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Does it ever happen to you, that you get bored with things as they are? You know, the I've-done-this-before-and-so-what feeling? I get that way, and need to look for something new to excite me; so I had made contact with this guy who wanted a partner to try something new. What he wanted was someone to be completely subservient to him, doing whatever he said...and he meant whatever! We discussed a few things, and I thought it would be ok to try some Saturday when we could get together...provided we would be alone to work this out.

Well, we set a date and after doing my laundry and having something to eat, I started to get myself together. I decided to take a small enema to empty myself out (since he promised some play with ass-toys), and I took a shower and dressed in clean jeans and fresh underwear. I had my third cup of coffee and set out on the bus to the subway line for the trip to his place. I discovered the weekend schedule wasnt as good as weekday service, and the trip took a bit longer than I suspected. I had waited so long at the subway that I stopped at the stand and bought myself a soda. Soon, I was on the train and zipping along to my destination .. almost the other end of the line.

By the time I reached the station where Tom was to meet me, the morning coffee was beginning to want out. I looked around for a restroom, but public restrooms are virtually non-existent around here. I was about to climb the stairs to the parking garage to find a secluded spot, when I saw his car ... so I walked over and got in. He drove off, asking obliquely if I was ready for the day and all the things we had talked about. I offered as if I were perfectly prepared, that is, if he would remember the rules and not try anything I didnt want to do. I didnt catch it, but Tom said only that he wouldnt do anything to actually harm me.

By the time we reached his place, I was getting uncomfortable, but didnt really want to say anything...I thought I would just wait till we were inside, then ask for the john. Once inside the door, however, Tom pushed me around against the kitchen counter, grabbed my wrists, and handcuffed me. He turned me around, stared me in the eyes, and said "YOU are now MINE. For the rest of this day... you do what I say, and ONLY what I say. Do you understand?"

I almost broke into a smile ... I mean, I really wasnt ready for this ... and I said "OK. Just let me..." His hand grabbed my chin and held my mouth shut, my face toward the ceiling. "When I ask a question, like 'Do you understand?', your only words are 'Yes, Sir' or 'No, Sir' --- do you understand that?" "Yeah." "WHAT?" He pulled my jaw down, causing my face to point directly at his. "What did you say?" "Yes, Sir." "That's not what I heard, boy... what did you say?" "I said 'yeah', Sir." "That's wrong, isnt it, boy?" "Yes, Sir." "Good."

I was beginning to follow the scene, beginning to listen and learn what I could do. The brief talk had distracted me from the matter at hand; in fact, I forgot about it completely as he marched me off downstairs to his playroom. There he placed a collar around my neck, clipped on a leash, and attached the leash to a ring in the ceiling. With my hands cuffed behind my back, I could not release myself ... an awareness that was suddenly growing on me. He walked slowly around me, reaching for a tit and giving a small pinch...something I could not stop him from doing. His hand also reached down to my crotch and gave a quick grab there, too. "You are my slave for the day...just as you wanted. If you are good, I will take good care of you. If you are not good, I will see to it that you are punished and trained in the proper behavior. You will leave here a better slave than when you arrived. Do you understand?" "Yes, Sir."

I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into...somehow I had envisioned sitting around the living room, talking, then casually pinning my arms--maybe tied with a bandana---then playfully removing my pants and playing with me... I thought it would be some kind of mutual exploring scene. Right now, however, I was trapped. It was not beginning like I expected. I began to think I should protest, talk to him about our agreement, such as it was, and get this day back on track; but I began to wonder if he would really limit me to "Yes, Sir" and "No, Sir" and shut me up from saying anything else. I decided to say something....sort of in line with the scene. "Sir: may i please go to the john before we start this?" He stared at me. "Boy, you speak when spoken to. If you wish to say something, you may ask permission to speak. But you may not just blurt out what you want. Do you understand?" Ok, if that's the game...

"Sir, may I please have permission to speak?" He looked directly at me: "No. There is nothing I need to hear just now." I didnt think that was true, but decided to wait and see.

After this brief interchange, he said he had a few things to do yet, in preparation, and that he would leave me alone here for a short while. With that, he went upstairs. At the top, he turned off the lights...and it got real dark. There was only one small window in the room, and it was blocked by bushes outside... Then he shut the door, too, and that ended the meager stream of light down the stairway. So there I was....what I had expected to be a mutual exploration fo a new scene turned out to have me handcuffed and collared, leashed to the ceiling of his basement the dark and alone. Damn.

By this time I really had to piss... not only from the morning coffee but from the soda I had at the subway. I began to think I really should have gone up to the garage before I got into the car...but I didnt expect he would stop me from using the bathroom. Oh, well, when he comes back I will tell him this isnt the way I want to do it and we'll see if I can get him to change things.

