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By: California Sam

It has been said that there is no greater earthly power to reckon with than that of an angry woman who is out for revenge. I never thought it possible, but I found that statement to be true the hard way one Fall night. Being a fairly muscular man, standing 5'10" with a large body builder frame, left me with a false sense of security about myself. After all, with my size and strength, who would have thought that a frail soft spoken woman like Elizabeth could actually pose any physical or mental threat to me. But she could and did, and now I am not sure that my life will ever be the same. Elizabeth was the type of person who would never harm anyone or anything, or so I thought. She stood a mere 5'2", Hazel eyes, beautiful shoulder length brown hair, and a body that most women would die for. We both lived in a small rural town in Southern Texas. It was the kind of place where everybody knew everyone including most of their personal business. Elizabeth was single and had a great position in management with the local Hospital. She lived and owned a fairly large home on the West end of town. I had recently divorced and having no other living relatives or family to speak of found myself pretty much all alone. I worked in construction which was very seasonable, and lived in a small apartment on the opposite end of town. Elizabeth and I had known each other for many years, and even attended the same High School together. We were good friends who would always verbally tease and play practical jokes on each other whenever our paths would cross. Which lately seemed to happened every Saturday night. We both, along with many of our friends frequented the same local Night Club. Saturday nights at the Club was our time for drinks, dancing, and just to unwind from the long stressful work week. The Night Club always seemed to have an abundance of women every night. I guess that was to be expected since the women out-numbered the men three to one in our small town. So the few men who did come to the Club were usually in a festive mood and kept busy dancing all night. Then one warm Saturday night in July, events took place at the Club that would not only effect Elizabeth's life, but would most definitely change mine forever.

It was around 9:00 pm, and I was sitting at the end of the bar next to the front door. The Music was playing, people were dancing, and everyone appeared to be having a good time. At that moment Elizabeth entered the Club with Veronica and Juanita, two of her girlfriends from work. I could not begin to tell you or even remember what her friends were wearing for reason that will soon be made apparent. However, Elizabeth was wearing a mid thigh loose fitting black skirt, with a white sheer sleeveless blouse and looking extremely sexy. She looked over at me, gave a big smile and waved Hello, to which I quickly returned her gesture. The three women then proceeded to walk over to the first table in the room which was fairly small, round, and not more than ten feet from where I was sitting. Elizabeth had grabbed the first of the small wooden chairs closest to me, which left her back facing my direction. As the three women pulled out their chairs and prepared to sit down, my eyes grew wide as I noticed that Elizabeth's short black skirt somehow snagged on the back of her chair and began to raise up as she was sitting down. Although the lighting was dim in the Club, I was able to get a full view of the back of Elizabeth's white panties, or what I thought were panties. And the most peculiar thing was that Elizabeth nor her two girlfriends had any clue of the hiked up position of the skirt. My eyes were fixed upon Elizabeth's fully exposed bottom as I started wrestling with my thoughts. I suppose the right thing to do would have been to quietly inform Elizabeth about her situation, and to save her from any possible public embarrassment. But given that our relationship was based on practical jokes made me realize that I could not let this situation pass without taking full advantage of it. With that in mind, it wasn't long before I came up with what I thought was the greatest practical joke ever, or so I thought.

I inconspicuously motioned for my friend Jane, who was also the Bartender that night, to come and talk with me when she had a free moment. Within a few minutes Jane came up to me from behind the bar and said, "Hi Sam, what can I do for you tonight?"

"I need to ask a small favor of you Jane. Do you by any chance happen to have two safety pins with you?" Jane looked a little puzzled on why I would want them, but told me that she would check her purse and be right back. In just a few moments Jane returned with two pins and placed them in my hand.

"Here you go Sam, being a new Mother I just happen to have a few of my baby's things in my purse. Do you mind that they are diaper pins?" asked Jane.

"These are perfect Jane! I am sure that they will do just fine." Jane was also good friends with Elizabeth, and if she had any idea of why I wanted the safety pins, I knew she would have never agreed to give them to me. As Jane started to leave She smiled curiously at me as I placed the two pins in my shirt pocket. The first phase of my practical joke was now complete, I now only had to wait for the right moment to make my next move. After thirty minutes or so and three beers later, my chance came when I noticed Elizabeth's two friends leave their table and walked towards the women's bathroom. I knew then I had to move quickly. So I took another drink, cleared my throat and walked up to Elizabeth.

"Hi Ya Sweet Pea! How are you tonight?" I asked nervously.

"Oh, Hi Sam, I'm doing just fine. And You?"

"Very Good Thanks. Things just couldn't be better." I replied. I could tell Elizabeth was feeling a little Tipsy from the few drinks that she already had.

"Can I buy you another drink?" I offered. Elizabeth smiled and said, "Thank You Sam, that would be nice." I then reached into my pants pocket and pulled out money for Her drink and at the same time purposely dropped some change onto the floor. Dropping the change happened to be part of my plan.

"Whoops!" I said, "Clumsy Me!" I then knelt down and acted as though I was picking up the loose change off the floor. While I was kneeling, I managed to position myself behind Elizabeth's chair. I then quickly pulled the two diaper pins from my shirt pocket and began to carefully pin her hiked up skirt to her white blouse. Now when she stood up Her skirt would stay hiked up and cause her panties to be in plain view to everyone. I knew now that Elizabeth had to be feeling pretty high from Her few drinks because she never had a clue to what I was doing behind her chair. She just seemed to be preoccupied with the music and nursing her present drink. But just the same, I was extremely careful so she would not find out what I was doing to her. Just as I was pinning the second diaper pin into place, I gazed upon Elizabeth's white panties. They seemed somewhat unusual and thicker than regular panties. At closer inspection I noticed that they were kind of bulky and plastic like. I then nearly choked when I came to the realization that she wasn't wearing panties at all, but rather a White Disposable Diaper. I could feel my face turning red with embarrassment as I quickly stood up.

"Did you find all your change?" She asked looking up at me with a big smile.

"Ahhhh Yes" I stammered, still feeling flush about my discovery. I hadn't planned on Elizabeth wearing a Diaper. I was going to have to re-think this practical joke of mine. After all, It's one thing being seen in your underwear by everyone, but A Diaper! I then excused myself and told Elizabeth that I was going to the bar and would be right back with Her drink. She smiled and nodded her head in acknowledgement, then continued nursing Her now half empty drink. While I was standing at the bar my mind kept racing. I just couldn't figure out why Elizabeth was wearing a diaper. Was it because she had a bladder problem? Maybe she lost a bet with Her two friends. Whatever the reason, I knew I could not back down now. After all, I had already pinned her skirt to her blouse with the diaper pins and knew the odds of getting caught while trying to remove them were against me. I was just going to have to finish what I started and come up with some new ideas for this practical joke of mine. Then it hit me, "Diaper Pins in her skirt and blouse! She's wearing a Diaper! I've got it!" I thought to myself. But if there was ever a time I should have obeyed that little inner voice within me, this was that time. Something told me that maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. But my judgement was clouded from the drinks I had consumed and my ego wasn't going to allow me to pass up on a perfectly good practical joke. I then called my friend Jane over again and this time asked her for a piece of paper, some tape, and a Black Marking Pen. Jane gave me the strangest look, rolled her eyes and said, "What are you up to Sam?" I smiled and assured her that I really was in need of these items. Jane then started searching behind the bar and in the back room for the things I requested. I knew that I would have to hurry if I was going to carry out the next part of my new plan. Especially before Veronica and Juanita returned from the bathroom. What seemed like an eternity was actually only a few minutes when Jane returned with the items.

"Thank You so much Jane. I owe you big!" I told her.

"Oh, One more thing Jane. Do you by any chance happen to have a Baby Bottle in your purse?" I quietly asked.

"As a matter of fact, I do Sam. Why? Do you need to borrow it also?" she asked with a funny smirk on her face.

"I sure do Jane. Would you please fill it up with beer and have the waitress bring it over to Elizabeth's table?" Jane looked at me strangely and wasn't sure what to make of my odd request.

"Sure Sam, I don't know what it is your up to, but I'll do it." I thanked her, paid her for the drink and went back to my seat at the end of the bar. Quickly I took the large piece of paper Jane had given me and wrote the follow on it with the Black Marking Pen.

"MY NAME IS BABY ELIZABETH AND I WEAR DIAPERS". I then applied the tape to the paper so that I could paste it gently onto Elizabeth's back. I know this seemed like a childish thing to do as an adult, but I had gone this far and there was no turning back now. I then walked over to Elizabeth's table and cunningly laid my hand on Her back causing the large sign to stick to her blouse. At the same time that my hand was pressing the sign on her back, I bent down and whispered into her ear.

"The Waitress will bring your drink in a few minutes." Then realizing there was a slow romantic song playing, I added, "Would like to dance with me?" She smiled at me, put Her hand in mine and rose to her feet. As I lead her towards the dance floor, I could hear faint laughter from people behind us in the Club. I could only imagine that everyone we passed on our long walk to the dance floor was getting an eyeful of Elizabeth's diapered bottom and the sign on her back. Once on the Dance Floor I took her in my arms, being very careful not to cover the sign and proceeded to dance slowly with her. As we danced I could hear more laughter, this time coming from people on the dance floor. I knew everyone was now viewing Elizabeth's Diapers. But then something totally unexpected happened. While holding Elizabeth in my arms she looked up and gazed into my eyes, and the next thing I knew we were Kissing each other. Her kiss was so warm, soft, and passionate that I actually felt light on my feet, as though I was floating on a cloud. Feelings began to stir in me that I never knew I could have for my friend. For the next few moments we had both become completely and totally oblivious to everyone around us in the Night Club. Then suddenly the song ended as did our kiss. And once again we were both made aware of our surroundings by applause and laughter coming from the people on the dance floor. At that moment, I had a sick feeling in my stomach and felt so ashamed of the practical joke I had just played on my friend. Elizabeth thought the applause was for our kiss during the dance, but I knew better. I quickly grabbed her hand and led her off the dance floor and towards her table. The laughter seemed to be getting louder and closer as I am sure the word was spreading about Elizabeth's embarrassing situation. But poor Elizabeth still had no idea that everyone was laughing at her exposed diaper. I thought that if I could just get her back to her chair and seated again I could then figure a way to remove the pins and sign. But no such luck, for as we reached Her table Elizabeth's two friends were sitting there. And in the middle of the table was the baby bottle filled with beer. Elizabeth picked up the baby bottle and with a curious look on her face asked me what this was all about. Before I could say anything Veronica yelled out, ":Elizabeth! Your Skirt!" Her friend then quickly jumped up and tried to pull the skirt down, but in vain. I could see the panic in Elizabeth's eyes as she dropped the baby bottle and put her hands behind her back trying desperately to cover her bottom. Now looking at me with tears in her eyes she cried, "How Could You Sam?" As She then made a dash for the front door of the Club followed closely by her two friends. I could hear laughter coming from all over the room. But as I looked around, I saw that there were not as many laughing as there were Women giving me looks of anger and disgust. Even Jane gave me a disapproving look from behind the bar that sent chills down my spine.

