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Who knows what destiny has in store for us? Here is my destiny story. This is a true story. I had a great time writing this. When my Lady read this, she did it to me again.

My name is Jerry. Forty years have past since I saw my old girl friend. She was my very first love. Of all places to met again. A bowling alley. Helen looked great. She was 15 when I first met her. I was 18. She was sweet and a very happy young lady. We went steady for about 2 years. (that's what they called dating back in our days). I was very much in love with her and she was in love with me. I never got nasty with her or tried anything until she was ready. I was a nice boy?

I was the first one to make love to her. And she was the first one to make love to me. I was so in love with her that I asked her to marry me. We got engaged a few months after I was in the service. I wanted her to stay with her family until I got out. I thought she was too young (17) to leave alone in a new state. I know that we loved each other. But it wasn't to happen. We split up a year after we were engaged. I was in Nam at the time. She sent me a Dear Jerry letter. I was shocked and very upset. I had no idea why?

BUT now, forty years later we found each other again. I was excited when I saw her come into the alley with a friend of hers and mine. I had butter flies in my stomach when I first saw her. At first we just said hello. I noticed that she was coming down to the bowling alley more often. We started to sit together and sort out some of the things that weren't said when we broke up. I found out many things about her and her about me. She told me she was divorced and I told her I was divorced too. Before I knew it we were dating again. We would go out to bowling, dinner, movies, and concerts. Our love for each other was growing again and very fast. I know it was fast because the love was still there. We were paying two rents. So in order to save some money I asked her if she would move in with me. She said yes and I knew she still loved me.

I had a little secret that I wasn't sure if I should tell her before she moved in. So a few weeks before she moved in. I took her to a nice restaurant and decided to tell her. I told her that I had a secret that she should know before she moved in. I get very stressed out from work and when I am by myself I like to dress up as a baby. She was a little surprise and asked me to explain it. I explained that I loved the feeling of wearing diapers they make me forget about work and make me feel relaxed. She really didn't like the idea but she told me that she would sleep on it and give me her answer tomorrow. I was really nerves. I lost her once and I didn't want to go through that again. I would give up the diaper thing if it meant that I was going to loss her again.

I met her the next day at her place and she gave me her answer. She loved me very much and really wanted to spend her life with me but at the moment she really didn't care for the idea. I told her that was fine. I love you too much to give you up again and I told her I would forget about this silly fetish. I wanted to be with her more than anything in this world. I didn't have a problem with giving my diapers up. Destiny gave me another chance. I was going to make sure I didn't mess this up again.

A few weeks later I helped her move in with me. We were having fun, talking about old times. Everything was perfect. I had my angel back and I was in heaven again. When we made love it was always with our hearts. Nothing about our love making was make believe and I showed her that I still loved her and she showed me the same.

I was a bowler and she wanted to learn how to bowl. So, with every ounce of my patients. (I got a smack in the head for "with ever ounce of my patients" when she read that part) I taught her how to bowl. We would go out with friends and bowl every Saturday night. After she learned how to bowl she really started to enjoy it. Helen was a very friendly lady. She always had a smile on her face and a hello for everyone. That was one part of her that I never liked. Call it jealousy, call it insecure what ever I didn't like it. I had an accident at work and I was unable to bowl

with her. I would always take her to the bowling alley every Saturday so that she could bowl with our friends.

There was a bar in the bowling alley. We were there every Saturday night. So we got very familiar with the bar tenders. If they needed a drink on the alley. I would go and order it for them and they would come and pick it up. I would occasionally come out of the bar every once in awhile to see how she was bowling or maybe give her some tips if she needed them. Then I would go back into the bar. When they were finished bowling they would always come in and spend time with me. Helen would sit on my lap and make me feel like I was still part of the group even though I wasn't bowling.

This one night I remember to well, Helen sat next to me and I noticed that she waved to some guy that was leaving. I said do you know that guy? She told me that she saw him around and just waved good bye. Why do you always do that? You don't know this guy and you are waving to him. What am I chopped liver? OH why don't you stop being such a big baby Jerry? She sat on my lap and started to kiss my neck. But this time it wasn't going to work. I put her back on the stool and told her to stop. She told me that she always waves hello to the guy. I see him here every week. You haven't noticed because you always stay in the bar. I went crazy. You have been waving hello to this guy all the time behind my back? That's bull I said. Just as I turned around this guy came into the bar. He sat down at the bar and ordered a beer. I said there you go. Would you like me to leave so you two can say hello to each other. She was starting to get pissed. But I was fuming at the ears.

