll change your diaper right in front of whomever happens to be over. I think that should about cover it for now, any other rules we can deal with as they arise." I just looked at her with tears in my eyes, this was a dream come true.

"Well?" she asked, "What do you say?" I pulled her close and said exactly what was in my heart, "I LOVE YOU MOMMY!" We hugged for a long time before I whispered, "I gotta pee again." Tina smiled at me and said, "So go. From now on I don't want you holding it, if you have to go, then go." I started peeing.

Since Tina was lying on top of me, the piss went up to our bellies before rolling down our sides to collect around my ass. . We lay there for a few minutes, then Tina said, "I guess mommy should put you in a dry diaper now. We don't want baby to get a rash do we?" She told me to stand up while she went and washed off the changing pad. She laid it out on the floor, grabbed a fresh diaper from the bag, unfolded it and laid it on the pad, "OK baby, lie down." I lay down and Tina powdered and taped me securely in the diaper. Before getting up she looked me in the eye and said, "I had no idea putting you in diapers would be so much of a turn on. I'm really going to enjoy having you as my baby!" I smiled back at her, happier than I could ever remember being in my life and replied, "And I'm going to love being your baby!" I pulled her close and gave her a big kiss. No sooner had I answered than the phone rang. Tina answered it, "Oh hi, Jessie. We're great. Of course you can come over, by the way, are you still storing your sister's old playpen? Really? Can you bring it with you? Awesome, see you soon." Tina turned back to me and said, "Now where were we?" She looked at the package of diapers and said, "If you're going to be in diapers 24/7 were definately going to need a whole lot more of them and maybe we should consider getting some cloth ones while we're at it." She read the look on my face and cut me off before I could even say anything, "I know you prefer disposables but if you're going to wear them full-time it wouldn't hurt to have a couple dozen cloth ones around the house, just in case." I had to admit she was right, besides cloth diapers might be fun too, they're certainly economical (not that we were worried about money), and they definately stayed wet-feeling after they were peed in (unlike most disposables which are designed to feel dry unless the're REALLY soaked). Tina went to the kitchen and returned with a glass of wine and a bottle of juice (real juice this time)and I lay with my head in her lap drinking my bottle while we were going over everything. I was halfway through my bottle when the doorbell rang. Tina answered it, sure enough it was Jessie (Tina's best friend) and imediately asked if she had brought the playpen. From where Jess was standing she couldn't see the living room.

She waved a hello to me before she turned back to Tina asking, "Ya, I brought it, why do you need it?" Tina simply answered smiling, "For my baby." Jess shook her head and said, "You wanna run that by me again." Tina replied, "Help me bring it in and I'll explain." They returned a few seconds later with the play-pen, "I told you, I need it for my new baby. Remember when I told you about Mike and how his diaper fetish?" Jessie thought for a second and nodded.

"Well I decided to indulge him and in the process discovered that not only did I enjoy it, but Mike wanted to wear diapers for a longer period than I had decided to keep him in them." Jessie just stood there as she was digesting this information so Tina continued, "I was originally going to keep Mike in diapers and treat him like a baby for the weekend but he wants to be my baby full-time. So we agreed that from now on Mike is going to be my baby." Jessie blinked a couple of times, "He's going to be your baby?" Tina smiled and started bringing the play-pen into the living room, explaining, "Yes, he's my baby. From now on he'll wear diapers 24/7, drink from baby bottles, use a pacifier etc." Jess followed Tina into the living room asking, "Does that mean you're making him use his diapers as well?" Tina just laughed as they started setting up the play-pen, "Of course. That's what babies do, when they have to go 'potty' they just go in their diapers. That's what they're for. See." Tina gestured at me and Jessie looked at me for the first time that evening. I was still on the couch, baby bottle in my hand, wearing nothing but a T-shirt and a disposable diaper. Tina said, "Mike, why don't you stand up and give Jess a better look at your diaper." I shrugged and stood up and slowly turned around while Jess checked out my diaper from every angle.

"I can't believe you're wearing diapers," she said to me in disbelief. Turning to Tina she added, "I have to admit, he looks pretty cute in them though." They finished setting up the play-pen and Tina suggested, "Climb in and try it out baby." I stepped over the railing and sat down on the plastic-covered floor. Tina smiled and placed my pacifier in my mouth, "Aww, doesn't he look cute?" Turning to Jess she asked, "Want a drink?"

"Please." answered Jess as she examined the diapers and other baby things scattered around the living room.

Tina returned with a glass for Jess, the rest of the bottle of wine and another bottle of juice for me. After I got my bottle they sat on the couch where they could get a good look at me. The moment I began drinking I felt the need to pee. I tried to relax my bladder but nothing came out so I continued drinking while Tina and Jess talked.

"Jess," Tina began, "I need to ask you another question."