"What have I done?" I thought to myself. This was just suppose to be a practical joke. I never wanted to hurt Her. I felt so bad for Elizabeth and knew I had to talk with her and beg her forgiveness. Just then I heard Jane yell out to me, "Sam, How could you do that to Elizabeth? That was just plain mean! I sure wouldn't want to be in your shoes if Elizabeth decides to get even." Jane's words made me feel even worse, and I knew I had to go find Elizabeth right away to apologize. I quickly left the Night Club and began desperately searching for Her. Once outside, I heard crying coming from the parking lot next to the Club. Following the sound I came upon Elizabeth leaning against her Van and sobbing into her hands. She was being comforted and guarded closely by Veronica and Juanita. I slowly walked up to them, clearing my throat and with a shaky voice said, "Elizabeth?" Just then Elizabeth stopped crying, looked up at me and began wiping her tears away with a handkerchief. Then Juanita spoke up, "Why don't you just leave Sam! Can't you see you've done enough harm?"

"NO! Wait!" said Elizabeth, "I want to say a few things first." Then in a pleading voice I said, "Elizabeth, I am so sorry, Please forgive me!" The three women just glared at me as if my words meant nothing. Then Elizabeth spoke up, "Forgive You Sam? Oh, I am sure in time I will forgive you. But for now, I am very hurt, humiliated, and very, very angry with you. If you must know, I have a bladder problem. I depend on diapers for protection, especially when I am having a few drinks. And before tonight, the only people who knew about my problem was Veronica, Juanita, and my Doctor. Now, thanks to you Sam, the whole Damn Town will know about it." I interrupted, "I know Elizabeth, and I am so sorry. It was just suppose to be a practical joke is all."

"Practical Joke?" yelled Elizabeth.

"Don't you think that was a pretty mean Practical Joke Sam? Would you like it if I played that kind of Joke on you?" I lowered my head in shame and sheepishly said "No, I guess I wouldn't. Isn't there some way I can make this up to you?" Then in a calm voice Elizabeth replied, "You have just humiliated me in front of all of my friends Sam. How could you possibly make that up to me? I just don't know if you can. Now if you will excuse me I want to go home and forget all about tonight." Elizabeth and her two friends then got into the Van and quickly drove off with me still standing there in the parking lot. I felt bad for what I had done and did not feel comfortable returning to the Club that night. I guess I was just too afraid of being scolded by Jane and others in the Club. I then entered my own car and left for home knowing that I would not be returning to the Club until Elizabeth had forgiven me.

The next three months went by slowly for me. It was now mid October and my Construction work had slowed down considerably, which left me with a lot of free time on my hands. I had not been in contact with Elizabeth, nor had I even gone back to the Night Club since that night in July. I guess I was just to ashamed to face her and others at the Club. I knew that I had developed deep feelings for Elizabeth since our kiss on the dance floor that night. But then again, I also knew that my stupid practical joke may have cost me the love and friendship of Elizabeth forever. Every time I closed my eyes I could still see the hurt look on her face and her tear-filled eyes Then there were times that fear gripped me for a brief moment as I could still hear Jane's haunting words in my mind. That night in the Club when she had said that she wouldn't want to be in my shoes if Elizabeth ever decides to get even. It's true that Elizabeth always seemed to get the upper hand when we played practical jokes on each other. Like the time I had released the air out of just one of her Van tires while she was at work. And she responded the following day by letting the air out of all four of my car tires while I was working. Or the time I made arrangements with the local florist and had a bouquet of Weeds sent to her office. She quickly retaliated by dumping the contents of a bag of steer manure in front of my Apartment door in the middle of the night. I will have to admit, Elizabeth was a worthy opponent when it came to practical jokes. But I reassured myself that she would not try to get even this time. First, because three months had passed and I felt that she wanted nothing more to do with me. Second, I felt as though she would just want to drop the subject because of the severity of what I had done. And Third, I figured what could she possibly do for revenge, make me wear a diaper? I had to chuckle with that thought because I knew that there was no way that would ever happen, nor would I ever allow it to happen. I would have done almost anything to patch things up with Elizabeth, but definitely not that. My male ego would never allow me to stoop to that level.

Friday finally arrived and I had reserved myself to just stay home and watch some television. It was around 8:00 pm and I had just got comfortable on my couch, ready to watch a movie when my telephone rang. Although my telephone was in the Kitchen which was only a matter of a few feet in my small apartment, I was still reluctant to leave my comfortable couch. Finally, on the third ring I answered it and almost fell over when I heard the voice on the other end.

"Hi Sam, It's me Elizabeth. Did I call you at a bad time?" I was almost speechless but managed to reply "Ah, Err No, I mean, this isn't a bad time to call." Elizabeth started laughing at my response and said, "Look Sam, It's been a long time since we last spoke. I want you to know that I stopped being mad at you a long time ago. And to be perfectly honest, I have actually missed you. I wanted to invite you over to my house tonight for a few drinks. Can you make it?" At that moment I felt a great weight lift from my chest and was so happy to hear Elizabeth's voice once again.

"Sure Elizabeth, I can make it. What time should I be there?"

"Can you be here at 9:00?" was her reply.

"Yes!" I answered quickly.

"Good, I'll see you then Sam. Bye-Bye." As I hung up the phone I could feel my face muscles tighten as I was smiling from ear to ear. I was so happy that Elizabeth and I were friends once again. Besides, I thought there was a chance that I might be able to continue that Kiss we started three months ago at the Club. Over the next hour I was acting just like a young teenage boy who was getting ready for his very first date. I even developed a bad case of Butterflies in my stomach, which only seemed to get worse on the drive over to Elizabeth's house. Our town was so small that it only took me ten minutes to drive from my apartment to Elizabeth's place. As I got out of my car, my legs felt weak as I walked up to her front door and rang the door bell. Suddenly the door opened and there was Elizabeth dressed in a black leather jump-suit and looking extremely sexy. In all the years I've known Elizabeth I had never seen her dressed in leather. She gave me a big smile and held out her arms to hug me. I quickly and without any reservations put my arms around her and held her tight and very close to me. I kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear, "Oh Elizabeth, I've missed you so much, and I am so sorry for what I did to you at the Club." She quickly broke free of our embrace and said, "Let's just forget all about that episode in our lives and move on. Besides, you are three minutes late you bad little boy." Then in a playful way she slapped my butt and continued by saying.

"Now come in and make yourself comfortable while I make us our drinks." The slap on my butt caught me totally off guard. Elizabeth had never done that to me in all the years we've known each other. I just couldn't put my finger on it, but Elizabeth seemed different to me somehow. Then again maybe I was just imagining things. The next thing I knew Elizabeth had taken me by the hand and led me into her Living Room. Her home was Beautiful and custom made, with four bedrooms and even a remodeled and furnished basement. I had been to her home many times over the years and always felt somewhat envious. I had always wished I could own a home like hers and she knew it. As I sat down on her couch Elizabeth walked over to the bar in her living room to make us each a drink. I spoke up and said, "I'll have a cold beer if you have one."

"Sorry Sam" she said "No beer tonight. I'm making us special drinks in celebration of our reunion." Within a few minutes, Elizabeth returned to the couch with the largest drinks I had ever seen.

"So what is this drink called?" I asked curiously. Elizabeth just smiled and said, "I call it Elizabeth's Surprise! Now drink up!" Without giving it any more thought, I began sipping down my drink.

"Not bad" I said.

"Glad you like it Sam, There is plenty more where that came from." She said with an evil grin on her face. Over the next 20 minutes or so we talked over old times, but not once did either of us bring up what had happened last July at the Club. The whole time we talked I couldn't keep my eyes off Elizabeth. She looked so sexy in that black leather jump suit of hers. My drink was almost gone and I began to feel a little light headed when I said to her, "This drink is pretty strong! What's in here anyway?" She just smiled and replied, "It's my own secret recipe. Besides, I'll tell you soon enough. Here, let me make you another." With that, she took my large glass and began making me another drink at the bar. As she was mixing my drink I seemed to hear that little inner voice in me again, telling me that something wasn't just right. But once again I shrugged the feeling off and assumed it was because of the large amount of alcohol I had just consumed. My thoughts were interrupted when Elizabeth returned with my second drink.

"Here Sam, Drink Up!" she snapped. I quickly took my drink from her and did as I was told. Within ten minutes or so my drink was half empty and I was really starting to feel strange. Almost like I was drunk but with a full awareness of everything around me. I even noticed at that point that Elizabeth's first and only drink had barely been touched. It was at that moment Elizabeth spoke up and said, "Sam, I've had some remolding done to my home since the last time you were here. I know you are in construction and I would like to get your opinion on the changes I've made. Would you mind taking a tour of my home with me?" Struggling to get to my feet, my head spinning, I agreed to look at her new renovations made to her home. With Elizabeth by my side holding onto my arm and helping me to walk straight, I managed to walked down the hallway just off her living room towards the bedrooms. At the end of the hallway and just across from her Master Bedroom, she led me into one of the smaller bedroom. Once inside, she turned on a florescent overhead light which revealed that this one time bedroom now had the appearance of an exam room. It was just like the kind you would find at a Doctors office. It even had an exam table complete with stirrups in the middle of the room. By now, I was feeling really weak and to drunk to even notice anything else in the room. Elizabeth then commented on how awful I looked and walked me over to the exam table and sat me down on it. Just as I sat down I felt something on my right wrist and then heard a "Click-Click". When I looked down, I realized that Elizabeth had just hand cuffed me to a bar on the side of the exam table. I looked at her for an explanation as she was backing away from me and stood by the doorway of the room.

"Elizabeth! What's going on here?" I said slurring my words. Elizabeth glared at me and said, "Sam, Just shut up and listen to me! I've got a lot I want to say to you before you pass out. I want you to listen and comprehend everything I am about to tell you. Do you understand me?" Shock came over me along with a big dose of fear. I knew Elizabeth was about to get even with me in some way for the practical joke I played on her last July. All I could do was nod my head and try to focus on what she was about to say.

"First of all Sammy Boy, You know I always seem to out-do you when it comes to practical jokes. What you did to me at the Club last July was the last practical joke you will ever play. You caused me great humiliation in front of everyone that night, but not as bad as I am going to Humiliate you. When I am through with you, all you will want out of life is your diapers changed and to be fed." A look of horror must have came over my face as she spoke those words because she burst into laughter and then continued with her threats.

