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by Hal

"Unit 1 Charlie Bravo, dispatch..." the squad car radio squawked.

"...unit 64 will meet you at hospital on Lancaster and 5th. Acknowledge". With a sigh, Officer Jackie Akira responded to the radio call. It had been a long day, and the rookie officer was tired. Well, she thought, she only had to do this security inspection and she was through for the day. As she drove through the outskirts of town, her thoughts turned towards her destination. The private hospital catered to an exclusive cliental and its purpose was a little vague. The rumors said it was a private facility where the rich and the elite were sent to deal with their medical problems. It was a "secure" facility, meaning its patients were not always voluntary. In any case, thought Jackie, that was not her concern. As part of the zoning and licensing agreement with the city, the hospital was required to undergo an annual security check of its' facilities by uniformed city police officers.

Jackie turned into the long driveway of the hospital and pulled up to the double iron security gates. A uniformed guard at the security booth signed her in and gave her a visitors pass. As she drove through the gates, she saw that "Unit 64", officers Dave Lennon and Bob Johnson, were all ready on scene. Jackie smiled. A little less than 14 months ago, she and Dave had been at the academy together as new fledged cadets. They had had a brief, intense affair that had ended chiefly because of Jackie's attitude. She was a highly competitive girl, headstrong and willful. Dave had no problem with this but disliked the cold and aristocratic way with which she treated her classmates and people in general. She was a spoiled girl, used to having her own way.

However, there was no denying her competence and intelligence.

Since she had graduated, she had moved up fast. She had completed the first phase of her training quickly and was now qualified to perform her duty tours on her own. Dave however, was still required to ride with a veteran officer. It was a sore point with Dave, and Jackie enjoyed rubbing that fact in.

As she pulled up beside the other unit, she waved to her fellow officers. Dave Lennon waved back and thought to himself how really beautiful Jackie was. Only 23 and of Japanese descent, Jackie stood 5'3'' and weighed 110 pounds. Her mane of black hair was full and shiny, and when released from it's bun prison fell almost half way down her back. Her breasts, while not large, were firm and ripe, like small perfectly formed melons. Her hips were narrow and her legs shapely. Her ass was firm and round, compact from hours of aerobic exercise. Dave noted all this as Jackie got out of the police cruiser. Her khaki uniform pants looked almost painted on, and her rounded curves were well displayed. Her breasts strained at the fabric of her tight uniform shirt and her gunbelt rode snugly about her trim hips. Dave noted the smooth curve of her ass under the tight uniform pants, which gave no clue as to the nature of her underpants. Jackie hated panty lines and the way they destroyed her smooth look. Underneath her tight pants, she wore white lace "thong" panties. Over her underpants, she wore ultra sheer "nude" pantyhose. Her hose served a two fold purpose: the thong underpants were a little skimpy, and Jackie felt that something more was needed. The second reason was the way they felt on her trim lower body. She felt safe and secure, "wrapped and packaged" in the tight hose. It clung to her ass and curves, sculpting and defining. Jackie was a very sensual girl and loved to rub her hands over the sleek nylon, feeling her encased ass, hips, legs and thighs. A white lace bra completed her underwear.

"Hello Dave, Jackie said as she walked over, "Has Bob been treating you ok?" Dave inwardly fumed. He knew Jackie was trying to get a rise out of him. The trouble with Jackie, he thought, was that she was arrogant as well as beautiful. What she needed was a good spanking to take the rough edges off. Dave smiled at the thought of the proud Jackie, uniform pants and panties pulled down, over his knee getting her firm, tanned ass paddled. Putting away such pleasant thoughts he said, "Yeah, sure, he's been teaching me quite a lot". As Bob was in the radio car calling dispatch, Dave leaned over to speak quietly in her ear. He smelled her freshly washed hair and light perfume, and was heady from the intoxicating scent.

"God, you're hot, he whispered, placing a large hand on her smooth flank.

"What color underwear are you wearing?" he asked teasingly. Jackie blushed, twisting free of his hand.

"Don't try those macho games on me, rookie", she hissed.

"or I'll have you up on harassment charges.

"and as to my underwear, my underpants are not open for discussion!". Jackie turned away as Bob approached, oblivious to the heated exchange.

"Hello Jackie, are we all set? You know, I don't mind telling you that this place gives me the creeps" With that, the three officers walked up the drive and were buzzed in through a series of electronic doors. Inside, they were met by a severe looking woman who introduced herself as Janice Winters, director of the facility. Janice Winters was a thin middle aged women who looked quite business like in a conservative suit. Her dark hair was pulled back in a tight bun, her complexion pale. She looked at the officers with a disapproving frown, particularly at the trim, athletic Jackie in her too tight uniform.

"I'll be blunt, she said.

"I think this whole procedure is a waste of time. It is also disturbing to our patients. However, since the city requires the inspection for our certification, we will, of course, co-operate as fully as possible" Jackie looked at her and said flatly, "You're right about that one, ma'am. Why don't we cut the chatter and get this over with?" Bob winced. If Jackie had a fault, it was the roughshod way she ran over people. It had been noted more than once in her training, but in balance with her other qualifications, had been mostly overlooked. Sighing heavily, he said, "What officer Akira means is that we appreciate your efforts, and will try to make this inspection as quick as possible" Ms. Winters smiled at him and said, "Thank you officer. I'm glad to see the police department still places some value on courtesy. Mr. Hobbs, our security chief, will take you and your officers to the main security building and tour the west wing of the facility. Our physical training facilities, powerplant, and storage areas are found there. Also, you'll want to inspect the fences on the grounds..." At this point, Jackie broke in, "What about the east wing? we also have to inspect there as well. Don't try hide anything from us, it won't work..." Ms.

Winters looked at Jackie as a parent would to an errant child.

"The east wing contains patient rooms and treatment facilities. Many of them are very ill, dealing with drug and alcohol problems. We have a special treatment program and philosophy that I won't have disturbed..." Jackie grinned. She loved a challenge, and putting this officious director in her place would be a pleasure.

"Just what is this "special treatment" program and philosophy?" she asked harshly, implying with her tone that something illegal was going on. Ms. Winters looked at her and said calmly, "We cater to an exclusive cliental. Families of prominent social standing who have problem members. Patients admitted here are done so as an alternative to jail. Their behavior is usually the root cause of their problems and we try to change that.

Besides treating their addictions, we take away privileges that most people take for granted. In that way, the patient is made very dependent. To regain independence, the patient learns that a change in behavior is required. All the while, standard therapy takes place as well. The two treatment methods dovetail nicely, and our relapse rate is extremely low. Our patients return to their families and the outside world with a fresh understanding, and most go on to make meaningful contributions to society..." Jackie took all this in and said, "What do you mean by "taking away privileges, she asked suspiciously. Ms. Winters ignored the implied insinuation and said, "There are several. One of the most effective is the reduction of the patient to a child like or infantile condition.

All adult status is taken away for a period of time...of course, reduction to an infantile state requires certain measures be taken-- for instance, the necessity that the patient wear incontinence garments." Ms. Winters smiled as she said this last.

Jackie was stunned. With dawning horror she said, "You mean you make them wear diapers??!!! "but that's crazy!!"

"Not as crazy as you might think, young lady," said Ms.

Winters, "you'd be surprised at what kind of effect a disposable diaper and plastic pants can have on behavior and attitude..." She said this last pointedly towards Jackie, who involuntarily took a step backwards and placed both hands on her ass, as if to reassure herself that she was still in her adult clothes. She felt only the tight smoothness. At this point, Mr. Hobbs, the security officer, came up and announced that he was ready to take the three officers on the inspection tour. Jackie looked at Bob and Dave, who were obviously enjoying the implied meaning of Ms.

Winters last statement. I've got to regain control of this situation, she told herself.

"Bob, she said coyly, "don't you think it's necessary to inspect the east wing? I suppose we could falsify the report" Jackie knew she had Bob now. He would make that middle aged bat tow the line or she would imply that he had not done his job correctly. Bob looked at her with annoyance. He frowned and said, "I'm afraid Officer Akira has a point, Ms. Winters. Although it's a technicality, we should take a look..." he said this last rather apologetically. Jackie beamed with a smug smile. Ms.

Winters was silent for a moment, as if coming to a decision.

Finally, she said, "Well officer, it's against my better judgment, but if Officer Akira wants to inspect the east wing, I'll be happy to show it to her. Mr. Hobbs can take you and this other officer to the west wing facilities. Will that satisfy your tour requirements?" Bob thought this over and nodded his head. Ms.

Winters clapped her hands together and said airily, "Good!! that's settled. Of course, Officer Akira must abide by our regulations while in the east wing. She'll be required to sign release forms, etc... it can be rather hazardous..." Jackie bristled at that last statement. Was the old crone trying to pull a fast one? "I'm a trained officer. I can take care of myself. I'll sign your stupid forms and follow your rules... let's get on with it" Jackie said this last rather forcefully. Bob and Dave, together with Mr. Hobbs, went off in the direction of the west wing. Ms.

Winters went to the receptionist desk and made a phone call. She talked quietly for several minutes and then came back over to Jackie.

"Officer, we're preparing the papers now. Shall we go to receiving?" Jackie nodded, suppressing a brief shudder. Ms.

Winters took her by the arm and led her through a secure steel door. Once through, the door swung shut and locked. Jackie found herself in a comfortable reception area with several storage lockers and various articles of lounge furniture.

"I'm afraid you'll have to check your weapon", Ms. Winters said with a smile. Jackie's immediate impulse was to say no. An officer never surrender his or her weapon. However, she saw the reason for it and reluctantly agreed.

"All right, she said.

"However, I must store it myself and have the only key."

"Of course, said Ms. Winters, "here, let me help you" without another word, she reached down and unclasped the heavy belt from Jackie's hips. Jackie flushed and grabbed the belt.

"I can do it myself!..." she said hotly. She placed the gun with the belt and holster in the locker and closed the door. She then pocketed the key. Jackie felt almost naked without her weapon. At this point, the door opened and a trim uniformed nurse came in with a small tray of refreshments and several papers.

"I took the liberty of arranging some light refreshments, Officer," said Ms. Winters, "the tour will take about an hour and a half and there won't be a chance once we get started.. security precautions you food on the wards- the patients eat at the central dining facilities" Jackie looked at Ms. Winters with a glare. If the old hen thought she could soften her up this way she was very much mistaken. However, Jackie helped herself to a diet Pepsi while Ms. Winters fussed over the paperwork.

"Everything is in order", she said "Will you sign?" Jackie looked at the papers and took the pen that was offered her. There were several, and Jackie scribbled her name in the appointed places. She hardly glanced at what they said, not interested in the legal mumbo jumbo. She was anxious to begin the tour, and see for herself firsthand what sort of treatment the patients endured. God help Winters if she were up to anything illegal, she thought. Ms. Winters took the signed papers and gave them to the waiting nurse, who departed the way she had come.

"Oh! I almost forgot", said Ms. Winters, "You'll have to take your shoes and socks off---the facility is ultra clean, and only the staff wear footwear--specially treated, of course. I've sent for something for you, but unless you want to wait, I suggest we go now and let it catch up with us..." Jackie was taken aback.

"I'm not running around barefoot!!", she cried. It was bad enough she had to go without her weapon, but somehow, going barefoot would diminish her status...make her more helpless.

"It is entirely up to you officer", said Ms. Winters coldly.

"however, you did agree to abide by the rules... shall we re-join the others?" Jackie looked at her angrily and bent down to untie her black uniform shoes. She then removed her black socks. She was then barefoot, her nyloned feet sinking into the deep pile carpet of the reception room. Ms. Winters looked at the barefoot girl and noted her hosiery. Well, they would have to something about that soon...........


Barefoot in stockings, Jackie walked into the secured facility of the east wing. The floor was polished tile, and her nyloned feet had difficulty finding a secure purchase. Several patients, under the care of large orderlies, regarded her curiously. Who was this barefoot girl in the tight police uniform? Jackie watched the patients being led into their rooms.

When they were out of earshot, Jackie said, "Some of them were in diapers!!!" they were passing another room, and Jackie saw that it looked like a large nursery. It was un-occupied at the moment. Suddenly, she felt lightheaded. The room began to spin. Her bladder suddenly felt full.