Shortly the door opened, the light came on, and Tom came back. I started to stay something, but he obviously saw that I was about to speak and spoke first: "You may NOT speak just now." I stopped ... deciding what to do next ... and he asked "Do you understand?" "Yes, Sir." Did I really? Did HE? He sat down across from me, spreading his legs so I had a clear and tantalizing view of his crotch. Somehow the suggestion reminded me of my own dick. He looked up at me and asked if I still had to piss. I said "Yes, Sir"...hoping he would let me go. Instead he just looked at me...then said "You mustnt have to go too bad...I dont see any wet spot on your pants." Well, I should hope not, I thought! "You're going to have to convince me that you have to piss."

Does he mean he wants to see a wet spot on my pants in order to know I had to piss? "Uh, this isnt..." "DONT SPEAK!" This last statement was very loud, almost mean sounding. I felt momentarily scared, like there was more inside this man than I had suspected. We just stayed there, staring at each other. His hands were rubbing his thighs, showing me the bulge in his crotch...making me lick my chops wanting to get at it. There was complete silence. It was spooky.

He began to smile at me, it really made me feel uneasy. He was up to something...and his hands were attracting my attention to his crotch. Then I saw it...a small dark patch...just on one thigh. It couldnt be! I watched closer...he was probably watching me, but I didnt take my eyes off his crotch. It was getting larger! It was what I thought...a wet spot, getting bigger! I know I was staring at it, I couldnt help it...then I suddenly thought of myself and tightened my own control. "Its too late for that, boy...there's already a little spot there." (Oh my gosh...did I really do that?) "You do have to go, dont you?" Well, if that's what it takes..."Yes, Sir."

He got up and came over near me...and I was watching his crotch and the spot there...he grabbed my crotch and squeezed...and said he had squeezed out a little more piss. (Oh, I hoped he was embarassing!) His hand rubbed his own wet spot, then he brought the wet hand to my face and rubbed the wetness into my nose...yes, I could now be sure, it was piss! What was he going to expect next? Should I stop this right now? Would he let me? I was getting worried... Then he reached down and unfastened my pants and pushed them down to my knees, along with my underpants. I was figuring if I could piss now and shoot over my pants onto the floor without causing too much mess, but he was pulling something between my legs...then up to my waist on one side...It was a diaper! A thick paper diaper with a plastic outer liner. One side was already fastened and he was working on the other! I started to say something, but again, he stopped me abruptly.

So there I was, standing with my pants to my knees, my crotch covered with a diaper. I probably blushed, but I dont know for sure. While analyzing my feelings, I felt him pull up my umderpants, using them to hold the diaper in place....then my pants, which were zippered with some difficulty because of the thickness of the diaper. But finally I stood there as he wanted me....just as I had come in, but now diapered. It was time to stop this stuff...but he was releasing the leash and allowing me to sit on the sofa with him. Side by side, he started to tell me just what he had in things (like ass toys, and tit work) and a few of his things (like watersports). He put his arm around me, like an old friend, and told me that the real fun would start only when I had filled the diaper with piss. Really, I didnt see how to stop it, especially if I ever got started pissing.

Tom got up and sat across from me again, his legs apart, so I could again watch the wet spot. He had a small smile on his face...the last time I saw his face, for my eyes watched the crotch as the wet spot got darker, shinier, and bigger! No doubt about it, he was letting go a load of piss right into his pants! My mouth probably hung open, I am sure my eyes bugged out....I couldnt believe it. I felt a strong urge to piss, thought about fighting it...but then realized I had the diaper... my pants wouldnt get wet like that. Hmm, then how would he know when I did it? Suddenly a little bit of warmth was felt at the end of my dick... a little must have come out and been absorbed in the diaper. I was holding it, but could feel the warmth...and it felt good! He was pissing more now, and I weakened as I watched. Then I felt my crotch release, and the flow of piss gushed. I stopped it instinctively... still feeling it seep into the diaper...around my balls...what a feeling! And I hoped he couldnt tell what I was doing!

With a big smile on his face, Tom got up and pulled up his pants tight into the he could feel all the wetness...then he came over beside me. He reached behind and released my hands, for which I was grateful. He told me to rest a little...he was going to put on a video; and from beneath the TV on the other side of the room, he chose a tape, put it in the player and turned it on. He brought back a couple of cans of soda and sat beside me, legs stretched out to the coffee table, his arm over my shoulder, as the picture began....with a naked cock and the flow of piss into the sand! I soon discovered it was ALL shots of cocks pissing...on the ground, in pants, on chests....I was completely fascinated! I could feel my own ass sitting in a wet diaper...even wetter now as more piss flowed almost not under my control anymore. I could smell the piss from the two of us there on the sofa...and it was indeed a pleasant smell.

I had forgotten the plans for asstoys and titclips and such...I was happy to have my hands released...and to be watching THIS video. I didnt count how many cocks I saw pissing ... until ... the doorbell rang! I thought he would just ignore it, but NO...he excused himself and went upstairs...wet pants and all! I heard another voice, then the door closed...and TWO people came downstairs. The friend seem totally unaware of Tom's wet pants...and looked at me with a clever doubt sizing up my crotch determine if there was room for a diaper there! He sat on the other side of me...the two surrounding me...and me with my secret diaper. (Oh, I was hoping there wouldnt be any talk of my hidden diaper! I would just die!)