"That's right Sammy, You heard me correctly. Diapers! I have a large supply of Adult Size Diapers and Plastic Pants for you to wear. I am even in the process of sewing you some Adult Size Baby Clothes. You are going to be taught a lesson you will never forget for what you did to me. For starters, you will be giving up your apartment and living here with me from now on as Baby Sammy. I will have all of your possessions from your apartment donated to charity. And since you will no longer have any need for them, I am also going to donate all of your clothes to charity. And the funniest thing about all of this Baby Sammy, is that there is nothing you can do to stop it. I have been planning for this day now for the last three months. And as you can see I've turned this room into an exam room. I have even made another bedroom into a nursery for you. And just wait until you see what wonderful changes I've made to my basement." Elizabeth's words were cutting through me like a knife through butter, but there was nothing I could do at the moment being hand cuffed to the table and feeling so light headed. I began feeling weaker and weaker, almost like I was going to pass out. Then Elizabeth confirmed what I had already figured out for myself.

"Are we feeling a little sleepy Baby Sammy? That's because Auntie Elizabeth put a powerful drug in your drinks. Soon you will fall fast asleep and then I can start preparing you for your new lifestyle. I'm sorry Sweetie that I had to resort to drugs to over-power you, but it's apparent that you are much stronger than me and I needed some way to get the upper hand on you. So just relax Sammy and when you wake up tomorrow morning you will have been transformed into my little baby and will no doubt have wet diapers on. Now before you pass out on me, there is one more surprise I want to share with you." Elizabeth turned around and opened the door to the exam room. As my eyes were beginning to close I saw Veronica and Juanita walk into the room.

"You remember My friends don't you Baby Sammy? They are going to help me take care of you. They both have special skills at the Hospital that will help me transform you into the biggest diaper wetting baby this town has ever seen." As my eyes closed completely I realized that I was now so weak that I began to slump over. Suddenly I felt hands grabbing me from all over and laying me down on the exam table. I felt my right wrist being released from the handcuff, but there was little I could do about it for I had become so weak that I could not even raise my arms. As I lay there with my eyes closed and in a semi conscious state, I was actually paralyzed and as helpless as a baby when the three women began removing all of my clothing. One of the three women actually began ripping my shirt off me while another was removing my shoes and socks. Then suddenly I felt chills run down my spine as someone was unfastening my pants and pulling them off of my body followed by my underwear. I knew at that moment that I was completely naked as I felt my legs being pulled apart and lifted as they were placed in the stirrups attached to the exam table. I then felt straps being fastened around each of my ankles. At the same time my hands were brought above my head and each of my wrist were likewise fasten with straps to each corner of the exam table. The last thing I can vaguely remember just before I lost all consciousness was someone rubbing some type of cream all over my body and hearing the words Hair Removal.

"Sammy, Oh Baby Sammy, Wake up Baby Boy." were the words I heard that brought me out of my deep sleep. I remember a bright light shinning down on me as I began to open my eyes.

"Oh No" I mumbled as I tried to get up. Realizing that not only were my hands still bound, but my feet were still in the stirrups and strapped down as well.

"Well Good Morning Little Baby Boy, It's 8:00 am Saturday morning, and time for all good babies to wake up." Elizabeth said teasingly. I still had not gathered all of my thoughts but did begin to recall some of the events from last night. As my eyes fully opened, and my vision cleared, there stood Elizabeth wearing a pink satin robe and smiling down at me as though she had just won the State Lottery.

"Oh My! Baby Boy, You sure look cute this morning. Did you sleep well? It looks like my little Baby Sammy no longer has any hair on his body. All of my Baby's hair is gone except what was left on top of his head." Elizabeth teased as she ran her fingers up and down my now hairless chest and arms. Then she placed her hand behind my head and lifted it slightly so that I could see the end of the table better.

"And How cute does my little Baby Sammy look in his new Diapers and Plastic Panties?" I gasped for air as I saw that I was indeed thickly Diapered, and with bright yellow Side Snap Plastic Pants on as well. The diapers felt so bulky and somewhat heavy between my legs. I soon discovered the reason for their heaviness as Elizabeth pulled back the waist band of my plastic pants to reveal that the thick cloth diapers I was wearing were totally wet. Elizabeth then began to tease me, "Oh, Did My Wittle Baby Sammy Wet His Diapers? Him look so cute, just like a Big Baby! Yes He does! But don't be upset Baby, Auntie Elizabeth will change your wet diapers and then feed you some breakfast." I began to struggle and tried to break free from the straps that bound me, when all of a sudden I felt Elizabeth's hand smack the inside of my right thigh.

"Ouch! That hurt! Come on Elizabeth, this has gone far enough! Please let me get up so I can put my clothes back on. You've had your fun with me and now we are even. No more practical jokes, I promise!" Elizabeth began giggling like a young school girl at my pleas as she walked to the end of the exam table and now stood between my wide spread legs. She once again grabbed the waist band of my plastic pants and began snapping them against my stomach over and over in a playful manner. Then She placed her other hand on top of my diapered covered penis and began rubbing back and forth. I was so thickly diapered that most of the sensation was being caused by the movement of my wet diapers. But still the same, I managed to achieve an erection. Then in a stern voice Elizabeth said, "So my Baby Sammy wants me to let him go so that he can get dressed, does He? Well Baby Boy, that will Never happen!" Elizabeth then continued to give me a strict lecture for the next ten minutes.

"And to think that you have the nerve to say that We Are Even! I don't think so Little Baby. As I told you last night, the changes I am going to make in your life will be permanent and this will be your new home and lifestyle from now on. When I am finished with you, you will have become totally Incontinent and will actually need those diapers you are wearing. You are going to become My Diaper Dependant Baby and you will have no choice in the matter. And within a short period of time I am sure that you will come to accept your fate. As for the clothes you wore last night, well lets just say that big babies like yourself have no need for adult clothes. So while you were sleeping the girls and I burnt them in my fireplace. In fact, right now Veronica and Juanita are at your apartment and packing all of your possessions and clothes so they can be donated to Charity. We have also informed your landlord that you will be giving up your apartment." You could see the sweet taste for revenge on Elizabeth's face as she continued her lecturing, "Physically you may be stronger than we are but that is only going to be a temporary problem. We can control you with drugs to make you lose control of your bowels and bladder and even certain drugs that will make you as weak as a kitten. In time you will lose all muscle control of your body and will actually depend on us for all of your needs. Juanita is a Pharmacist at the Hospital and can obtain any drugs we may need. And Veronica has a Masters Degree in Hypnotherapy and again with the aid of a few drugs will have no problem helping you to become the baby that I want you to be." Elizabeth's words burned inside me and although she was still rubbing the front of my diapers as she spoke, I had lost my erection. I was a grown man who wasn't going to tolerate Her threats of reducing me to a diaper wearing baby. I just had to find a way to escape this torment. Then Elizabeth interrupted my thoughts by saying, "Oh Dear! Did my poor Wittle Baby's Wee-Wee get soft? Maybe Baby Sammy doesn't feel good and needs his temperature taken." Then expertly she began to undo the snaps of my Plastic Pants, First one side and then the other. Pulling the front of my plastic pants down off of my diapers, she announced, "Oh you are a very wet Baby aren't you?" Then She proceeded to unpin my thick wet diapers and pulled them down as well. Which by the way revealed that all of my pubic hair had also been removed. Then reaching under the exam table She produced a tube of K-Y Jelly and the Largest rectal thermometer I had ever seen in my life. My legs were spread so far apart that my rectum was at Elizabeth's mercy along with the rest of my manhood. Elizabeth began pouring liberal amounts of the K-Y Jelly all over my rectum as She smoothed it inside and out with her finger. Suddenly I arched my back as I felt the long thermometer enter me as far as it possible could.

"There we go, All In Baby Sammy. Soon we will know if you have a temperature or not." Elizabeth said in a demeaning voice. Then She began pouring more K-Y Jelly all over my hairless diaper area and started massaging my penis. It didn't take more than a few seconds before I was once again fully erect. With a sensuous smile on her face Elizabeth began removing her satin robe which revealed that she had been totally naked under it. Moving from between my legs and back to the side of the table, she once again grabbed my penis and put her face up against mine as she gave me a gentle Kiss on the lips. Without saying a word she got on-top of the table and straddled me. While staring into my eyes she slowly lowered herself down onto my now very erect penis until it had vanished deep within her. Placing her hands on my shoulders she began rocking back and forth while releasing slight moans of delight. Within minutes she was rocking her hips faster and faster as I could feel every muscle in our bodies begin to tighten. Her moans had grown louder and louder and before long she had collapsed on my chest as we had both climaxed. Elizabeth just laid on me for a while without moving a muscle. I began to think that maybe this is all Elizabeth had really wanted from me and would soon release me from my binds. I decided to take a chance and in a soft spoken voice I asked, "Elizabeth Honey, May I be released now?" Elizabeth sat up and glared at me as though I had lost my mind. Without any warning she slapped me across the face and started lecturing me again.

"How many times do you need to be told? I guess you'll need some punishment to help you understand that I mean business with you." She quickly got off of me and put her satin robe back on. Then walking to the end of the table She once again stood between my legs. Grabbing the large thermometer that was still inserted in me She began moving to move it in and out of my rectum. Slowly at first and then without warning the motion became faster and faster.

"Feel Good Baby Boy? I'm just doing to you what you did to me with that practical joke of yours. So how does it feel to be Screwed?" Elizabeth said with an angry voice. Then suddenly, She removed the thermometer and began spanking me with her open and bare hand. Slap after slap came across my cheeks as I cringed with each hard blow. I could feel the stinging pain becoming worse and worse as she continued spanking me. Then pausing for a moment she reached under the table and produced a large paddle. Stepping back, she raised the paddle and began spanking me again. After only a few minutes I could no longer bare the pain. My eyes were beginning to fill with tears as I begged for her to stop. She smiled and quickly gave me one more hard swat before She turned to me and said, "So Baby Boy, Are you going to accept your fate or do I need to punish you some more?" I quickly showed her my submission by nodding my head up and down.

"That's a good Baby! And now Auntie Elizabeth will get you into some clean dry diapers so we can have our breakfast. Which by the way will be a bottle of warm milk for you Baby Sammy." Elizabeth then went to one of the many cabinets in the room and pulled out Two large White Cotton diapers and a pair of white side snap plastic pants. Then reaching in another cabinet, took out baby powder and a container of baby wipes. Once again she stood between my legs and removed my wet diapers and plastic pants that laid under me and placed them in a nearby diaper pail. With a fresh baby wipe she began cleaning my diaper area and rectum as though she had plenty of experience with this sort of thing. Now folding the two large diapers together she had me raise my hips as she slid them under my still very sore ass. After sprinkling a generous amount of baby powder on me she pulled the thick diapers up between my legs and fasten each side tightly with large diaper pins. While shaking out the large Adult sized plastic pants she commented on how these would help protect her furniture when I had accidents. Then making me raise my hips again, she slid the plastic pants under me and pulled them up over my diapers. Quickly snapping them into place and adjusting them so that my diapers would not peek from under the big baby pants. Then abruptly Elizabeth left the room, and returned a few minutes later carrying a Pacifier, Bib, and a large baby bottle filled with warm milk which she placed in my mouth.