"Is there anything wrong Officer?," said Ms. Winters. Jackie shook her head to clear it. The dizziness abated somewhat but her bladder felt increasingly full. She shook her head yes and Ms.

Winters said, "It's a common reaction. Most people find their first visit to such a ward disturbing. Additionally, the ultra clean status requires the use of certain chemicals and disinfectants-- quite harmless but the smell takes some getting used to...." Jackie said urgently, "Please, I must use the restroom, I....." her voice trailed off. Jackie felt foolish. She was dancing around with her hands at her crotch like some 5 year old. What was happening to her?? She must regain control of herself and show this old biddy who was in charge. The pressure in her bladder increased and suddenly, to her horror, she felt her mussels relax. Her bladder let go and she was peeing herself!!!! Jackie was mortified!!! She was 23 years old, a trained officer. Beautiful, competent. Then why was she was peeing her pants like some out of control infant!!? The hot urine flooded into the crotch of her silk panties, soaking them and her pantyhose. The force of her urine stream was such that some bounced off the crotch of her soaked underpants and spread to her pantyhosed ass. The nylon quickly became wet and clammy, and a huge wet spot appeared at the crotch and rear of her tight uniform pants. A stream of urine poured down her sleekly nyloned legs, soaking her stockinged feet and leaving a puddle on the floor.

"My, My", said Ms. Winters, "we seem to have had an accident" Actually, Ms. Winters knew she was the cause of it. She had decided to teach this snooty girl a lesson and had laced her soda with a fast acting diuretic, coupled with a strong muscle relaxant. Jackie had no idea about all this. She was completely humiliated!! She stood in a puddle of her own urine, beat red.

She shifted her feet, listening to the squishing sound as she did so. How could she ever live this shame down? She had just made a complete fool of herself in front of this ice-maiden of a director. Struggling to keep her voice level, she said, "I seem to have had a reaction to the strong smell of the chemicals on this ward. I'm very embarrassed. I need to change into some scrubs or something and have my uniform cleaned. Can you help me?" Jackie hoped that if she offered to sign off on the inspection here and now, that Ms. Winters could be persuaded to keep quite about this incident. If her uniform could not be cleaned in time, perhaps she could wear scrubs and explain to Bob and Dave that she was required to for her tour. It wasn't a very good excuse but it just might work. Ms. Winters indicated a door to the left and motioned Jackie to go inside. The wet girl in the stained uniform went forward. Her soaked ass reminded her of her condition with every step. She felt her ass with her hands and instead of taunt smoothness, she felt only wet fabric. Inside the room was an ordinary looking exam room, with table and divider screens. Without a word, Ms. Winters spun Jackie around so that she faced the exam table with her back towards the director.

"Hey!!!" Jackie protested "What are you doing?" Jackie felt her anger rise but it was suddenly gone. She needed the old bat's help to get out of this mess.

"Helping you," replied Ms. Winters. She had undid Jackie's belt and had unbuttoned her tight pants. With a quick yank, she pulled Jackie's pants down. She grinned as Jackie's nyloned ass and underpants came into view. Jackie turned around, her wet pants around her knees.

"I can undress myself, thank you" she said. She waddled over to the dividers, looking ludicrous.

"Owwwwwwwwwwww!!!! she cried, as Ms. Winters administered a sharp swat to her nyloned ass, the sound ringing out like a pistol shot.

"Don't back talk me little girl, not in your condition" said Ms. Winters. Jackie fumed but kept silent. I'm going to get you, she thought. When will this humiliation ever end? She went behind the dividers and took off her wet uniform pants. She handed them over the top of the dividers, where they promptly disappeared.

Next, her pantyhose. She grasped the waistband of her wet hose and tugged them down, also bringing down her wet underpants. What a relief, she thought as she freed her legs and feet from the tangled material. These she threw over the top of the divider.

Again, they promptly disappeared, grabbed by Ms. Winters on the other side. She placed her hands on her now bare ass. A damp cloth was passed over and she cleaned her soiled loins as best she could. She undid her uniform shirt and removed her lace bra.

She placed these over the dividers. They quickly vanished without a trace. Naked behind the screens, the mortified Jackie said, "Ms. Winters, do you have any scrubs that I can wear...and how long will it take to launder my uniform? Ms. Winters smiled.

She held the girl's clothes in her hands, while Jackie was naked only inches away. Behind the screen, Jackie had never felt so exposed.

"I'm afraid we don't keep such things on this ward, my dear" she said.

"However, I can get you a nightgown and underpants from a patients room. Wait here child..." With that, Ms. Winters left the room with Jackie's grown up police uniform and wet underwear.

Jackie stewed for several minutes, stark naked behind the thin screens. How did this ever happen, wondered the nude girl. Her thought were interrupted by Ms. Winters returning. There was someone with her!!! Before she could say anything, a nightgown came over the screens. It was very childish-- a plain pink cotton babydoll with flower decorations. A pair of white cotton briefs followed. The underpants were thick, decidedly juvenile. They also had a blue paisley pattern on them. Jackie looked at the garments with dismay.

"Ms. Winters, I can't wear this... I can't go running around with my underpants showing... don't you have anything else?" Ms.

Winters said, "Child, beggars can't be choosers...this is all we have right know our philosophy on this ward. Come, Charles is waiting to take you to a room where we can wait for your uniform". Upon hearing the name of the male orderly, Jackie hastily put the babydoll and panties on. The gown was short, only coming down to the waistband of her panties. She tried to tug the babydoll nightgown down to make it longer, but to no avail. Her childish cotton underpants were to be on full display!! The panties felt strange next to her skin, the thick cotton awakening memories of her childhood. Her most private places were used to being encased in silken panties and slick nylon. Almost of their own accord, Jackie's hands traveled to her ass. She felt the thick, tight cotton and felt like she was five years old. She came around the screens and Ms. Winters had to stifle a grin. The sight of Jackie in babydoll with underpants showing was almost to much. Where was the aggressive police officer in the tight pants? Jackie had been systematically stripped of her weapon, her shoes, her uniform, and her pride. The girl before her looked small and shy, her hands desperately trying to hold down the short nightgown in a vain attempt to conceal her underpants. Ms.

Winters tugged at the bun of Jackie's hair and her locks spilled down upon her shoulders "OH!!! said Jackie.

"what was that for"? Ms. Winters looked at the errant child and said, "I thought you might be more comfortable this way, my dear.

However, if you want to wear your hair up, we could always accommodate you" Jackie was both puzzled and confused. What was going on here? She was mortified to be seen dressed as she was, and the presence of Charles did nothing to lesson her embarrassment. She tugged at the babydoll again and turned slowly and carefully and started for the door. She was determined not to show her childish underpants with each step. In this effort she was doomed to fail, for the babydoll was far to short. Jackie entered the ward hall way, flanked on either side by Ms. Winters and Charles. She felt strange, almost as if she was a patient here. She was escorted into a large, padded room. The room was uncomfortably hot, and furnished as a nursery. A crib large enough for an adult stood in its center, and a changing table hugged the far wall. The floors and walls were completely padded, and stuffed pillows and toys littered the floor. Jackie looked about the room with dismay.

"Don't you have some other place where I could wait"? she asked irritably.

I'm sorry child", said Ms. Winters, "we have to keep this disruption down to a minimum" Hearing this, Jackie's temper flared.

"Stop calling me that!", she said, stamping here bare foot on the padded floor.

"I'm not a child... I'm a police officer and an adult! I demand you treat me as such!!!" She was showing quite a bit of cotton panty as she said this, and the childish babydoll did nothing to back her up in her assertions.

"Not a child, you say?" said Ms. Winters.

"You peed your pants like one and your behavior is frankly babyish. All I'm trying to do is help you get out the mess that you created..." Jackie opened her mouth to retort, when suddenly, her bladder began acting up again. All at once, it seemed full, and she felt an intense pressure. Once again, her mussels seemed to relax at a critical moment, and to her horror, hot urine spilled forth from her crotch, soaking her cotton underpants and running down her legs.

"OHHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!!!", wailed Jackie. This was to much. The little girl burst into tears. It seemed as if her adulthood had somehow slipped away.

"I...I don't nuh...nuh...know what's the matter with me", she snuffled. Ms. Winters took the crying girl firmly by the arm.

She propelled the child through a doorway in the padded room that led to a large bathroom.

"I've had enough of your behavior and excuses, little girl" said Ms. Winters. She started the water in the tub and turned towards Jackie. She approached the sobbing girl and whisked off her babydoll top, leaving the child clad only in her wet panties.

These too were quickly removed, and a naked Jackie now faced Ms.

Winters. Jackie could not look the director in the eye. She kept her head down and tried to cover herself as best she could with her hands. Ms. Winters smiled inwardly at this defense and said, "Relax...I've seen plenty of naked little girls before" Jackie looked up at the director with sudden fury.

"Shut up, you old crone!!! Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!" she cried, as she was slapped sharply across the face. Naked and crying, Jackie ran for the door. The nude girl reentered the nursery and ran head long into Charles.

"Going somewhere missy, are we?", he said. He grabbed the struggling, naked girl, admiring her sleek curves and shapely ass. An ass, he thought, that would soon be encased in a tight disposable diaper.

"Let me go, you big ape!", screamed Jackie. All her police training in combat did her little good, as Charles was well used to dealing with difficult patients. Also, the fact that she was naked inhibited her psychologically. Ms. Winters emerged from the bathroom and addressed the firmly held girl.

"Listen to me Officer," she said.

"You should know that what we're doing is perfectly legal. Those papers you signed were admittance papers. You legally committed yourself to our care for an indefinite time. You agreed to abide by any treatment that we might prescribe. Additionally, You made me your legal guardian.

In effect, she smiled, I'm your mother!!" Jackie took all this in and was dumbfounded. They had tricked her!!! "No NO NO, she screamed.

"You're not going to make a baby out of me...this will never stand up in court!!!!"

"Oh, I think it will", said Ms. Winters.

"if it ever gets that far. The documents were signed and witnessed, and notarized by proper authorities. Besides, do you really want to end up in a public courtroom, diapered and in plastic pants, trying to prove your case? No, I don't think your the kind of girl who could stand such humiliation. All your family would know, not to mention your fellow officers...Your going to get the full treatment here, missy, and when we turn you loose, you're going to be a sweet, well behaved young lady who will not say a word about any of this...that is, unless you want to end up on "Hard Copy" as the diapered police officer who committed herself to a mental institution". Jackie listened to this speech and knew that they had her. Everything Ms. Winters said was true. It was time to try another track, "Please Ms. Winters, she said "I'm sorry for my earlier behavior. I'm prepared to be reasonable and forget all about this. Just let me go....." Ms. Winters laughed, and indicated that Charles bring the nude girl back into the bathroom. Jackie screamed and began to struggle again, to no effect. She was placed into the tub that held only four inches of water. Ms.

Winters began to scrub her vigorously, and Jackie blushed with shame. They can't do this to me, her mind screamed. Ms. Winters then held up shearing clippers.

"Time for a haircut, little girl!!!" As Jackie struggled, held by Charles, Ms. Winters began to shear off Jackie's long locks. The hair fell in clumps in the shallow water of the tub.

Jackie glanced into a nearby mirror and was shocked-- she had been given a bowl cut and looked like a little towed haired 5 year old boy!! "No No" she mumbled, looking at the strange reflection.

"it is not me!"

"It certainly is, child" said Ms. Winters. Jackie, held in place, watched with horror as her crotch was shaved, returning her loins to a most babyfied state. Her proud bush was now gone, and the girl could only sob. She was led into the padded nursery and told to lay down on the changing table. Totally defeated and in a state of shock, the girl did as she was told. Baby oil was now being rubbed into her skin, and Ms. Winters paid particular attention to the girl's firm ass. Next, Jackie was lotioned.

Finally, Ms. Winters produced a can of baby powder.

"To ward off diaper rash", she said with a smile. Jackie looked up to see the hour glass shape of the disposable diaper coming towards her. How could something so innocent look so menacing? "Please don't put me in diapers," she whined. Jackie couldn't imagine such a garment touching her skin. The diaper was placed under her hips and Jackie squealed as her ass touched the eager pads. The tapes were fastened shut and it was done!! Jackie Akira, 23 years old and an officer of the law, was now back in diapers! Jackie moaned as she looked down at her diapered crotch.

