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Weekend Diaper Game Trip

I'm baby Sammy with Mommy Cindy making me tell you that the vacation I will never forget was not the end of my public diapering, just the beginning. If fact mommy and I went on several weekend trips since far enough away from home and would stay overnight at a motel were no one knew us. We would play our diaper games and I would go shopping with mommy in a big noticeable diaper under my sweat pants. You see I really like to have three to five cloth diapers on with my plastic pants. I have always enjoyed the way they feel and make me waddle. While on a little adventure we go shopping and when finished we would go back to the motel. Mommy would undress me except for the big diaper and put my bigger bra on then she put water filled balloons in to fill out the cups, my frilly slip and sissy baby dress. Paint my finger nails bright red and put red lipstick on me like a big girl. I love being dressed this way. Mommy would then order a pizza and when it came to the door I would have to answer and pay for the pizza dressed this way. The looks and some comments would humiliate me big time, but that was a lot of enjoyment for me.

I have to tell you that mommy and I are both BI-sexual and are swingers within a small group of about seven couples, which nobody knows about my diaper fetish. When we were dating she found out that I mostly enjoy oral sex because intercourse is not really enjoyable since I am so small. To give you an idea how small, it is almost impossible to get my penis out from the underwear and pants and through the zipper without peeing on my pants. And when I sit, my pee goes right out between the toilet and the seat, all over my pants. To prevent this I have to cup my hand over the head on my penis and pee into my hand so it runs into the toilet then wash my hands afterwards. That is probably the reason why I like diapers so much. We broke up over this and about two years later she gave me a call and we talked about everything including sex. She said that she loved the way I treated her over other guys, but she had needs also that including intercourse so we agreed to an open relationship and thus became swingers.

Well on the last weekend diaper game trip, that's what mommy calls it, we did everything just like normal except we got done shopping earlier than normal because mommy said she felt tired. When we got back to the motel she dressed me just like I said before and then called in a pizza order. About an hour latter there was a knock at the door and mommy told me to answer it and get the pizza. When I opened the door, standing there were Jim and Jessica, fellow swingers from our little group. I think my face got redder than the lipstick and nail polish. Jim said, hi big baby then they walked in. The embarrassment and humiliations was overwhelming, then the anger because I did not want anyone that knew me to know about my fetish.

I started to yell at my wife, every cuss word you can. Jim is a big man and works in law enforcement, he grabbed my arm and turned be around and was putting a big hurt on me. Then he took out handcuffs and cuffed my hands behind me. You selfish basted he started yelling at me, your wife plays games that you want and you talk to her that way, I am going to show you how to respect her. He then pushed me face first onto the bed pulled up my dress and start spanking me with his hand. I started to kick my legs and Jim told Cindy and Jessica to sit on each leg so I would not hurt anyone. He then pulled my plastic pants down and just yanked on the back of my diaper bending the pins on the front until they popped and by bottom was bare. He started letting me have a spanking of my life that really hurt big time, he kept going until I was crying and begging with him to stop. When he did and I calmed down a little bit I said Cindy how could let someone know, then Jim said you don't call her Cindy but mommy and smacked my ass hard. OK Jim I will call her mommy, he smacked my ass even harder and said that he was to be called daddy. I said yes daddy anything just please stop spanking me.

Jim said that if I do what he said he would take off the handcuffs, which he did. After standing up he said Mommy and daddy are going to take good care of their big babies, that is when I noticed that Jessica was dressed in what looked like a big baby dress. She had pretty socks with lace on and a frilly slip under her dress just like mine. She lifted her dress up and she had on diapers too. Daddy said lets get you out of that dress first and took it and the slip off me. He said that mommy told me that I liked being a sissy and he was going to make me one. Mommy then came out of the bathroom with an enema bag with a hose. I said I don't like enemas and daddy smacked my ass hard and said that I was to do whatever mommy or daddy want. Daddy made me get on the bed on my knees and lay my head down with my ass in the air. He said we have to clean the baby girl out and stuck the end of the tube in my ass. As he was filling me up with water I started to complain about it starting to hurt from all the pressure, he said stop whining and slapped my ass. It was really hurting and he told me I better not let any get out or I would be punished, he emptied the entire enema bag in me. He pulled out the tube and had mommy and baby Jessica hold my cheeks together. Now little girl does that feel good, I said no daddy it hurts and I need to go to the bathroom, he said oh no your going to hold that as long as I tell you too. As he reached down and started to play with little pee pee and balls. After about five minuets that seemed like an hour he let me get up and run to the bathroom and let it go in the toilet.

