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Nursing School 2

By: UpseyDaisy - (Written: 04/12/2008)

Shelly and Sandra were sitting in the computer lab at their university working on a homework assignment. They had to print out there lecture notes for class as well as study for a test. It was around mid afternoon when they were about to finish there work when the printer ran out of paper.

"John, the printer is out of paper?" Shelly said as she stood by the printer. John got up from his desk and reached into the cabinet which contained the printer paper. As he stood there waiting for the printer to continue the job he began to wet in his diaper! He was wearing a pair of blue jean shorts and a white t-shirt. He just stood there slightly hunched over the printer pretending to read the display window as the warm pee filled his diaper. Shelly paused for a minute after gathering up her papers and looked at him.

"Thank you." She said after a long awkward pause.

John went and sat down in his chair behind his desk and squirmed for a minute while trying to get comfortable in the nice warm squishy wet diaper. The students then left and were hanging out in the break room when John came in.

"Wow I keep running into you two." He said as he put his change in the machine. By this point his diapers were completely soaked from repeated wettings and he was going to change in the bathroom after getting his drink. As he bent over to pick up the drink his shirt slid up to reveal the waste-band of his disposable diaper.

"John, um are you wearing a diaper?" Sandra asked. John turned red with embarrassment and had a tear in his eye. He just stood there silent and motionless as Sandra came up to him.

"Aww, don't be embarrassed, I was jus curious, it's ok." She said as she gave him a hug. Shell came up and lifted the back of his shirt up again and saw it.

"Yep, he's diapered, and pretty wet too." John started to cry. Sandra hugged him and they both walked with him down the hall to there nursing classroom.

"We have adult diapers in here, we can change you ok John?" He just nodded his head.

There was no one there so they closed the door. Shelly began to pull his pants off and then they both saw how completely soaked his diaper was.

"Oh my honey, you could get diaper rash sitting in wet squishy diapers like this one." Shell said.

They both worked on diapering him. He laid there helpless as a baby. After John's diaper was changed they helped him to his feet.

"There you go sweetie." Sandra said as she hugged me. Shelly walked with me to the sink and washed my face because I had been crying.

"Any time you need changing, just ask us ok? We don't mind." Sandra said. Shelly nodded her head in agreement.

"But I don't usually wear diapers?" John said.

"Oh, I thought you wore them for medical reasons or something?" Shelly asked.

"No, I, um, I just like to wear them and sometimes when I'm home alone I pretend I'm a baby."

"Awww! That's so cute!, well we can baby you while you're at work!"

"Um well I try to keep it on the down-low" John said.

"Oh well not any more, we're going to be your babysitters when you're at work." Shelly said "And, so will the rest of the nursing class." Sandra said.

"No, please don't tell anyone."

"Nope, to late, babies need to be watched over so you are going to be our baby. We will change your diapers, bottle feed you, and even dress you like a baby when you come to work. And then you can change before you leave to go home." John just stood there in shock.

He went back to the lab in a fresh diaper and sat at his desk trying to act as if nothing had happened. A while later, another nursing student came in before closing and sat on the desk facing John.

"So, do you need your diaper changed again?" Kathy said with a smile on her face." She didn't even bother to keep her voice down and a couple other people in the lab heard her.

"Um yeah I need to be changed before I go home."

"Ok, come with me then." John followed Kathy out of the room and she snuck him back into the nursing class room. This room was never locked because someone was always there.

Just like before, John laid down on the hospital bed they had and Kathy changed his diapers and talked baby talk to him the whole time.

"Aww looks like baby has a wet hiney huh?" John just blushed as she finished diapering him. Then as he was about to get up, she put her hand on his chest and made him lay back down. She reached onto the table behind her and got a baby bottle! She fed it to him and then burped him just like a baby. She walked with him back to the computer lab.

He closed down and she walked him out to the parking lot. As John got into his gar she leaned over the door and said, "I think you are a cute little baby. We're gonna love babying you!" John finally confessed to her that he indeed, did like being treated this way.

He drove home and went to bed and got up the next morning and went to work.

This time he didn't even make it into the computer lab before Cindy, another nursing student was waiting outside the door for him.

"Hi John." She said.

"You need to come with me to get diapered and changed into your new work clothes." John followed her up to the nursing class room. This time however, they were in class. There were at least twenty students there. They all were informed of what was going on with John. Even their teacher approved of it and when she saw him come in the door with Cindy she stopped lecturing and had the class work on diapering him, dressing him, and feeding him and walking him. Finally Shelly and Kim walked him back down to the lab. They talked to his boss. They explained everything from how it all started and she decided to let them go with it since there teacher was able to utilize him as a real demonstration of caring for a patient, at least in certain aspects.

A few times that day his boss came around and she teased him about his baby clothes. Even the students had a good time with this one. Every time John would get up to go over to help someone with computer problems they'd pat him on his diapered bottom and smile at him.

During lunch break 2 of them volunteered to feed him in the cafeteria in front of hundreds of college students. Then they changed him and walked with him back to work. After a few days of this, John was getting used to it, and very much enjoying himself! There was one student who was a mother and had just recently given birth to a child. She was still lactating and she took John aside a few times and breastfed him. He loved it! After a few weeks things died down a bit. He went back to wearing regular clothes, accept for on Fridays. But he was always kept in diapers at work and different nursing students would come by and attend to his needs. Even his cute boss, a woman in her mid forties, changed his diapers in her office once or twice during spring break when everyone was out of classes.

One day he fell in love with one of the nursing students and got married to her and even though she had a job when she graduated, when they both got home from work he got to be her little baby. She even brought him back to the college for show and tell for future classes. She also let him stay at work with her in one of the empty rooms at the hospital where she worked. All the nurses became friends with him and even changed him when his wife wasn't there.

John and his nurse mommy wife, lived happily ever after! Then END!

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