The diaper was tight and constricting, and hugged her loins with a fierce determination. Clear plastic pants were now being drawn up her shapely legs and over her diaper. The pants were tight, and the waistband cut deeply into the delicate flesh around her waist. Jackie was used to tight pants, but these were of a different nature!! her ass was now encased in a tight sheath of plastic, and she couldn't close her legs for the bulk. Where was her sleek pantyhose, her silken briefs? The warm kiss of the humid confinement had started, and a bead of sweat rolled down her inner thigh where her flesh met the leg openings of the plastic pants.

"Ohhhh, this is so uncomfortable,!!' Jackie cried. Further conversation was cut off as a hugh pacifier was placed in her mouth. A thin cotton top that barely covered her breasts was then drawn on. A baby bonnet was placed on her head and tied under her chin. Her hands were then encased in oversized mittens, rendering them useless. They were then secured behind her back, and she had just enough movement left with which to touch her ass and the small of her back. Ms. Winters stepped back from the changing table, admiring her handiwork.

"There, she cooed, "that's so much better than that ridiculous police uniform... did you know how ludicrous you looked in those tight pants, armed with a weapon, trying to act tough? baby is much more properly dressed now" Ms. Winters smiled as she said this, looking down at the diapered police officer.

The stunned baby girl bore little resemblance to the arrogant officer of little more than an hour ago. Jackie squirmed on the table in her diapers. How could this be happening to her? She was a smart, beautiful, desirable woman. She was a competent police officer, trained to deal with almost any situation. She was educated and came from a good family. So how was it that she was in a disposable diaper and plastic pants, committed to a mental institution, under the control of this crazy Director who was now her legal guardian? The humid confinement of her diapers was becoming more pronounced, and her tightly confined skin felt clammy. Her shapely ass, gripped by the harsh reality that was the disposable diaper, felt wrapped and packaged in thick plastic, which it was. Jackie cried silent tears as she was left alone in the padded nursery.

"Goodnight little girl", said Ms. Winters as she closed the door. Jackie squirmed around on the padded floor. At least they didn't confine her to the crib. She tried desperately to pull down her plastic pants and get at her disposable diaper but it was no use!! her hands were useless to her. She rolled on her stomach and glanced back over her shoulder at her diapered ass-- she looked just like two year old toddler!!! She had to get out of diapers!! In frustration, she rolled this way and that, grinding her hips against the padded floor. Her diapers moved not one inch!!! "OHHHHH!!!!!" she cried in utter frustration. She was sweating profusely from her efforts, and the temperature of the room was very high. The waistband of her plastic pants bit deeply into her stomach, and her useless hands slid easily on the smooth plastic and could find no purchase. Her short hair became matted and tangled, and she began to drool with effort. Jackie wept at what she had been reduced to. Her bladder signaled it was getting full, and Jackie was determined that she would not wet her diapers like a baby. The minutes crawled by like geologic ages, and the pressure became intense. She must keep control, she told herself. Suddenly, she became furious. She was going to be made to piss herself. She had been tricked out of her uniform, her freedom, and her adulthood. She screamed and pounded her head uselessly against the thick padding. She rolled over on her back with her legs together. She then got up on her knees, with her shoulders touching the floor, diapered ass turned skyward. Her teeth were clenched. Her aching bladder finally gave way and she flooded her waiting diapers. The thirsty pads absorbed the urine but did little to relieve the girl's discomfort. Jackie was wet, diapered, and confined. She was going to stay that way until someone decided to change her.

*** Officer Dave Lennon was glad the inspection was almost over.

What was supposed to take an hour had almost doubled. He and Bob Johnson, accompanied by Mr. Hobbs, had toured the facility and were suitably impressed. All was in order. He wondered briefly how Jackie was making out in the East wing. Dave remembered the smell of her perfume and the sway of her trim hips. He would scarcely believe it if he were told that those trim hips were now wrapped in a wet disposable diaper.

"Dave, said Office Bob Johnson, "let's wrap this up" Turning to Ms. Winters who had joined them in the reception area, he said, "Ms. Winters, all seems to be in order. When will Officer Akira be joining us?" Ms. Winters smiled and said, "Officer Akira is just finishing up, and should be with you in about 20 minutes" Bob Johnson frowned. His son had a baseball game that evening and he needed to get back to the station.

"Dave, he said, "I've got to get going. I'll take the unit back to the station and you follow with Jackie when she's done.

I'll see you both on Monday" He thanked Ms. Winters and left the building. Things had gone much as Ms. Winters hoped. It was Friday afternoon, and she reasoned that the supervising officer would be eager to leave once the job had been done. She planned to keep the wayward officer Akira in the facility until Sunday night, and then release her. She was sure that Officer Akira would say nothing. In any case, she didn't have a legal leg to stand on. There was, however, one other issue to deal with. Alone now with Officer Lennon, Ms. Winters explained the situation with Jackie. Dave listened at first in dis-belief, but then with mounting interest. He looked at the papers Jackie had signed and realized that every point Ms. Winters had made was true. It did, however, open up several interesting opportunities for him if he remained quite. Besides, he thought, he really did care for Jackie and had no wish for her to be publicly humiliated. He thought of all this as he went with Ms. Winters to the nursery where Jackie was. He gasped when he saw the diapered girl through the observation window. Her hair had been cut, and she looked a mess, but she was truly a beautiful girl. Bob felt a stirring in his loins as he looked at the proud, arrogant Jackie struggling diapered in the nursery. Ms. Winters had entered, and was speaking to Jackie, "Well little girl, I've come to a decision about you. You're going to spend the weekend here and then you'll be released into the custody of your fellow officer, Dave Lennon. Jackie's eyes went wide at this.

"No No... Dave can not be allowed to see me this way...please, I'll be good... I've learned my lesson...." Several efficient nurses had entered the nursery, and began to release Jackie. Her cotton top was removed, as were the mittens and baby bonnet. She wore only her disposable diapers and plastic pants.

Jackie gasped and tried to cover herself as Dave came in. She turned beat red, seen in her sagging, soaked diapers. To Dave, this was the complete antithesis of all that Jackie stood for.

"Dave, said Jackie, "Please... help me... God, this is so humiliating!!! please, don't tell anyone about this" She went to a corner in the nursery and began to cry. Dave, moved, went to her and held her. She no longer smelled of sweet perfume, only of dried sweat and stale urine. He kissed her short, matted hair.

"It's all right, baby", he said, "Daddy's here to make it all better. I've always felt you could use a good dose of humility. I still love you, and this will remain our secret"

"But I'm in diapers!!" wailed Jackie. She then looked into his eyes and melted to him. She was then lead to the changing table. Her plastic pants were removed. Her diaper was unfastened.

Jackie gasped when it came off. Free! she was free! she tried to touch her ass but her hands were batted away. It felt good to have free air touching her skin. Her body was washed and to her dismay, another diaper was brought out.

"Please Dave, don't let them diaper me again!" she cried.

Dave smiled, enjoying the situation immensely. He said, "But you look so cute in diapers!!". Jackie pouted as the diaper was brought up and fastened. Fresh plastic pants were drawn up over her bulging hips. A rubber bra was placed on her, confining her sweetly shaped breasts. A footed sleeper was then zipped up, confining the lovely girl in it's flannel caresses.

Finally, her hands were once again placed in mittens. Jackie was to be put to bed!! She gasped when she saw the crib-- a large mobile was attached to the side and would hang down in front of her face. However, instead of the usual items, it was made up of her grown up underwear, now cleaned!!! Her pantyhose, panties, and lace bra were to hang down, taunting her. The garments looked strangely empty, now that their former owner no longer filled them out. She was not qualified to wear them. With a start, Jackie realized that she was back in uniform-- only this time, the uniform consisted not of tight kahki and silken underwear, but of disposable diapers and plastic pants. Her badge was not one of metal, but one of plastic. It was the white badge of shame. She was placed on her back in the crib, a baby blanket pinned over her to keep her in place. Her hose brushed her face, and her mittoned hand brushed the silky material. She remembered how the nylon hugged her skin and ass, caressing her in it's sleek embrace. Her now diapered ass was once again becoming sweaty, and she looked longingly at her silken panties, dangling just inches away from her. The silk underpants might as well be a thousand miles away, she thought. She squirmed in her crib, trying to move her diapers into a more comfortable position. It had little effect. Dave looked down at the baby and said, "Quoochie quoochie coo," tickling the covered girls middle.

Jackie, despite herself, giggled. Dave's hand then went to her crotch, and he began to caress her through the many layer of flannel and plastic. Jackie started to squirm and gurgle. Ms.

Winters looked on as Jackie became excited. She began to buck her diapered hips to meet Dave's hand.

"Please Dave, stop.... You're making me hot....." she cried.

Each time he caressed her, she felt waves and waves of pleasure.

She was mortified that Ms. Winters should see her react so.

"Oh OH OH!!!" she moaned. Dave's hand moved faster.

"please don't,....please don't.... please don't....." she gasped.

"Please don't what, baby?" said Dave as he looked down upon her.

"Please don't make me come in my diapers like a little baby!!" Jackie cried. However, it was to late. As she looked up at Dave and Ms. Winters through her hanging underwear, Jackie came with a great force. It was one of the most intense orgasms of her life. She had been made to come in her diapers!!! Exhausted, the girl closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, wondering what new experiences the following day would bring.

Bob Johnson laughed aloud when he saw Jackie through the observation window. The haughty, former police officer was now a diapered little girl, sitting humbly on the floor with her knees tucked up against her diminutive babydoll gown.

"What did I tell you," Dave said.

"Does she make a beautiful baby, or what?" The other officers, James Carson and Alec Morris, pushed forward for a glimpse, as well. They all laughed when they saw their former colleague in her humiliated state.

Hidden behind the mirrored glass, they watched Ms. Winters speaking to Jackie.

"Well, little girl, I have decided that you will be remaining here indefinitely. Your fellow officer, Dave Lennon, has brought some of your former colleagues to visit." Jackie's eyes widened in terror.

"Oh, no," she pleaded.

"You can't let them see me this way.

Please!" Charles the orderly, who was also in the nursery, removed Jackie's cotton top, leaving her naked except for the humiliating diaper. Jackie gasped and tried to cover herself as Dave and the other officers came in. She blushed.

"Dave," Jackie cried plaintively, "Bob! Please help me! Get me out of here!"

"Sorry," he said, smiling at the beautiful, nearly naked girl.

"I'm afraid it's all perfectly legal. Ms. Winters is your legal guardian. You're not going anywhere until she says so." When Jackie tried to break free, Charles removed a syringe from his coat pocket and plunged the needle into her shoulder.

Jackie suddenly felt dizzy. Unable to maintain her balance, she went limp into the orderly's arms.

"It will be so much easier for you," Ms. Winters said, "when you learn to cooperate." Jackie was led to the changing table. Her wrists were drawn up over her head and secured to the table with surgical tubing.

Her feet were lifted into the stirrups and her ankles were also bound, securing her in this expose and humiliating position.

Her diaper was unfastened. Jackie gasped when it came off.

She blushed furiously as her naked body was washed and rubbed with baby oil.

"Bob, please," she cried, "don't let them do this to me!" Bob smiled, enjoying the situation immensely.

"It's entirely up to Ms. Winters," he replied with a shrug.

"Baby needs to have her temperature taken," Ms. Winters said.

"Unfortunately, we don't have any rectal thermometers handy. Perhaps, officer Lennon, you could assist us by inserting a finger in baby's rectum and telling us whether baby has a fever." Moaning, Jackie struggled vainly to break free. Standing between her parted legs, Dave pressed a finger to her anus and gently forced it into the humiliated girl's sphincter. Savoring her shame, he slid the finger as far as it would go into her rectum. He left it there for some time, "accidentally" letting his thumb stray into her opened vagina.

Jackie moaned and sobbed simultaneously.

"If baby has a fever," the directress remarked, "she will, of course, require an enema."

"Yes, I think she definitely requires one," Dave said with *a smirk. He extracted his finger with maddening slowness, leaving Jackie gulping in despair.

