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Wheelchair Baby

Hello I'm Baby Pauly, i 29 going on 3. I am handicapped and in a wheelchair, I have Muscular Dystrophy. I'm 5'10" 165lbs i look physically normal just makes me very weak, I can't dress, Feed, get in/out of bed, roll over, i have to be bathed, and need my butt cleaned when i do #2 on potty. however i can still pee pee in a urinal with help. I've been AB since i was 6, although i didn't know bout ABDL til i was 16. i kept it mostly a secret ever since.

I'm married for 4 years now and i decided to tell my Wife. I sat her down at computer and showed her my "Diaperspace" ( page. I explained what ABDL is all about and how i was molested when i was 4 or 5 and that my Mommy took off when i was 3 then had to move in with my Grandparents(Dads parents) because my dad needed to work full time to support me and my older Sister. And then found out when i was 6 i had a "Terminal" illness an that all those factors led me to becoming an Adult Baby. Needless to say she was Shocked. She told me to give her few days to think about all of this before we talk about it.

A Few days passed when she blurted out in bed, "When we got married I thought I Married a MAN, but If you want to be a Baby so Bad, your gonna give up some stuff, because I'm gonna need to get something outta all this." Ok i said what stuff? "First of all I'm in Charge No matter what." She says "Secondly, NO TV unless i ok it, except for your hockey because we pay for the sports package but you will be watching kids shows unless Mommy wants to watch something" she said Thirdly, you we be a Baby 24/7 unless we have company then you are to act "Normal", that means baby food or toddler food for you to eat Mr, and you are to pee and poop in diapers for now on." she said. i agreed to her terms, surprisingly to her i think. what about sex i asked? she said "You are to act like An Adult, and only i can decided when we have it. Tom arrow we will buy your supplies, I Still Love You but if you need be a child you'll lives as one so good night my Baby Boo Bear."

The next day she ask what kinda diapers did i want to buy so i searched the web til i found and said these are for me. They were perfect, plastic disposables with a baby print image on it i just love them. next she had me get 7 onesies to wear every day so again i searched web until found a vendor on e bay that sold AB onesies. so i picked out Seven Onesies.

"OK i think rest we can buy at the store." Mommy said so went to walmart. we bought bibs with Elmo on them, they barely fit over my head. then we bought Care Bear wipes, baby powder, rash cream, baby lotion, baby bath wash. then i picked out my pacifiers. I picked 2 made by NUK the kind i had as baby I Love them. Then we bought baby bowls, plates, spoons and forks, a baby bottle made by evanflo, sippy cups, jars of baby food and variety of geber graduates. and juice, apple sauce, and puddings. 2 pacifier clips as well with Pooh Bear and Tigger on them. we bought some kids bedding for my bed. pooh Bear ones, and last we bought a kids green and Blue baseball cap with Nemo on it that just fits me.

Then we went home. when we got home Mommy sent me to our bedroom to wait 4 her. few minutes later she came and changed my bedding to my new Pooh Bear Bedding. next she laid a changing pad on my bed, then she undressed me and got me in my lift while in the air she opened up a bag of attends, that she had bought without my knowledge, she spreads open the diaper then lowers me onto bed over the diaper. hold still Mommy will be right back, she comes back with a razor. Whats that for i ask? well if your gonna wear diapers i don't want you getting sores or rashes so I'm gonna shave your Lil pee pee, plus you'll look more babyish this way. next she washes my pee pee and my butt really good, then Mommy spread desatin all over my diaper area then powdered me real good. then she pulled diaper up on me tightly then taped right side then tapes left side. There Mommies baby is all fresh and clean in hims wittle dydees as she pats my crotch and kisses my forehead an traces her finger down my cheek and then whispers I Love You Baby Boo Bear. i got you a present, What is it Mommy!!? What is it Mommy!!? here you go she hands me a stuffed Ernie Muppet doll. OHH!! Me wuv Hims Mommy, Ernie is my favorite. Next for your clothes hmmmm Ah i got it....she gets my largest shirt puts it over my head then pulls one arm through then the other pulls it down, then bends me over and tucks it under my butt lays me back then pulls shirt under me and pins the front to the back to make it like a onesie. then she gets lift under me then gets me up and into my wheelchair. she pulls out my new red an white pacifier, she puts nipple in her mouth to moisten it then gently pushes it into my mouth which i greedily begin to suck. Now go watch Sprout TV and only Sprout if i hear anything else you'll get a SPANKING Lil boy you hear me??!! i nod my head yes.

