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My mother had me when she was 16 years old. Since she was so young we are very close and she is like an older sister as well as a great mother. Now that I am 19 years old and in my second year at college some things have changed in our relationship.

I am now in my second semester living back at home since last semester I screwed up and drank my way nearly to failing out of school. I had lost my job and was kicked out of my apartment for not paying rent three months in a row. Mom took me back in after a lot of begging, pleading and deal making. Now that I am back home, I have my regular chores back as well as many of the things my mom would usually do herself. Mom got very strict with me after last semester and said if I screwed up again she would be sure to give me a reason to ride the straight and narrow road from then on out. I wasn't sure what she meant but she had followed through with other threats like that in the past.

Right before spring break I had a few friends from college ask me to go out drinking with them like we used to do before I moved back in with my mom. I was a little worried I might have too much fun with them, as I did in the past but didn't think one night would hurt anything. Before they came over mom and I had eaten dinner and she brought up the past with me. She started telling me about when I was 17 and wet the bed a few times. She asked me if I remembered what would happen to me if I did it again. I told her that she told me I was going to be punished and made to wear pull-ups to bed to remind me not to wet the bed. As embarrassing as it was I never thought she would go through with it even if I did have another accident.

After we finished our little talk about not getting trashed and doing stupid things I left with my friends for a night of fun filled dancing and drinking. Now I will remind you that I am 5'2 110 pounds 34b with long dark hair and green eyes. When we go out us girls are the life of the party as well as the attraction for the boys. We started out with shots and moved our way to mixed drinks when I recalled the words of my mother, reminding me if I drank too much I might wet the bed. I blew off the reminder and went about my night drinking and dancing my tail off. Before I knew it I was grinding with some guy then a girl and then the same guy again. I was dripping with sweat and loving every second of it. I had a cab take me home that night after we ate a big breakfast to soak up or alcohol. When I got close to home I felt the need to pee and thought I could hold it. The drive way to our house was in sight and I asked the driver to drop me of a few houses before ours so mom didn't see I didn't drive my car home. He dropped me and after I paided him for the ride I made my walk home in my damp clubbing outfit. I was wearing my cutest black pants, a white thong and matching bra, and a pink top.

As i made it about two houses away from our drive I again remembered moms warning and then felt the urgency of my bladder screaming for release. By the time I took the next step I was starting to leak and then stopped and watched my pants saturate with pee. At the time I thought it was slightly funny since I was still some what drunk. When I started walking again I realized how uncomfortable I was in my soaked pants and shoes. I made it to the back door to find mom waiting for me in the kitchen like she always did when I came in late. She sat there with a smile on her face as I slowly came in sipping on a cup of tea. She greeted me and I carefully attempted to make my way to the bathroom to change into my night clothes. I thought I was in the clear until mom spoke up and said wait young lady, why are your pants wet? I froze and didn't know what to say. She caught me and I knew I was in for it this time. With my recent behavior and wildness I knew that her threat to keep me on the straight and narrow was about to become reality.

Did you pee your pants Tina? I couldn't lie to my mom, she was my best friend but with the sound in her voice I knew she was about to go "mom" on me. I shook my head yes that I peed my pants and told her I couldn't hold it on the way up the drive. She looked at me and shook her head while saying she was very disappointed and that I had it coming this time. She went on to tell me that I should have known better than to drink that much and expect a perfect outcome. She told me that 19 year olds don't wet themselves and that she would deal with me in the morning on how I was going to get punished. I headed to my room shacking from fear and embarrassment that y mom had to treat me like a teenager. I wasn't sure what she had in store but I soon passed out from my over abundance of drinking and didn't wake until morning.

I remember being woken about 5 am but dint really wake up to the point of knowing what was going on. When I woke up at 8 to the smell of eggs coffee and bacon I felt odd. I didn't really remember the night before but recalled mom got into with me but didn't remember what for. Mom came in a few minutes later with a grin on her face and told me it was time for breakfast. I told her ok then pulled the covers off and stood up. Mom just looked at me and I though it was because I was topless but she smiled and look up and down. I took once step and then heard the rustle of plastic and felt the bulk between my legs. I looked down and found myself in a thick disposable diaper. When I looked up mom smiled and said she told me I was in for it and there I stood at her mercy. I tried to argue and take it off right there but I notice when I felt the front that it was warm and heavy. I had wet myself and was wearing it. Mom looked at what I found and said see that's why I put you in them. You can't make it through one night and here you are standing in your first adult diaper that you already peed in.