"Here is your breakfast Baby Sammy. Auntie Elizabeth wants you to drink it all up or I will be forced to punish you again." She said as she was tieing the large bib around my neck. Fearing another spanking, I closed my eyes in shame and quickly began sucking on the baby bottle as though I were a real infant. It did not take long before I had consumed every drop of milk that was in my bottle.

"Oh! What a Good Baby Boy you are Sammy for drinking all of your Ba-Ba." Elizabeth cooed as she removed the empty bottle from my mouth and replaced it with the very large pacifier. I was so humiliated by Elizabeth's baby treatment of me and for the way I was dressed. However, at the same time I was also feeling somewhat relieved that no one else could see me in my predicament. Then suddenly my relieved feeling seemed to vanish as I heard muffled voices and laughter coming from the living room. The sounds seemed to be getting closer and closer to the exam room where I laid in my baby attire. Elizabeth looked at me with an evil smile and said, "It seems as though we have Company Baby Sammy." I could not bare the thought and humiliation of being seen dressed like this by others. I wanted to escape so desperately that my arms and legs began to pull on the straps that kept me bound to the table. At that moment there came a loud knock at the Exam Room door and in walked Veronica and Juanita. Both women were laughing hysterically as they quickly pulled Elizabeth over to one side of the room so that I could not hear their conversation. All I could make out were whispering voices and a great deal of laughter. Then Juanita pulled something from a small paper bag that she was carrying and handed it to Elizabeth. I could not quite see what the item was but had a strange feeling that it had something to do with me. As the women were viewing the item they began to break out into uncontrollable laughter. Then while still laughing the three women began walking towards me. Elizabeth quickly took the item that Juanita had handed her a few moments earlier and placed it behind her back. As they gathered around me I heard Veronica say, "I see Baby Sammy has already had a diaper change this morning. I bet He is going to make an adorable Baby Girl." And then all three women began laughing again. Then Juanita laughingly said, "I wonder if Baby Sammy has any Pink Plastic Panties in his Nursery?" And once again laughter filled the room. I wasn't sure what was going on but I had a feeling that I was about to become even more humiliated than I already was. Just then Elizabeth spoke up, "Well Baby Sammy, I have some news to share with you. First, Veronica and Juanita have just returned from your apartment. They have just finished packing everything you own and then donated them to Charity. It appears as though you no longer own any adult clothes! Well, you do have one piece of clothing left." Then Elizabeth pulled the item from behind her back and held it out for all to see. It was a pair of Women's White Silk Panties. Elizabeth went on to say, "Can you guess where these came from Baby Boy? Or should I say Baby Girl? It appears that Juanita here found them in your underwear drawer as she was packing it's contents up in a box. Does my Baby Sammy have a secret desire to wear ladies panties?" I quickly spit the pacifier from my mouth as I tried to explain the reason for the panties being in my drawer.

"They belong to my ex-wife!" I shouted.

"They must have been mixed up with my underwear before we separated!" Veronica replaced the pacifier in my mouth and said.

"Come now Baby Samantha, I am sure you can come up with a better excuse than that." Elizabeth quickly added, "I warned you Baby that I was going to humiliate you whenever possible. And these adorable panties have given us a wonderful idea. No longer will you become my Big Baby Boy, but rather my Big Baby GIRL! All we need to do is make a few slight alterations with some of the baby clothes in your nursery. And I am sure we can acquire a few pretty baby dresses for you as well. Now then my Baby, the three of us need to go and prepare everything for your baby training today. We have to get you ready and in the right frame of mind for your big Surprise Party next week." With that being said, Elizabeth placed the panties over my head and made sure that my eyes were covered. Then once again the women began laughing at me as they quickly left the room. Suddenly, Elizabeth's final words before leaving the room registered in my mind. Surprise Party! What Surprise Party? I wasn't sure what Elizabeth meant nor at that moment did I care. All I knew is that this whole ordeal had gone way to far and that I had to find some way to escape. I began twisting my wrist and legs, trying desperately to break free of the straps that held me down. I was certain that if Elizabeth caught me trying to escape that she would surely and severely spank me again. Therefor I knew that I had to break free completely or not at all as I continued my efforts to escape. The fact that I was wearing diapers with a pacifier in my mouth and a pair of women's panties over my head seemed to give me the courage to want to break free. I felt so humiliated in my state and knew that I would endure much more if I did not escape soon. Suddenly, perseverance paid off when my left leg broke free of the strap on the stirrup. A feeling of relief came over me followed by a fear that I still had three straps to go. I had to succeed quickly before anyone returned and caught me trying to free myself. I now began pulling my right leg harder than ever and felt as though I may soon break free from this strap also. Then suddenly, the exam room door opened and I could hear someone walk in and set what sounded like a metal tray down on a table. I could only hear what I thought was happening for I could not see a thing with the panties over my head. Then in a loud panicking voice I heard Veronica scream, "Elizabeth! Juanita! Come quick! He's trying to escape!" Before I knew what was happening, Veronica had wrapped her arms tightly around my free leg and was soon joined by Elizabeth and Juanita. As Elizabeth helped Veronica hold my leg, I heard her tell Juanita to grab the syringe from the tray on the table. Within seconds, Juanita began pulling up on the leg opening of my diapers and plastic pants so that my hip and bottom were partially exposed. Then like a sting from a Honey Bee I felt Juanita plunge the needle deep into my bottom. Every muscle in me began to tighten as I attempted one last try towards freedom. As Juanita emptied the contents of the syringe into my bottom, I knew that I had now lost my last chance of ever escaping. Then with relief in her voice, I heard Elizabeth say, "You can relax now girls, he will be as weak as a kitten in just a few minutes." Hearing those words caused me to lose all hope as I laid there in defeat. I knew that my captors would never provide me with another chance to escape again. Elizabeth then removed the panties from my head and the pacifier from my mouth. She stared into my eyes and with anger in her voice said, "So baby, you almost managed to free yourself. Well I can promise you that will never happen again. Juanita just gave you a smaller dose of the same drug that was in your drink last night. You will soon feel light headed and very, very weak. Every muscles in your body will become feeble and you will have no strength left at all. Even your sphincter muscles will relax, causing you to uncontrollably wet your diapers. The nice thing about this particular drug is that you will be aware of all of your feelings and emotions. Which will also include your feelings of humiliation, but will be to weak to do anything about them. You will even be aware mentally of what is happening around you as long as we don't give you a larger dose. If that should ever happen, you would just pass out like you did last night. You will be given this drug everyday for as long as it takes to transform you into the baby I want. In time, you will lose all hope and will come to accept your fate. You will never get the opportunity, nor will you be physically able to try and escape from me again. You will be drugged during the day and kept bound and locked in a crib at night. Now Baby Samantha, very soon you will begin to feel the effects of the drug. Then we will remove your remaining straps and take you to see what is in my basement. And don't think for one moment that you won't be punished for your futile attempt at trying to escape. You will soon learn to behave like a good baby once you have visited my basement a few times." Then Elizabeth turned from me and began talking quietly to Veronica and Juanita as though she was giving them some type of instructions. Suddenly my head began to spin as though I were drunk. My body began to feel so weak that I could barely move my leg that I had freed from the strap earlier. Then without any warning I began to pee myself. No matter how hard I tried, I could not stop the stream of pee from flowing into my diapers. All I could do was close my eyes in shame and try to prepare myself for the punishment and humiliation that was soon to follow.

My eyes slowly opened as I realized that the three women had now gathered around me and began removing the remaining three straps. Not that my new found freedom would do me any good in my drugged frame of mind. It was just as Elizabeth had told me moments earlier. I was still totally aware of everything that was happening to me but felt as though I were drunk. My strength was now all but gone and I felt as weak as a three day old kitten. With ease the three women pulled me up into a sitting position at the edge of the exam table. Carefully they helped me off the table and onto the floor. Then Elizabeth commanded, "Get down on your hands and knees Baby Samantha! You are much to unstable to walk in your condition. Besides, Big Babies like you are suppose to crawl." With the aid of the women I slowly went to my knees and assumed a crawling position. To further my humiliation Elizabeth produced a large black leather dog collar from one of the cabinets in the room and attached it around my neck. Veronica then quickly followed behind Elizabeth and attached a long chain to my collar while handing the other end to Elizabeth.

"Come on Baby! Let's take you to the basement." Elizabeth said teasingly as she pulled on the chain. Slowly I began crawling towards the door as though I were a real baby. I was just about to exit the room when Juanita reached down and grabbed the back of my diapers and gave them a firm squeeze.

"Oh look Girls! Our Big Baby has wet her diapers again." Juanita said as she then patted the back of my wet diapers. Veronica began laughing and quickly pulled back the waist band of my plastic panties to confirm Juanita's discovery. Elizabeth just smiled at me and said, "Oh, What a good Baby you are Samantha." She then continued pulling on the chain and led me out of the room and into the long hallway. With my head still spinning and no apparent strength in my body, I clumsily crawled unknowingly to what was about to become my most severe punishment yet. Finally reaching the end of the hallway and then crawling through Elizabeth's kitchen, we came to the basement door. I could feel my heart pounding with fear as I glanced up and watched Elizabeth place her hand on the door knob. I knew that whatever was behind this door was going to somehow cause me a great deal of pain and humiliation. As Elizabeth slowly opened the door I could see that there were at least ten or twelve steps leading downward into total darkness. Then quickly turning on a light switch just inside the door Elizabeth announced, "You better crawl down these steps backwards little Baby Samantha. We don't want you to fall face first down these stairs and hurt yourself." Awkwardly and reluctantly I did as I was told and began to descend the stairs backwards with Elizabeth still holding onto the chain. Veronica and Juanita had gone down the stairs before me so that they could taunt and tease me as they watched my diapered bottom come down the stairs first. Both girls patted and squeezed my wet bottom as they cheered with each step I descended. Finally reaching the bottom of the stairs I was completely exhausted and humiliated. Slowly I raised my head only to view a sight that caused total and complete terror to run through me. I was so consumed with fear that I actually began to wet my diapers again. I knew that I was going to be punished severely when I realized that Elizabeth had remodeled her basement into a complete and fully stocked S&M Dungeon. Chills ran down my spine as I stared at the many different types of whips and paddles hanging on the walls. Even the bizarre furniture like a vinyl covered table and a rack with restraints seemed to initiate fear within me. But the most intimidating device of all was a heavy timber squared frame called a Stock. The bottom section of the Stocks frame consisted of three cutout semicircle holes. One in the middle for a persons neck to rest on and two on each end for their wrist. The upper piece of timber also had three semicircles holes. This was lowered and placed on the back of a persons neck and wrist then secured to the bottom frame with padlocks. The head and wrist would be so tightly secured between the timber that escaping from it was virtually impossible. I had also noticed that this particular design was built low to the floor which kept it's captive on their knees and prevented them from standing. It was this device that I feared the most because of it's capability of exposing one to extreme humiliating and demeaning positions. All I could do as I gazed upon my upcoming punishments was to whimper in fear like a baby. Elizabeth then peered down at me and seemed to be well aware of my fear as she began to pronounce my sentence.