To her dismay, an enema bag was brought out. Jackie shut her eyes tightly, as if to blot out the world. She heard the faucet running in the bathroom. Soon, a nurse's cold hands pried open Jackie's buttocks, and the enema tube penetrated her anus. She heard Dave chuckling to himself.

For several minutes, Ms. Winters worked the tube back and forth in Jackie's rectum, as if raping the miserable girl's anus.

Finally, she slid the nozzle in as far as it would go, and held it in place. Warm water surged into Jackie from the tube, filling her abdomen. Jackie moaned softly, as the blood rushed to her face.

She lay with the enema tube in her sphincter for a long time, as Dave and Ms. Winters conversed casually. Finally the tube was withdrawn. Jackie needed deparately to expel the water.

Raising her head, she opened her eyes. To her horror, a nurse pulled Jackie's diaper up and refastened it around her waist.

"Please don't", she pleaded desparately.

"Please don't what, baby?" the nurse asked with a smile.

"Please don't make me go in my diaper like a little baby," she begged. She looked as if she would burst into tears at any moment.

The humiliated girl turned desparately to Ms. Winters and her former colleagues, and begged them: "please let me use the bathroom. Please!"

"No," the directress interjected.

"Use your diaper." Fresh tears streamed down Jackie's face.

Ms. Winters remained silent, torturing the miserable girl with her reticence.

"The sooner you do it," she said, "the sooner you'll get cleaned up. If you insist on waiting another second, we will leave you here alone, and you'll have to sit in your own mess overnight." Sobbing, Jackie emptied her bowels. For a seeming eternity, the humiliating stream flowed into the diaper, streaming between her thighs. Tears flowed freely down her face, as she released the degrading water before the gaze of Dave and Ms. Winters.

At last, the flow stopped. A rose scent permeated the room.

"Perfumed water for baby's delicate bottom," the directress said.

"Officer, would you be so kind as to take the baby girl into the bathroom and clean her up?"

"Of course," he replied. Taking Jackie by the arm, he led her to the bathroom.

Jackie was stripped naked, wiped, and bathed by the man she had once slapped for fondling her bottom. She was then put in a fresh diaper and brought back into the front room. He had meticulously parted and cleaned her anus and vagina, using only a soapy finger, leaving her sore in both orifices.

To her further dismay, another diaper was laid across the changing table. Jackie was ordered to lie down on top of it. She sobbed as the diaper was brought up and fastened. Finally, her hands were once again restrained behind her back. To her horror, Dave assisted as she was placed in the crib.

She squirmed in the humiliating crib, trying to find a comfortable position.

Her former colleagues peered down at the embarrassed girl and grinned.

Later that morning, Ms. Winters came in with Charles the orderly. Motioning for him to check Jackie's diaper, the directress watched as he tried to place his hand between the humiliated girl's legs. Revitalized from her nap, Jackie rolled onto her stomach pinched her thighs together. She did no see him remove a syringe from his pocket and gave her an injection.

Jackie felt dizzy, but did not lose consciousness. She could barely move her arms and legs. When she tried to protest, she succeeded only in make an incomprehensible gurgling noise. Salvia drooled down her chin.

"If you don't cooperate, your wrists and ankles will have to be restrained," Ms. Winters admonished her.

"As they were earlier this morning. And you will get an enema and sit in your mess for the entire day."

"No, please," Jackie tried to beg, drooling.

"I'll be good." In her drugged condition, the words came out sounding like "I be goo." Charles released her bound wrists and rolled her onto her back. Drawing her wrists over her head, he removed her skimpy cotton top. He then lifted her knees and spread her legs widely.

He placed a hand on her crotch and felt the soft diaper.

"Nothing," he said.

"Give her the diuretic," Ms. Winters said.

The orderly gave Jackie a second injection. Seconds later, she felt her bladder release, filling her diaper with hot urine.

Waiting until the flow stopped, Charles lifted the mortified girl from her oversized crib and placed her on the examination table. Without bothering to unfasten the pins, he pulled off her diaper, leaving her totally naked.

When she tried instinctively to cover her nakedness with her hands, he grabbed her wrists and drew them back again.

"She'll have to be taught," Ms. Winters said.

"Restrain her."

"No," Jackie protested through her drool. Ignoring her, Charles bound her wrists to the table and her ankles to the obstetric stirrups.

"Clean her up," the directress said.

"Then give her an enema. Put her in a diaper and give her an I.V." The orderly took his time washing the miserable girl, before administering inserting an enema tube in her anus and filling her rectum with a solution of water and salt. To her discomfort and alarm, he inserted an inflated rubber bulb in her sphincter to prevent her from releasing the enema. He then placed a diaper under her buttocks and loosely secured it around her waist.

Releasing her wrists and ankles, he lifted the humiliated girl and placed her on a plastic sheet that had been spread out on the floor. Rolling her onto her back, he drew her wrists and ankles together behind her back and tightly bound all four extremities together with surgical tubing. Hogtied and naked except for her flimsy diaper, Jackie lay helplessly with her face on the plastic sheet.

The nurse had brought in two I.V. bottles on a stand, which were placed next to the diapered patient. One needle was inserted into the artery of each arm and then taped in place.

The I.V. solutions worked rapidly, one filling her arteries with water, the other keeping her bladder in a permanent state of release. Within seconds, the fresh diaper began filling with Jackie's urine. Admiring his handiwork, the orderly deflated the rubber bulb and extracted it from her anus, pulling it through one of the openings in her diaper.

Jackie moaned as the solution flowed unobstructed from her rectum. In seconds, her diaper was completely soaked with urine and enema water, forming a pool on the plastic sheet. She heard the door close and began to cry.

Three hours later, the orderly returned to remove the I.V.s and release Jackie from her bonds. Her will had been completely shattered, and her only wishes were to cooperate, obey, and please. She was led into the bathroom where she was placed in the tub and bathed. With a soapy finger, he thoroughly washed her anus and sphincter, and then turned his attention to her vagina.

When she was taken back to her nursery room, she noticed with relief that the plastic sheet and I.V. stands had been taken away.

Going limp like a rag doll, she let Charles place her on the changing table and part her thighs. He opened first her vagina, then her anus, expecting each orifice at great length. After probing her private parts with his finger, he inserted a rectal thermometer in her anus.

After a few minutes, he retracted it and noted the temperature on a clipboard. He then diapered her again and placed her on the floor.

Ms. Winters, who had apparently been watching through the observation window, walked in with a stern-looking nurse.

"Now, baby Jackie," the directress said.

"Are you going to start behaving yourself?"

"Yes, oh, yes!" Jackie exclaimed, terrified of displeasing her guardian.

"I will, I promise!"

"Good," Ms. Winters replied with a supercilious smirk.

"However, because of your previous behavior, your apparel privileges have been revoked until further notice. You will wear only a diaper from now on, and nothing else. No babydoll gown, no plastic panties. You may eventually earn the right to wear these garments again some day. However, you will never, ever again be allowed to wear grown-up clothes." Tears formed in the humiliated girl's eyes.

"You will always be what you are now, a little tiny baby, totally dependent on others. You will not dress yourself, or undress yourself. You are not allowed to touch your diaper at any time. Only someone else can put it on you or take it off. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Jackie whispered, blushing in shame.

"Yes what? "Yes, I understand."

"From now on, you will address me as Mommy." Jackie blushed, horrified.

"Yes, Mommy, I understand," she said submissively.

"If you fail to behave, we will be forced to take more-- irreversible--measures. I am sure you would not want to be physically incapacitated." Jackie gasped in horror.

"I'll behave, I promise, Mommy.

I'll be good." Ms. Winters gestured to the nurse, who gave Jackie an injection. The diapered girl immediately became dizzy again.

"Come here, baby," the directress ordered.

With difficulty, Jackie stood up and staggered toward her guardian. As she did so, the loosely fastened diaper slipped down over her waist. Jackie started to grab at the flimsy garment as it descended to her knees, but then remembered she was forbidden from touching it herself. The drug made her lose her balance, and as the diaper dropped to her ankles, she went sprawling on the padded floor.

"Poor baby," Ms. Winters said with a laugh, as if addressing an infant.

"Little tiny babies like you can't walk. Come, you must crawl."

"My--my--" Jackie sputtered, trying to speak through the saliva drooling down her chin.

"My diaper." Ms. Winters grasped her face by the chin and gazed into her eyes.

"We will have to teach you how to speak. This is your di- di," she said, pointing to the diaper clinging to her ankles.

"Say it."

"My di-di," Jackie replied obediently, blushing in shame.

"Yes. But we just changed you, so your di-di will just have to stay where it is. Now come, baby, it's time for your exercise.

Crawl with Mommy." Turning she held the door open and waited for Jackie to crawl out into the corridor. Naked except for the diaper wrapped around her ankles, she crept on her hands and knees like a baby at Ms. Winter's ankles, trying vainly to ignore the delighted stares of the other patients and staff.

Jackie was led through the entire hospital wing, down every corridor and through every waiting room. Returning to her nursery room, she let Charles pull up her diaper and lay her in her crib.

She no longer protested or resisted in any way, even when he methodically stroked her clitoris through the flimsy diaper until she had a humiliating orgasm in full view of the orderly and nurses.

One of the nurses then showed her a baby bottle filled with a milky liquid.

"This is your ba-ba," the nurse said with a laugh.

"Say it."

"Ba-ba," Jackie replied, blushing.

"Whenever you are hungry, that's what you will say: ba-ba.

Understand, little baby?"

"Yes," Jackie said.

The bottle went into her mouth, and she obediently suckled the nipple, genuinely hungry. The milky tasted strange, sweet and bitter at the same time, but she drank it greedily. She was also fed mashed carrots with a spoon. When Jackie had finished two jars, the nurse wiped Jackie's mouth with a baby towel and left the room.

Charles once again bound Jackie's wrists behind her back, and the pacifier went into her mouth. She was left alone again, wearing only her white cotton diaper with its three-inch pins.

Now, even the degrading babydoll down and pink plastic panties seemed like an unattainable luxury. Ms. Winters had seemed ambiguous as to whether Jackie would ever again be able to wear even those garments. One thing, however, was perfectly plain: Jackie was to be a permanent, full-time baby for as long as Ms.

Winters wanted her to.

That afternoon, the door opened and a guerney was wheeled into the nursery room by two orderlies. Jackie was lifted from her crib and placed on the guerney. She was then wheeled down a corridor into an examination room. She saw a man wearing a surgical mask and gown. A rubber mask was placed over her face and she immediately tasted ether. Within seconds, she was asleep.

She awoke in her crib, naked, with her wrists still bound.

She had an odd, tingling sensation in her abdomen. In addition, there was an uncomfortable feeling in her sphincter, as if she needed urgently to go to the bathroom. As she became fully conscious, she realized an object of some kind was lodged in her rectum. Glancing between her legs, she saw a strip of adhesive tape stuck to her delicate skin, holding the unknown object in place. She sobbed softly to herself, feeling as helpless as a real baby.

After a while, Ms. Winters came in, again accompanied by Charles and the stern-looking nurse. Jackie was lifted from the crib and placed on her changing table. Immediately, she obediently lifted her knees and parted her thighs to be diapered.

To her surprise, the nurse peeled off the adhesive tape and removed the object from Jackie's rectum. The embarrassed girl moaned with relief. She stared at the ceiling as Charles diapered her.

"As you will discover," Ms. Winters was saying, as the orderly fastened Jackie's diaper pins, "you are now permanently dependent on diapers. You had a very simple and relatively painless procedure this morning, which, in effect, has permanently removed all voluntary control over your bladder and sphincter. Anything you eat or drink will flow immediately from your urinary and digestive tracks into your diaper." Jackie gapsed in horror and burst into sobs.

"Assuming, of course," the directress continued, with a malicious smirk, "you can manage to keep it on." Jackie was given another injection and placed back in her crib, which was now lined with a plastic sheet. The nurse immediately stuffed the baby bottle in her mouth and began feeding her.

"Drink it all," Ms. Winters said, with a laugh.

"Or would you rather that we feed you intravenously from now on?" Sobbing and suckling at the same time, Jackie gulped down the strange-tasting milk. Ms. Winters had told the truth; before Jackie had even finished the bottle, urine began flowing into her diaper through her now-useless bladder. She even felt liquid trickling out through her sphincter When the feeding was over, she lay whimpering like a baby in her crib, in her soiled diaper.