I was devastated to see myself in an adult diaper and knowing that I had wet in it. I was caught now; I knew she wouldn't let me out of them with this situation. Mom told me to put a shirt on and come own stairs to eat and not put anything over the diaper. She wanted me to see it, and hear it to be sure that I knew what I got myself into. She had put it on me in my sleep and figured I would wet the bed since I was passed out. M head hurt a little from the drinking but I was more concerned about what was about to happen next when mom discussed why and how long I was to wear diapers. She had made me wear them when I was 15 for a week straight using them for wetting only and that was enough to shock me into not wetting the bed for a few years. I guess when I was older at 17 years old she didn't think forcing me into diapers would make any difference and devastate me more than I was from peeing the bed.

I waddled my way down stairs with a long shirt on that covered most of the loud wet diaper I was wearing. Mom looked at me and said she didn't think I should hide it and tucked the shirt into the top of the waistband of the disposable. As if it weren't enough to have to wear a wet diaper she wanted to see my every move and to see my face while I sat in it. Mom put a plate in front of me and sat down herself and began to talk to me. She went on to tell me how disappointed she was that I defied her warning about not peeing myself anymore and that she called the doctor that morning and he suggested she put me in diapers until she felt I was past this stage. She told me the rules of my wearing diapers and started with saying I wasn't allowed to use the toilet for any reason at all! I spoke up saying that wasn't fair, since I didn't do this every time I had to pee. She told me that was the rule and said I had to use the diaper for everything every time I had to go potty. Yes, she said potty. My mouth dropped when I gathered my thoughts and realized she meant that I had to mess myself as well as wetting. When I told her I wouldn't poop my pants she told me yes I would since the diapers cost so much, I would get the most use I could out of them before she would change me. It was one thing to have to wear a peed diaper but to poop it and to know my mother would be the one changing me completely freaked me out. Mom went on to say that I wasn't allowed at anytime to take it off myself and the only times I wouldn't be in a diaper was when I was bathing or in between changes. I was speechless thinking of going outside the house in this loud thick thing stuck to my butt. Not only was I worried about laving the house in diapers at 19 years old, I didn't even want to have to figure out what to wear to conceal the bulk and padding let alone the sound. Mom didn't make it any better by saying after I was done eating I needed to go wait on the bathroom to be undressed by her because I needed to shower before we went to grandmas for lunch and shopping. This made my hear race thinking of being at my grandmas house diapered and to have to go shopping like this.

I headed to the bathroom after cleaning my spot up and waited there with slight tears in my eyes for mom to change me. She came in a right after me and pulled my shirt off then went to un-taping the diaper from me. Three tapes on each side imprisoned me in my own wet and eventually my own mess, but if I had anything to do with it, it would be anytime soon! Mom gave me a short slap to my butt and told me to get cleaned up, it would be a long afternoon and we needed to get moving. I showered and took my time heading back to my room knowing she would be there waiting for me. When I walked in I aw she had laid out my outfit for the day and there was a diaper, baby powder and socks waiting for me. I walked over and pleaded for her not to do this to me and she said on the nothing as she forced me to lie on the floor. Just as though I was her toddler again she lifted my legs by my feet and slipped the thick fresh disposable diaper under me. She put a lot of powder on me and then wrapped me up and tapped it on firmly. I was told to stand up as she handed me a bra and I put it on. Standing there like that was so embarrassing and humiliating for me, but I did as I was told hoping she wouldn't go through with it. To renew my fears she held out the jean skirt for me to step into. After I was dressed I looked at myself in the mirror thinking everyone would see or notice I was in diapers. To my surprise mom stood behind me and said she would make sure I was dressed in outfits that hid the diapers the best she could. She said the punishment was for her and me to know about and that she didn't want me to be marked as a diaper girl by others. Even though I liked her thoughtfulness she and I both knew the skirts and other clothing wouldn't hide them for long.

