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True Story Of My Girlfriend and I

Chapter 1

This is a true story of my girlfriend and I, and my decision to tell her about diapers and the adult baby side of my life. I spent a year since I first met her wondering if I should tell her. It was a difficult choice but, my love for her was so strong I felt that she needed to know this is that story. (Names changed)

Brittany and I had dated for a year before I told her. I kept this secret from everyone but we had moved in together and she needed to know. I had sat her down and explained that I had this need and desire to be diapered and occasionally treated like a baby. I explained to her a little, about how long I had been doing this and that I wet and messed the diapers for fun. Her first reaction was accepting although she was upset that I had kept this from her. In my eyes why would she want to date me in the first place if she knew about this?

That night the discussion went on and on, there were questions about the diapers themselves, if I had ever told anyone before. We talked about our sex life and how she worried about what I thought was attractive, it was a constant struggle to reassure to her that I still found her incredibly attractive and that I loved her so much.

Around 3 in the morning she told me she was really tired and that she needed to sleep and think about this a lot more. She told me that she was going to sleep at her friend's house but promised that she would keep this a secret she explained she respected my trust in her to keep it so and assured me she would not tell anyone. She said goodnight and kissed me on the forehead and left. I sat in the living room of our apartment thinking. Man I'm an idiot why did you tell her? God you really screwed up. It was so great minutes before I had told her I wanted so badly to take it all back but I could not.

I barely slept that night; I spent most of it just beating myself up over my decision. Those questions were constant through the night; I would have to wait until the morning to hear from her again.

After Finally getting to asleep I awoke to the door opening I walked out to see Brittany standing looking more rested then myself, we stood motionless waiting for the other to say something or move. I spoke first and apologized to her, she stood and cried as I stepped forward and hugged her. She through her tears told me that she was not angry; she explained to me that she did not want an apology and that the night had given her some time to think.

She told me that she had a proposition for me. I besides feeling better after hearing that she was not mad, had a little bit of reserve of any propositions be it from anyone, they usually are a bit tricky, but so was the curve ball I through last night I said to myself.

Brittany with some nervousness explained what she had come up with. She said, "I will allow you to wear and use your diapers and will even participate with your changes on this condition." My heart beat loud and the lump in my throat grew.

"Adults don't wear diapers, babies do and they can't control themselves, so until she saw that in public I could not control myself there would be no diapers allowed."

She wanted me to have accidents in public. I was worried people would see maybe people I know or work with. I asked her how many accidents and she told me that she would decide that, but explained the more; the quicker I would be diapered and babied she made a point that babies mess and wet themselves and she expected both to happen.

So we decide that we would go on with our lives together and if accidents happen enough a baby must be diapered.

Chapter 2

So I have to have accidents to be diapered. This thought through out the day controlled my head. We hung out at the apartment until about 4 in the afternoon; Brittany wanted to go shopping at the mall and get something to eat it was better then watching TV and thinking silently about our discussion last night.

We started leaving and by habit I started toward the bathroom, Brittany looked at me with an "I guess you don't want to be diapered" look on her face. I turned around and headed out the door, I didn't know if I would go though with it but I wanted to give myself the option if I got the guts later. We got in the car and drove to mall.

We shopped around different stores for awhile picking out some clothes for both of us, Brittany kept telling me to get clothes that to me looked like they belonged on a little kid. She later told me that she really hoped I would have the accidents and figured I need new clothes to fit my age any way. Don't get me wrong it was amazing the clothes she picked out were fun but I was just really nervous about going through with accidents. I thought buying diapers was difficult this was going to be a challenge.

We bought some clothes and walked the mall for a little bit longer before we decided to get something to eat. On the way to the restaurants my stomach cramped and I felt like I needed to poop I figured I would eat and we would go home and I would go there, but what if I pooped my pants? It wouldn't be that noticeable I thought while we ate our food, and the urge hit me again. Without any look of effort I gave a little pressure and filled my underwear with a mushy wet mess. I continued to eat as I noticed Brittany could smell it she looked at me with a frown and asked me "Young man did you have an accident?"

What I thought was going to be something discreet now became very indiscreet. I am not saying everyone heard us but the few families around us sure did. I was so embarrassed and not to mention I started to pee a bit too. I held that back enough to only wet my pants a little.

She grabbed me by the arm and our bags and walked straight to the doors my wet pants didn't look that wet in the front but later I realized the back end was a lot wetter. We got outside and she spanked me smooshing my accident all over my butt I didn't imagine this as part of the deal but she led me to the car and drove me home.

The car ride home felt like it went forever, she told me that only babies mess themselves and that she was disappointed. I sat in my mess so embarrassed. Was this worth it during the time it sure didn't seem like it? We Got home as she grabbed me again by the arm brought me into our apartment.

Inside she yelled at me and told me to go to the bathroom and sit in the bath tub and not move. I did as I was told and waited until she came in through all the embarrassment I forgot about our deal maybe now she would diaper me.

She walked in with no diapers and told me to get up. She grabbed my pants and pulled them down. She grabbed a rag and cleaned me up I started peeing while she did this and she yelled asking me, "Do you need a D-I-A-P-E-R." I felt so bad I had no idea that this would affect me this way. She spanked me 5 times and told me to shower and she walked out. I showered feeling so alone. This was not the nurturing that I expected I wanted to be diapered and give baths and fed and played with.

I finished showering and walked into our room and got some new clothes. She was lying in bed like nothing had happened but said "Only babies have accident and if this continued I would be treated like one." She said it so calm I felt better but still stunned by today's activities. I spent the rest of the night watching TV I fell asleep at some point later that night after winding down a little.

To Be Continued

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