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A while back I worked in a small family run manufacturing business with a workforce of about 20. I worked in a small office and worked with a pretty assistant who was a single mum. Over a period of time our banter started to take a twist towards a bizarre mixture of sexual talk and silly dare games. I had boasted that she could and would not be able to be embarrassed by any games or dares and that she would. The first dare I was given was I had to take my underpants off at start of work and present the to her for safe keeping. Not to be out done I did as I was asked and presented my underpants to her for keeping the next day. I found it erotic and embarrassing but managed to survive the day with all the comments but just as I thought I was doing well sally (her name) said that my pants were babyish and if I was brave enough to call round before the shift started the next day when I would get my pants back, I agreed. The next morning I arrived at her door step at the agreed time about an hour before we were to start work. Sally invited me in with a wicked grin and said as she made me a coffee you can back out if your scared. Not having an idea what I was to be scared off I said no I was up for it and it should be her who should be scared. She said ok as she passed me my drink, as I drank she produced a pair of cuffs and said that she needed to put these on me with my hands placed behind my back or if I refused then she would understand. Not to be out done and finding the situation erotic I gave her my hands, as soon as they clicked she then produced a gag. As she placed the gag something was placed in my mouth and before I could taste or spit it out the gag was secured. I swallowed what ever it was with a groan but before I could think what it was sally was locking a collar on me and leading me to another room but before entering she placed a blind fold on me. Are you scared? no I replied, you should be she countered. As I stumbled in the room sally stopped me and removed both my trousers and another pair of my underpants and then sat me down onto a plastic type sheet and then the chain on the collar went tight not allowing me to move back to a standing position. Even though I had worked with sally for some time I did not really know her other than work and now I was sitting with an erect cock naked waist down helpless. Then I really started to panic as I heard the door bell and sally say don't worry baby! as she left the room. It seemed like ages but then I heard the door open and footsteps approach before I could do anything I was forced down into a lying position by the collar around my neck. Next I felt something being applied to my genital area then I relished I was being shaved of any hair. My cock was now ready to explode but then several blows and some severe coldness being applied to my cock and balls made it shrink and something was placed around my balls and over my cock. Sally broke the silence " get erect now baby" I groaned my cock wanted to grow but I was feeling a burning sensation, Sally broke the silence again try as you might Baby! you wont get any relief your in a chastity device and I have the key. I was worried now as this girl had now got control of every mans toy but before I could think anymore horror a second voice started to speak. Lets get baby dressed! I started to struggle but both sally and the other person just giggled. Now I was worried but as I struggled I felt powder being placed and rubbed around my bottom next I felt something thick being placed around my bottom and then some pants being pulled over my ankles and pulled up my legs and over and around my bum. Next hands pulled me to my feet and the pants were adjusted and the waist pulled tight and then I hearted a click! Then nothing for a while then I hearted the front door open and shut then Sally walked in and removed the gag and said scared now! I replied with this aunt funny and as sally removed the blind fold collar and cuffs I began to protest as I suddenly relished I was in a disposable diaper and plastic pants. I went to remove the pants but found I couldn't. I turned to Sally to protest but Sally just threw my trousers at me and said come on we are going to be late. I cant go to work like this!!! you got no choice replied Sally and if you want release from your cock restraint or your Nappy then you will have to go. No I wont I replied give me the keys you win I said. I cant Sally replied I haven't got them! My friends got them and she will drop them into work at the end of the day. I relished I had no choice and put the trousers on over the Diaper and plastic pants and we left to go for work. As I pulled up in the car park I was very aware that my trousers were giving away easily the bulkiness below. I started work and soon found sally bringing in cups of coffee on a regular basis as I began to protest she just replied any more and we will have to let out your secret now drink. Between the Drinks and Sallies little teasing comments like has baby done wee wees yet I managed to get to lunch time dry! As I sat down for lunch my mind went across to who was the other person this morning, I tried to place the voice as I was sure that I knew it but couldn't place a name to the voice. Sally then came in and said embarrassed? what do you think? I replied. Then Sally said, well if you are not you soon will be baby, What do you mean? well as you are locked in the diaper you are going to have to use it! it was then it dawned on me her game was to make me wet myself something I hadn't done in 35 years since a child! no way! yes way laughed sally and better still you will be like it until I let you out and I haven't got the key till later. Now it really dawned on me as on Wednesday afternoons the bosses wife came in and I had to go through the accounts and purchases with her in the same office as sally locked in a diaper now I was become red in the face. Then worse my Boss came into the office and asked if I could go to his house that afternoon as his wife was having to wait in for a important delivery but suggested that if I was willing that we could do the accounts their. I jumped at the idea as I had avoided most of the workforce so far but surely by the end of the day the bulge would be discovered. As I was about to leave my Boss popped his head in and said that Sally was to go over with me. The bosses Wife was waiting when we arrived and seemed to glance me up and down and seemed to grin. Turn left into the kitchen we will work their she said. We sat down and started to get down to the paperwork when I started to feel my stomach churning and my bladder starting to feel very pressured. At this point Sally whispered into my ear "Don't fight it" Then the Bosses wife Veronica left the room and as she did my bladder let out but I managed to keep a straight face and sally did not pick up on what I was doing then all of a sudden as I relaxed my bowls let go with a loud noise. Their I was wetting and now pooping my pants a gown adult in my bosses kitchen with Sally now looking at me and Saying Good Baby Good Baby let it all out. My diaper was now full of wet and very smelly mess as I was about to leave Veronica entered pushing a Trolley! Oh good Baby she said. I was so embarrassed but it wasn't as bad knowing that Veronica was in on it. I said ok you've had your fun now let me go please! No not yet said Veronica first you must put these clothes on and allow yourself to be sat in the trolley for 1 hour and then I will let you go, and if I don't? then I shall show my husband these photos from this morning. I had no choice soon I was dressed in baby dress which showed my dirty diapers with a pacifier in my mouth and Reins locking me into the trolley or should I say adult pram. As I sat helpless in a dirty smelly diaper Veronica and Sally began to push me out of the front door and into the street and at this point I realised that I was helpless and trapped. Veronica looked at sally have you got all the paperwork, yes came the reply and have you got the clean diapers and changing mat, Yes said sally. Then they started to push the trolley down the street and Veronica said we must change BABY when we get back to the factory!!! I started to struggle frantically but it was no use and with the effort I started to fill my Diapers more to the amusement of Veronica and Sally. Don't struggle my Baby soon your secret will be out said Veronica and then I realised my silly game had got me well and truly trapped!

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