Before we left for grandmas mom made sure she packed extra diapers but for some reason didn't have a whole bag like I though she would. She told me that since she only got a sample pack from the doctor, she would have to buy more today while we were shopping. I was not liking this idea, going with her while shopping, in public, to buy adult diapers for her adult aged daughter. How would I explain that if I saw someone I knew, while I was carrying a large bag of thick adult diapers? Oh man I dreaded going anywhere now. After mom got me out of my day dream of fear, we loaded the car with our shopping list and some dishes mom barrowed from grandma. The drive was longer than I was used to since all I could think about was the predicament I got myself into. When I looked up we were pulling into the drive of grandmas. Mom got out as I sat there not wanting to move. She asked me what my problem was, as I looked down seeing the white padded plastic protruding form my crotch.

"Oh nothing" I said and felt my face turn red as she told me to hurry up.

When we walked into the house grandma was waiting for us with the face of acceptance. I knew something was up when mom took her into the next room and started explaining something to her. I hear them grandma say it was about time I was punished for my actions. I stood there heart pounding from the situation and then they came out to me both smiling. Grandma asked me how I was doing and I told her I had been better, she laughed and said I bet so. She invited us in and we sat in the living room and started to talk. As I walked to sit down they smiled at my every move since I was clearly uncomfortable and crinkled when I moved. The conversation quickly moved to grandma asking how long I would be punished. Mom said for a good duration since I woke up in a wet diaper this morning. Grandma looked at me in shock and asked me how I could act like this as a adult. She went on to lecture me about acting like a child and told me I needed a good spanking since I was so naughty. Yea, she said I was naughty. I saw where this was going since I had been in trouble with grandma before. She told me to come over to her so I stood up and walked standing in front of her. She lifted my skirt and proceeded to examine my new panties as she called them. First she made sure it was snug to my belly and ran her hand over the butt of the diaper gripping it to make sure it was thick enough for its purpose. She went on saying wow these are very bulky, Tina you look like you did when you were three. She giggled a little and then went on checking the leg holes for snugness and then opening the back up to see if I had went "potty".

After my examination by grandma my skirt was pulled back down and I was told to stand in the corner with my hand folded behind my back, until lunch was ready. I accepted the command by her and waddled myself over to the corner I used as a child placing my nose flush with the wall and placed my hand folded behind me, humiliated and upset at the same time. I stood there for about 5 minutes when they called me to eat dinner. I wasn't really hungry since I was a slightly hung over, but sat down to eat anyways. We ate and I sat there listening to mom and grandma talk about things I had no interest in, until the conversation once again turned to me. Grandma asked if mom thought I needed a diaper change. At this point I went back to my beat red face and sat there in silence. Mom said she would check in a bit and that she knew I would go eventually since I hadn't wet or messed since she changed me nearly 3 hours ago. Grandma smiled in enjoyment of my torment saying well if she poops shes wearing until we are ready to change her! I was good with the diaper punishment until she brought the pooping thing back into the picture. I did have to go but could hold it for awhile and knew mom was right when she said I would eventually have to give in and use my diaper for its intended purpose.

After they finished I was made to clean up the table and do the dishes before we got ready to go shopping. While I was drying plates the doorbell rang and I saw my aunt and cousin come in. I knew this wasn't going to be good! Mom called me in the living room to say hello, I cam in and said hello while making sure I didn't move around too much. Mom whispered in my aunts ear and then in my cousins. They both looked at me in amazement and looked at my waist. Mom spilled the beans again and they both smiled as did grandma at my total ridicule and embarrassment. I tuned right around with a crinkle and went to finish my dishes. Not a minute later mom came in and told me to lift my skirt, so she could check my pants before we left. My aunt, cousin and grandma watched as I lifted it up showing off my new state of life. Mom thoroughly checkd to see if I had gone but was left with no results. She told me that I would have to go sooner or later so I might as well do it now. My cousin laughed at my appearance as I started to cry. They all left the kitchen leaving me to put the dishes away. As squatted down to put the salad bowl away I felt the pressure in my abdomen reach the point of no return. Of course I panicked and slowly stood up. My bladder was full and I had to poop, just what I dreaded the moment I was told I would have to.

