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Wet Dream

When I first saw Lynn, I thought she was a walking wet dream. She had just finished college and come to work for the company. At first I felt she surely had a steady boyfriend then one day I had to talk to her about a project she was working on. During our conversation I made a comment about her boy friend.

Lynn blushed and said she didn't have one. I let the comment go and waited a few days before asking her out. To my delight she accepted.

We hit off right away. It felt like we had know each other for ages. On our third date we had sex at my house and it was great.

>From that night on most evenings we would end up in the sack.

Several times I tried to get her to spend the night but she always gave an excuse to go back to her place.

Her not wanting to stay with me after having wonderful sex was bugging me. Every time I would push the subject Lynn would get mad. One night we had been to a friends party and had more to drink than we should. After screwing our brains out we fell asleep in each others arms.

Some time during the night I awoke. I reached out for Lynn and found a wet spot where she had been. I jumped up and checked the bathroom. She wasn't there then I heard a car door close. Quickly I went to the window and saw Lynn, the moon light dancing on her nude body, she was carrying a small over night bag back to my house.

I opened the door for her and was about to turn on the light when Lynn said. Please, leave the lights off.

After kissing my lips she said. Before you ask, a bunch of questions let me explain. If what I have to tell you upsets you I'll leave. All I ask is that you respect me enough to not tell anyone else.

I nodded in agreement as my mind whirled, I could fathom what kind of secret she would have, that would change the way I felt about her. Hand in hand we went back to the bedroom. In the bedroom Lynn turned to me, her eyes darting nervously, several times she started to say some thing then she set her bag on the bed and said please just do as I ask and don't say anything. In the morning we can talk about it.

Lynn rummaged in her bag then took out what looked like a baby's diaper only bigger and laid it on the bed. Without a word she positioned her sexy hips on the diaper and pulled the front of it up between her legs.

Looking up at me she said there are pins in the side pocket, would you please pin the diaper, it's hard to do yourself.

As I knelt over her, I felt my cock coming to life. I'd often had fantasies involving pee and I found myself thinking about games we could play. I had no desire for either of us to act like a baby but I thought it would be fun to be in a very public place and pee to my hearts content without anyone knowing. Being able to do it with someone who knew what was happening was beyond my wildest dreams. Often I jerked off thinking about piss games, now I hoped that I had found my soul-mate.

Sitting back admiring my handy work, my cock was standing at attention. Lynn gasped as she looked at my and my cock. In a faint whisper she said You're not turned off by this are you.

It was my turn to be embarrassed. I blushed as I glanced at my hard cock as I replied a hard cock tells no lies.

Lynn laughed, then asked me to get the plastic pants out of the bag. She held up her feet as I guided them into the leg holes then she raised her hips as I smoothed them over her diaper. Lynn then held up her arms, beckoning to me. My rock hard cock bumped into her diapered pussy mound causing Lynn to chuckle and say.

"Oh dear we've got a problem . . . you've done such a nice job of getting me diapered how am I going to take care of you?" Before I could answer, Lynn was on her hands and knees beside me with my cock trapped in her delightful mouth. Her position made her left boob dangle so that her nipple was brushing on my palm. Taking that as a sign I began teasing her nipple with my fingers. Lynn moaned with delight and sucked my cock with even greater enthusiasm.

In past love making sessions I had played with Lynn's boobs and her nipples but I hadn't given it much thought. This time I noticed that she really liked the attention her nipple was getting. At one point I tugged on her nipple and she pulled back.

Thinking I was hurting her, I let go. Lynn mumbled "NO!" around my cock, as she pushed her boob into my hand. This time I grasped her nipple a little harder and pulled gently on it. Again, she pulled back, this time I held on and Lynn's sucking became more impassioned.

My cock was telling the world that I was on the verge of a big climax. Lynn's tongue tickling the underside of my cock sent me over the edge. My balls felt like they were turning inside out in response to Lynn's swallowing actions.

Lynn gently sucked the last traces of sperm from my softening cock then kissed her way up my belly to my mouth, her rock hard nipples felt like hot pokers tracing paths as they followed. Tenderly I took her into my arms and thanked her with a wordless kiss as she snuggled up to me.

In the morning I awoke to the smell and sounds of breakfast cooking. Out of habit I stopped in the bathroom to take my morning pee. As I stood absently watching my piss splash in the toilet, the events of last night popped into my mind. Visions of Lynn's diaper clad bottom came to view. I wondered if she had gotten rid of her diaper and if she had wet it. Quickly my eyes scanned the bathroom and saw no signs of her diaper or the plastic pants. My cock twitched as the thought that she might still be wearing it, it me. I shook the last drops of pee from my cock and hurried down stairs to see what Lynn was up to.

Without turning to look at me Lynn cheerfully said.

"Good morning sleepy." My cock lurched to attention at the sight of her sexy butt still encased in the diaper and plastic pants I had put on her last night. I also noticed that the diaper looked a bit yellow and wet down by her crotch. I went to her and pressed my body against her back, my hard cock pressing into her soggy, diapered ass crack. I slid my hands under her apron, cupping her boobs.

Lynn turned her head to kiss me as she moaned with delight.

Remembering last nights action I pinched her nipples lightly. Lynn moaned into my mouth as she cupped her hands over mine. Her body quivered then she broke our kiss.

We have all weekend, let's eat first.

