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Part One - The City

It was a typical late afternoon in the city. The streets and sidewalks were busy with traffic, and sky-scrapers lined the sky for as far as the eye could see. Millions of people still in there offices doing a normal days work. The weather was beautiful and the view from corner offices high above were breath taking. The lives of millions of people were being lived out day to day. However this was not to be just another day in the city.

Part Two - Blackout

The hallways of the office building were crowded as they usually were around late afternoon. Some were leaving work early, while yet others were coming back from late lunches or meetings. Yet others were taking a break and enjoying the nice view from the top floor coffee shop which overlooked the south side of the city.

Jenna Harrison, a top executive for a well known trading company began to make her way from the office suite of her company. She slowly found her way through the densely populated hallways and got in one of the many long lines for the elevators. She quickly checked her watch. She seemed to grow impatient as she stood there in her tan skirt and professional looking attire. She held a leather briefcase at her side and seemed to be looking through some papers while standing there waiting for an elevator to become available.

Susan Anderson, and her 5 year old daughter Liz were sitting at a table in the cafe. Susan worked for another less well known company that shared office space on the floor with the cafe. Her daughter had spent the day in the children's daycare facility. This was for employee's children to have a safe place while there parent was at work. Susan looked at her watch and then collected some trash from the table and disposed of it. Her and Liz headed towards the elevators to wait in line with the myriads of others.

Finally an elevator opened and a few people rushed out and passed by those standing near it. Jenna pushed through to secure her spot on the elevator. Her patience was definitely running out. Right before the door closed behind her, Susan and her daughter Liz slipped into the elevator just in the nick of time. Liz held on to her mother as the elevator began to descend. Jenna had already hit the button for the lobby.

Liz was talking to her mother about her day at the daycare.

Jenna stood on the other side of the elevator not paying them any attention. She seemed to have her mind elsewhere. Suddenly the elevator was dark. It stopped in mid-descent.

"Damnit." Jenna muttered to her self. Just then the tiny emergency backup light turned on. They stood there speechless for a moment in the dimly lit elevator.

Part Three - Trapped!

Liz held onto her mom.

"Mommy I'm scared." She said. Don't worry honey there's nothing to worry about. When the power comes back on we will get out ok sweetie?"

"Ok mommy." She said.

"Damn I can't believe this is happening!" Jenna said.

"Yeah tell me about it. But I'm sure if we stay calm they'll have the power on and have us out in no time." Susan said.

"No you don't understand. This can't be happening!" Jenna said franticly.

"Why what's wrong?" Susan asked.

"I was leaving work early, cuz I needed to use the restrooms in the lobby before I catch the subway home. I really have to go bad." She said with a shaky tone of voice.

"Isn't there a bathroom in your office suite, most of the upper offices have them." Susan said.

"Yeah, but I didn't want to use them. I don't like to use them because other people from my office use them. And I'm sort of shy about going to the bathroom with other people I know in the same room." Jenna said.

There was some silence.

"Well, I'm sure they will get us out of here soon though so just hang in there." Susan reassured.

"You don't understand." Jenna said while starting to cry.

"I have been holding it while waiting on the elevator and even before I left my office. I got on this elevator in hopes of getting right off and running to the bathroom. I have to go like right now. I don't think I can hold it." She said while sobbing.

"Well, if you have to go, it's perfectly understandable. I'm sure this has happened to people before who get stuck in places. Like think about those people that get stuck when a building collapses and they are there for days. I'm sure they had accidents too. So it's ok if you can't hold it. I totally understand." Susan said calmly. She was such a good mother that she was totally calm about a lot of things that would upset other people.

"No! You don't get it! I'm a executive manager! I can't just go in my pants! What if my co-workers or important colleagues see me? I have an image to uphold ya know?"

"Well I can't really help you hun. Why don't you just sit down over in that corner and try to hold it and if you have to go, then just go. There isn't anything we can do right now." Susan said. Jenna just sat there holding her face in her hands sobbing.

"Mommy is she gonna be ok?" Liz asked.

"Yes honey she just as to go potty really bad." Susan said to her daughter who was still clinging to her mother's leg.

A while later they heard some one pounding on the roof of the elevator.

"Is anyone in this elevator." Came a man's voice.

"Yes! HELP!" Jenna said.

"The power is out, city wide. Your elevator is between floors so we can't open it until the power comes back on. Is everyone ok in there?" he said.