I held off using my diaper for about 30 more minutes but didn't realize my family was now waiting in excitement to see me fill it up. I left the kitchen after I got the guts to face them all again. When I walked in the room they all looked at me and then mom asked if I went potty yet, I replied no. she told me that now was better than anytime to go. She said I needed to or I was going to get a spanking for real this time. I tried to argue but was cut off with a swat from grandma across my butt. This sent me into tears once again and I knew there was no way out. M cousin belted out, when is she going to take a crap in her pants, I want to go shopping already! Mom looked at me and said, well Tina when are you going to go potty? I looked at her crying now and said fine I will go. I went to walk away and she grabbed my arm saying, you will stay right here and go potty young lady. Girl that wear adult diapers don't have the choice of using them in private, it shouldn't matter where you relieve yourself its all going to stay right there in your cute little diaper, so you can go potty right here in front of us. I was completely frozen, but she was right and I had no choice now.

She won, they all won and I realized it now. I stood there and then felt the pressure, while I squatted down just like a toddler that had to poop would do. Once I got comfortable I closed my eyes and pushed. I felt myself pee then the poop started to come out. It wasn't easy like I thought it might be, it was hard and I had to push hard as I felt it push against the butt of the diaper. I didn't stop peeing the entire time I messed. Tears rolled down my face as they all watched and commented saying I was really shitting myself. The turds pushed up the back of the diaper then down into the crotch. There was no end in sight for me to stop messing. It went on and I kept pushing looking so childish. About 5 minutes later I finished I thought and slowly stood up. My cousin rushed in and pulled my skirt up while checking to see the damage. She felt my crotch and "eewed" as she said I was wet but not soaked, then she went on to the butt of my diaper. She laughed as she felt my ass and held the load in her hand patting it up and down. They all giggled at me and said ok god girl Tina, now lets get going. They left me standing there crying in my freshly soiled diaper. It was worse than I though wearing my own poop. The wetness wasn't bad since the diaper soaked it up fast but the hard turds where evident and reminded me they were there and weren't going to soak up like the pee.

We loaded up in the car and when I sat down of course in the back seat, the mess stuck to my butt. I didn't stink as bad as I thought I would but no one wanted to sit by me either. I still was sniffling a bit knowing that the next stop was to get me more diapers. When we pulled into the shopping plaza, I realized the store was inside the mall. This wasn't good because I had hoped that I would have to go in with mom and buy them and then bring them back to the van, I was wrong. We all piled out of the van and waked inside the mall. To the right of the doors was the "specialized pharmacy" store. We walked in and mom asked where the adult diapers were. The store clerk with a odd look on her face said they were in isle 5 then asked if we needed any help. Of course mom looked at me and said yea, I think we will need some help after all. She said ok and led us all to the isle. There were assortments of adult diapers the entire way through the isle on both sides. The clerk asked what size we would be looking for, mom then asked me how much I weighed. The girl looked at me and politely smiled, I said 110 mom. Mom then said she will need something very absorbent, thickness didn't matter but she preferred the ones with three tapes on each side. The girl said she had several brands. The entire time she looked at me with wondering eyes then mom fixed that problem by lifting my skirt. She looked at the diaper I had on to see what brand it was. The girl looked at me in shock and said they didn't have that kind, the ones they had in 6 tapes were much thicker. I thought "great" now she sees my diaper and the ones they have are only thicker. She went on to add that I could wear a youth diaper and they had them for girls, but only in pink. Mom asked to see them and was happy with the stats showing the absorbancy and how the butt of them shaped just right so it would hold a good amount of poop. She even mentioned that they would work great when I messed next time. The girl asked, she messes herself too, wow ya this will be the best one. Sorry I don't have any that are cloth covered, this one is really crinkly so she wont be able to hide the fact she's in diapers. Once again im sorry and she looked at me. My mom said oh no worries there she needs them obviously so it shouldn't matter if they loud and thick, they are cute! Ya, real cute I though, she wasn't the one standing there in a stinky full diaper in front of a total stranger.