We continued to watch the video...and Russ...Tom's friend...put his hand on mu thigh...touching it lightly...then moving slowly up to my crotch...where my cock stood hard inside an unseen wet diaper. I found I couldnt move or say anuthing...I was afraid what Russ would find! He found my hardon...and the mushy diaper...and he seemed to like one or the other..or both. My cock got harder as he worked his hand around the outline of the harder. I really began to hope he didnt mind the diaper!

Without any warning, Russ got off the sofa and on his knees at my feet. With a gentle but swift and practiced motion he reached for my zipper...unfastend my pants, lowered the zipper and .... with me raising my hips ... pulled down my jeans and took them off. I was staring at the TV, trying not to think or look at the sight of me sitting there with my pants off and a wet diaper inside my underpants. Soon Russ was at work on the underpants...removing them so I was sitting there in a wet diaper. If I ever thought about being this way in front of other people, I would die of embarassment! But Tom sat there, watching everything, one hand busily working his wet crotch.

I could smell the fresh piss from my diaper more strongly now...a heady smell that really sent my mind reeling....and Russ...well, he began to get his head right on my diaper...smelling the concentrated piss...then licking my crotch...his nose buried in my diaper... getting wet from the absorbed piss... I was unable to rationally examine the was totally unreal..and still very exciting. Russ's tongue reached inside the edge of the diaper to lap at my balls...a sensation I found completely irresistable! I was squirming when Russ tore open the side of the diaper and stuck his whole head inside...his mouth aiming for my cock! I couldnt beleive was this guy with his head BURIED in my freshly wet diaper....lapping at my cock...and HE was enjoying it..just as much as I was.

I was so turned on, I couldnt control took only a few laps of Russ's tongue to make my hard cock shoot off...cum, this time.... leaving me totally exhausted, both emotionally and physically. I just sat there...staring at the TV, trying not to think about my appearance. Soon Russ declared that I had to be cleaned up, and pulled me down to lay on the floor... He removed my wet diaper, and wiped me off with a baby-wipe...crotch, ass, dick, balls...he cleaned every bit of my wet bottom. Then, he placed a fresh diaper under me...powdered my crotch up with fresh, and perfectly smelling baby powder, then closed the diaper and fastened it. My shirt was taken off, and my sox, and I was left on the blanket on the floor wearing only a diaper. Somehow it all seemed to be logical, and I wasnt the least bit uncomfortable. Then Russ said he had to leave...but first... First, he pulled out his cock, aimed it into my diaper and let go his own load of piss. Damn, I was just cleaned up and now fresh piss.... I wasnt sure if I really objected, or if I liked it. I stayed there, enjoying the warmth of his piss, while Tom showed him out. I really wondered just what that was all about...I mean Russ did get me off, and I suppose got his jollies....

Tom came back to the room, still in his wet jeans, and put the rest of my soda into a baby bottle with rubber nipple, and placed it over my mouth ... for me to suckle on. Without thinking, I grabbed the bottle and began to drink the soda...figuring out how to work the nipple (it had been a while) and unconcerned about what Tom was doing. He was, it appeared, taking his own turn at my we diaper....smelling closely at the crotch, lapping at the balls...and believe it or not my cock was hard again! I was absorbed in the bottle as Tom worked at my diaper...but my bottle went dry before he was finished...and I guess a real baby would have cried...but luckily Tom realized.... He turned around, straddle my chest, and put his wet jean crotch into my face...and I found it was freshly wet, warm and sweet smelling.... and I very quickly became interested in what was inside the jeans.

Tom got up, briefly, and took off his jeans, returning to his position with only wet cotton shorts covering his vital crotch. I was able to get my tongue inside the leg band of his shorts and play with HIS balls... getting heady on the wet of his piss. I could feel the base of his hardon and wanted it...oh I wanted it. I was getting ready to shoot again...and ready to attack his cock...when he let go a stream of piss that flowed through the underpants to my chest... and I could feel the warm wet piss stream across my body...Oh man what a feeling...I couldnt believe it. My whole body was sensitized, reacting to this wonderfully sexy feeling.

I worked harder at his cock...trying to maneuver myself onto this dick...and he cooperated this time by shifting his position so I could take it in. His own mouth ripped at my diaper, opening a path to my cock...his reward. Both of us worked in headdy delight, sucking on the cock, breathing the piss-flavored air...and lost in an erotic oblivion.

I came again, about the same time as Tom... and nearly collapsed. This was unusual, to say the least, but still one of the hottest scenes I had ever been through. With a loving hand, Tom washed me down, cleaned me up...powdered me...and ... would you beleive, put another diaper on me! I knew from the extra sodas I had consumed that I would be pissing again this afternoon, and it was clear I would still have a diaper then. Tom cleaned himself up, and put a diaper on himself too. Then he placed another video on the TV and sat beside me to watch... only this one wasnt about pissing...

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