"Yes, we're all ok, but please hurry and do something. There's a lady in here that is in urgent need of a bathroom." Susan said. Jenna was to shy to talk at this point.

"I don't know how long it will be. I'm sorry." The voice said.

"Ok, we'll be ok. Just do what you can to get us out." Susan said. She still had a sense of calm about her.

Jenna stood up for a moment and then squatted on her knees with her back against the corner of the elevator. She gave Susan an embarrassed look. It was obvious what she was about to do. Susan turned her back towards Jenna.

"Turn around Liz, give her some privacy." Susan said to her daughter who was looking at the poor woman having a major bowel movement into her panties. They could hear her pee hitting the elevator floor. She whimpered and then resigned herself to totally let go. A moment later she slowly sat down in her puddle and let her loaded panties squish the poo into her pantyhose. She just sniffled and tried not to cry anymore.

Liz couldn't resist walking over to her and looking at her.

"I know what it feels like to poop in your pants. I did it one time in the car last year. It feels better if you rock back and forth in it to make it squish around until it feels more comfortable in your pants." Liz said. Both Jenna and Susan blushed.

"Now honey, leave her alone and come here please." Susan said to her daughter. Jenna decided to go ahead and take the girls advice and mush it around a little more. It turns out she was right. Once she had squirmed in it for a couple moments it felt more comfortable. She then felt one last bit of pee squirt out into her panties.

Time went on. It seemed to be forever since the power went out. The emergency backup light was beginning to flicker and become dimmer. Soon it was completely dark.

"Mommy." Liz said as she held onto her leg even tighter.

"It's alright baby mommy's here." Susan said as she reached down and held her daughter and hugged her. Yet more time went by.

"Mommy, I have to pee-pee."

"Can you hold it?"


"Well mommy can't take you any where to go potty right now honey. I know that I usually I tell you not to go in your pants, but we don't have another choice. If you really have to go, just sit down in the corner and pee your pants. That way it will just be wet on your bottom." She said.

"No, I don't wanna leave you mommy." She cried.

"Ok, it's ok. Then just stand there and go." She said reassuringly to her daughter. IT was quiet for a moment and then you could hear the sound of pee splashing against the inside of her jeans and a few second later leaking onto the metal elevator floor. After the tinkling sound stopped Susan reached down to check her daughter's pants with her hand to see how wet her jeans were.

She was soaked all the way down her legs and even her socks were wet.

"Mommy, it feels warm." She giggled.

"You silly girl." Susan said as she held her daughter. Then Jenna spoke for the first time in 2 hours.

"I'm so sorry I couldn't hold it I know it smells awful in here. I'm so sorry." Jenna said.

"It's ok. Don't worry about it. I'm about to go in my pants too. I had coffee while we were back at the cafe. Wish I didn't drink that second cup now." Susan laughed hesitantly.

Jenna smiled for the first time that whole day.

Susan sat down and began to go in her pants. Her daughter stood right next to her holding onto her hand while her mother soaked her pants. She looked over towards Jenna's direction.

"Jenna, my maxi-pad is soaked and even it wasn't enough. I totally flooded my bottom. So now we've all gone in our pants so when they come to get us out of here, you won't be the only one sweetie." Susan said.

"Yeah but I'll be the only one who took a dump in her pants." Jenna said.

"Oh well, could have happened to any one of us. Heck, if they don't get us out of here soon, we all might wind up in your predicament." Susan said while she and Jenna chuckled.

Finally about an hour later a rescue crew was on top of there elevator and was able to break open the top hatch and get them out. Jenna was the last to be pulled out. The rescue person noticed all of us had accidents in our pants.

"if you girls go down the hall and two the left we have medical people. They'll help you get a change of clothes. And don't feel bad about it, we are used to this sort of thing. So go get cleaned up and changed into some dry clothes and just hang out in the lobby.

The power isn't back on but we have a generator and some food and stuff down there." So, Susan, her daughter Liz and Jenna, went down the hall and got taken care of.

Later that afternoon, in the lobby they sat together and talked. Jenna seemed to be more personable now since her little accident. She didn't act so high and mighty now. It must have made her feel more humble. At any rate, Jenna and Susan became friends and often would ride the subway home from work together. It just goes to show how hard times can bring all sorts of people together. THE END!

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