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Part One - Down Town

Down town on a Friday afternoon; gridlock traffic; sidewalks filled with the sights and sounds of people on there way too and from somewhere. It was two weeks before Christmas and all the shopping malls and retail outlets were swarming with people.

Michelle, a college student, driving for almost 45 minutes finally finds a parking spot. She gets out of her car throwing her purse up over her shoulder and arming her car alarm. She makes her way into the main entrance which is nearly impassible due to the mass droves of people crowding the entrance.

"Everyone's in a freakin' hurry to go nowhere." Michelle thought to her self as she fought her way through the crowd.

She strolled down the main corridor glancing right and left trying to decide where to start first. She sat on a bench by the fountains in the mall court yard and looked at her PDA.

She scrolled through her list and then decided to go to go to a department store and pick out some clothes for herself, and then continue on shopping for the others on her list.

After an hour Michelle found a restroom and quickly slipped into the stall. She opened her purse and pulled out her last disposable diaper.

"While I'm here I might as well pick up another pack." She thought to herself while sliding down her jeans. She unfastened the tapes on her wet diaper and then rolled and taped it; tossing it to the floor. She then wiped herself with a travel pack of wipes and then proceeded to diaper herself.

After getting situated she quickly exited the stall, tossing the diaper in the trash and washing her hands. She looked around nervously to see if anyone had paid her any attention while disposing of her diaper. She took her purse and her shopping bag and left. She stopped on the corner by the elevator. The lines were long. Upstairs were the rest of the stores she was heading to. She diverted her path and went to the food court and had a hot chocolate. After all it was December and very cold out. Then she went to the drug store and picked up a package of adult diapers. She always hated this part. She was always afraid of being seen by someone she knew from school.

After making her purchase she stuffed them in the bottom of her big shopping bag and hid them by putting her smaller items over top so as to block anyone from peering down into her shopping bag. She then went to the elevators waiting in line.

As she boarded the elevator she tossed her empty hot chocolate cup into the trash by the elevator. She was aboard the elevator with 4 other people. She had been glad she waited until now. She never liked elevators anyway, and especially crowded ones.

Part Two - Lights Out

The elevator doors closed. She looked around and saw two children standing up against the glass part of the elevator over looking the fountain and greenery that was centered in the mall's courtyard. There were two women standing to the side talking amongst themselves. Just like that everything went dark! Everyone stood there speechless. Then the small emergency light clicked on.

"Oh just freaking great." Michelle thought to herself as she looked at her watch.

"Mommy." The one small girl said as she held onto her mother.

"It's all going to be okay sweetie." The lady replied to her daughter. The boy was still standing there looking out the glass siding of the elevator; seemingly unconcerned with the predicament we were all in. The other lady sat down in the corner and sighed.

"Well I guess I better call Jerry and tell him I'm going to be late." She said. Michelle stood to the one side, still keeping to herself. She was startled when lady sitting down asked her if she was alright. Michelle blushed slightly. She had been in the process of peeing and felt embarrassed and hoped the lady did not know what she was doing. Or for that matter, what she was wearing. Since it was so quiet she feared moving to much as the diaper would crinkle and give it away.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just never liked elevators. Now I know why." Michelle said with a weak smile and faked a laugh.

"Yeah tell me about it." She said.

"Oh by the way my name is Ellen.

This is my sister Stephanie, and her two kids Josh and Kendra." She said while standing up and stretching.

"Oh Hi.

Um, I'm Michelle." She said.

They all made small talk trying to pass the time.

"I wonder if they know we're in here." Ellen said.

"I'd surely hope so." Stephanie replied. Josh and Kendra were sitting on the floor and playing with some small video game.

"I hope they get us out of here soon because I need to pee." Stephanie said quietly to Ellen. The comment was meant just for Ellen but Michelle couldn't help hearing it.