"Take a good look around Baby Samantha. I had this room remodeled almost three months ago with you in mind. And for being such a naughty Baby and trying to escape, you will spend the next hour or so being punished. Once you have spent a few sessions here in my Dungeon, you will learn to be the docile and trouble free baby that I want you to be." Then with a swift pull on my chain, Elizabeth began leading me towards the vinyl covered table on the other side of the room. I had nearly crawled to the vinyl table when I heard Juanita call out from behind me.

"Elizabeth! Would it be OK' with you if we begin Baby Samantha's punishment with this device?" Even in my intoxicating state of mind I knew that Juanita's question meant that one of my worst fears was about to come upon me. Looking behind me at the center of the room, I saw Juanita and Veronica standing next to the Stock with mischievous smiles on their faces. It was as though Elizabeth could read the minds of her two friends as she began to laugh sadistically. Without saying a word she just pulled on my chain and had me crawl in the direction of Veronica and Juanita. Upon reaching our destination, Elizabeth then led me around to the back of the Stock. Then by pulling upward on my chain, She brought me from a crawling position up to my knees. Kneeling only a foot from the dreaded device with my tired arms at my sides, Elizabeth began to removed my collar. Then She placed a vinyl covered foot stool in front of me as Veronica and Juanita raised the upper timber of the Stock. I began to tremble as Elizabeth placed her hand on the back of my head and pushed me forward until my stomach rested over the foot stool and my neck laid over the lower half of the Stock. She then positioned my wrist into place as Veronica and Juanita quickly brought the upper timber down over me. Without hesitation, the three women began to clasp and pad lock the two timbers together leaving me totally imprisoned and at their mercy. The foot stool under my stomach actually caused my diaper covered bottom to be much higher than my head. Though still on my knees, I could feel my legs being spread wide apart by the women and once again straps being placed around my ankles. I was now so vulnerable, especially with my bottom so high in the air and my neck and wrist between two heavy pieces of lumber. My head was so low to the ground that I had to strain to look up at Elizabeth and her two friends who now stood before me. Without saying a word, Veronica and Juanita began removing their clothes until they were each down to just their bra and panties. Elizabeth however, was still wearing her pink satin robe and presumably naked beneath it. Under any other circumstance I would have been extremely aroused at the partially clothed women before me. But instead I was trembling with fear at the thought of what punishment Elizabeth and her friends had in store for me. I watched intently as Veronica went to the other side of the room and gathered a few other items from a cabinet. Upon returning, She knelt down next to my head and showed me one of the items that she had brought back with her.

"Do you know what this little toy is Baby Samantha? It's called a Butt Plug! And we will soon demonstrate on you how it is used." I clenched my fist as saw what Veronica held, for I was well aware of what a butt plug was used for. I had just never seen one so large before. It appeared to be made of rubber and must have been at least three or four inches long. Panic overwhelmed me as Veronica and Juanita then disappeared behind the Stock and seductively began rubbing my legs and patting my diapered bottom. It was as though they were cats playing with their prey before consuming it. I could only imagine that they were awaiting word from Elizabeth before proceeding any further. I then turned my attention to Elizabeth who was still standing in front of me. She looked down at me and smiled as she removed her satin robe and once again reveled her sensuous naked body to me. Then in a domineering voice she announced, "I think it is time to begin Baby Samantha's punishment. Not only will we punish you Baby, but you will not be allowed to leave my Dungeon until you have satisfied all three of us." Elizabeth then got down on her knees with her legs opened wide only inches from my face. Grabbing my head, she forcibly pulled my face into her womanhood.

"Satisfy me with your tongue Little Baby!" Elizabeth ordered as she began grinding her hips into my face. Obediently I opened my mouth and attempted to please her even while in my physical confinement. Then suddenly I felt the hands of Veronica and Juanita begin to undo the snaps of my plastic pants. One by one I felt the snaps release until finally my plastic baby pants were removed from me completely. I could hear the two women behind me laughing as one of them commented on how saturated my diapers had become. Then in unison I could feel my diaper pins unfastened and my soaked diapers being pulled away from my skin. I could only envision what Veronica and Juanita would do to me next as I continuously tried to please Elizabeth with my tongue. Moments later I felt hands pulling my cheeks apart while yet another hand was spreading what felt like Vaseline up and down my fully exposed bottom. The lubricated hand ran up and down my crack with an occasional finger being pushed deep inside my rectum. Desperately I tried to ignore my upcoming fate by concentrating fully on orally pleasing Elizabeth. When suddenly I felt my cheeks being spread farther apart by the women and the rubber plug being pushed slowly and steadily up my rectum. My screams were muffled by Elizabeth's womanhood as the entire plug was now deep inside me. Then distinctively I heard Veronica yell out, "You better not let it fall out Baby or the next one will be even larger." Fearing Veronica's threat, I tighten my muscles around the plug and painfully kept it in place. Simultaneously both women then began spanking my bottom with their bare hands.

"This will continue Little Baby Samantha until you have pleasured all three of us." yelled Juanita. Realizing that the sooner I did as I was told, the faster my punishment would end. Anxiously I focused on bringing Elizabeth to an orgasm with my tongue as my spanking continued. It was apparent that the punishment I was enduring at the hands of Veronica and Juanita was enhancing Elizabeth excitement. With each slap across my bottom I could hear Her breathing become more erratic and her hips seemed to move faster against my face. Within moments I could hear Elizabeth scream out as She pushed herself into my face and climaxed violently. At that moment my spanking had stopped but I was sure that it would begin again momentarily. After composing herself, Elizabeth looked down at me and smilingly said.

"One down and two to go Baby Samantha. Now it's my turn to go behind the Stock and deal with your cute little ass. Only Auntie Elizabeth is going to make you feel like the Panty wearing Baby Girl that I know you really are." Bursting into laughter, Elizabeth kissed the top of my head and then disappeared behind the Stock with her two friends. Only a few seconds had past before Juanita appeared before me and slowly began removing her yellow bikini panties and matching bra. Like Elizabeth before her, Juanita got down on her knees with her legs opened wide only inches from my face. While grasping my head and pushing herself into my face, I now found myself pleasing Juanita's mound with my tongue. Making good on her threats, I felt Elizabeth grab the Plug that was still inserted in me and begin to push it in and out of my rectum in a rhythmic motion.

"Does it feel good Baby Girl?" yelled Elizabeth.

"Does my Little Girl feel humiliated and used? Without a doubt I felt as though I was actually being raped at the hands of these women. Then to make matters worse, Veronica resumed spanking me while Elizabeth was violating me with the Plug. Over the next hour or so, I was continuously punished and humiliated by Elizabeth and her friends. I knew these women would never stop until all three had been brought to an orgasm. It was only after Veronica had finally climaxed did I have hope for an end to my torment. I was tired, weak, and sore from my long ordeal and just wanted to be released from my bondage. But Elizabeth had a few other ideas planned for me before my punishment session was finally over. As the three women were gathered behind me, I could feel one of them grab my cheek and give me another injection with a syringe. Then in a calming voice I heard Juanita say, "Don't worry Baby, It's just a very strong Diuretic to help make you pee more than normal. We want our Baby Samantha to make pee-pee in her diapers as often as possible." Then unexpectedly both of my cheeks were pulled apart and once again the dreaded Plug was reinserted back into my rectum.

"That's my good Baby Girl! Hold it in tight for Auntie as we get you diapered. We don't want you to have any accidents on the way to your Nursery." Elizabeth said teasingly. With the Plug still inserted, I could then feel a Disposable diaper being wrapped around me and quickly fastened by the women.

"Doesn't my Baby Girl look precious in her big Pamper?" said Elizabeth as she patted my bottom causing a crackling sound from my diaper.

"Won't she look even cuter when we put her into a pretty baby girl dress?" added Veronica. As the women giggled at their comments, I felt my ankles being released from the straps. Finally my long awaited release from the Stock was becoming a reality. Upon gaining my freedom, I was then quickly ordered back onto my hands and knees by Elizabeth as she refastened the collar and chain around my neck. While in my crawling position, I gazed up at my captors only to realize that all three women were still not wearing any clothes. There I was with three beautiful nude women and me on my hands and knees wearing diapers like a baby. My once prominent masculinity was slowly being stripped away from me by these three powerful and dominating women.

"Come Baby Girl, It's time to take you to your Nursery." commanded Elizabeth as she sharply pulled on my chain. Crawling like a baby, I was led by the three naked women to the next phase of my forced regression.

Crawling up the basement stairs and through the house to the Nursery was no easy task. My rectum was even more tender now from trying to hold the sizable Plug in as I crawled. The women taunted, teased, and swatted the back of my diaper the entire way. Juanita had even nick-named me Crinkle Pants because of the noisy sound my disposable diaper made as I crawled. Even though I was still under the influence of my initial drug, I was still experiencing extreme humiliation at my treatment. My anxiety grew as Elizabeth opened the door to the Nursery and led me in. My first instinct was to weep when I entered the room and saw what my future held for me. If it wasn't for the size of the furniture, I would have sworn that I was in an actual Baby's Nursery. The walls were painted a pastel yellow and decorated with Nursery Rhyme Characters. On one side of the room there was a large Locking Crib and Changing Table. On the other side I saw a large Play Pen filled with Stuffed toys and a enormous sized Dresser. I also caught a glimpse of the closet which seemed to have clothes hanging and what appeared to be boxes of disposable diapers inside. There was even a connecting bathroom to the Nursery with a bathtub and sink, but no Toilet. I was mortified at the thought that this was about to become my new life. I was a grown man who was about to be reduced to a diaper wearing baby. And I knew that there was nothing I could do to stop it from happening. I just lowered my head in submission and tried to accept what was about to happen to me. Then unexpectedly, Elizabeth handed Veronica my leash and said, "Why don't you and Juanita take Baby Samantha into the bathroom for a nice warm bubble bath while I prepare a few things for her here in the Nursery." Veronica eagerly took the chain from Elizabeth and looked down at me saying.

"Come with us Crinkle Pants. It's Bath Time!" Sheepishly I followed Veronica and Juanita on my hands and knees as they led me into the bathroom. Without any hesitation, Juanita rolled me over onto my back, pushed my legs up and began removing my disposable diaper.

"Still Dry?" She questioned.

"Well that will soon change once the Diuretic I gave you takes effect." Then reaching down, Juanita grabbed the end of the Plug that was still in my rectum and slowly pulled it out while Veronica removed my collar. Veronica began to giggle as she watched the Plug being removed by Juanita.

"Don't worry Baby Samantha" said Veronica, "We will be putting another one up your little ass again real soon. And I am sure that the next one is going to be much larger. We want our little baby here to feel what it is like to be a woman." Then grasping my penis, Veronica added.

