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Tod Completely Transformed

Once upon last week, in a trailer park in northwestern Indiana, lived a young bachelor named Tod. He was a plain and recluse man; weak and easily controlled by most all females, no matter what age. He only kept to himself, and rarely spoke to anyone in person. His most intimate relationships were online, where he fantasized most all day. The only thing he ever left home for was to go to his measly, minimum wage job as a welder in a factory. Though he hated to work, he almost always worked all the overtime hours demanded of him without complaint. One day, as he was in his online fantasy world with his favorite online Mommy, there came a strange knock at the door. Well the knock itself wasn't the strange part.... it was the last message just before the knock...

It read, "Answer the door"..... And then the knock... and the screen went blank.....

Tod jumped five feet from his chair as the pounding noise broke the total silence, and his concentration. He crept to the door and peered out through the tattered curtain to see a young lady in her teens. He recognized her as the girl from a few trailers away. He became very confused and was about to ask what she wanted, when she reached up and turned the knob. Tod tried to hold the door shut, but the young girl said, "open the door, Princess Pampers" in a loud enough, yet calm voice of her nineteen years, and Tod felt a warm rush flow about his body and he obediently opened the door as if not by his own will. Just as he stepped back to allow her to enter through the door, he realized that he had totally wet his pants and was standing in a puddle. He had no idea when or how it had happened; and suddenly the young girl in front of him was giggling at him and saying, "Hmmm, She said you were programmed to obey once the trigger word was uttered by a female, but I never expected it to work that well so fast." The young woman commanded Tod to go to the bathroom and stand silently sucking his thumb until she came to him.

Tod was all set to demand that she leave at once, and as he opened his mouth and looked her dead in the eyes, ...... he stuck his right thumb into his mouth and curled his index finger over the end of his nose and turned and obediently walked to the bathroom and stood staring at his own pitiful reflection in the mirror. He was cursing himself and trying to will himself to look away or to stop sucking his thumb so willingly; but he just stood there staring at the mirror.

He could hear movement about the house, and saw the young girl pass the bathroom door grinning several times with luggage in her hands; but he was oddly powerless to say or do anything about his obedience to her commands. So he stood for what seemed to be hours, staring at the pitiful reflection of himself in very wet pants, sucking his thumb, waiting for a teenager to command his next movement. His legs were starting to ache from standing so long without moving, but he seemed to have no free control of them and they did not move no matter how hard he thought, and his thumb stayed put as well, against his mental demands otherwise. He felt his bladder twinge, and cursed himself for drinking the whole two litter of soda that morning while playing on the internet. Before the twinge even finished, his bladder again emptied, and he could not stop the flow for anything ... and he felt very ashamed, yet strangely proud. The reflection smiled around the thumb as a single tear rolled from each eye and down his cheeks.

The young girl eventually entered the room with him and patted his head as she praised him for his obedience, "Good Girl, Princess." as she pushed his hand away from his face and rewarded him with a large pink pacifier, which he accepted as he thought to correct her for calling him a girl, which he couldn't do, and just allowed the horrific pacifier to be placed in his mouth. It was just then that he noticed that she had changed out of the jeans and tight top she had arrived in. She now wore a shiny pink transparent plastic apron over a light pink, just below the knee-length 1950's June Cleaver style dress, with white silk stockings and a knee-length petticoat underneath that puffed it out just perfectly, and light pink five inch patent leather heels that now made her a good ten inches taller than him; and he was looking directly into her chest as she turned him to face her only momentarily, until she removed his t-shirt, and then unfastened his belt and wet pants, then kneeling to push the pants to his ankles as she guided him down onto the floor and lay him on his back on the bare linoleum floor, and then pulled his wet socks and pants off and discarded them into the pile with his shirt.

She then stood, towering over him as he watched her draw a bath of bubbles. He could see up her dress for a moment at her stocking tops and garter-straps and silky panties. He wanted to be excited about the view, but it was all too short and his body didn't react as he had thought it would. Once the bath was starting to fill, and the bubbles were forming, she turned and lifted him to his feet and then began to smooth a pink creamy lotion over his entire body from his neck to his toes and fingertips.

She left the room, and Tod again was staring at himself in the mirror. Aside from the large pink pacifier and pink foaming cream coating his flesh, and feeling as if it were eating through him, he felt somewhat confident that he might be able to impress the young girl when she returns and she would make love to him. Then she returned and the reflection dashed all hope of that. He saw himself standing next to the very much younger girl that towered over him. Her control over him very evident in the newly realized size comparison. And Tod felt a little more inferior to her, despite his 10 years age over her. She dampened a cloth in the sink and began at his neck, working down to his waist in the front, and then neck to waist in back, removing the pink cream. With it all of his body hair, and a good amount of his masculinity and confidence as well. She then worked waist to thighs, front and rear, paying very close attention to his genitals and butt then his legs were the final last bits of his hair. His reflection confirming, as she stood to rinse the cloth one final time, that he was as bare and pink fleshed as the day he was born. Tod flashed in his mind to a vision of himself as a small boy with his mother about to give him a bath, and then he was guided into the waiting tub of pink bubbles and very warm, scented water and sat down into its embrace.