Time passed and Kendra was getting whiney. Michelle had wet her diaper a couple times already. There came a knock at the door." Anyone in here?" a man's voice called from the other side.

"Yes! HELP!" We all shouted. Your elevator is stuck between Floors and the power is out city-wide. It will be a while until the firemen can get here. Is everything alright?" he asked.

"No, I freaking have to; oh never-mind." Stephanie said as she sighed.

"We're doing all we can, Just remain calm and we will have you out soon." The man said. We just sat there.

"Mommy, I have to go potty." Kendra said shyly to her mother. Her mother whispered into her ear and then Kendra whispered something back.

Michelle felt slightly guilty. Here they were stuck in an elevator and in need of a bathroom; All accept for Michelle.

She knew she had other diapers with her. But there was no way she was going to reveal her secret. How could she ever explain it anyway. It wasn't like the girl needed diapers. It was just that she had recently started wearing them for some reason.

Michelle looked over at Stephanie. She was obviously really trying to hold it. Ellen even seemed to have a worried look on her face. Not much was being said at this point.

"Mom!" Kendra said while looking at her.

"God Ellen, what are we going to do." Stephanie said under her breath.

Michelle sat there pondering weather or not to offer a diaper.

After all there were no other types of facilities. She wished she hadn't thrown away the cup. In a worst case scenario at least the boy could have used it.

"Michelle, How are you holding up honey?" Ellen asked.

"I'm okay." She said while in deep contemplation.

"Mommy, I really gotta go." Kendra whined.

"Honey, there is no where to go. I don't know what we're going to do." The two women looked through there shopping bags trying to find something; anything at all that could be used to hold liquid.

"Michelle, do you have anything at all in your bag that we could use for her. She rally has to pee. Like any cups, or something plastic that could hold it. I'd totally pay you for whatever item it is." Stephanie said sounding very desperate.

Michelle knew very well she had something in her bag that could help them all. She was pretending to go through her bag.

"Are you alright Michelle?" Ellen asked. Michelle was turning deep red. She was looking at her pack of diapers which were still out of sight for the others.

She sat there. She knew she couldn't just sit there and do nothing. I do have something." Michelle said looking at Ellen and Stephanie.

"Oh my God Thank you sweetie." Stephanie said.

It was obvious her daughter was not the only one in desperate need of relief.

"Um wait." Michelle said. She was having a hard time even breathing. She also noticed she was peeing. She knew that she needed a change because it would not hold another wetting. Even if she wanted to hold out; she had no real choice. She was shaking as she pulled out the pack of diapers and sat them there looking down at the floor. She felt a tear in her eye and was about to lose it.

Josh began to laugh. Stephanie hushed him quickly. Michelle was crying now. Ellen got up and came over to her and put an arm around her.

"It's okay." She said. Stephanie opened the pack.

"Mom, I'm not wearing a diaper." Kendra said.

"Well then I guess you're going to pee your pants then." She said. She took no time pulling her pants off and pulling on the diaper.

Michelle was shaking in Ellen's embrace. After Stephanie diapered herself she began to wet. Kendra took one and her mom helped her put it on. It was big, but it worked. After the two girls wet, they took off the diapers. Stephanie rolled and taped them. Obviously they were not going to just sit in there wet diapers like Michelle.

Part Three - Darkness

The light in the elevator began to flicker. It would not be much longer before total darkness set in.

"Michelle, thank you for sharing with us. I know that must have been hard for you to let us know such a private thing about you." Stephanie said as she sat down next to Michelle. Ellen went over to the other side and as the light dimmed the sounds of crinkly diapers could be heard. Ellen wet and then rolled and taped it and put it in the shopping bag with the other two.

As time wore on Michelle became tense. She had to pee, but she knew she if she did it in her already soaked diaper that she would leak. Also one thing Michelle had not counted on was that Stephanie could recognize the wet diaper smell emanating form Michelle. Michelle began to fidget. Stephanie whispered into her ear.