When I was done he told me to come out and get diapered. He then powdered me and pinned my diaper on. There I was in a diaper and big bra sitting on the edge of the bed. Daddy asked how it was going with baby Jessica, as I notice her sucking on mommy's breast and her hand down baby Jessica's diaper. He then asked if I was hungry, I shook my head thinking that I would be able to suck on her other breast. Daddy said since mommy can only take care on one baby at a time I would have to settle for a pacifier, as he stuck his dick in my face. It was big and he was smacking my cheeks back and forth with it and said girls have to learn to suck on them and so I might as well get started. Well that's all he had to say I started to suck and lick my pacifier as fast as I could, he said to slow down. He would tease me with it by putting the head in a little and then pulling out. This went on for some time in and out of my mouth deeper and deeper each time. Daddy said you like your pacifier don't you, I shook my head yes. He said good and then he plunged the whole thing in my mouth and down my throat, I have sucked him off before but never dressed like I was calling him daddy. I could feel his dick throbbing and I knew what to expect very soon. In fact I was Cummins in my diaper just then he started to cum in my mouth and down my throat and I sucked every last drop I could and kept licking even when he pulled it out. Daddy said let's see what the baby did in his diaper and put his had down and played with my sticky pee pee. Oh baby Sammy liked that did he? And I shock my head yes. Then we noticed that mommy and baby Jessica were climaxing together.

When everyone was coming down from a sex high, daddy said, let's get dressed and get some ice cream. Jessica was still dressed in her dress and just needed re-diapered, and daddy had me put on tight pink sweats. I said daddy I need my plastic pants and he said no, you will be OK. Then he put a frilly pink blouse on me and tucked in into my pants. There you look good that way, I saw my self in the mirror all in pink and big tits and red nail polish. He gave me a Kleenex and told me to wipe the smeared lipstick off. It was dry and you could still tell that I was wearing some because by lips were still very red. Then we all left for the ice cream store. When we got there, the ice cream store did not have many people and we all went in to get ice cream cones. As we sat there eating them we got some pretty weird looks from people. I was really starting to get off on being humiliated this way when all of a sudden I had to poop big time. You see when you get an enema that big all of it takes time to come out. I told daddy and he said well just use your diaper, I said he did not put my plastic pants on, and he said oh well to bad. I tried holding back as long as I could and it just came out filling my diaper. Mommy said we better leave because it started to stink. We all got back into the car and left. Daddy ask mommy if she had any more diapers for me at the hotel and she said no that they were all gone but we could stop at the pharmacy and pick up some so that is where we headed.

When we got there I just thought mommy would go in and get them, but no daddy said we all have to go in because a family does everything together. When I got out of the car you could see how wet the pink sweats were, I said do I have too. Well not really said daddy but when we get home you are going to get a good spanking for being a bad baby. Well I did not want anymore of that so I went in and went to the diaper section and picked up a bag of the largest size they had and then went and picked up two boxes of Stayfree Classic Super Long Maxi Extra Thick Pads. When we got to the check out I had to pay for them. When the lady looked at the way I was dressed she asked what was going on and when I did not answer daddy pulled be back so she could see the way I had wet myself, and told me to answer the lady. I said I wet my self and need to put on a new diaper. Daddy said that I really messed my diaper and the woman behind the counter started laughing so hard it mad me feel about two inches high. I then had to hand her the money and she saw the bright red nail polish and started laughing even harder and saying the I must be a big sissy. Mommy said yep a very big baby sissy getting a big lesson tonight. As we started to leave the women said wait a minuet and reached on the shelf and said I need something else to be a sissy and she handed mommy a hair clip with little flowers on it. She said it was her gift and mommy pined it in my hair, I could still hear her laughing as we left the store.

