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Unexpected Delivery

Brendan hadn't really been expecting any packages, so when he looked outside his door to find a UPS box sitting on his stoop, he was pretty curious. He picked it up and brought it inside, and opened it up to find a plastic box containing a fluffy white ball. He unfolded the ball to find that it was a single diaper, crinkly and soft.

There was no note, nothing else, just the diaper. Confused, he picked it up and laid it out on his recliner. Shrugging, he figured he had nothing really better to do today. So he took a few hits and stripped off his clothes, and when he was pretty high he sat down on the diaper, folded it over his crotch and his throbbing erection, and taped it shut tightly.

Immediately it felt strange. He wasn't quite sure what was happening, but it felt like the diaper was moving. He felt the waist tighten up and the leg holes tighten over his legs. Concerned, he tried to remove the tape quickly, only to find that it had bonded fast and he couldn't unpeel any of it.

Now really worried, he walked into his kitchen and grabbed a pair of scissors and tried to cut through one side of the diaper to take it off. To his increasing alarm, the diaper was made of some kind of incredibly tough material; the scissors didn't even scratch it and he couldn't close them over it.

So he stood up and tugged, down, as hard as he could on the diaper, but it tightened around his waist to prevent him from removing it. Now really scared, he sat down on his couch to figure out what to do. He searched the shipping materials for any kind of information but never found any. He tried all sorts of things to get the diaper off and never found anything that could affect it in the slightest.

After about an hour, he felt the diaper move again and felt a sharp prick in his right bum-cheek. Within moments, he felt incredibly thirsty and phenomenally hungry. He ran to the kitchen and started drinking water straight from the faucet until he felt like he was going to burst. Then he ran to the pantry and grabbed a huge bulk bag full of wheat bran and started gorging himself on it by the handful. What was going on? He couldn't stop himself. He had never been so hungry and thirsty in his life.

About a half-hour later, he felt a building pressure in his bladder and was having trouble holding it in. He tried again, terrified, to strip the diaper off, but it would not budge. Finally he couldn't hold it anymore and he let loose a flood of urine into the diaper. The diaper expanded to hold it and felt pleasantly warm and wet against his crotch. He felt another prick in his bum-cheek and immediately he was incredibly erect, and by the time he reached down and pressed his hands into his diapered crotch, he had a powerful orgasm that left him out of breath.

He didn't know what to do. He smoked some more, hoping that this would just go away or at least forgetting would be good enough. But within the hour he felt a pressure again, this time in his colon, pressing against his tight rectum. This he could hold back, though, so he kept his rectum held tight for the next few hours, furiously straining to hold himself back.

Finally he felt another prick in his bum and suddenly all his motor control over his rectum disappeared. He kept trying as hard as he could to squeeze it shut but it slacked out totally relaxed. He gasped as he felt a large load of bran diarrhea squeeze its way into his diaper. Once it had all squelched out, filling the diaper noticeably, he felt another prick and had another powerful orgasm, this one even more earth-shattering than the last.

After he came down from the ecstasy, he felt the diaper moving around again.

He looked down and it looked larger to him, not like it was just soaked or soiled, but like the diaper material itself had grown.

He didn't really know what to do. Eventually he went to bed. All he remembered during the night is wild, vivid dreams about warmth and sex and waking up several times covered in sweat. In the morning he woke up and felt exhausted, still, like he hadn't gotten any sleep. He looked down and gasped! The diaper was much larger than it had been the night before. He stood up and rather than sag, it still hugged his crotch tightly, but it was huge! He had never filled a diaper enough to get it this large. When he walked he waddled back and forth, swinging his hips to get around the huge bulge keeping his legs separated.

During the day he would feel the occasional prick in his bum, but for the most part he didn't even notice them anymore. Just that every little while, he would feel insatiably hungry and thirsty and he would eat and drink as much as he could. Then, later, he would wet and mess himself while crying, and then afterwards, still crying, shake and moan and thrash in ecstasy and spurt a huge load into the diaper.

The diaper continued growing. Over the next few days it got to where he could barely walk, both because of its size and also the weight - it felt like he was walking with a small child wrapped around his crotch.

Every night was restless sleep, hot and feverish, and he finally realized the diaper was pumping him full of the same stuff while he slept, only much more, and as a result he was pissing non-stop, all night and pumping a steady stream of thick poop out of his rectum all night, too, pausing in both for the occasional mind-blowing orgasm, which would wake him from his slumber.

And every morning the diaper was very noticeably larger. At this point, now, after a week or so, it was so large that he could no longer walk. He had to kind of slide himself around on the floor. The bulge of the diaper went down past his knees and the sides and front and rear puffed out to where he could not fit out his own door. Still, it had never shown any signs of leaking. It was using his pee and poop to grow, somehow.

Over the next week the diaper took over Brendan's life. He called into work and quit, not even thinking twice about it. He tried sometimes to think about why he did that, but he couldn't really remember. All he did now was eat and drink, then pee and poop in the diaper, and then be rewarded with a massive orgasm, deep inside the swollen, hot, crinkling white sex blob that was once just a tiny diaper around his crotch.

Before the end of the month Brendan realized that he would soon be unable to walk, the diaper was getting so large. Previously this might have caused him alarm, but now his only worry was making sure he could keep eating and drinking while lying, bedridden. He bought several freight cars full of ground bran and dumped them in a large hopper with a tube and pump system running it to a hose above his mouth. He did the same for water, from his faucet. Then, the last night he was able to walk, he laid down for bed and grabbed both hoses and pulled them to his mouth. Testing each, he gulped down a mouthful of bran and a few large sips of water. He then smiled, eyes glazed, as he wet and soiled his diaper and the diaper gurgled and undulated a bit as it added that tiny bit more onto its mass.

He awoke to find himself, as he expected, permanently bedridden by the diaper that he could not remove and that now controlled his life. He started to cry just a little bit but felt one last prick in his bum and his eyes glazed back over and in a trance, he reached out and grabbed both hoses and started sucking. The diaper, now hundreds of pounds and swollen so far Brendan's feet couldn't reach the group, started undulating non-stop, as if in congratulations for reaching this important milestone of immobility, and Brendan started moaning in muffled pleasure as he ate, and lived out his days in one non-stop orgasm, filling the diaper forever and ever.

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