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Tour Bus

"Hey, how you doing Britney", said my director, "You ready for the show?"

"Yea just about", I replied as I walked to my dressing room just behind the stage. The show was in 1½ hours and I still had to dress and rehearse one more time.

"Well, let's get a move on, you have a show to perform soon", said my director.

"I know", I replied cheerfully.

I usually don't get that excited for concerts. I mean, I like to perform and all, but I have been doing it for a long time now. You know, the same routine: put on the microphone and pretend to sing, make sure you have a smile on your face, look out to the crowd, stuff like that. The real reason I was so excited for this concert because after it, I would get to go on a tour/party bus with a bunch of my friends. The last time I did this, I had so much fun. We chatted, danced, listened to good music (my music), and overall just had fun. I was almost sure that this time around, the bus would be that much better.

I went into my dressing room and pulled out a latex costume that came fully equipped with a face mask and a whip.

"This show is going to be a dirty one", I thought to myself, "I'm sure the guys will go wild." Not that I wanted the guys to wild or anything, it gets annoying when people tell you they want you so badly and will do anything for you. I tolerated it, but did enjoy the looks I saw on some of those faces, priceless.

Before I knew it, it was time to go out and do my thing. My director called me out into the big hall and asked me to do some of the dance moves my choreographer taught me. As always, I was perfect and was ready to perform.

I stepped out on stage to a multitude of people cheering a clapping. What a good feeling. There is nothing I enjoy more than the shouts of thousands of your fans who have come from far and wide to see you perform. I did my thing. I began to dance and lip-sink to song I previously recorded in the studio. They all thought I was singing, how funny. The concert was great.

It lasted a good 3 hours, and afterwards I was beat. It was a good thing the bus didn't leave for another hour or so which meant that I could get out of the uncomfortable latex costume and get some rest. I lied down in my bed anxious for the bus and slept for a little bit.

Before I knew it, my alarm sounded and it was time to get up and board the bus that 40 of my closest friends were on. I could hardly wait. I dressed myself in pink sweatpants and a tank top shirt to make sure I would be comfortable for the ride. I left my door, accompanied by my director, and boarded the bus.

Wow, what an amazing bus. It had long beams of light that changed colors on the roof and long plushy couches that you could sit and chat on. The sound system was also amazing. There were literally 10 subwoofers in different places on the bus and 5 different big screen televisions. I looked around waiting for cheers but I hardly heard any. I immediately asked my director if we were on the right bus, but I found he was no longer with me. Instead, I realized I was surrounded by total strangers.

I sat down on one of the couches and struck up conversation with one of the people on the bus.

"Am I on the right bus", I asked inquisitively.

"Yes, believe it or not", said the person I was talking to, "Didn't your director tell you the change of plans?"

"No", I said immediately.

"Well", the person said, "these folks here paid a lot of money to be with you on this bus. They also gave a lot of money to your charity, unlike the friends you previously had on your last bus. Your director thought it best to let these diehard fans have an opportunity to meet you and chat with you. After all, they paid good money."

This was really weird. Never before had my director neglected to tell me of changes such as these. Maybe he already thought I knew. At any rate, I figured I would make the best of the situation. I started talking with another passenger on the bus when all of a sudden the music changed to a lullaby and the televisions began to show baby cartoons.

"What's going on", I thought to myself. But before I had a change to say anything, I was seized by the person next to me and another person who came up behind me. They took me by both arms as a squirmed to get away. A path cleared down the middle of the bus, everybody was to the sides. Then, almost out of no where, a big changing table came up in the middle of the bus. It had baby stuff all over it and came compete with diapers, wipes, and cream. The two people took me and dragged me to the changing table where they hastily strapped me down. The people, except for those two people who seized me and another who came to help, were standing around the changing table, anxiously waiting what was to happen. They all began to take off their clothes to reveal big puffy diapers underneath. Some of them even put pacifiers in their mouths.

I was scared. One person began to take of my shirt and then my pants while the others helped hold me down. The straps were not enough and I could still squirm. In a matter of seconds, my pants and shirt were off and I was naked in my panties. Those soon came off as well, and I was lying on a changing table naked. One person pulled out a big puffy diaper with baby designs all over it while the others pulled out pajamas and a pacifier. The person diapered me quickly, first rubbing cream on my vagina and butt and then securing the straps firmly around my waist. When that was finished, they unbuckled me and stood me up on the changing table in just a diaper. I would have taken it off but I did not want to expose my privates anymore than I had to. The people diapering me helped me into a one piece pajama suit that had buttons near my diaper for a changing if I needed it. They buttoned me up and put a pacifier in my mouth, still holding me tight. When they finished, the changing table began to go down and a crib came up. I was very large. The gates were low so I could climb in, but then got larger and went all the way up to the ceiling. I was trapped. So for the rest of the ride I had to sit in the crib like a baby with a pacifier in my mouth while 40 some people watched me.

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