"Now, listen to me carefully, baby," Ms. Winters told her.

"It is no longer necessary for your wrists to be restrained. You will find that your arms and hands are now extremely weak and uncoordinated. In fact, as weak as a baby's. Using an ultrasonic device, the surgeon disabled some of your nerves." Jackie gasped in horror. She began sobbing hysterically.

"From now on, you would find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, even to dress or feed yourself. Nevertheless, I expect you to be an obedient little girl. If I allow the nurse to free your hands, are you going to behave yourself and not touch your diaper or try to cover yourself up?"

"Yes, Mommy," Jackie replied, tearfully.

"I promise."

"And you will behave exactly like a baby, not interfering in any way, or trying to prevent anyone from touching you, or batheing you, or diapering you, or feeding you, or anything else that is done to you?"

"I promise, Mommy."

"Good. Because otherwise we will have to snip a few more nerves, and then you wouldn't be able even to masturbate or suck your thumb." Jackie blushed, feeling humiliated and horrified at the same time.

"I'll be good, Mommy." The directress gestured to the nurse, who removed a pair of scissors from her pocket and snipped the plastic wrist restraints, freeing Jackie's hands.

"Now, sit up on your knees. I'm going to show you where to keep your hands," Ms. Winters said.

"Put one thumb in your mouth and suck it." Jackie obeyed, blushing. She found that what Ms. Winters had said was true. Her arm was incredibly weak, and it was only with great difficulty that she managed to stick her thumb in her mouth.

"Now, reach behind you with the other arm and stick your hand down your diaper." Jackie did as she was told.

"Insert the middle finger into your anus as far as it will go." With a sob, Jackie obeyed. She was now completely humiliated, wearing nothing but a loose diaper, sucking her thumb and holding her own finger in her rectum.

"That's the only way," Ms. Winters said, "you will be able to control your bowels." Smiling at her total, limitless control over the diapered, once-proud former police officer, she turned and walked out of the room, leaving Jackie crying and sucking her thumb.

Jackie's transformation was now complete. Even if, somehow, in the distant future, she did manage to get released from the institution, Jackie would be forever dependent on diapers. She would never be able to dress or feed herself. She would live in a permanent state of maximum humiliation, a helpless, whimpering baby the rest of her entire life.

Moreover, Jackie had resigned herself to her new life as a baby. Of course, she had no choice. She soon learned that her well-being was entirely dependent on her ability to please Ms.

Winters, Charles, and the rest of the hospital staff. The more she behaved exactly like a toddler or infant, the easier her life became. She began to look forward not only to her diaper changes and feedings, but to her masturbation-induced orgasms at the hands of her caretakers and visitors. Her former colleagues visited often, bringing their friends to share their amusement.

It no longer mattered whether she was humiliated or embarrassed to live as a baby, or have her diaper changed by strangers, or even to have orgasms in full view of anyone who happened to be watching. Ashley was destined to be a baby forever, so she would be the very best baby she could.

The White Badge Of Shame" Part Two written by: Mistress Janice ([email protected]) Jackie had a very restless night in her crib. The blanket pins reduced her movement and her diapers were soaked, sticky and uncomfortable. After Dave Lennon and Ms. Winters left the room, her torment in diapers began. Jackie was angry with the humiliation of being forced to cum in front of an old bag like Ms. Winters and brought to a climax by Dave, her partner on the force.

She could never live this humiliation down.

"DAMN both of them" , she thought!..." Jackie was exceptionally angry, immobile and uncomfortable in her prison behind bars. The haughty arrogant Japanese female was trying to get out all her anxieties and tensions from the treatment she was receiving.

"How foolish of me to sign those papers", she relented to herself in utter misery.

"Damn Dave!....Fuck that bitch Ms. Winters". And the tossing and turning went on........

Jackie's first night in diapers seemed to last forever as she was in the crib from approximately 5:00PM the evening before. Light seemed to emanate from the closed shades and heavy curtains in the adult nursery as morning grew near. Jackie was not fully awake and became startled when the door opened and she heard the tapping of stiletto heels against the hardwood floor.

"Did we have a nice sleep, Miss Arrogance?...Hmmmm?...", Ms. Winters spoke condescendingly. She was trying to send the message to Jackie that she was a prisoner as a result of her own stupidity in signing legal papers that made her a patient in the adult correction facility. Jackie tossed about uselessly, realizing that she had not been gagged. She pleaded again to be released, first sweetly and then with an air of arrogance.

"Please release me, you caused me much shame already. Oh Please!..." Her mood swings made Ms. Winters snicker.

Then Jackie resorted to the angry mode.

"You bitch!...I am a police officer and very capable of handling myself. When I get out, I'll arrest you and then...." Ms. Winters looked down at her and spoke loudly, cutting off Jackie mid-sentence.

"THAT WILL BE ABOUT ENOUGH LITTLE GIRL!..." She walked over to a wall-mounted intercom station and called for several nurses.

Quickly and efficiently two young uniformed nurses appeared and her crib side was lowered.

"It's time for the first day of this little girl's training. Prepare her and bring her out to the examination room". Then Ms.

Winters walked out of the nursery.

Jackie winced at the nurses.

"Leave me alone. I am a trained police officer, I will use my self-defense skills if you even touch me". What Jackie didn't realize was that she was given muscle relaxants in her soft drink yesterday and her arms and legs were almost useless. She wouldn't be using her police skills, well at least for now. The nurses laughed at her mobile, which was swung out of the way. It was then that Jackie noticed something that made her feel very upset. She noticed her pantyhose, bra and panties had been permanently sewn into the mobile frame. She tried to reason why, but her attention was taken away for a moment as she was being handled by the nurses. Her sleepsuit was opened and her diaper was efficiently removed. The smell of her urine was gagging at first and then they helped Jackie hobble out of the crib and walked her over to the changing table. Her rubber bra was removed and the heavy cotton sleepsuit fell to the floor. She was once again naked, except! for her tightly bound hand mittens.

Jackie was placed on her back onto the changing table and felt the head end being elevated so she could apparently see what was being done to her. Then soft padded cotton straps were placed across her chest to keep her from falling and under control as she lay watching the nurses attend to her.

"Please release me, I won't tell, I promise"., Jackie pleaded. The nurses smiled and ignored her completely. Jackie struggled as she wanted so much to at least touch her own body and was being denied that privilege. She felt like a frustrated adult child. The new thickly padded diapers were put in view, along with baby powder, oil and some cotton pads. They washed her private area and applied some warm shaving cream to her entire pubic area.

The redhead who looked about eighteen looked at her sternly.

" This will be a bit uncomfortable dear, but we have been instructed to remove all the stubble and make you creamy smooth like a baby". Jackie squirmed even more as she ran the razor over! her private area. The blonde nurse watched her friend work, occasionally looking at Jackie and smiling condescendingly.

"Your just a baby you know and will be treated as such. Just relax and cooperate and you will be granted privileges. Be uncooperative and this day will be a living hell for you. Understand??." The redhead looked at her, in a matronly manner and Jackie simply turned away. The blonde then spoke.

Jackie looked at her namebadge. Her name was Shelly.

"I think this baby will be a problem today. But no matter, we know how to deal with such recalcitrance, don't we Amy?.." The redhead nodded and continued the shaving. All done, Shelly handed her the warm washcloth and she began rubbing away the remaining shaving cream and stubble. Then Shelly stepped in and put on her latex gloves. She rubbed in the baby oil very softly, causing Jackie to become excited and trickle.

"Naughty, naughty baby!...A bit excited are we??...." Then she laughed. A good amount of cum splattered onto her gloves and she wiped it away.

"Any more of this little baby and you will be spoonfed this sticky mess, am I ! understandably clear?..." Jackie just stared back angrily.

Shelly finished up and a soaker pad was placed under her bottom and a tampon was brought out. Jackie never used them and tried to get away as it was pushed into her vaginal cavity. Another tampon was pushed up between her ass cheeks and she groaned at this treatment. Jackie was carrying on and whining so that Shelly grew tired of her nauseous pleading and arrogance.

She whispered to Amy, who smirked down at the rookie police officer and went away for a brief moment. She returned with a device and handed it to Shelly.

"That will be enough out of you baby". She stuffed the pacifier which filled her mouth and strapped it on with Amy's help behind her head. Jackie could only moan and groan now. The pacifier held her tongue in place to prevent the use of intelligible words.

"There, that's better", cooed Amy. Shelly nodded in agreement. They finished the diapering, ensuring heavy cotton soaker pads were placed in her vaginal opening and her anus. Then the thick padded cloth diapers were put in place and the tight plastic pants covered her completely. They were tight and confining and very uncomfortable as Jackie began to sweat from the overhead exam light that seemed to blind her. Booties of soft padded cotton were placed on her feet and she was now released and forced to sit up. They brought out the padded nursing brassiere and put their patient into it. He breasts were now tightly confined as well. Amy held up the top they intended to dress Jackie in. It was full of baby themes and animals and short!....They lowered the garment down onto Jackie and then released her from the changing table. Jackie felt some of her muscle strength returning, as she flexed them several times. And so did Amy who walked away momentarily to prepare a syringe. She cam! e around from behind and with efficiency and skill, injected Jackie in her thigh.

"OUCH!...", Jackie flinched and moaned from behind her gag as she jumped from the injection. Almost immediately, she became putty in the hands of the highly trained nurses who helped her into a wheelchair. Jackie's wrists were strapped to the arms of the chair, and a strap was brought around her chest and secured. A short strap across her neck, prevented movement and her ankles were also secured. Jackie was going to be obedient and Amy and Shelly were going to see to that!...

Jackie was squirming from the chair restraints and Amy efficiently wheeled her out into the corridor. She saw various adults in baby attire and diress from their treatment and being moved about by professionally trained nurses.

Shortly they arrived at Ms. Winters private office and she was wheeled in to face her "adopted mom".

"Well my baby girl, are you feeling comfortable?...All dry and well padded in case you have another major leak?...Well I am sure you will stay dry for awhile won't you?..." Both nurses smirked a bit as Ms. Winters continued her condescension of the police officer.

"Today, you will be subjected to some training to teach you some humility, but first you need some nourishment." She turned to Amy and said, "Take my baby daughter to the dining area and see that she has something to eat!.." Amy nodded and pushed the wheelchair out of the room.

Jackie looked cross now and made sounds behind her muffled pacifier gag.

The dining area was a very strange place, thought Jackie as she was released from the chair and helped into a large adult sized high chair by Amy and a very young nursing assistant. She was again strapped into the chair and a tray was placed on the chair, locked into place. Jackie looked around pouting and feeling deep humiliation. Her gag was removed by Amy, who reminded her, "No sound young lady, do you hear me?...We have worse punishments in store for you, if you shout or talk. Am I understood??..." Jackie looked at her without nodding, but seemed to be very clear.

The young assistant began preparing her breakfast. Jackie could not see what was being prepared, but soon gazed her eyes on the steaming bowl of what appeared to be mush!....Actually it was baby rice cereal mixed thoroughly with baby formula and heated up. Several Junior sized jars of strained prunes were brought out on the table and a large feeding spoon. Amy warned her to behave.

"If you give us any trouble during your feeding, you will be force-fed in a very uncomfortable manner. I suggest you be on your best behavior". Jackie squirmed in delicious humiliation.

"How dare this young bitch talk to her this way!...", thought the girl. She was an adult, not a child. A trained, professional police officer being treated like a little baby and she deeply resented every waking moment of it!....

The assistant smiled at her and spooned up a gooey mass, bringing it towards Jackie's mouth. She shoveled the pasty mass into Jackie's mouth and Jackie tasted it as being repulsive and almost choked on it. She swallowed some as her throat was being massaged to accept her food and then just as quickly, another pasty mass was brought to her tender, pouty lips. This time she shook her head a little, but Amy looked quite cross at her. The mass was spooned deeply into her mouth and this time she choked and spit it out at the assistant, just missing her and the gooey mess landed on the linoleum floor. It was cleaned up, but the assistant was getting very upset with her.

"I can't feed her at all. Maybe we should go to phase two....That will teach her a thing or two!...".