Playfully I nuzzled her neck and said I would be happy to start with her. She laughed as wiggled out of my arms. In a flurry of motion she had breakfast on the table. Grinning she tossed her apron aside and sat opposite me.

The food was delicious but my eyes were busy taking in Lynn's charms. Her nipples were still hard and pointing at me as to blame me for their rigidity. I don't remember what we talked about but nothing was said about her diaper our pissing.

After breakfast I helped her clear the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Every time I was close to her I touched her, especially her diaper. Lynn glowed with delight at my touches.

Finished with that chore she started out of the kitchen signaling with her finger to follow. Without any hesitation I followed her sexy diaper-clad butt as she started back up stairs. About halfway up the stairs she stopped, she spread her feet slightly and squatted a bit. Puzzled I started to say something then I noticed her diaper getting wetter and some pee getting past her diaper, being held in only by her plastic panties. I thought I could even her the pee as it gushed out of her.

I almost came on the spot. She shook her hips and proceeded up the stairs.

I had never been so fuckin horny in my life. The only thing that would have been better would for her to have pissed, that close to me without the diaper. My eyes were locked onto her piss sloshing butt as she led me to the bathroom.

Stepping into the shower stall Lynn turned to me with a big grin.

I see you aren't turned off by my bed wetting or my diapers. How about cleaning me up? Then we can discuss what's next.

I knelt at her feet and pealed the plastic panties off releasing a deluge of pee. I felt Lynn watching me and when our eyes met I knew that we were meant for each other. The smell of her hot pee further inflamed my lust as I unpinned the soggy diaper and let it slide her legs. My hands caressed her piss-covered legs as I stared at the remaining drops of golden pee still clinging to her pussy lips and her blond pussy fuzz. With and uncontrollable urge I grabbed her hips and began kissing and licking her pussy mound.

At first Lynn acted a bit shocked but then her fingers gabbed my head and she spread her legs to give me better access to her pussy. I knew she said something to me but the noise of my own blood racing in my ears drowned out most of it. I did hear a surprised groan then her body shuddered with a climax. I held her hips tightly until she stopped trembling then stood up. My cock bumped into her dripping pussy as I straightened my legs. Lynn moaned softly and rose up on her toes and wiggled her hips, then my cock slide in. Lynn wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips as she impaled herself on my throbbing cock.

Grabbing her ass cheeks I helped her ride my cock to a hot climax.

After playing in the shower until the hot water ran out, we dried off and flopped on the bed to resume or orgy. After another climax out lust had cooled enough for us to talk. Lynn told me that she had been so embarrassed so many times by her bed-wetting problem and that kids in school had some how found about it. She told me that now it wasn't much of a problem if she didn't drink before going to bed. Then she admitted that sometimes when she was home alone she would wear a diaper all day and had even gone out wearing one.

I asked if she was into being treated like a baby and wearing a diaper. She hesitated a minute, studying my face then she said.

No, she just liked the warm feeling of her pee against her skin and the wickedness of not peeing in a toilet. I admitted to my fascination with pissing and that I had thought about pissing in public places and watching others pee. Suddenly I blurted out.

Would you think me totally depraved if I asked you to pee on me?

Lynn lay quietly on the bed next to me as my heart was in my throat. After what felt like and hour she said "Only if you will do it to me." Then like to naughty school kids we dashed to the kitchen to fix a pitcher of ice tea which we guzzled as we talked.

With the ice tea in our tummies I remembered that I had a heavy plastic drop cloth in my garage and ran to get it. When I got back to the kitchen Lynn's eyes, lit up and she giggled as she handed me a large glass of water. We drank our water as we put the drop cloth on the bed and made everything piss proof.

With the fires of lust burning hotly within us we laid on the bed and began kissing and petting. After a few minutes Lynn sat up and said. I'm about to burst how about some more to drink. I joked that my eyes were already afloat but I got up and refilled our glasses. Lynn was only able to drink half of hers before she gave me a funny look.

I think you are going to be the first to get pissed on as I can't hold it any longer. I quickly spread out on the bed and guided Lynn to kneel over me. Hotly I stared at her pussy as she reached down and spread her pussy open. At first it was just a few drops then it was like a dam broke. Her pee hissed as it gushed out. It is impossible to describe the feeling of her golden nectar as it splashed hotly on my body. I grabbed my cock and began jacking off wildly using her pee as lube. Just as her stream was weakening my come shot out of my cock hitting Lynn's legs and pussy. As the last few drops were leaving her pee hole she shook her hips and a few drops hit my face and mouth. Lynn stared at me wide eyed as my tongue snaked out and licked up those drops.

Lynn grinned and said. My turn! Then flopped on the wet bed beside me. By now my bladder was screaming for relief so I didn't hesitate kneeling over Lynn's awaiting body. I didn't know where to aim but I didn't have time to ponder the situation. My pee burst from my cock splashing on her belly then a bit on her boobs.

Lynn grabbed her boobs and offered them to my stream. Her eyes got real big as she moaned. She quivered and said my clit, my clit.

Anxious to please her I aimed at her pussy. When my flow hit her clit, she moaned loudly and arched up to get more of it on her clit. She was now babbling as her body trembled. Suddenly she gasped and went stiff. She then collapsed limply. Gently I laid down with her and cuddled up to her piss-covered body. As I laid there kissing Lynn and stroking her piss wet body I thought how wrong my fantasies had been. THIS WAS TEN TIMES BETTER.

Lynn slowly opened her eyes and with a big grin whispered shall I make us some more ice tea?

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