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True Love

When I first met my girlfriend Tonya she knew me by the name of Edward. She knew nothing about my secrets or desires. Ever since I could remember, I always felt deep in my heart that I liked and wanted to wear girls clothes and diapers. Oh I've worn diapers but it's different when someone else is involved however I hid this desire from Tonya but I always thought of one day wearing the same clothes as she did after all she was so cute in them. One night we were sitting at my apartment talking, cuddling, and I asked Tonya if she had any secrets or fantasies. Well as the years went on we dated finally got in engaged them married. I couldn't believe that I finally found a wonderful girl that I loved so much and she loved me. We always did things to make each other feel good. However in the fall of that year so much had happened I had lost my job then got a new one then Tonya lost her job and then she got a new one. We were sitting on the couch drinking teas as we usually did in the late evening That's when Tonya got up went towards the bedroom and returned with a box with a purple satin bow. I was reading the newspaper when she said honey I have something for you. Putting the paper down I took the box and opened it. It was a deep purple satin nightie I looked at her with a puzzled look she said baby I know you have been keeping a secret from me and it's ok.

I started to blush and act all shy but to my amazement she said honey you know I love you and I want to do whatever makes you happy. Could my ears really believe what they were hearing?. We talked about it then I told her that I also liked diapers. She replied lets talk more about it tomorrow as we went to bed. Tonya said honey why don't you wear what I bought you to bed. Without second thought I pulled the nightie over my head and climbed into bed. The next day we had a wonderful afternoon together, she said honey I knew you always wanted to be a girl from the first day I met you. I said really? As I started to blush her response threw me on the floor. I asked in a shy way um what about diapers as we held hands and walked along the rows of stores. She said oh I have that already planned out as we entered a store a woman greeted us and said can I help you. Tonya grabbing my hand said yes my baby here needs a diaper the woman said ok and Tonya said the thicker the better. The woman asked did Tonya want cloth or disposables?? Tonya replied disposables the woman led us to the isle and said here you go as she handed her a bag of adult disposable diapers.

My senses couldn't believe what they just heard or saw. Feeling a little faint I sat down that's when I peed my pants not thinking about it. Tonya and the woman turned to me and I looked down and started to cry here I am a grown man wetting his pants. Tonya said it's ok baby that's why we got you diapers. The woman behind the counter said if you want you can diaper him over there. There was a changing area where with my head down in shame Tonya led me. Just like second nature I sat up on the changing table and let Tonya diaper me. A min later there was a knock on the door as a young voice asked if we were ok Tonya replied yes but she could use something to cover my diaper. A few minutes later the girl returned with what looked like a cheerleading outfit. The girl said sorry this is the only thing we have left that might fit him. As Tonya took it she dressed me in it. She said well if your going to be a pretty little girl then we need to give you a pretty girls name how about Emily. I sat up and hugged her giving her as kiss I whispered in her ear thank you mommy. She returned a your welcome baby as she grabbed my hand a led me to thank the girls the older lady was standing behind the counter and said awwww you look so cute I have something for you. As I approached her she handed me a pink diaper bag filled with stuff. But on the side of the bag it read Baby Emily. If my wife loves me this much to do this then it must be true love!!!!

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