"Shoot." Jess replied taking a sip of her wine.

"I want to know if youl'd consider being Mike's baby-sitter?"

"Baby-sitter? Why does he need a baby-sitter?" Jessie asked somewhat confused. Tina quickly replied, "Because he's a baby. You can't leave babies alone by themselves, someone has to look after them, feed them, play with them, change their diapers." I couldn't believe this, I had a bit of a crush on Jess ever since Tina inroduced us, but I never considered that at some point she might become part of my diaper fantasies. They were both looking at me, I could almost see the gears turning inside Jess' mind. She was looking at me with a sort of dreamy smile on her face and I was hoping she'd say yes. Just then the need to pee returned, this time I spread my legs wide to try and make peeing easier and also to make sure both of them could see my diaper clearly. I took another swallow of juice and gave a little push and was suddenly rewarded with the pleasant feeling of wetting my diaper. I didn't do anything to draw their attention to it, I just drank my juice and watched their faces. Jessie's dreamy smile dissapeared for a second and her eyes narrowed and focused on my crotch. A smile started spreading across Tina' face as quickly as the warm urine was spreading through my diaper. Tina said, "Why don't you stand up and tell us what you're smiling about." Sensing what Tina wanted I stood in the play-pen with my legs spread and in my best child-like voice said, "I go pee-pee." Tina looked at me like a mother looks at her toilet-training toddler asking, "Are you going toilet like a big boy?" I shook my head and answered with, Uh-uh." and grabbing at the crotch of my diaper and pretending as though I was trying to hold it like a toddler would, peeing all the while.

"I go pee-pee in my pants! See!"

"Where do big boys go pee?" Tina asked with mock sarcasm.

"Toidy?" I offered.

"And where do babies go pee?" she prodded.

"Pampers." I responded reflexly.

"Don't you want to use the toidy like a big boy?" Jess was grinning from ear to ear at this point. I shook my head no, "I don't wanna go toidy! I wanna pee didees!" Jess jumped in, "You mean you just wet in your diapers like a baby?" I looked Jess square in the eye, "Uh-huh."

"Do you like wetting in your diapers like a baby?" I nodded enthusiastically, "UH-HUH!" Jessie walked up to the side of the play-pen, "Does baby Mikey want aunty Jess to change his wet didee?" I looked over atTina who nodded her approval, "Ya." I said as I took Jess' hand as she led me over to the changing pad and lay down on it. As soon as I was lying down Jess knelt down between my legs. The first thing she noticed was the 'tent' my raging hard-on made in my diaper.

"It certainly looks like Mikey enjoys having his diaper changed!" she commented with an amused grin. Tina gave her a knowing nod adding, "He likes having them changed almost as much as he enjoys wetting them." Jess pulled the tapes open and pulled down the front of the diaper, immediately we were greeted with the aroma of urine and baby powder. Jess wiped my front with a few baby wipes before sliding the diaper out from under me, then she cleaned up my butt. She grabbed a fresh diaper and slid it under me and asked, "Tara, what about his erection? His diaper won't fit right with that there." Tara looked at Jessie and replied, "You're quite right...someone should do something about it." Jessie squirted some baby lotion into her palm and started stroking my penis.

"What a big pee-pee baby Mikey has." I just lay there in extacy, I always had a crush on Jess and now she was jerking me off before she put me in diapers, with Tina's approval! I was so excited I came in less than 2 minutes.Jess wiped up my cum with a baby wipe, applied a some lotion to my ass, massaged in a large amount of baby powder and taped me securely into my new diaper. She patted my diaper-covered penis, "There you go, fresh and clean." she finished. Tina gave me my pacifier and said, "Now why don't you crawl around for a while while Jess and I talk?" So I crawled around the living room as they talked. While they were talking I could feel the need to poop growing. They continued to talk for 45 minutes while I played with my stuffed animals and crawled around the living room. Tina took a sip of her wine, "So, will you be Mike's baby-sitter?" Jess looked at me crawling on the floor and smiled, "Sure, I'd love to." Tina sighed, "Thanks Jess, I wanted someone Mike already knew and I probably would've had a hell of a time finding anyone else to do it, adult baby-sitfers aren't heavily sought after." They both looked at me smiling, just as my bowels contracted and I started filling the seat of my diaper with poo.