"Won't little Crinkle Pants here look so sexy with her pee-pee covered in ladies panties? Oh don't worry baby, you will be kept in your diapers and plastic panties most of the time. After all, you soon won't have any control over your bodily functions and will be wetting and messing yourself all the time." Veronica's words must have caused a distressed look on my face as both women began to point and laugh hysterically at me. Releasing my penis, Veronica then began to run my bath water while Juanita added a feminine scented bubble bath. Within moments I was sitting in the bathtub as the two naked women began washing every inch of my hairless body. Juanita seemed to take extra time and care washing my penis. It was almost as if she were purposely trying to arouse me. Regrettably my bath was soon over and I was ordered to stand outside the bathtub so that I could be towel dried by the two women. As I stepped out of the bathtub, it became apparent to everyone that I had developed an erection.

"Oh look!" laughed Juanita.

"Our baby's pee-pee is standing up." Veronica quickly slapped my bottom and added.

"Maybe Crinkle Pants here is excited about being put back into diapers and being regressed to a Wittle Baby Girl." Veronica's words quickly took my mind off my excitable bath and brought me back to reality. My stomach began to feel weak as I was just reminded of my upcoming fate. Once my body had been thoroughly dried, I was then commanded to crawl back into the Nursery while naked. As I reluctantly entered the Nursery, I saw Elizabeth standing naked next to the large changing table.

"Here comes my clean sweet smelling Baby Girl. Is Baby ready for her fresh clean diapers?" Elizabeth asked with a wicked smile on her face. I just lowered my head in shame when suddenly Veronica brought a stinging slap with her hand across my bare bottom.

"What's wrong Crinkle Pants? Didn't you hear your Auntie Elizabeth ask you a question?" scolded Veronica. Fearing another swat, I quickly looked at Elizabeth and answered "Yes, I'm ready."

"That will not do!" yelled Elizabeth.

"From now on, since you will be dressed like a baby, you will made to talk like one also. Do you understand?" chided Elizabeth.

"Yeth Auntie Wizabef" came my submissive reply. Elizabeth went on to say, "If either of us ever catch you using grown up words again, you will be taken immediately to the Dungeon for another severe punishment session. Do I make myself clear Little Girl?" Nodding my head I swallowed the last bit of pride I had and answered.

"Yeth Auntie, Pwease don't punish Baby Samantha no more." Then quickly Veronica and Juanita each grabbed one of my arms and helped me up onto the changing table. While laying on my back, Veronica and Juanita pushed my knees up to my chest and spread my legs while Elizabeth sprinkled Baby Powder all over my body. Elizabeth seemed to coo at me as she gently rubbed generous amounts of the sweet smelling powder between my legs and cheeks. Then Veronica and Juanita pushed my legs upward bringing my bottom off the changing table while Elizabeth laid three thick cotton diapers under me. As I was laid back down onto the thick diapers, Veronica and Juanita once again positioned my legs wide apart. Elizabeth then brought the diapers up between my legs and began pinning me into them tightly. Next she produced a pair of Large Yellow plastic panties and slipped them up my legs and totally engulfing my diapers.

"I'm sorry Baby Girl that we don't have pink plastic panties for you right now. But later this week we will have all kinds of baby girl things for you to wear. We want you dressed real pretty for your Surprise Party next week." said Elizabeth. My eyes looked at Elizabeth curiously as I noticed that she mentioned something about a Surprise Party again. Maybe it was nothing more than a little party for me in her Living Room. And the Three Women were just going to spoon feed me some cake and ice cream. Regardless, I didn't want to worry about some silly little Party. I was more concerned about the humiliation I was enduring by being dressed like a baby. I was then made to sit up on the table so that the women could put what looked like a baby T-Shirt over my head and onto my body. It was a very short white shirt with pictures of little teddy bears in diapers all over it. Next the women dressed me in matching yellow booties and bonnet. My captors seemed to be pleased with the transformation that I had just gone through as they all began to smile and tease me unmercifully.

"Does my Wittle Baby Samantha want her Binky?" Elizabeth ask teasingly. Before I could utter a word, Elizabeth placed a large pacifier in my mouth and directed me to suck on it. Elizabeth went on to say, "Now Baby, we have another little item for you to wear." Just then Veronica and Juanita grabbed my hands and began placing them into a pair of locking Mittens. The mittens actually had locking wrist bands on them so that I could not remove them.

"This is incase you become a naughty baby and try touching your pee-pee." laughed Veronica. Once the mittens were fastened, I was helped down off the table and made to crawl to my new crib. Once Elizabeth had lowered the side rail, she instructed me to crawl in and lay down like a good baby. Laying in the crib I watched as Elizabeth raised the side rail. Then unexpectedly she lifted another rail from the other side of the crib and locked it in place over the top of my crib. I had actually been locked in like a caged animal as my three naked captors stood around me and laughed. Then Elizabeth knelt down next to my crib and said.

"We girls need to get ourselves dressed and prepare some lunch for our little Baby. We have a Big High Chair waiting just for you in the Kitchen. And feel free to wet your diapers whenever you need to Baby. One of us will always be glad to change you. But keep in mind, sooner or later you will have to make a messy diaper. When that happens, Veronica here is going to change you and afterwards place an even larger Plug up your little butt than before." Then with a stern look on her face, Veronica spoke up, "That's right Baby! I told you in the bathroom that you would soon have a much larger Plug up your cute little ass." Then reaching between the bars on my crib, Veronica gave the front of my diapers a firm squeeze. While still sucking on the pacifier, I watched as my three naked captors left my Nursery. I was so exhausted that I closed my eyes and began drifting off to sleep. Then suddenly I felt a cramping in my lower stomach, along with an extreme urge to pee. The urge to release my bladder and bowels became stronger and stronger by the minute. I knew that I had been given a strong diuretic by Juanita, but why did I have this sudden urge to release my bowels also. The more I tried to fight it, the more painful it became. Realizing that there was nothing I could do, I just accepted it and began to wet and mess my diapers. My humiliation became so intense just knowing that the women would eventually discover the mess I made in my diapers. I just could not understand the lack of control I had over my bowels. As I laid there in my mess, I began to worry about Veronica's threats with the larger Plug. I just could not imagine having anything larger up my rectum than I already had. Just then the Nursery door opened and in walked Elizabeth and Veronica wearing just their panties and carrying some items in their hands.

"Oh My, It smells like someone had an accident in here." laughed Elizabeth. Veronica then quickly held up a Plug twice the size as the one before and announced.

"It seems as though Baby Samantha needs to be changed and have a special Plug put up her to prevent these kinds of accidents." I almost swallowed my pacifier when I saw the size of the Plug that Veronica held. I began to whimper when She held the item over my crib as to taunt me with it. Then Elizabeth held out a jar of Suppositories over my crib and said.

"I bet you wonder how we knew that you would be making a mess in your diapers so soon. Well Baby Girl, when you were in the Stock, I was pushing these up your ass with the other Plug. We knew that you couldn't hold out much longer before you would lose control. Now I will leave Veronica here to change you while I go back to the kitchen and finish helping Juanita make Lunch. I hope it won't be too uncomfortable for you to sit in your High Chair after Veronica finishes changing you." Elizabeth started laughing at me as she unlocked the top of my crib. Then placing her hand on the front of my diapers announced.

"Oh, I see Little Miss Pissy Pants has also wet her diapers. Oh my, you are becoming a big baby aren't you?" Then wishing luck to Veronica, Elizabeth quickly left the room. I could tell by the look on Veronica's face that I was about to endure a great deal of humiliation as she lowered my crib rail.

"Come Baby, get out of your crib and crawl over to the Changing Table. We need to get your dirty diapers changed before lunch." chided Veronica. I reluctantly did as I was told and soon found myself being strapped down on the Changing Table. Veronica expertly removed my soiled diapers and cleaned me thoroughly. As I laid naked on the changing table I began to tremble as I watched her cover the Larger Plug with Vaseline. Then with one arm she held my legs up over my head which left my bottom totally exposed. Slowly she began pushing the Larger Plug up my rectum while totally ignoring my screams of pain through my pacifier. Inch after inch was inserted in me until finally it was in as far as it could possibly go. As she slowly lowered my legs down, there were three clean diapers awaiting my bottom. I was quickly re-diapered and another pair of yellow plastic panties were pulled up my legs and over my thick diapers. Then sadistically Veronica asked.

"How do you feel Miss Sissy Pants? Does Baby Girls Wittle Bum hurt with that big Plug in her?" Releasing me from the Changing Table, Veronica then had me crawl back to my crib where I was once again locked in. With nothing more than a wicked smile on her face, Veronica teasingly snapped the waist band of my plastic pants and abruptly left the Nursery. The strain of the Plug in my rectum was so intense as I laid in my crib. I felt as though my sphincter muscles were being stretched far beyond their limits. Then unconsciously and without any warning whatsoever I began to wet my diapers uncontrollably as though I were a baby. Realizing what I had done, I then knew that Elizabeth had beaten me. I was now well on my way in becoming the Baby Slave she had intended for me to be.

Over the next week, the results of my forced regression to a baby girl had became more evident. The Women had finally obtained many baby girl clothes for me to wear, including a large selection of pink and ruffled plastic panties. Elizabeth even had special little girl dresses and baby doll pajamas made up to fit me. The garments were so short that when I was dressed in them, a good portion of my diapers were still exposed. The women had even arranged their work schedules so that one of them would always be home to baby sit me. Unfortunately, their baby sitting skills consisted of breaking my will to resist them, and physically reducing me to babyhood by any means possible. It was not just one method of regression they used that was making my transformation successful, but a combination of many. I was repeatedly punished and raped in the Dungeon for the slightest infractions. My rectum had been stretched far beyond normal when the women ultimately began using extremely large battery operated anal devices on me. My facial and body hair was constantly being removed keeping my skin baby smooth. Elizabeth had even made good on her threats to destroy all of my self-confidence by means of humiliation, verbal abuse and spanking me into submission. Juanita was also very consistent in giving me my daily injections of drugs. Every night I was locked into my crib and given a diuretic injection. By morning I would be wet and then given another injection of the sedating drug. And most effectively seemed to be Veronica's use of her hypnotic skills on me daily just before my bed and nap time. By the next Saturday, which was the beginning of the eighth day since this whole ordeal began, I had undergone considerable changes. I no longer had any control of my sphincter muscles and had begun wetting and messing my diapers uncontrollably day and night. My superior strength was now that of a two year old toddler girl. I was able to crawl sufficiently, but wobbled like a baby if I tried to walk. And finally, every time I tried to speak, my words unconsciously came out in baby talk. Even though my mind was thinking adult words, my tongue only had the vocabulary of a two year old child. I found myself saying short phrases like, "Me want ba-ba" or "Me make potty in diapers." I was sure that my actions and speech were mainly brought about by Veronica's hypnotic suggestions. Not to dismiss the potency of the other harsh regression treatments I had received. I felt as though I were an adult man trapped in a baby's body My mind and emotions would think and feel as though I were an adult, but my speech and physical performance were that of a toddler. I was sure that this is what Elizabeth had intended for me. To be able to mentally perceive my surroundings as an adult and the emotions to feel the daily humiliation of my new infantile lifestyle. Not to rule out the lack of physical, verbal and because of drugs, the mental ability to do anything about it. I was now trapped in a lifestyle that appeared to have no means of escape.

