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The Training Window

The woman in black leather ran her hand lightly along the cheek of her captive girl.

"How does that feel sweetie?" she asked in a soft tone. In her sitting position, the girl squirmed a little. She was locked at the ankles with her legs spread as wide as possible, by soft cuffs, to a thickly-padded wheelchair. Her hands were inside shapeless mittens that covered her whole hand and prevented use of any individual digit, which also made her hands useless for anything but crude grasping. The mittens were locked at the wrist, and further connected by a short chain to the arms of the chair. The range of motion she was given for her arms was just barely enough for the tips of her mitt-covered fingers to brush her legs or chest, but nothing more. She was also wearing a wide bib, tied around her neck and hanging over her chest, and a thick disposable diaper that crinkled as she squirmed. In her mouth was secured a type of ball-gag with a plug in the middle that could be removed whenever needed. The girl looked at the woman in black with pleading eyes, but the woman paid no attention to her silent plea.

With her other hand, the woman in black caressed the material of the captive girl's diaper. When she reached the space between the girl's legs, the woman pushed harder on the crinkly material and moved her hand in small circles. The sensation went through the fabric and reached the girl's sensitive flesh. She squirmed some more, and moaned through her gag despite herself. The hand that had been on the girl's face moved down, and slipped under her bib. Nimble fingers teased the aroused captive girl's nipples while the other hand caressed her through her diaper. When the girl realized how much she was enjoying he sensations, she blushed deeply.

"Oh it's okay dear," the woman in black purred, "you should just enjoy yourself." The caresses became more focused, and brought muffled gasps through the gag.

"Let's see if my little girl is wet," the woman said with a wicked grin. She slipped the lower hand up to the top o the girl's diaper, then slid it inside. Her hand moved tantalizingly over the girl's warm skin until it reached a patch of warm dampness. Her fingers played across the soft flesh of the girl's sex, and her captive seized in her restraints from the intensity.

"Why yes you are a little wet, but not too much for your diaper to handle," the woman teased. Her fingers kept moving, faster and deeper until the girl's whole body blushed and warmed to the touch. Finally, she released a stifled scream into her strong gag and dampened her diaper even more.

"Well, my girl must be tired after all that," the woman in black said. She walked across the room and grabbed a bottle of water, then returned to her captive girl. The woman removed the plug from the middle of the gag, so the captive still could not speak but her mouth was open and available. Very carefully the woman began to pour water from the bottle into the girl's mouth.

"Drink up, you must be thirsty," the woman said. Most of the water flowed into the helpless girl's mouth and she swallowed it, while some dripped down the sides of her mouth and landed on the bib. The woman in black didn't concern herself with the little mess, and fed the entire bottle of water to her slave. Once it was all gone, the woman returned the gag-plug, capped the empty bottle and threw it away.

"Okay, time for my sweetie to get some rest," the woman in black chirped. She pushed the wheelchair to the large window of the room, so the girl could see outside and anyone outside could see her. Then she left the room and her captive.

Hours passed for the restrained girl, and she got to watch in shame as people walked by on the street, and many saw her in the window. Most laughed and kept moving. After several hours, she started to feel pressure build in her bladder. The girl tried to reach her diaper, hoping in vain to stop herself, but she couldn't reach any farther than to brush the crackling surface with her mittens. The girl also tried to bring her legs together, something to help her hold on, but she couldn't manage even that. Before long she lost control, and helplessly released the water she had drank before into her diaper. All the wetness was soaked up by her diaper, but the crinkling sound of the fabric soaking it up kept her keenly aware of what she was doing. If that wasn't enough, the outside of her diaper turned distinctly yellow as she began to fill it, and people outside pointed and laughed when they saw. The girl's face was completely red from shame, and a tear ran down her cheek. Powerlessly, the girl continued wetting herself in her restraints until she felt wetness drip down the inside of her thighs. The diaper was leaking onto the seat padding of the wheelchair.

Deep inside, the thing that stayed in the captives mind was that not all the wetness in her diaper was from peeing. All the humiliation and powerlessness had aroused her almost as much as the woman in black's touch. Reflexively, she had started squirming in her diaper, but this time she was rubbing the soaked material against herself. The woman in black returned to the room and saw this, and noted that this slave was progressing well.

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