"I agree!.", stated Amy.

"This temperament of hers must be subdued." Amy unstrapped Jackie and they placed her back into her wheelchair. Then a stand was attached to her chair and Amy smiled down on her.

"Your hel! l is about to begin, young lady!...." The assistant brought over a two quart transparent feeding bag with a milky white liquid steaming from the bag. They attached a long plastic transparent tube at the bag and then to her attached to a ...."OH NOOOOO, A PACIFIER!...", Jackie screamed aloud. Amy was very efficient in silencing the girl with the pacifier that kept her tongue down and out of the way and secured the gag around her head. The tube was attached and Jackie was ready.

"Let me explain how this works, baby Jackie. You see it's like an IV When I open this clamp, the warm formula will drip down and into your mouth. It also contains a diuretic and muscle relaxants to keep you compliant and relaxed. You will almost immediately begin peeing your diapers. You will be very sore down there very soon. It takes several hours to empty the bag.

Then in a snippy tone asked her, Are you comfortable dear?...." Jackie was far from comfortable and shook her head, trying to break free.

The clamp was opened immediately and Jackie could taste that pasty baby formula. She made horrible faces at the taste, despite the humorous look on the nursing assistant's face. Amy then wheeled her into a large playroom, where other adult babies were assembled under the watchful eyes of professional nurses to play with toys and be observed. There were others like her in the room, groaning and moaning from their pacifier gags. They too resented the forced feeding.

"Your diapers will be soaked and you will probably develop a rash, but that is your punishment for not eating properly!..." Then Amy left her to be stared at and laughed at by the nurses and assistants.

Jackie soon felt very full and was unwilling to keep swallowing, but there was no choice in this matter. She began filling her diaper and it was uncomfortable and shameful for her. Several hours went by agonizingly slow as the bag emptied into her. Her diapers were super saturated and she was moaning in agony. Amy and Shelly returned and stood nearby as Ms. Winters looked at her.

"Hello dear!...Misbehaving ??....Well the next step is to get those wet diapers changed, but first, Hmmmm, I believe you have not had a colonic irrigation since your arrival. Perhaps your arrogance has been brought on by the fact you are constipated. We'll take care of that shortly!..." Jackie was mortified.

"colonic irrigation??....That meant an E-N-E-M-A!......OH NOOOOO NOT FOR ME!!....", thought Jackie.

"NO WAY!....": Jackie's gag was removed, along with the feeding bag. The trip to ETR had begun, despite pleas to be good and begging for forgiveness. The sniffles and frustrations turned to relentless tears. The haughty Japanese dark haired tough girl was as meek as a baby and acting the part as well.

Then Ms. Winters addressed Amy.

"Take her to the ETR for a thorough colonic, then return her to me." Jackie was spun around and headed down the long hall, soon coming to a double set of doors and she read the sign on the glass and began to cringe. The sign read "ENEMA TREATMENT ROOM" The doors were opened and it looked more like an operating theatre, than a treatment room. Another nurse, older than Amy was busy at a sink and turned around.

"Oh you must be the police officer!...Hmmm you don't look like one though. No gun, no badge, just a little boy with a bowl cut and wearing diapers. Let me look at your hair. Hmmmm, well it is a bit unkempt. But let's see to your immediate needs." Amy spoke maternally.

"Ms. Winters wants her newly adopted daughter to get the full treatment. She has not had a proper bowel movement in the past twenty four hours."...Mrs. Carlton smiled and understood.

"Oh I understand. She will get the treatment and we will get her squeaky clean inside so that soap bubbles will be coming from her ears!..."They both laughed at that.

Jackie was released from the wheelchair with the assistance of both nurses to help her get up. She was physically drained from the muscle relaxants, could do nothing to get away. Her diaper was removed, then her skimpy top, leaving only the nursing bra in place. She was led to an exam table and still standing, was forced to bend down onto the cold vinyl and then was a strap was brought across her back to keep her face down on the table. Jackie was bitching up a storm as the preparation for her soapy punishment was being carefully prepared. Amy reminded Mrs. Carlton.

"Ms. Winters said that her enema solution was to be the punishment type and a full three quarts was to be administered." Mrs. Carlton laughed.

"OF COURSE!.....The full treatment!..." Jackie could only make muffled sounds as she lay across the exam table.

Jackie squirmed in anticipation of her punishment enema. She was trying to see what was going on in this sterile room, but could only hear the sound of running water. Her face was almost smothered as she was kept in place by the confining straps. The solution was to be Ivory Soap flakes, castor oil for sever cramping, Epsom salts and glycerin. It was mixed and heated up and the three quart solution was poured into the heavy duty red rubber enema bag. Jackie felt a great deal of anxiety at the manner in which she was being treated and wondered when it would all end.

"What about when she was supposed to be released to her partner ,Dave?.... Supposing he told everybody on the force , took pictures, or worse yet, threatened to blackmail her into diapers?. What if he forced her to move in with him and kept her a prisoner? Or was this humiliation being done to her to teach her a lesson in humility?..." Wild thoughts went through Jackie's mind as she thought about all the humiliation she was put through.

"Damn all of them". She was angry and wanted out.

"But how?..." Then her thoughts were interrupted by the staccato tapping of high heels coming closer and the first thing she saw was a stainless steel IV pole on wheels with a bulging heavy duty red rubber enema bag steaming with soapsuds.....

Jackie was feeling butterflies in her small stomach as she realized this was for her. Specially prepared enema for a very naughty little girl. She whimpered and begged for mercy.

"Oh please!...Don't do this to me!...I'll be, be good, I promise, Oh God NOOOOO......." Amy listened and stopped her in mid-sentence.

"You are up and down with your emotions little baby. I think it's time to silence you. I have had enough for one day." Mrs. Carlton pulled on the clear latex gloves and attached the long black enema tube. The end was nothing poor Jackie had never seen before. It was a fluted tip, but with two inflatable bulbs. It was a very strange device indeed. Amy laughed.

"Well you'll like a pregnant mother after your filled up. And you'll feel every cramping drop. It will seem like forever before your allowed to expel.

Mrs. Carlton knows just how to deal with errant children." Jackie then lost her cool.

"Fuck You", was all she said. That bit of foul language brought Mrs. Carlton to her senses. She looked down on Jackie and walked over to the sink. The sound of water was heard and then the tapping of her heels drawing closer. Then Mrs. Carlton held a washcloth that was soaked in what appeared to be liquid soap. Jackie's nostrils were pinched rather harshly and the washcloth was shoved into her haughty mouth. Jackie gagged from the taste. It was baby shampoo that was concentrated and soapy.

She choked and tried to spit out the washcloth, but to no avail. The nurses laughed at her.

"Serves you right!", exclaimed Amy who stood nearby. Mrs.

Carlton then lubricated the fluted tip and pulling on Jackie's short bowl cut, made her look at the device before bringing it around the end of the table and began the insertion. Jackie flinched as Mrs. Carlton opened her cheeks with one hand and inserted the nozzle into her tiny rectum. She tried to fight it, clench! ing up her ass-cheeks as tightly as possible, but it was no good.

The nozzle went in with a PLOP and then the nurse started to squeeze one of the air balloons. Jackie had the sudden urge to go potty as the inner balloon in her rectum expanded with each squeeze of the air balloon. Then the outer balloon was expanded in the same exact manner. She felt a terrible sensation and moaned her displeasure through her washcloth gag. It was a horrid feeling. Then she heard a clamp being snapped open and the warm soapy solution made it's way into her anal canal. The feeling was very hot and she breathed heavier. She felt she was being ripped apart and rocked back and forth to the amusement of the nurses.

"Poor baby!...Lots more to go, I'm afraid you will just have to endure the pain and take every last drop officer!..." Then both nurses laughed.

The flow continued and the cramping grew incredibly worse. Jackie was not in the mood for anything but concentrating on making the agony go away. She was still thinking about how she got here in the first place. The bag was half empty, when Mrs. Carlton stopped the flow and rubbed Jackie's swelling stomach. She rubbed it back and forth and talked to her like she was a baby.

Jackie resented this condescension treatment. She wanted revenge and now. But the stoppage was better than the continued cramps she felt. The flow was resumed and her stomach grew larger. She cried now and the tears flowed down her cheeks. She managed to swallow some soapy suds and this irritated her throat, causing her to cough and hack. Amy watched her carefully. They didn't want the poor girl to choke.

Inevitably the enema was fully administered. Mrs. Carlton stopped the flow and removed the air from the catheter balloons. The fluted tip plopped out of Jackie's tight little anus and the equipment was wheeled away. Then Jackie felt another intrusion into her rectum. She was being plugged!.....The tape was removed from her mouth and the cloth withdrawn.

Amy took a fresh washcloth and tried to rinse away the soap from her mouth, forcing her fingers deeply into Jackie's mouth. Most of it was removed as Jackie screamed to go the bathroom.

"OH GOD!...OH PLEASE!...PLEASE!...LET ME GO!!!!...AAAAAAAAAH...." The screaming and pleading was music to Mrs.

Carlton's ears. She enjoyed this part of the treatment immensely.

Fifteen minutes of enema retention and Jackie was a new person or so it seemed. She was unstrapped and forced to sit on a portable commode nearby.

This was embarrassing and humiliating to have to defecate in front of two other adults who seemed to be enjoying her pain and aggravation. She keeled over and began to empty her bowels. The sound of water and plopping feces made both nurses smirk as they felt the girl was getting her due. She spent an entire half hour on the commode emptying her bowels. The she was unstrapped and made to stand as the ladies effectively re-diapered her with several soaker pads and two new tampons. Fresh powder and baby oil and within minutes she was effectively diapered against leakage!....The nursing bra was next followed by the skimpy childish top.....

Jackie was mumbling about her hair. She hated the feeling of such short hair about her ears. This perturbed her. Then she blurted out, "What did that bitch Ms. Winters do with all my beautiful silky black hair?..." Amy looked at her and said, "Why I think she is having a wig made of it. You sure had a lot of hair young lady. Now quiet down and let's get going. Your adopted mother wants to see you now..." Amy made a mental note of Jackie's concern over her hair. Then she smirked to herself.

The wheelchair made it's way down the hall and paused momentarily when a young woman of about sixteen was being carried into a treatment room. The two nurses had their hands full as the girl screamed expletives. She was not gagged and was allowed to carry on.

"Well Hello Denise!...You must be the young lady I have heard so much about!...." The woman acting so condescendingly towards Denise was a court appointed guardian.

"I see you are in need of much more extensive treatment. OK then, I will recommend to the judge that you remain a permanent resident of this institution. Your therapy has done little good. perhaps it will take a great deal of time with you. Now we will have the rest of your life to help retrain you into either a young lady or take care of you as a baby." Denise yelled profanities and this time the door was closed and only muffled pleadings could be heard outside the door.

Amy began to wheel Jackie away and said, "Be glad your not her". That was all she said. Then Jackie remembered that on Sunday night she was to be released to her partner who had a hand in her being admitted to the hospital in the first place. Jackie sat back and the cries and muffled pleadings faded away as they entered the study of Ms. Winters. She smiled at her "daughter".

"Have you been a good little baby girl Jackie?....You don't feel so tough now, do you?...Long to have your police uniform and adult underwear back?...Do you?....." She was interrupted with Jackie's mixed emotional reply that was unbecoming for a trained peace officer.

"Oh please ms.

Winters!...I want to go home now. I have truly learned my lesson. I won't report you or press charges. You will never see me again. I promise, just let me go, oh please!...." Amy stood with her arms folded and stared back at the pleading girl. She remembered when Jackie first entered the facility. She was haughty, arrogant and a real bitch. She thought that she was something great. She acted like a street tough officer of the law and not the pleading infant she was acting like now. Ms. Winters grinned.

"Now dear. I agreed to let your partner take custody tomorrow evening and that was a deal.. You will just have to behave yourself and wait....Besides I agreed to give you the full treatment and you will cooperate or else!" Jackie grew impatient.

"Damn you, you old witch. I will get you and put you out of business. You'll see. I'll harass you everyday on my beat. I'll run you out of town........." Jackie stopped mid-sentence for she realized that she was in no position to barter. She realized that she made a terrible mistake. She bowed her head, looking for sympathy.