Our Saturday began with all of us gathered around the kitchen table for breakfast. The women were still in their nightgowns and I was in nothing more than a pink baby doll top and four wet diapers encased in a pair of pink plastic panties. Elizabeth securely fastened me into my over-sized High Chair and then tied a vinyl baby's bib around my neck.

"Is my Baby Girl Hungry this morning?" Elizabeth cooed.

"Yeth Auntie, Baby's tummy hungwy" came my infantile reply. Juanita began to laugh at my baby words and teasingly said, "Oh look at little Samantha talking like a Big Baby Girl."

"No! Me no baby!" I snapped.

"Well you could have fooled us sitting there in wet baby diapers and talking the way you do." added Veronica. Knowing all too well that her hypnotic suggestions were mainly to blame for my new vocabulary. Elizabeth quickly slapped my hand and scolded, "Listen to me Sissy! I never want to hear you deny that you are a baby to anyone ever again. If you do, you will spend an entire day in the Dungeon being punished. Do you understand?" Lowering my head in submission and fear of being punished I answered in a whimpering voice.

"Yeth Auntie, Me is a Baby."

"And what kind of Baby are You?" asked Elizabeth.

"Me is a Wittle Baby Girl." was my humiliating confession.

"That's right! A Little Baby Girl is what you are, and is what you will always be." confirmed Elizabeth. The women then all began to laugh at me as they noticed my bottom lip begin to protrude like a little baby who was about to cry.

"Don't cry little Baby, We will feed you some breakfast now." Juanita said soothingly. While the women were enjoying an appetizing breakfast, Elizabeth and Juanita took turns spoon feeding me a warm bowl of oatmeal. Occasionally one of them would give me a warm bottle of milk to help wash down my pasty meal. As I was concentrating on keeping my food in my mouth, I slightly overheard Veronica whispering to Elizabeth. She mentioned something about me needing another month or two of training to make my regression permanent. Even though I knew that I would never escape my new lifestyle, overhearing Veronica's words seemed to seal my fate forever. It was apparent that I was going spend the rest of my life in diapers and dressed as a baby girl. Maybe I could get use to it someday as long as my new lifestyle was confined to Elizabeth's house and just between these three women. My thoughts were quickly interrupted as Juanita shoveled another spoon full of oatmeal into my mouth. Suddenly Juanita turned her attention to her friends and with a big smile She exclaimed.

"Hey Girls! We don't have any photographs of our Baby Samantha." Simultaneously Elizabeth and Veronica's faces both lit up with overwhelming smiles.

"What a wonderful idea! said Elizabeth. After breakfast, I will get my camera so we can take all kinds of humiliating pictures of Baby Samantha." Veronica then quickly added, "That reminds me, I have a video camera outside in my car. We can make home movies of our Little Miss Potty Pants here." I didn't think it was possible to feel any more humiliation than I had up to now, but I did. Something about having pictures of me dressed in diapers seemed very disturbing to me. But I knew there was nothing I could do to stop these women, for I was totally powerless and at their mercy. Breakfast was soon over, and I was released from my High Chair and made to crawl to the Nursery bathroom for my morning bath. Elizabeth followed me into the bathroom while Juanita and Veronica stayed behind to clear the breakfast dishes. As Elizabeth ran my bath water, She seductively removed her nightgown only to reveal her blue satin panties and beautiful firm breast. Kneeling next to me and laying me down on my back, she began to undress me. Once my wet diapers, bib and baby doll top were removed, I was assisted by her into the warm sudsy bath water. Elizabeth gently began washing my body, as my eyes became fixed upon her beautiful breast. Not knowing for sure if what I desired was sexual or just the instinctive need for a baby to suckle. All I knew is that I wanted her teat between my lips in the worst way. Noticing my stares, Elizabeth pulled my head towards her chest and offered my hungry mouth one of her erect nipples. Eagerly I took her into my mouth, closed my eyes and began suckling like a three week old baby. Again being somewhat confused as I was feeling slightly aroused and yet at the same time like this was a means for a meal. Little time had past when my so called feeding was interrupted by giggles coming from within the bathroom. When I opened my eyes I saw Veronica standing before me with her video camera.

"Smile for the camera Crinkle Pants. We want everyone to see just how much of a baby you've become." laughed Veronica as she continued video taping me. Releasing Elizabeth's nipple from my mouth, I immediately lowered my head in shame.

"Don't be shy Sissy Baby. You were just doing what comes natural with all babies." cooed Elizabeth. Then helping me out of the bathtub, Elizabeth dried my body while Veronica continued to video tape my infantile treatment. From the bathtub to my diapering on the Changing Table, Veronica was right there recording every humiliating event. Later that morning, after the women had showered and dressed, I was brought from my Crib to the living room for more pictures. The women delighted in dressing me in all kinds of baby outfits and having me pose while picture after picture was taken of me. I had even been photographed during a few of my wet and messy diaper changes. It wasn't until early that afternoon before Elizabeth finally announced that maybe they should save some of their film for the Party tomorrow night.

"I sure hope we can get most of this film developed before Baby's Surprise Party." commented Juanita as she snapped another quick picture of me.

"I don't think that will be a problem" said Veronica.

"Besides, We will still have hours of video tape if nothing else." For the first time I began to develop a deep concern about this Surprise Party since it was first mentioned a week ago. I wondered why the women never seemed to offer me any details about this party. Only enough was ever mentioned in front of me to arouse my curiosity. And why would they call it a Surprise Party if I was aware of it? I could only imagine that it would be some sort of silly baby party for me. Elizabeth would probably decorate with a few balloons and then feed me some cake and ice cream. And after what happened today, I was sure that many more pictures would be taken.

Sunday began pretty much like any other day with one exception. After lunch and for the first time since my captivity, I was allowed outside in Elizabeth's backyard. Fortunately for me, her backyard was completely surrounded by a six foot wooden fence. It was seasonably warm for late October and Elizabeth thought it would be healthy for me to get some sun. She had dressed me in a frilly little pink dress that did not even attempt to cover my white ruffled plastic pants. To top it off, she had placed a pink bonnet upon my head and matching booties on my feet. How humiliated I felt dressed as I was in front of Elizabeth, Veronica and Juanita, but thankful that it was only them. With the help of Veronica and Juanita, I feebly wobbled to the center of the yard where Elizabeth had spread a large blanket for us to sit on. For the rest of the afternoon I was made to play with toys on the blanket while Veronica filmed me with her video recorder. At one point Elizabeth was feeding me a bottle while my head laid upon her lap. Suddenly, Elizabeth said something strange that caught me by surprise. While feeding me the bottle, she turned to Juanita and said, "Would you finish feeding Baby Samantha for me? I haven't gone pee since before breakfast and need to go pretty bad." Juanita gladly took the baby bottle and continued my feeding while Elizabeth went into her house to use the bathroom. My thoughts flashed back to the night I watched a tearful Elizabeth in the Night Club parking lot tell me that she had to wear diapers because of a bladder problem. The more thought I gave it, the more I realized that not once since my captivity have I seen her in a diaper. I wasn't sure exactly what was going on, but something didn't seem to make sense. It was now getting pretty late in the afternoon and time for our dinner. I was fed a few jars of baby food, and was then taken back to my bathroom by Juanita for yet another bath. Two baths in one day seemed a bit unusual I thought, but once I was placed in my bathtub, I never gave it a second thought.

"We are going to make Baby Samantha look real pretty tonight." Juanita teased as she gently washed my body.

"Can you say Baby Samantha is a Pretty Girl for me?" I could feel the Humiliation overcome me when I heard Juanita's request. Knowing that any lack of cooperation on my part could lead to severe punishment so I sheepishly answered.

"Baby Sammie Pwety Girl." Juanita then laughingly said, "That's right Crinkle Pants. Baby Samantha is a very Pretty Girl. And very soon you will become a very pretty Big Girl." As confused as I was with Juanita's last remark, I knew better than to ask in fear of being laughed at again because of my Infantile vocabulary. Soon I was dried and laying naked on my changing table as I watched Juanita fasten a large disposable diaper on me. Once the diaper was in place, I was taken to my crib and locked in. Juanita then gave me a quick pat on the front of my crinkly diaper and stuck a pacifier in my mouth before leaving the room. It was so unlike either of the women to leave me partially dressed in just a disposable diaper after dinner. Usually I was dressed in thick cloth diapers and plastic panties with a baby doll pajama top on. I must have laid there over an hour sucking on my pacifier, waiting for someone to come back and finish dressing me. I had even wet my disposable diapers twice and knew that it would not hold much more before leaking. Finally my Nursery door swung opened, and in walked all three women carrying what appeared to be ladies clothing. But even more noticeable was that all three were dressed extremely nice, as though they were going out for the evening. Then smiling down at me, Elizabeth said.

"Auntie is so sorry Baby Girl for taking so long. We had to pack and load a big diaper bag into my van. And then we needed to get dressed up for your big night." My eyes widen when I realized that Elizabeth must have been referring to the so called Surprise Party. I was then caught off guard by the events that followed. Elizabeth released me from my crib and had me sit on my changing table rather than lay. Then Veronica and Juanita began applying women's makeup to my face, using everything from lipstick to mascara. They even painted my finger and toe nails with pink polish. While my face and nails were being made up, Elizabeth began brushing and styling the hair on my head. Which happened to be almost shoulder length and the only hair left on my body. Upon completion, the women stood back to admire their handiwork on me.

"Not bad!" Elizabeth boasted.

"Now for the final touches." Next Elizabeth produced a women's bra from the pile of clothes that they had brought with them. Quickly she slid my arms through the bra straps and tauntingly hooked it behind my back. I was then made to lay down as Veronica unfastened and removed my wet soggy diaper. Then with a big smile on her face, Juanita held up the white silk panties that she had found at my apartment last week. Teasingly she slid them up my legs until they were properly in place. I was so embarrassed laying there in nothing but a bra and panties, and knew I could do nothing to stop these Dominate Women. After slipping a pair of women's sandals on my feet I was brought back up to a sitting position. Elizabeth then put a white sheer sleeveless blouse on me which allowed my bra to be plainly visible. After helping me to my feet, Elizabeth then finished off my feminine outfit with a short loose fitting black skirt that came down to the middle of my thighs.

"Oh Baby Samantha, You make a very pretty woman. Now come with me so we can show you what you look like." smiled Elizabeth. With Veronica and Juanita each holding onto one of my arms, I was led to a full length mirror in Elizabeth's bedroom. As I stared at my reflection in the mirror, I was shocked and speechless over my feminine appearance.