I watch TV for awhile but i get bored and flip on ESPN with in seconds Mommy comes in grabs remote and slams it on tray, DO YOU THINK I"M JOKING LIL "MAN"??!! she slaps my hand as hard as she can, then bends me over an slaps my diapered butt hard til i cry. GOOD Cry like the baby you are. no more TV for you today, she dis-engages my wheelchair then wheels me into a corner and walks away. Sit there til Num Nums are ready. i sit there sucking my Binky tears running down hugging Ernie. Mommy is serious i be good boy for now on i think to myself. 30 minutes later Mommy comes and turns me around, Tell Mommy your sorry. I Sowwies Mama i say with my Binky in my mouth. do you know why Mommy spanked you? C-C-Cause i changed channel? Yes. Mommy Loves You as she hugs me tightly. she re-engages my wheelchair. Now go in kitchen for Num Nums.

i drive in and park by table. Mommy puts my elmo Bib on and puts a tray (from a highchair we had for when we watch our baby niece) on my lap. places a bowl of baby cereal and a sippy cup of milk. She sits Down next to me and takes my baby spoon and begins to feed me. Here comes the Lil Choo-Choo open up CHook-A-Chook-A Choo Choooo. i open wide and chomp down being sure to push food back out and let it run down my face Mommy scrapes it off my face and pushes it back into my mouth. i eat the whole bowl and i feel my tummy rumble i squirm in my chair when i feel need to poop. my face turns Red as i grunt and fill my pants like a little baby. Mommy sees my face then says Phew somebody made a stinky. she wipes my face clean removes tray and Bib. lets get you outta that iky poopoo. i drive into bedroom, Mommy gets me in bed on changing pad.. un pins my make-Shift onesie, untapes my diaper, whoooo weeee you stinky Baby, Mommy talks to me as if i was our baby niece as she cleans my butt and pee pee. she lifts my legs pulls out dirty diaper washes me then slips a clean diaper under, reapplies Desatin and powders me. pulls diaper up tightly, tapes right side then left. repins my shirt like onesie. removes changing pad.

ok its Nite Nite time for you its 7pm your new bedtime. i'll be back with a bottle and a book, she moistens my Binky the pushes it into my mouth and i begin to suck. Mommy returns with a Bottle of warm milk, and a book wearing a house dress and robe with pink fuzzy slippers on her feet. she gets on her bed then scoots over to my bed (thats pushed up against hers) and slips her right arm under my back and then removes my binky. she puts bottle nipple to her lips to check temp, then she puts it in her mouth to moisten then nipple then pushes it into my mouth and i begin to suckle it. as i drink Mommy sings Lullabies to me. my dream has come true i think to myself and tears begin to run down my face. Mommy wipes them away, is this really what you want Honey?? I didn't know it meant that much to you. Well Mommy's here now Boo Bear and She loves you soo soo very very Much. You'll always be my special Lil baby and Man and Lover. I cry even more hearing those wonderful words. I finish my Bottle and Mommy places my Binky into my mouth brushes hair back off my forehead. then opens the book, Dr. Susess The Foot Book. As she Reads my eyes get heavy, as i relax i begin to fill my diaper with warm pee, it spreads out through the diaper and i feel very safe, content, and comfy.. Just like heaven.. Mommy smiles down at me as i drift off to sleep. i faintly hear "Sleep tight lil one Mommy Loves you Boo Bear".


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