The young girl cheerfully offered him a Little Mermaid Bath set of toys to play with, which against his will he began to happily play with as she began to wash his entire body. She started by soothing into his hair a pale green foamy cream, which she massaged for a full five minutes deep into his scalp. The massaging soothed him and made his eyes heavy for a while, but he continued to play happily with the toys. She left the foam on his head as she continued to wash his entire body face to toes and to his fingertips. Several times during the bath, she called him a good little girl, addressed herself as Emerald and Emmy, and she paid particular attention again to his genitals and butt areas as she washed him.

The last thing she did before pulling the bath plug was to rinse his hair by gripping his nose between her index finger and thumb and with her other hand between his shoulder blades, she scooped his butt forward, bending his knees to his chest in the process and laying him back, dunking his head under the water three times and finally sitting him back up and then pulling him right to his feet, out of the water. She pulled the plug and then wrapped him in a fluffy towel, never letting go of him with one hand the entire time he was standing.

It wasn't until he realized that she had lifted him out of the tub, wrapped in the fluffy towel, and he now found himself standing in front of her again on his feet on the floor of the bathroom, and he saw their reflection again in the mirror. She seemed taller than she was earlier. When she stood fully up, Tod was only looking at her belly, where he was sure he had been to her chest earlier. But that wasn't his biggest revelation. His hair was longer, much longer and thicker. He rubbed his eyes as she was finishing drying his legs. He shook his head and blinked a few times hard and looked again. ... His hair reached past his shoulders to just even with his underarms front and back. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. And then she stood up again and began to dry his hair slightly before wrapping it in the towel and lifting his naked body to her hip with much ease. The reflection wasn't him at all. It was of a pretty young woman and a small, maybe seven or eight year old girl. A very pretty little girl that resembled him a lot; same hair color and eyes and nose; but much smaller. And a Girl.

The pacifier seemed to fill his mouth now. His genitals were barely visible anymore and he felt very warm; and then oddly pleased with the sight, as she turned and walked from the bathroom with him on her hip, gliding along.

They entered his bedroom and it looked mostly the same. The bed was the same, but the linens were now pink and covered in Disney Princesses and there was a rail of pale pink wood along both sides, creating a cage with a few stuffed animals inside. The dresser was the same, but now had another lower shelf protruding from one side with a pad on it which Tod now found himself laying on, on his back. As he tried to sit up to see the rest of the room, her hand pushed him back down firmly against his chest and held him in place as she reached into the top drawer of his dresser. He expected to see panties or underwear when it reappeared but to his shock, and oddly comforting, he saw a pink plastic ... ...

"Is that a diaper?!!!" his mind questioned. He tried to protest, but the pacifier was now a very effective gag and before he knew it, his feet were hoisted into the air by the young girl's powerful grasp, and the very thick padding of the disposable pink diaper was spread out under his butt. As he was then lowered down onto it, a cloud of baby powder filled the air about him. She then followed the thick diaper with a pair of the pinkest little girl tights he had ever seen. As he was about to protest, he remembered the gag that prevented his last resistance and then flashed to a vision of the little girl he had seen only moments ago in the mirror and found that he was very happy to see and feel the pretty tights being pulled up his now very sensitive pink legs When she sat him up and he saw the short pink confection of lace and satin and ruffles that looked like a fluffy shirt headed for his head, he suddenly got very excited and his arms shot up and out into the sleeves as if they had a mind of their own and they wanted nothing but to have that pretty fluffy lacey shirt on them. She pulled the dress down over his head and removed the towel around his hair at the same moment. She then picked up a brush and began to brush his new hair. Tod was so engrossed and fascinated by the pretty tights and dress that didn't seem to reach his lap, as he ran his hands all over it and was almost giggling with happiness, he didn't notice that she had styled his hair into two ponytails, one on each side of his head like puppy dog ears, and adorned them with pink ribbon bows.

She then lifted him up from the table and set him into the cage-bed where he began to scan the room again and saw in a mirror on the back of the closed closet door, what appeared to be a slightly large baby girl in a crib with stuffed animals and the cutest dress and pigtails. He gripped the top of the rail and pulled himself up to a standing position for a better view and saw that the dress, as pretty as it was and so fluffy, it didn't cover the very thick padding and he saw for the first time the many rows of lace ruffles on the back of the padded tights. The complete view made his head "POP" for a split second and he realized without a doubt that he was simply a baby girl, the vision was himself, and he knew something odd had happened, but for the life of him had no idea what it could have been.

The big girl that she only knew as Ems returned with a baby bottle of formula and removed the pacifier from her mouth and replaced it with the nipple of the bottle as she guided the baby girl back to sitting in her crib, nursing the bottle so contentedly. Emerald stood and watched the little baby girl. The baby girl was very happy, until.......

The babysitter said in a very stern voice that scared the little baby girl in her crib, "Tod you Pervert, Pervert, PERVERT" and "FLASH". Tod knew and recalled answering the door and recognized the girl as the teen from a few doors down and he was panicked about how he had gotten dressed in these clothes and in a crib and he was about to cry when, she grinned again and said in a sweet voice, "Princess Pampers" and he flashed again to the mind of a little baby girl. She felt as if for some reason she had been scared, but now all was calm and perfect. She saw the big pink baby bottle in her hand and raised it to her lips with both hands as she fell back into the fluffy mattress of her crib and snuggled her pink teddy bear and nursed her formula; never happier as she peered through the bars at the girl she knew as Ems, the nice babysitter.

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