Ms. Winters walked up to her and placed her cold hand under Jackie's chin and made her raise her head and look at her.

"Oh??...You are having such emotional ups and downs little girl. What's a Mommy to do!.... Then she let go and backed away, leaning on her elegant cherry desk.

"Take Miss Potty-Mouth to the nursery and give her a catheter and a formula feeding.

She will wet all night and stay very, very uncomfortable. Increase her dosage of muscle relaxant and prop her up for the night. She will not be allowed to mingle with the other patients and is to be restricted to her padded nursery. Make sure her hands are secured in mittens at all times and change her bra from a nursing bra to a rubber bra to prevent her from playing with herself. She will be monitored around the clock and in the morning, she will be in for quite a surprise".

Jackie began to beg and sob, and was ignored. Amy nodded and wheeled the girl around. But not before Jackie pleaded with Ms. Winters one more time.

But Ms. Winters pointed to the door.

"goodnight child!...sleep well and Mommy will see you in the morning".

The clock rang at 4:00PM. She was going to bed at a ridiculously childish hour. Amy quickly wheeled her out of the room and towards her private nursery suite. It was well padded and the controls for her room were contained within the nurse station, which was directly outside her observation window. Closed circuit cameras allowed the staff to view her from a number of angles, allowing her no privacy at all. She was unstrapped from the chair as another young nurse entered to help put her on the changing table. The relaxants did their job as Jackie had no fight left in her body. She was putty in the hands of these nursing professionals.

The skimpy top was removed in favor of the heavy flannel sleeper. her diapers were checked and then several additional pillows were placed in the crib. Before she was fully diapered, the young nurse inserted a catheter into her to cause constant draining of her kidneys and then the thickly padded diaper were secured. Tight plastic pants were pulled on causing Jackie much agony as she felt that her loins were on fire. Jackie was then put in the crib and forced to sit up. She was strapped in and her mittened hands fastened to a special restraint belt about her waist. Then the feeding bag was wheeled in. It was four quarts and contained a white milky substance. Some medication was forced into the bag at the IV control and Jackie could immediately taste the difference as the formula made it's way down the clear tube to her throat.

She was covered with blankets that were carefully pinned to prevent excess movement and the crib-side was raised. Her adult underwear mobile was moved over the top of her and a new twist was added to it. Amy wound up a knob on the side and it revolved, showing her undies at various angles and played a babyish melody. Now Jackie was upset but the medication was taking effect.

Within a short time she would be sound asleep and would wake from time to time until the bag was emptied. Tonight would be a rough night for Officer Akira.


The night seemed to last forever as Jackie tossed and turned. Oh how she longed for her adult bed and freedom from her diaper imprisonment. Since she arrived at the hospital, she was not allowed to touch herself or do anything for herself. When she was temporarily freed from her hand mittens or chastity mittens as Ms. Winters called them, her hands were batted and kept away from touching her body. She was chastised as if she were a baby or little girl again. She longed for some pasta and Chinese cuisine. She had been kept to a strict diet of baby formula all day. That was very filling, but not to her liking. She wanted real food. What did they do to her police uniform?...She felt deep humiliation with her underwear on display on a baby's mobile and longed to be free and in her own apartment with perhaps her vibrator or other adult toys. But alas this was not the case. She was simply put, a prisoner in baby land, but for how long?....

The morning came up after Jackie had very little actual sleep and was exhausted. Sometime during the night, her gag was removed, but the catheter left in place to ensure her diapers were being filled to their saturated limits. She tossed and turned, then awoke with a start!.....

"Good morning Officer Akira!.....You will be having visitors soon and we must make you look really pretty for them, so rise and shine!..." Ms.

Winters laughed.

"VISITORS?...WHO??..IS SHE SERIOUS??..." Jackie's stomach turned to butterflies. The curtains were opened slightly and the sunlight almost blinded Jackie. The crib side was lowered and she was unstrapped and led to the changing table once more. The nurses were thorough in cleaning her vaginal area, checking once more for stubble and shaving her clean. They inserted something into her rectum that didn't feel very good. They inserted two extra long glycerin suppositories and then a tampon in her vagina. They powdered her and oiled her loins. Oh how she wished she could at least touch herself down there. This treatment was very humiliating.

She started having an orgasm and Amy grinned at her. She began to rub the girl to climax. It wasn't long before she spewed cum all over the rubber mat. Her body shook in exquisite ecstasy. Amy scooped up the cum and placed it in a paper cup. Jackie was relaxed, but became aware of her little sexual show in front of the nurses. Ms. Winters looked at her in a matronly manner.

"And that my dear is why you are being restrained. It's for your own good.

Why goodness, if we didn't take those precautions, you'd be playing with yourself all the time!..." The nurses laughed at this.

She was placed into double capacity cotton diapers with extra soaker pads and the confining plastic pants followed. Jackie was sat up and her hand mittens were removed, but only for the moment. Jackie immediately tried to rub herself, but strong hands slapped them away.

"From now on, this little girl stays in chastity mittens at all times. She is too unruly to be allowed freedom of her hands", Ms. Winters chuckled. Then she held the cup in front of Jackie's lips. Jackie turned her head away. She was appalled at this intrusion. Ms. Winters smirked and took the spoon from the nurse. She held the large spoon to Jackie's lips and efficiently pinched her nostrils till the girl yelped in pain and shoveled in the white sticky mess. Jackie tasted the salty j, sticky milky white substance and tried to spit it out, but to no avail as Ms. Winters effectively placed her hand over her mouth. Jackie swallowed the mess and gulped making the nurses laugh at her. They grinned and chuckled at! her shame.

The girl was put into a flimsy nylon top, befitting for a baby who was being presented to adult company. It was covered with lace and frilly ribbons. Very suitable for an infant who was being christened. It had very puffy sleeves and was babyish in every detail. Then Jackie remembered. Ms.

Winters mentioned that she was having visitors today!..... The top came to just below her belly button. It didn't even cover her diapers. The plastic panties were different too. They had on childish themes of nursery rhymes and flowers and were very decorative. A baby bonnet was placed on her head and tied under her chin. Her feet were placed in booties with a large satin ribbon adorning her instep and her hated chastity mittens were resecured.

This time a retention belt was added to her waist and the mittens clipped onto them.

Jackie sensed that the nurses were instructed for her to look her very best for her surprise visitors. A baby's pacifier was placed into her mouth and this she totally resented. It was tied onto a satin ribbon that was placed around her neck. Jackie spit it out and started yelling at the nurses.

"YOU BITCHES!..LET ME GO RIGHT NOW DAMMIT!...." Ms. Winters nodded to the nurses who went up to her and removed the pacifier and ribbon from her neck. Next they inserted a rubber device into her mouth, wedging it between her teeth and strapping it in place about her head. It had an opening for both breathing and to allow for the administration of a feeding tube. She would not be allowed to talk.

"No more talk from you Officer Akira!....You are unbecoming an officer young lady and for that, this court has determined that you will abide by a gag order effective immediately!...." The nurses chuckled at the mockery Ms. Winters was making of the police officer turned baby against her will! .....

Jackie looked every part like a newborn infant to the amusement of the nurses and her "adopted mother", Ms. Winters. She was released from the changing table and into her wheelchair where she was strapped for a short trip to a special room, one she hadn't seen before. The room was used for display purposes like a newborn nursery. This way friends and relatives could see their "baby" and add to the humiliating ordeal. Now Officer Jackie Akira was being wheeled into the room. She was released from her chair and both nurses made her climb onto the pedestal located in the center of the room that was richly carpeted and placed her into a chair at the top. It faced a viewing window directly and she was made to sit, whilst the nurses strapped her into place at the waist. Her mittens were unclipped from her belt and her ankles were kept free.

The room was small and all lighting and temperature were controlled on the other side of the window where Jackie noticed that very comfortable chairs were placed. Ms. Winters walked in.

"Now dear, I strongly suggest that you be on your best behavior, otherwise it will mean severe punishment and an extended time in the nursery. Sound familiar Officer Akira?...You know where the defense attorney is willing to lighten the sentence if he gets a sealed confession?...HAHAHAHA" The nurses joined in the laughter. Jackie didn't think it was funny, not one bit. This was demeaning, childish and distressing to be treated this way.

Then her gag was removed.

"The visitors want to hear babyish sounds young lady, am I clear??..Any profanity or outbursts will result in further punishment and of course an extended stay here. So be a good wittle baby and act like one!...." Jackie frowned, but decided that Ms. Winters was right!......Then the door was closed and locked as the nurses left and Ms.

Winters was seen entering the viewing area. Jackie's room was padded for safety and she felt foolish as she sat waiting for visitors. Hopefully they were not anyone she knew and she began to relax.

Ms. Winters disappeared through another door and Jackie heard voices and some laughter. Then the "guests" appeared.

"OH NOOOO", she thought.

"IT'S DAVE LENNON AND, AND...THE BITCH!!!!...IT'S SHEILA BRANDSTON, the shapely blonde bombshell from Internal Affairs Division". Jackie looked on in horror at the window.

"Why is Sheila here?..OH GOD NOOOOO!...." Ms. Winters activated a switch on the console.

"Good morning baby Jackie!....Now I want you to smile and make some cute baby sounds for your guests." Jackie saw Dave and his "friend" sitting in the room. Dave smirked and made faces at her that caused her to become exceptionally angry. Then Sheila crossed her black stockinged legs and swung her one leg back and forth as if she was being defiant and condescending towards her. She dangled her four inch stiletto heel on her slender foot and showed a great deal of leg. Dave's hand wandered down to her thigh and he placed his hand there, rubbing her nyloned thigh.

"What the hell was going on?...." She stared at David with contempt.

"He humiliated me and tricked me, yet he wanted me, at least that's what I thought; unless Sheila is here to discredit me as an officer. But yet, his hand...damn!...."

"JACKIE!!!!...I told you to babble to our guests here." She cooed and smiled, though it was forced.

"Damn that son of a bitch Dave!....." Sheila spoke with some maternal authority.

"Officer Jackie Akira, right??......And do you still believe in upholding the law?...hmmmm?...Well I think the only thing you can uphold now is your baby diapers, young miss!....You are out of uniform too......Or are you??...Perhaps your present "uniform" is quite proper!....." With that she smirked and sat back staring at the girl. Dave smiled and leaned forward, "HI HONEY!....HOW ARE YOU DEAR?...You look cute in those padded diapers. Are they feeding you well?..Are you a happy little baby girl now?...." Dave smirked and turned to Sheila and laughed.

If it was one thing Jackie despised, it was being belittled, laughed at and made complete fun of. She was especially proud of her ancestry and although small for her size, she was quite feisty and worthy of being a full fledged police officer, that is, until now!....Her anger was building inside and her stomach churning from this treatment.

"Enough already!..." Jackie then decided to stay cool if only for awhile. Sheila spoke again.

"Officer Akira!.....I have your badge here with me. I came to reinstate you to the police department!.....I hope you are pleased dear!...." Then Jackie heard some whispering as David looked at her and leaned over to whisper in Sheila's ear.

"You mean junior officer, don't you Sheila, hahaha". That made Jackie very angry and she started to boil inside. Then Ms. Winters handed a young nurse something and looked out at her "adopted daughter".

Jackie calmed down as she heard footsteps and the door to the viewing room opened. The young nurse had her badge.

"GOOD!", she thought.

"I have been reinstated, so that's why Sheila is here, oh wow!...And I thought that Dave, NAH!...." The nurse came up to her and pinned the badge onto her christening outfit. She stepped back and Jackie's heart disappeared into her stomach. It was a white badge with the word BABY DEPUTY in gold stamped on.

"What is this some kind of joke?..." She glared at Sheila through the viewing window....

Sheila laughed aloud joined by Dave and Ms. Winters. They were short of hysterical. Then Ms. Winters spoke.

"I believe you know by now that you will be a guest here for a very long time. After I told Dave how you were behaving, he became very upset and decided to allow me to keep you as my "adopted daughter. So Officer, oh I'm sorry, former Officer Akira, you are hereby confined to diapers for a very long time." Sheila then spoke with an air of condescension, "Jackie dear, you won't have to worry about your David anymore. I am moving in with him shortly. I hope you enjoy your new life dear!...." Then the laughing continued. The young nurse had since left Jackie in the room as she started her temper tantrum.