Our shopping trip went slow as I thought it would and I didn't get a chance to go anywhere I wanted. Mom and grandma kept holding these little sun dresses up to me and saying how easy it would be to change my pants in it compared to a pants or shorts. So I got lots of new outfits which was cool but more for the fact that most of the clothes I wear are tight and more ideal for attracting guys rather than designed for a baggy fit to hide diapers. Once we went tot eh last store and left heading for the food court the bag I was carrying the large bag of pink your diapers with the picture of a teenager wearing one on both front and back, the bag they were in broke. The bag of diapers fell to the floor and people passing by noticed what they were. Good thing though I didn't have to carry all 10 bag mom bought, the rest of them were delivered o the house. So once it dropped I froze, mom picked them up and told me I would have to carry them without a bag the rest of the afternoon. Just my luck, not only am i wearing my own filth but I had to endure the fact that everyone saw me possessing diapers that were for me! We got to the food court and found a seat, now remind you I haven't sat down since I was in the car several hours earlier. Go figure my luck the place was filled with cute guys and the clerk from the pharmacy store! She smiled and sat down with some other girls my age and pointed my direction, great now they know too. I slowly sat down and forgetting about the view because I was more concentrated on the feeling of the turds sticking to my butt again, I forgot to cross my legs. With the bag of diapers beside my chair the girl came up to me very nicely and told me my diaper was on full view to the table of girls. I blushed and quickly crossed my legs. What an embarrassing moment and much more to follow!

Finally we left the mall and I had been in the dirty wet diaper for too long. The drive was 45 minutes or so and ten minutes into it I had no choice again but to mess. Sitting in the back seat I lifted my butt off the seat and pushed. It was hard to do in that position but I knew it wouldn't be the last time I struggled to do this. Another load in my pants was developed and everyone in the car knew exactly what I was doing. Mom looked back in the mirror and said well little girl you seem to be getting used to going potty in your pants. I replied to mom, yes but do I really have a choice mother? She said no in fact you don't so if I were you I would what your back talk or you will find yourself in another bad situation. Yes mother, I am sorry. I went on to slide myself back on the seat feeling the now sticky mess in my pants form to my butt cheeks. I wondered if I would be getting changed when we got back but didn't expect it. They seemed to be enjoying my misery so I doubted a change was in mind for me.

After we returned to grandmas house, mom told me to grab my new diapers and the diaper bag she bought for me as well as the powder, wipes and diaper cream. I did as she asked and waddled in the house. By this time I stank bad, I was grossed out myself. Mom laid old blanket on the floor and motioned me to come over to her. I made my way to her knowing I was getting my poopy diaper changed finally. With a smile on my face I laid down and mom took my skirt off me tossing it in the diaper bag. I didn't know why she did that but then it struck me, everyone was watching what was about to happen! Mom proceeded to take my diaper off one tape at a time. She made a bad face when she opened it up to show the mess I had made in it. She wiped my butt off with the front of the diaper and then started wiping me with baby wipes. She didn't say a word but my cousin said many as she held her nose and laughed at me. Mom lifted my legs like a toddler again and wiped my butt clean, then replaced the dirty diaper with a fresh thicker louder pink disposable. I didn't realize it but this one had flower designs on it, which made me feel even more childish. She powered me, lotioned me and fastened the new diaper on me with ease. Mom helped me up and I found it harder to keep my legs together. I asked for my skirt and she told me I wouldn't need it since I was just going to ride in the van for home. I protested but found myself over her knee in a hurry. The back of the diaper was pulled down and I was getting a spanking of my lifetime. After I stood there in tears and was handed my carp filled diaper to take out to the curb trash can. I hesitated and was told sternly again. I started for the door making crinkly noise all the way the way to the door. They all watched and giggled as I walked outside waddled to the trash can and hoped no one saw me.