"So tell us what you think Baby Samantha!" ordered Elizabeth.

"Me is a pwerty girl." I humbly announced. Just then Veronica raised my black skirt to reveal the reflection of my white panties in the mirror.

"Look at Sissy Samantha in her pretty panties." taunted Veronica. All I could do was lower my head and try to accept her humiliating remarks. Then Elizabeth abruptly announced.

"We better go now girls! We don't know how long Baby Samantha can go without wetting or messing in her panties." I then had a blindfold carefully placed over my eyes so that I could not even distinguish light from darkness. Veronica and Juanita then led from Elizabeth's bedroom to what I presumed would be another room within the house. Suddenly I heard a door open and fresh cool air began to brush up against my skin. I began to whimper when I realized that I was being led outside by my captors. Not knowing if I was in the front or the back yard, my whimpers became louder. It was one thing being humiliated by these three women inside Elizabeth's house. But there was no way I wanted to take the chance of being seen dressed like this by anyone else. My question was soon answered as I heard the door of Elizabeth's van open.

"No Auntie, Baby no wanna go bye bye!" came my fearful infantile plea. Then swiftly I felt the back of my skirt go up and three hard swats came stinging across my panty covered bottom.

"You will behave and get into this van before I drag you back to the Dungeon and give you a spanking you will never forget." scolded Elizabeth. Fearing the Dungeon and Elizabeth's wrath more than being outside, I became very docile and allowed Veronica and Juanita to assist me into the back seat of the van. The two women sat on each side of me and continued holding onto my arms while Elizabeth started the van and drove off. With no one saying a word and me in darkness because of the blindfold, I had little else to do but think. I began to reflect on how I had been regressed to my present infantile condition. From being forced into diapers like a baby, to being dressed as a women. Then something about the clothes I was wearing seemed to plague me. As humiliating as they were, it wasn't the panties as much as it was the skirt and blouse. Then suddenly it came to me as I remembered that Elizabeth had this same outfit. She had worn it on the night I played the practical joke on her at the Night Club. I knew that this was just another way to humiliate, and remind me of why I was at this point in my life. Our trip could not have lasted more than ten minutes before I felt the van come to a slow stop and the engine turned off. I then heard Elizabeth say.

"Wait here girls, I will be back in just a few minutes. And make sure Sissy Pants keeps her blindfolded on. We don't want to ruin her big surprise." As Elizabeth left the van, I could hear giggles coming from Veronica and Juanita.

"I bet Baby Samantha is going to have a good time tonight." teased Veronica as she slowly raise the front of my skirt.

"Just look at those pretty silk panties she is wearing. Does Sissy Girl like wearing panties?" Veronica went on to ask.

"You better answer her or you will get a spanking from us right here" scolded Juanita. With a shaky voice I responded.

"Yeth, Sissy wikes wearing pretty panties." Then Veronica began running her fingers lightly over the front of my panties as she continued to say.

"So tell me Sissy Baby Girl, which do you like better? Your Panties, or your Diapers?" Before I could utter an answer, Elizabeth had returned to the van and announced.

"Okay everyone. It's Party Time!" My door was quickly opened and I slowly got out with the help of Veronica and Juanita. Even with the two women at my sides, I was having trouble walking with my legs being so weak and unstable.

"Come on Baby, just a few more steps to go." Juanita said with encouragement. Distinctively I then heard a door open and knew that we were leaving the outdoors and entering into a building. Once we had walked into the structure, I could hear the door slam shut behind me. Immediately my sense of smell and hearing became intense. I could hear the faint sounds of giggling coming from a distance, and the odor in the room seemed very familiar. Then placing her hand on my blindfold, I heard Elizabeth begin to count loudly.

"One! Two! Three!" Then quickly she pulled my blindfold off as I heard many voices yell.

"SURPRISE!" I was so mortified that I actually began wetting my panties when I realized that I was once again standing inside the Night Club. There must have been fifteen to twenty women standing in front of me all applauding and laughing hysterically at me. I immediately recognized many of the women as regulars of the Club and close friends of Elizabeth's. Some of which I have even dated and had been intimate with in the past. Then glancing up I saw a large banner hanging from the ceiling that read, Welcome Baby Girl Samantha. After the laughter and applause had calmed down, Elizabeth took me by the arm and led me slowly to the dance floor. Veronica and Juanita followed carrying a very large and apparently heavy diaper bag. As we stood in the center of the dance floor with everyone in the Club gathered around, Elizabeth began to make an announcement.

"Ladies! I give you Sissy Baby Girl Samantha!" Once again the room filled with laughter and applause while Elizabeth tried to continued her speech.

"As you can see, Our Pretty Little Girl here is nothing more than a panty wetting baby." Then slowly raising the front of my skirt she continued, "Just look at her wet silky panties. I think she needs to be put back into diapers. And here tonight to do the honors is a special guest." Just then, from out of the crowd approached my ex-wife Jo Anne. I was so shocked and humiliated that I actually began to cry.

"Oh, look at the big baby crying" Jo Anne said sarcastically. Then looking under my skirt and grabbing the waist band of my wet panties she went on to say.

"These were my favorite panties. I knew you were secretly wearing them while we were married. I guess I was right all along, you are a Sissy and have a panty fetish. Then with the help of Veronica and Juanita, I was led to a large padded table next to the dance floor and laid upon it. Everyone in the place gathered around and cheered as Jo Anne began removing most of my feminine clothing until I was left in just my bra and panties.

"I warned you Sam that someday I would get even with you." Jo Anne said while glaring at me. Then she continued by removing my bra and panties and proceeded to diaper me in front of everyone. Tears ran down my face as she finished dressing me in a short baby doll dress, bonnet, booties, and a pair of pink ruffled plastic panties. Then to further my humiliation, Jane the bartender appeared from the crowd and placed a baby bottle into my mouth and said.

"Hi Sweetie! You sure look adorable in your baby clothes. Do you remember this baby bottle? It's the same one you had me fill with beer for Elizabeth over three months ago. Isn't is ironic how it was really meant for you?" Then I was passed around to the room full of women where I was bottle fed, had my diapers changed several times, and generally treated like a two year old baby girl. I even suffered further humiliation as I watched Veronica and Juanita giving out photographs of me to all the women in the Club. I was also constantly and ruthlessly taunted and teased by everyone as I talked like a baby. After hours of torment, I was eventually placed in a large high chair at a table. Elizabeth, Jo Anne, Veronica, and Juanita were already sitting there and having a drink. Elizabeth then reached up and placed a pacifier in my mouth as her and the other women were deep in conversation. As I listened intently, I began to have many of my questions answered for me. I watched as Jo Anne handed Elizabeth an envelope full of money and said.

"I told this Sissy that I would get even with him for cheating on me while we were married. You did a wonderful job on him Elizabeth. It was worth every penny." Then Elizabeth smilingly looked up at me in my high chair and said.

"That's right Baby Samantha. This was Jo Anne's idea to have you reduced to a little baby. She hired me to do whatever necessary to regress and to humiliate you before the whole town. And yes! We even staged the night you thought you were playing that cruel practical joke on me. Almost everyone here that night was in on it with me. And just for the record, I really don't need or use diapers for a bladder problem. I knew how your mind worked and you responded exactly how I thought you would. Remember Baby, I have known you since High School and can read you like a book. The bottom line is Sissy Girl, you were set up." As the four women began to laugh, Elizabeth turned to Jo Anne and asked, "So what would you like us to do with her now?" Jo Anne quickly replied, "For all I care you can keep him and do whatever you'd like. He, or is it She, doesn't belong to me anymore. All I wanted was to know the sweet taste of revenge. Besides, I am leaving town in the morning to start a new life and job in California."

"Great!" exclaimed Elizabeth.

"The little Sissy has sort of grown on me and I would like to keep her around. In a month or two with Veronica's hypnosis skills, and some of our other techniques, Baby Samantha's regression will have become permanent." Then looking at Veronica and Juanita, Elizabeth asked, "So what do you say Girls? Do you want to keep Crinkle Pants here as our Baby Slave?" Both women broke out into laughter and whole heartily gave Elizabeth a definite Yes answer.

"Fine!" responded Elizabeth, "Baby Samantha will be staying at my home permanently." Just then, Jo Anne pulled a small gift wrapped present from her purse and placed it on the tray of my high chair.

"Well, go ahead and open it Sissy Pants." chided Jo Anne. With Elizabeth's help, the small present was finally opened.

"Oh how adorable!" laughed Elizabeth, as she held up a pair of pink silk panties and matching bra. Jo Anne quickly added, "They're an old set of mine that I use to catch your Baby Samantha wearing on occasions when we were married. I thought you might want to dress her in them once in a while. Now if you Ladies will excuse me, I need to go home and finish packing for tomorrow's trip." As the women exchanged their farewells, I began to whimper once again knowing that Elizabeth had just found out for sure that I use to try on my ex-wife's underwear. After Jo Anne had left the party, Elizabeth looked at me and wickedly said.

"So you use to secretly try on ladies underwear did you? Well you won't have to be sneaky about it in the future because we will see to it that you are dressed in panties a few times a week from now on." I once again lowered my head in shame and unknowingly began wetting my diapers. After another hour or so had passed it was time for the Party to end. I was made to sit in my high chair by the front door and say good bye to each of the ladies as they left the Club. After the last woman left, Jane walked up and gave me a big kiss on my cheek.

"You make such a cute little baby. I would love to baby sit you sometime." Jane smilingly said.

"That shouldn't be a problem." said Elizabeth.

"In fact, we had offers of baby sitting from every woman here tonight." Then Elizabeth told me to thank Jane for closing her Club to the public tonight for my Special Surprise Party.

"Tank-you Jane." I shyly said. Then once again I was helped into the van by Veronica and Juanita for our short ride home. I could hardly contain myself with the humiliation I endured tonight. I just imagined how everyone in town would soon know that I was now living a life as a diaper wearing baby girl. As we reached Elizabeth's house, I was escorted straight to my Nursery by Elizabeth, where I was changed into clean dry diapers and into my baby doll pajamas. As usual, Juanita followed behind Elizabeth and gave me my nightly diuretic injection to help me lose control of my bladder. I was then given a kiss good night by the two women and securely locked into my crib for the night. Then Veronica came in and sat next to my crib for another hypnosis session which furthered my regression even more. Over the next few weeks, Elizabeth allowed many of the women from my party, including Jane, to come to the house and baby sit me. By the end of November, I realized that I had far passed the point of no return in my transformation from adult to baby girl. With each passing day, I knew that any adult independence that I still may have had was slipping further and further away from me. Although I may have been an adult man on the inside, there were many times where my thoughts and feelings were as a real two year old baby. Eventually, Elizabeth had all of my body hair, with the exception of the top of my head, professionally and permanently removed. Even my characteristics and personality took on the appearance of a toddler. I had been sentenced to live a life as a baby girl by Elizabeth, and for no other reason than the satisfaction of a woman's revenge.

The End

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