When we got back to the motel I was told to make my super diaper that I like to wear and to show baby Jessica how to make one for her. So I pulled out a large disposable diaper and opened a box of maxi pads and took the paper strip off the back and stuck it to the diaper. Three between the legs, four in the front and the back of the diaper and three more lining the inside of each leg of the diaper. After Jessica was done with her diaper she was told to undress me and clean me up, she did as she was told. To my surprise the enema that I let go was just about a little brow water and not much poop. After she had me all clean, she started to suck on my little pee pee and make it very hard. As soon as mommy saw what she was doing she yanked her arm and told her she was bad for doing that and put her over her knee and ripped her diaper off and gave her a big spanking until she was crying and begging for her to stop. Now both of you babies are in trouble and daddy put me over his knee and spanked me also but not too long. When he was done mommy came out with the enema bag and like before filled my bottom up but instead of letting me go to the toilet they turned me over on my big diaper and taped it on. Then they pined two cloth diapers over the disposable and had me put the girdle on to hold it in place. Then the rest of my stuff , bra with water balloons, frilly slip and baby dress. Next I was told that since my baby sister got spanked for sucking on my pee pee that I was to return the favor by licking her and making her feel better, so I did. When I was done they made me fill her bottom with an enema and put her in her diaper like mine. Mommy even got a new girdle for her. There we were two baby girls in sissy dresses and wet diapers from the enemas.

Mommy and daddy then told us to watch them and they would show us how big people act. They started kissing and getting undressed and playing with each other. Baby Jessica and I held hands and watched the show before us. Wow what a turn on that was both of us babies in our wet soiled diapers, watching mommy and daddy suck and fuck. When they were done they got us up and said it was our turn to put a show on for them. We started for the bed and were stooped and told to go over the table in the room and open the bag there. What we found in the bag was a big jar of mayonnaise a big spoon and four cans on cream of mushroom soup. We were puzzled and then mommy and daddy said you didn't think that big diaper was going to waste. Mommy told me to hold my slip and dress up high and baby Jessica was told to take a big spoon of mayonnaise and put it down the front and back of my diaper and squeeze it around. It felt odd but good. Then it was my turn to do it to Jessica. She liked it too and we started to play and kiss and was stopped and told that was not the only things on the table. We had to open the cans of soup and put one each down the front and back of each diaper. Jessica opened the first can and I held up my dress and she turned it upside down in the front of my diaper but it would not come out of the can. Mommy said that you just are going to have figure out how. Jessica started shaking the can and she told me to start jumping up and down and then all of a suddenly it just went plop in the diaper. We had to do this for all the cans, two for me and two for her.

Our diapers were heavy and very messy but felt great. Then we had to get on the floor and sit and squash around everything in our diapers and. Now mommy told us that to grow up we would have to learn how to masturbate in our diapers. We both started to rub ourselves with our hands but it just squashed everything around and really did not do much. Mommy said you saw what mommy and daddy did start fucking your diapers. That is when Jessica said copy me and she went to the corner of the bed and put it in the crouch of her diaper and started fucking the bed through her diaper. I went to the other corner and start doing the same until be were both going crazy and Cummins in our diapers. We were tired and wet and messy but enjoyed every minute of it. As I relaxed there in total contentment daddy said oh no the big sissy girl has one more lesson to learn. He put me on the bed on my hands and knees pulled my girdle and clothe diapers down and out of the way. He poked a hole in the back of my diaper and stuck his dick thru it right into my asshole. It did not really hurt because there was so much slippery stuff in my diaper he just slid right on in. He started to hump and fuck my ass like some wild bronco until he came. After that mommy and daddy had baby Jessica and I take off our dresses and slips and fix my cloth diapers and girdle to hold it in place and then put Jessica and I in bed for the night. We were still in our big messy diapers and I still had my bra on with the water filled balloons. We were told that we were to use our diapers the rest of the night and they went to bed in the other bed. Jessica and I played a little with each other and I sucked her tities until be both fell asleep in diaper dreamland.

When we got up in the morning the bed was wet and messy and everyone took a shower and then packed up our cars, hugged and kissed and then headed home. Cindy told me she was sorry that I broke my promise about my diaper fetish but one night that when her and Jim were together he was telling her about Jessica having a diaper fetish also. So Jim and I thought that this would work out good. I'm also sorry about him being so rough but he likes rough sex. I told her that it was ok, I loved every humiliating moment of it even the hard spankings. She said good we will have to do this again some time, and home we went. Baby Sanny and Mommy Cindy now enjoy some weekends with Daddy Jim and Baby Jessica.

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