"Do you need to change?" Michelle blushed. Even in the dark Stephanie could feel her shame.

"I know you're not incontinent sweetie. Or you would not be able to hold it like you are doing now. So I g uses you like them. And Michelle that's okay. I'm not going to judge you sweetie." Stephanie said. Michelle just balled like a baby. She let go and flooded the diaper.

"oh no." she said.

"I'd better change you." Stephanie said while holding her.

Michelle lie on her back. Stephanie pulled down her jeans. The diaper had not leaked but it would have if she had sat back down in it again. Stephanie crawled forward in the dark reaching for the pack of diapers. She grabbed one. She used the light of her cell phone to help her.

"Goodness honey you are gonna get diaper rash if you don't change more often than this." She said. The two children were giggling.

"Do you have wipes? You're all wet and icky." Stephanie said.

Michelle pulled the travel pack from her purse. Stephanie began to wipe her. She tensed as the cold wipe came in contact with her skin. She just relaxed though. She felt her shame and embarrassment washing away as this nice mother was taking care of her just like a baby. Just like in her fantasies.

After her diaper was changed Michelle laid her head in Stephanie's lap and sucked her thumb. A while later a man's voice came from the other side of the door.

"We're gonna get you all out soon. Just hang tight. A few minutes later banging and scraping sounds could be heard. They were manually forcing the elevator doors. Michelle sat up and began to come back to reality. She quickly stuffed the opened pack of diapers into her shopping bag. As the doors opened a flashlight was shining on them. The two men helped them crawl up over and get out of the top. Most of the doorway was obstructed by the floor they were stuck between.

They were walked down the hall to a station where they had generators and some food. Michelle sat at a table by herself and then the others joined her.

"Mind if we sit here?" Ellen asked. Michelle nodded in invitation. They talked and Stephanie handed Michelle her number.

"Honey if you need someone to talk to sometime, you can always give me a call honey." She said as she hugged Michelle as they were all about to leave. The power was restored and emergency management was getting things back to normal.

Michelle went to her car and sat there for a while watching as people began to leave the parking lot. She began to pee again.

Her mind was processing what had happened that December afternoon. She drove herself home and laid down in her bed.

She felt the urge to have a bowel movement. Something she was glad she didn't do in the elevator. But there was nothing to stop her now. She just filled her diaper and smiled as she put her thumb in her mouth. She felt so warm wet and sticky in her diaper and just the way it felt against her made her smile.

She fell asleep.

Part Four - A Second Chance

She was awaken a while later by a knock at the door. She peaked out the window. It was Stephanie. How could she have found her. She didn't want to let her in. She was in a stinky diaper and knew that Stephanie would notice first thing. But she gave in and opened the door. She saw Stephanie standing there with a shopping bag. She sniffed and wrinkled her nose.

Michelle looked down at the floor blushing.

I wanted to bring you a new pack of diapers, and I also got you some other things." She said.

"Thanks." Michelle muttered.

"Honey let's get you out of that messy diaper." She said as she stepped closer to Michelle placing a finger on her chin, lifting it to make eye contact. Tears welled up into her eyes and she nodded sheepishly.

Michelle was followed into her bedroom and her diaper was once again changed by this very nice and very warm and comforting mother. After she was cleaned up, Stephanie washed her hands and came back sitting on the side of the bed.

"I followed you home. I went shopping and came back and I wasn't sure if I was going to, but I did." Stephanie said. Michelle was now laying there in a diaper, and a new onsie and with a pacifier in her mouth. All complements of Stephanie.

Stephanie cooked a meal and sat at the table with her.

"Where are your kids?" Michelle asked.

"They're at home with my husband." She said while wiping Michelle's face. Michelle and Stephanie talked a while longer. Stephanie asked her questions about how she got into the diapers and so on. Later that evening Stephanie tucked Michelle into her bed. She turned out the lights and locked the door behind her as she left the apartment.


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