All my friends were on my side. They told her, by saying hello to a guy. The guy might have thought he had a chance of meeting you. All the girls were agreeing with Helen. All men are babies Helen Pat said, no matter how old they are. You know Jerry you have been doing this to me from the first day we met forty years ago. And I am getting tired of it. I'm telling you this. If you don't stop being so jealous of every guy that looks at me. You are going to be in big trouble. OH boy I'm shaking I said. You better be. You are a big baby when it comes to things like this. You do not believe that I love you and you are the only one who I want or wish to be with. Let me ask you this Mr. Baby. Who am I going home with? I didn't want to hear it so I said nothing. FINE she said act like a baby. The guy got up finished his beer and left. Helen was talking to her friends about how they bowled. I sat there and didn't say a thing. I heard her say to Pat Heney her best friend. If he wants to act like a baby then I will treat him like one. You go girl and don't take any of his baby shit. We all finished our drinks kissed everyone goodbye and went home.

In the car I asked her what she was talking about with Pat. She didn't say a word. She was really pissed. Will I can be just as pissed. We got into our apartment and she went right to the bedroom. I waited until she went into the bathroom and went into the bedroom to get undressed. I was standing there with my underwear down around my ankles and she attacked me from behind. She was sitting on my back on the bed with my ass in the air. She had my arm around my back and was bending the living hell out of my little pinkie of my hand. This is what she does to me when we are wrestling. She is as light as a feather and she cheats by bending my fingers. I couldn't break loss with her bending my pinkie. She started to spank the living hell out of my butt. She said you want to act like a baby. Well this is what happens to bad little boys who don't trust their mommies. I was shock to say the least. Does my wittle Jerry understand that I wove him? Does my wittle Jerry know that I'm here with him and not anyone else? Does my wittle Jerry need some more spankings to show him how much I wove him? She was spanking my butt like there was a target on it. Well my little Pumpkin. I'm sorry, I'm sorry pleeeease pleeeease don't spank me anymore. I will be a good boy. Are you sure she said? Yes I promise. She lets go of my pinkie and starts to get off but manages to get three more good spanks hitting her target. I am now as hard as a rock. OH boy I think my wittle Pumpkin likes to be spanked. I turn over onto my butt but jump from the pain. Helen jumps on top of me and I forgot the pain. We make love all night. We are laying there in each others arms just cuddling. I love cuddling with her. She is so soft and smooth.

Helen gets up and goes into my half of the closet. I hear her going through some boxes. Now I am wondering. Does she know where I hide my baby stuff? I put it away when we last talked about it and never touch it again. She comes out of my closet with a diaper and a pair of blue plastic pants with a teddy bear print. I am mortifies. I told you my wittle baby Jerry. If you are going to act like a baby then mommy will treat you like one. She comes over and tells me to roll over on my side I do as I'm told. She places the diaper under me then pushes me back on top of the diaper. She goes to her dresser and takes some baby powder and sprinkles it over my diaper area. Helen rubs the powder in. She opens my legs and pulls the diaper between my legs and tapes the ends of the diaper tight. She takes my plastic pants and slides them up my legs and over the diaper. Now there is my little Pumpkin all diapered for bed de bye. She jumps back into bed wraps her arms around me. She said good night my little baby. Sleep tight I love you. I love you too very much I told her and we fell asleep.

I feel a hand in my diaper as I am waking up. I open my eyes to see Helen. Good morning Pumpkin. I'm checking to see if you wet your diaper last night she said. No you're dry. Well maybe later? I look at her with a question in my eye. I enjoyed last night my love and I figured if I enjoyed it, maybe we can play some more later? OK. I hugged her close and told her, only if you really want to. It is completely up to you. She smiles at me and tells me that she will always love her wittle Pumpkin. I kiss her and we make love again until noon.


Maybe More Coming

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