"YOU BITCH SHEILA AND YOU TWO TIMING BASTARD.....I'LL GET YOU BOTH, I MEAN IT!......" She saw Ms. Winters push a button and the viewing room door swung open as two older nurses quickly entered. Ms. Winters nodded and they quickly put the gag back on Jackie, silencing her. Then they clipped her wrists to the retention belt and fastened fetters about her ankles, connecting a short plastic chain between. She was stood up and held by the nurses as Ms. Winters spoke.

"Young lady, your defiance has been noted and now you will be suitably punished. I realize that it is only noon, but you will be put to bed in your crib for the reminder of the day and ......" Sheila interrupted, "I'm sorry Ms. Winters, but I have noticed that during her temper tantrum, she pushed her baby bonnet back. Could it be removed so I can see her hair?..." Ms. Winters was now very amused.

"Of course!...." and she nodded to the nurses to comply with the request.

"It seems to me that "bowl cut" is not very appropriate for a naughty baby.

Perhaps she should become an egghead, in that hair on a baby's head is so unsanitary, especially dark jet black hair. I never seen an Oriental baby with so much hair..." Ms. Winters interjected, Perhaps we can do something about that, the next time you come and visit!..." Sheila grinned, "Yes perhaps!...." Jackie squirmed and fought to break free, but to no avail.....

"As I was saying, before you return her to her padded nursery, take her to the ETR for a special injection and then it's beddy byes for you !...." Jackie was escorted out of the room and heard the last comment.

"What's the ETR Ms. Winters?..", Sheila asked enthusiastically.

"Ms. Winters interjected gleefully, "Why that's our Enema Treatment Room!...." Then everyone roared at that......Sheila laughed as she spoke, "I can picture our little darling squirming with an enema tube up her wittle Oriental heinie!...What a picture that would make!....."


Later that evening......

Jackie awoke with a start. Her mittened hands had somehow gotten free or did the nurses fail to secure her properly. Well it was the older nurses that put her to bed early.....She was not totally in the dark as she managed to lower the crib side. She removed her dreaded mouth-gag and looked for a clock. It was just 4:00PM. She peeked out the door and saw a nurse's aide coming. She waited for the right moment and overpowered the older woman, despite her weakened condition from the muscle relaxant medication. She knocked the nurse out and began dressing in her clothes. Within minutes, she snuck out of her prison cell. The only item she couldn't remove was her diapers. She was very upset when she couldn't pull up the uniform pants over her padded diapers.

"Well a blouse is better than nothing, as long as nobody sees me"., she thought. But the blouse didn't even cover her diapered condition. She was angered at this.

Somehow they had placed a locking belt on the diapers to prevent removal and she would have to remove them later, once she was back in her apartment.

"At last, she thought, escape is a reality from this shithole of a baby prison". She managed to dodge through the corridors past security and into the parking garage. She found a car that was opened and had to hot wire the engine. being a police officer, this matter posed no problem. She sped away and to freedom.....

Jackie was driving so fast, that she never noticed the police car that was well hidden behind the billboard on Ventura Boulevard. A radio call was made and the officer pulled out onto the highway. He called for a license plate check and by coincidence, the car had just been reported as stolen. The officer flicked on the red bubble-gum lights and turned on the siren. Jackie was startled. If the officer saw her in this condition, he would certainly take her into custody and she couldn't afford that. She sped up and tried to shake him, but it was useless. Soon several other cars joined in the chase and Jackie's stomach was very nervous. She even began to pee in her didees, not noticing the strong odor emanating from within.

She darted down side streets and couldn't get clear of her pursuers. She was careless as she looked in her rear view mirror, not taking notice at the fire scene which was straight ahead. She slammed right into a police car that was unoccupied and jumped out of the car. She tried to pull down on her short uniform style smock top, but to no avail. It wouldn't cover her padded diapers. She panicked and began running, not taking the time to see where she was running to. The police cars stopped and officers were coming in from everywhere to pursue her and make the arrest. She ran right in front of a camera crew where Officer Dave Lennon was being interviewed and it was live!...The camera crew from Channel Nine, WHOC. Dave spun around to see the short haired girl in a smock top with padded diapers.

"JACKIE?....JACKIE AKIRA??....THAT IS YOU!......" The cameras focused on the girl as four officers came up on her and held the struggling girl. Dave was now being interviewed about this ! mystery girl who appeared from nowhere and he said on national television that Jackie Akira was his partner and that she was confined to the hospital for weekend observation. He made up more stories as he was caught on TV now and the crew and the officers snickered and roared in laughter. Then she was led to a waiting patrol car.


It was a very sunny day as the court officers were leading the general public into the small courtroom. Several attorneys were discussing cases with their clients and the court officer announced, "Ladies and gentlemen of the court. Please rise for Judge Beverly Worthington. A white haired matronly woman in black robes appeared as all the occupants of the courtroom rose. Then with a smack of her judicial hammer, all sat down. Judge Worthington stared at her court docket and smiled.

"Officer Bentley bring on the Akira case please!...I could use a chuckle this morning." The court responded in a miffed laughter s the side door leading to the holding cells opened and in walked a young woman of twenty three years of age. But this woman caused lots of stares, increased conversation amongst the occupants and a general disorder in the courtroom. Judge Worthington brought her gavel down several times demanding order in the court and everyone began to settle down, despite some giggles,! pointing and increased stares. Jackie was attired just as Ms. Winters intended. She was dressed as a baby bout to be christened and all for the right reasons.

Jackie wore her lovely chastity mittens secured with pink satin ribbons tied in pretty bows about her wrists. The christening gown was covered in satin bows and lace edging and ended at her waist, showing her fully padded diapered condition and childish plastic pants with cartoon characters adorned everywhere. They were very colorful indeed. She wore a baby bonnet that matched the gown and booties to match. Her legs were covered with thigh highs to keep her legs warm and they had lace tops that were very stylish.

She was silenced by a rubber gag in her mouth and a large baby pacifier strapped in place about her head. Her mittened hands were fastened to a special restraint belt about her waist.

The judge reviewed he documents and stared at the twenty three old Oriental baby standing before her and flanked by two court attendants.

"Young lady, or should I say Officer Jackie Akira, you have been petitioned to this court for stealing a vehicle and escaping from General Hospital. You had voluntarily signed yourself in for treatment and yet you made an escape an assaulted a member of the staff there. How do you plead?....." Jackie looked indignant and seemed to forget her training as she shrugged her shoulders and spoke. In the courtroom, was Sheila and Dave and most of her family and friends. This was the most humiliating day in her entire life. She was deeply ashamed, humiliated and her stomach tied up in knots. She was highly nervous as she spoke.

"Your Honor!...I was tricked into signing those papers, why I had no idea what Ms. Winters had in mind. And my partner Dave Lennon also had a hand in this...." She was cut off by the judge who asked her to stand there and listen as Ms. Winters was called before the bench. She was flanked by several well-dressed attorneys who produced papers before Judge Worthington.

She nodded her head and scratched her chin and stared at Officer Akira.

"I see!..Well that settles it then. Jackie Akira, you have been found to be mentally incompetent in the eyes of the law and are hereby relieved of your position as a police officer in this county. You are further more to be confined to general Hospital under the direct care of your adopted mother Ms. Winters. Your sentence is indefinite and my decision is final. Do you understand?....."Jackie flipped out and tried to jump on Ms. Winters and hit her. Little good that would do, as her mittened hands were firmly secured to her waist belt.

"That will be enough young lady!....For that outburst, you are also considered too dangerous and will not be allowed out of the Hospital for any reason without a security escort and restraints. Now you may be released into Ms. Winters custody...CASE CLOSED!..." She slammed down her gavel and Jackie tried to speak, scream or get away. The courtroom broke out in laughter at her childishness. Even her friends and relatives joined in. They had no room for an errant twenty three old baby-child.

"Now come along dear, Mommy will get you home and into your crib for the rest of the day. OOOH you wet your diapers!....." The court roared again and the amused officers and the judge noticed a growing yellow stain on her diapers. The judge simply shook her head and pointed to the door. The guards escorted Jackie to the waiting ambulance and she was on her way home.

Jackie began her new life. No longer a twenty three year old Oriental police officer, but as a one year old baby as the court documents indicated.

Everything in her life was being dictated by her new guardian and caretaker of General Hospital, Ms. Winters. The day came when Jackie once again had visitors. She was attired in her christening outfit and sitting in her chair facing the observation window. There once again was both Sheila and David and two new faces. Her twin sister, Jill and Jill's young teenage daughter (16), Samantha. They looked amused at the adult baby attired so appropriately before them and Ms. Winters even saw to it that Jackie wore her white badge of shame.

Sheila spoke first.

"Please remove the child's bonnet!..." The nurse attendant did so and the group snickered at the jet black hair styled in the bowl cut of a little boy.

"That is so inappropriate. She should have a style more suitable for her age of one year!..." Ms. Winters asked what that might be and Sheila whispered, causing Ms. Winters to laugh hysterically. She picked up a house phone and looking at Jackie with amusement summoned the Hospital Hair Stylist. A young lady entered the observation room and with assistance from the aid, placed a plastic cape over the girl to protect her delicate clothing and catch her fallen hair. Jackie was not amused, but was still under heavy sedation and muscle relaxants. Then the girl brought out a pair of battery powered clippers and removed the edge gard. She looked to the window and Ms. Winters nodded. Jackie saw the smirk on her sister's face and even her niece, sixteen year old Samantha stuck out her tongue and laughed.

The stylist turned Jackie's head and began running the clippers over her scalp, allowing long lengths of hair to fall within the confines of the plastic cape. Within a short time, Jackie's head had been turned to stubble and the stylist began heating up the shaving cream and laid out several hot-towels and a razor. She covered the girl's head with the hot steaming towels, causing Jackie a great deal of pain. This amused the guests behind the window.

"Oh Aunt Jackie, You make a good looking EGG, that's it EGG.

Like in EGG-HEAD!..hahahahaha", Samantha bellowed. Jill couldn't help but laugh too as she scolded her daughter.

"Now Sam, your former aunt can't help it, she's such a wittle baby now!...." Sheila was laughing and talking with Dave and pointing. Everyone was having a great time, everyone but Jackie!.....

The towels were removed and the hot shaving cream spread on her head. The razor was carefully brought across every square inch of Jackie's head, removing the last vestiges of silky jet black hair that she was so proud of!.....Then her head was shaved several more times and checked for smoothness. A green cream was applied and almost immediately began to bubble, causing Jackie to wince in pain. her hair roots were being killed off so that she would never grow hair again. The job complete, the stylist applied head wax and polished her head like a cueball. Then Samantha spoke up, "What about the eyebrows?..." Jill slapped her and told her to be quiet, but Ms. Winters nodded to the stylist once more. Her brows were removed with a quick swipe of the razor and the green cream applied right after. Sheila always resented Jackie for her haughtiness and the fact that she was very pretty and winked her eyelids several times. Jill caught on.

"Her eyelashes too?..." The stylist upon heari! ng this, took out her small scissors and clipped her long jet black eyelashes away forever, before Ms. Winters could stop her. But after seeing her, agreed it was the right thing to do.

Jackie was bawling her eyes out and yet was being very uncooperative at her treatment. Ms. Winters was getting angry at her "daughter" too....Then David suggested that Sheila get to spank the errant child. She jumped up and went to the door almost immediately. The nurse assistant released Jackie from the chair and released her diapers and plastic pants, exposing her derriere and pubes to all. She as helped across Sheila's lap and given a spanking with a wooden paddle. All the occupants of the observation room cheered her on.

After about thirty swats, Sheila rested and the nursing assistant put on rubber gloves and inserted the rectal thermometer. She laughed after she pulled it out minutes later.."It seems your "daughter" has a temperature Ms.


"Very well, take her to the ETR and have Nurse Carlton administer the five quart JBL Cascade enema, then prepare her for bed. I know it's only 11:00 AM, but the sleep will do her good. Goodnight Baby Jackie!....." Everyone laughed and bid the baby a goodnight. And the white badge of shame glistened in the bright lights, as Jackie was led out of the room and down the hall......

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