As the first contraction hit me I bit down on my pacifier and my face went flush. I could feel the warm mass pushing the seat of my diaper out as it made some room for itself. I had never intentionaly shit my pants as an adult and was surprised to discover that it didn't feel too bad. It didn't feel as good as wetting myself but I thought I could get used to it. Jessie abruptly stopped what what she was saying, diras I gave a grunt and pushed the last bit of poop into my diaper. As soon as my anal sphincter closed my bladder sphincter opened and I began wetting uncontrolably. Tina looked at Jess then turned to me, "What's up baby?" she cooed. I pulled my pacifier out of my mouth, "I go poopy!" I exclaimed. Tina said, "Well come over here you little stinker and I'll change your diaper." I crawled over and sat on the changing pad squishing the poop and spreading it throughout the confines of my diaper. I lay back, spreading the contents of my diaper around even further. I smiled and spread my legs as Jess replaced my pacifier in my mouth and Tina started peeling back the tapes. As she pulled back the front of my diaper we were subjected to the aroma of poo mixed with urine and baby powder. Jess waved her hand in front of her face, "You certainly made a mess of that diaper, didn't you stinky pants." As Tina was cleaning me up she asked Jess, "Are you sure you still want to babysit?" Jessie looked down at me and smiled, "Ya, I think I can handle a few messy diapers. Most of the time their just wet, if he shit himself as often as he wets himself that would be another story. Besides I think he looks cute in diapers." Tina had just finished wiping up my mess and was rolling it up in the diaper, "Well, he does wet alot but you're right, I can't get over how cute he looks in a diaper!" Tina finished cleaning me up, applied a liberal coating of lotion and powder before taping me into a fresh diaper. She turned to Jess and asked, "How would you like to start babysitting right now?" Jessie said, "Sure, what's up?"

"I just realized that we're going to need a lot more supplies than we have in order to do this properly. A diaper pail for starters. We're also going to need more diapers, bottles and other baby supplies. Plus I've got to find a changing table, a high chair and a crib, to say nothing of clothes." Jess said, "I might be able to help with some of that. I have a freind who makes baby clothes and I'm sure if I asked her she'd make clothes for Mike, she'd probably get a kick out of it. And don't forget, my brother's a carpenter. I know he'd make any furniture you need for next to nothing." That brought a smile to Tina's face, "Thanks. So if you two will be okay I'll go to the store." Jessie and I exchanged smiles saying, "We'll be fine." Tina grabbed her purse, gave me a kiss and as she was leaving said, "Now be a good baby for Jessie while I'm gone." Once Tina was gone Jess patted the seat beside her and asked, "Why don't you come cuddle with me and watch some TV?" I sat down next to her and she told me to put my head in her lap. She ruffled my hair and put the nipple of my baby bottle in my mouth saying, "Well it looks like you've had a dream come true, you've been put back in diapers 24/7 and you're being treated like a baby." I smiled around the nipple and nodded.

"You really enjoy wearing diapers don't you?" I looked up at Jess and removed the nipple from my mouth replying, "Not as much as I enjoy wetting them. I don't know why but for some reason peeing my pants/diapers feels so good it almost brings me to orgazm." Jess looked at me questioningly, "It really feels that good?"

"Absolutely! When I was younger I used to put them just before I had to pee just so I could wet them. Ask yourself, doesn't the release after you've had to pee for awhile feel good?" Jess agreed with that.

"And don't you like it when your genitals are warm and wet?" She nodded.

"Ok now put those two feelings together and that is what it feels like to wet your diaper." I said smiling as I began wetting myself. I let out a deep sigh and a smile spread across my face as the pee spread across my diaper. I pointed at my crotch, "See? No getting up. I had to pee so I went pee in my diaper. Jess put her hand on the warm, soggy bulk of my diaper and rubbed.

"That's it baby, don't hold it, just pee. Soak your diaper for Auntie Jess." I didn't need the words of encouragement but they did make me feel good. I smiled at Jess, "I go wee-wee!"

"You sure are baby, just like a good baby should." Jess beamed as she continued massaging the growing bulge in my soggy diaper. She asked, almost impatiently, "Are you finished?" I gazed up at her and nodded. Jess imediately started ripping at my diaper tapes. She continued rubbing the wet diaper against my growing erection. Suddenly Jess pulled back the front of my diaper and took my penis in her mouth. It only took a couple of minutes before she brought me to a blinding orgasm. Jess continued to kiss my genitals, whispering, "I can't believe how arousing watching you wet yourself is, that and the combination of baby powder and pee. I think its time to get you into a dry diaper." After I was changed Jess asked what I wanted to do. In response I began unbuttoning her blouse.

"Is baby hungry?" Jess asked, offering me one of her breasts. I started suckling and rubbing her hot crotch. She repositioned herself to allow easier access to her crotch. I eased my hand into her damp panties. Jess moaned deeply as my fingers penetrated her wet pussy. I fingereed her clit and feverisly licked her nipples. She suddenly climaxed and went limp. Her breath was short and raspy as she breathed, "What a good baby you are." while patting my diapered groin. She slid down and kissed my diaper (making my penis stir from its slumber) saying, "I think I'll enjoy babysitting you." Jess shifted again and cursed, "I need to pee, there are times when I envy you." I tidied up the living room while she was gone and was about to take the diapers up to my room when Tara pulled in...

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