Mom took me home and made me sit in the back seat like a child in the middle. The ride sucked and the thickness and sound of my new diaper was driving me nuts. I am 19 and don't need them do I? although maybe I do need them since I managed to wet several time and poop myself twice and the day isn't over yet. I spent the rest of the day in the house wearing my tank top and pink youth diaper. My dad called and mom informed him of the punishment and he agreed with her, telling her she shouldn't stop at diapers, she should keep me in them for years. I want liking that idea but knew that 10 bags of 35 diapers each which was going to take some time to use up. I finally made it to bed that night and only wet twice. Mom changed me once before bed and told me not to forget I had class in the morning and that the punishment still stands for school too. She told me I would be changed if I needed it in the morning and would wear the same diaper all day, and she would know if I tampered with it during the day. She shut the lights off in my room and left me there to think of what I had done and what tomorrow would hold for me.


I woke up the next morning hoping that everything that happened yesterday was a fluke and wouldn't continue today. Once again I was dead wrong. Mom let me sleep in and around 10 am I got up and headed down stair. Not thinking I put on a pair of pj pants and matching shirt. I hadn't wet the diaper I was wearing but had to go pretty bad. I thought I would tough it out in case mom checked me and found I was dry that she would let me out of my punishment. Again I was wrong. Mom checked my pants after telling me I wasn't allowed to wear pj bottoms while in the house unless I was told I could. She checked the diaper and found me dry and clean. I couldn't believe it but she told me its too bad I didn't use it cause I wasn't going to get another change until she got home from work at 5pm. I was shocked and gave up and wet my pants right in front of her. With a pissed off look on my face I went to my room and waited for her to pick my clothes out. She cam in and told me I better nock the attitude off or I would go to class with a soar ass instead of just wet. She picked out a pair of overalls and a long sleeve pink shirt for me which was acceptable I guess. I put them on and realized it didn't hide the crinkle of the new diaper and I knew I was screwed as far as hiding it. Mom made a quick breakfast and before she left, told me I better be in a messy diaper when she gets home or I was in for it. She left me in a snug tamper free diaper for the entire day, gee thanks mom!

I made my way to class dreading the results of the passing minutes as I walked into the hall crinkling and waddling the entire way. I got a few looks but most people didn't notice, although how could I not since I was already wet and would be for the remainder of the day. There I was 19 almost 20 years old sitting in my own wet pants and soon to be dirty again! I couldn't understand it myself just knew I had no choice but to take it and get used to it. I thought about it through the first lecture class as I sat all alone in the top corner of the class. I just hoped no one I knew would notice my predicament today. The class ended with no accidents or such and I had a 50 minute break until the next class. I didn't want to do to much walking in fear people would figure me out, but I had to get something to drink since I was thirsty.

My next two classes went ok with no problems, although I peed a little since it was too late to act like an adult and use the bathroom! The coffee I chose to drink between classes got the best of me and let me know I had to go #2 about 30 minutes before my last class was through. I tried but about ten minutes before I was released I had t go bad. I was already at the back of the class so I stood up and leaned against the back wall like I was stretching my legs, when I was really about o mess myself. I squatted down slightly and let it go. Unlike last time this wasn't hard poop, it was soft sticky and lots of it. I must have made the "I'm pooping my pants toddler face" cause a few people started whispering and pointing at me. When the class let out they made a few comments as they walked by me saying " you think she really shit herself".....what else could she have been doing making that face and standing like that?". They were right, I just smiled and waited for them to leave. Once I did exit the room the smaller guy came up to me and asked me if I was alright, I said yes why? He said well it looked like you had an accident in class. I said umm no sorry, and started to walk away. When I walked away I gave myself up, the crinkle and smell told them I had done exactly what they though, shit my own pants, or at least my diapers.

This was really hard to get used to I thought as I walked down the hall of the building waddling back and forth with the load in my pants. When mom got home I would be smelly and wet but I planned on begging her to let me out of these diapers. I would promise to be good and not wet the bed anymore, but I knew in my mind I would be going through a lot more of these diapered wetting and pooping myself more in the future for sure.

To be continued!!!

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