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I woke up one morning and thought today's the day, I had planned it for week's !!!!!!! I was a 40 year old married guy and had always secretly been an adult baby, but my wife never ever new, it was my dark secret.

I had breakfast as normal and my wife said, what are you doing later, I said I will go for a nice walk in the woods, she said i'll make you a nice meal for lunch and then you can get off.

After lunch I said to her, I must go to the toilet, I think I need to go, she said, "yes you better had, you might have a big accident in your pant's" Little did she know how true that actually was.

So I took myself into the bathroom and pretented to strain, but secretly I was putting on a nappie and some plastic pants, they were "tie pants" ( nice and easy to take off ) but before putting them on, i'd screwed some toilet paper up and soaked it up in hot water, a sort of butt plug and added some nice astral cream, to get it inside my tight butt hole.

With my nappie and plastic pants, now pulled up tight around my arse, I now put on some waterproof trousers, then pulled my jeans over the top, to disguise them.

I came out of the bathroom and my wife said "did you have problems" , I said yes I could not go, she said a good walk, will soon get you moving again, so I kissed her good bye and rushed out to the car.

As I drove to the woods, I could already feel things begining to happen in my stomach, I could also feel my tight arsehole begining to open wide, my bladder was full as well, what a predicement.

As I parked the car @ the woods, my stomach was in knots, so I began to walk quickly, I was trying not to think about what was happening, I must hold it as long as I can, my pooh began to force itself, into my nappie, the cramps, were getting stronger and then I found a really secluded spot, it had a large tree trunk, which I laid my stomach on, the pressure was amazing, almost straight away my bladder let go, it seemed to go on for ever, then I had a little strain and could feel the pooh wanting to come out, but I stopped straining and I felt it go back inside.

I kept relaxing then straining, it went in and out, in and out, it must have been a huge shit, then finally, with all my strength, I pushed and pushed and could @ last feel it fill up my lovely nappie and plastic pants, the bulge was huge and finally, the rest of my bladder emptied, into my nappie!!!!! I then had a very long walk in the woods, squeezing my buttock's together, what a great feeling I had.

I now had a delema, what should I do, should I get back in the car and drive home, or get rid of the evidence, in the woods !!!! In the end I thought,i want to risk being caught out by my wife and see what she says, so I waddled back to the car and with great difficulty, got my butt back on the seat @ a very funny angle.

On the way home I was thinking, what will she say, will she be cross, will she say "bad boy" will I bottle it and sneak into the toilet, when I got home she was waiting on the step and I almost think she new, because straight away she said, did you have an accident playfully and touched my arse, she had a good feel and said "I think you had a huge accident", I said yes, I could not stop it happening, she patted my butt and said, "I think the little boy needs to be changed" A very happy little boy.

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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