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When I last left my whore of a slave, she was lying helplessly on the floor, to think about all the naughty things she had done which had earned my displeasure and subsequent punishment. Having been fed a laxative in her milk, then put in a diaper to contemplate her miserable fate, wrists and ankles bound, the poor little slave had no choice but to let nature take its course.

When her stomach began to cramp, the girl began to cry and call out for her Mistress.

"Please, Mistress, please help me, oh, Mistress, oh, oh," cried the slave.

"Please take me out of this... I can't control the cramps... p-l-e-a-s-e!" I walked back into the room to check on my slave. How genuine was the distress? I leaned over and pulled back my slave's head, grabbing her hair tightly in my fist, to gaze into her face. Her eyes showed that peculiar expression that is so endearing to a top: partly frightened, partly excited, completely helpless, slightly desperate.

Sometimes when my girl has that look on her face she will urgently whisper, "Oh, please, Mistress, please fuck me, please fuck me!" Sometimes I do. It depends on my whim. When she's been an extremely obedient slave, I may choose to reward her by straddling her and permitting her the great privilege of cumming inside my cunt.

But not this time.

As she twists on the floor, begging to be freed from this terrible humiliation, I merely examine her face.

"Liar!" I say, "Bitch!" I slap her cheeks soundly, two hard smacks on each side which leave a deep red flush of heat below her burning eyes.

"Instead of releasing you, I will watch, you little whore," I say, "because I understand not only how filthy and vile you are, but how profoundly you long to be exposed as the little pervert you are. I know you wish to be completely reviled. I know the only power you respect is ruthless power, and the only discipline you accept is the kind which reduces you to the basest and lowest form of submission." The girl opens her mouth to speak but says nothing, because another spasm seizes her. She draws her knees up to her chest to alleviate the pain... but, as she does, she loses control. I see the undisguisable proof of her shame. The diaper gets soiled as I stand above her, watching.

I reach down and pinch her burning nipples. The Ben-Gay which I had formerly applied makes my fingertips slide... I run my fingers down along her belly, a burning line of ointment stinging her tender skin. She gasps and half turns, trying to avoid my touch. She is so embarrassed and horrified by her helpless condition, her eyes are stormy and wild. I take my finger and run it along her lips so that they too feel the burn I inflict.

When at last she's done, I pull her up to her feet. I check the front of her diaper and - as I expected - her little cock is fully erect.

"Always excited, aren't you, you slut?" I say, grinning.

"Stop, Mistress, please," she whines.

"Stop what," I ask casually.

"Please," she whimpers, "please Mistress?"

"I don't remember giving you permission to speak," I say, slapping her cheeks again.

"Did I give you permission to speak?"

"No, Mistress," she says, blushing furiously, so conscious of the degrading condition she is in, as she feels her full diaper hang from her sorrowful form.

"What kind of punishment do you think you deserve for being so bad?" I ask, walking around her, patting her body here and there, pinching flesh between my fingers. I give her a hard smack on her diaper, which humiliates her all the more as its contents shift between her legs.

"Please, Mistress," she gasps, "I... I... I can't stand this! I'm too humiliated...


"You always claim you can't stand more... and yet, if you're not adequately punished, you're disappointed. You try to challenge me.

Sheer boredom prevents me from forcing you further into the most abject slavery imaginable."

"I'm sorry, Mistress," she pants, terrified at what my meaning could be.

"Remember how disrespectful you were earlier? How you even lifted your arm to me, as if you thought somehow I'd be impressed by your manliness?" I laughed.

"Mistress, I, I...

" she said, her burning eyes cast downward.

"I should simply have slapped your face till you wept, then dragged you off to expose your true slavishness to whomever we met. I should remove all your clothes in public, and then offer you to whomever comes along. If anyone would even bother to take me up on the offer. Which I doubt." The girl hung her head, silent at last.

"Perhaps what I should do now is lock you out of the house in your soiled diaper. Perhaps the neighbors will get a good look at you this way and recognize what a bad GIRL you are. Maybe after an hour or two you'd change your tune permanently." I grabbed her chin and slapped her mouth.

"You will never kiss me again. You will merely serve me in the most despicable and lowly ways possible. You will be a spanking board for me, when I feel like sharpening my skills upon flesh. I will test my new techniques on you. Think of yourself as a "stunt" slave. You don't deserve to be treated any better than that."

"A... a stunt slave?" she asked, shaking, "what's that?"

"It's a slave I use for experiments. One that I take for my pleasure. One who never has the right to cum, unless it amuses me to watch her lose control. And then she will cum only under the most humiliating conditions possible, because that is what amuses me."

"Like what, Mistress," asks the slave, shaking even harder with terror and excitement. She's such a slut! "Well, why don't we begin," I say, "with a practical demonstration of what your life will be like from now on." I grab the chains by which she is still bound and pull her into the bathroom. I push her down onto the floor, on her back. The cold tile makes her moan, so I slap her face.

"The next time you utter a sound - any sound - your punishment will be so severe you won't feel like talking for a week," I say.

"Do you understand?" The slave nods her head, her eyes large as saucers, her lips trembling. She is more frightened when there's a tone of my anger in my voice than when I inflict punishment. That is the proper way to train a slave.

I quickly undo the diaper.

"Oh, God, what a mess!" I say, disgusted.

"Did you do that!" The girl didn't answer.

"I said DID YOU DO THAT!" I said, raising my voice.

"Yes, Mistress," she said, tears welling in her eyes. Her humiliation was so extreme she was practically paralyzed. She stared up at me in a stupor of submissiveness.

"What a revolting sight!" I said.

"And who do you think is going to clean it up?!"

"I don't know, Mistress," she mumbled, gulping audibly, her Adam's apple bobbing.

"UGH! I fell like just leaving you there like that, leaving you permanently. Look at yourself! Just look at what you've done!" The girl looked down at herself, nearly purple with shame.Š "I'm disgusting Mistress," she sobbed.

"Odious!" I said, "I wonder how I could even want to keep you.

What kind of human being allows himself to get into this condition!"

"A slave, Mistress," the quivering transvestite says, "A worthless whore."

"A slave! Hah! Even slaves have dignity! You're barely a slave... just a whore from the gutter." With that, I left the bathroom for 15 minutes.

When I came back, the slave was still lying in place and still trembling. She had the most miserable and pathetic look on her face that I'd ever seen.

I showed her what I had brought.

"What do you think darling?" I said.

"Don't you think this moment deserves to be recorded in the annals of history? Or is that anals of history?" I said pleasantly.

I help up my One-Step camera.

"MISTRESS!!!" the slave panted, "NO! NO!!!"

"Oh, so you think you have a choice in this?" I asked.

"Well, maybe you do, after all." I picked up a bullwhip that was usually kept in her study, as a joke.

"I will use one or the other, the choice is yours." She hesitated, trying to determine whether I was serious.

I was quite serious.

I took the bullwhip and ran it along her chest, around her neck, over her face, so that she could feel and smell the leather.

Then I picked it up over my head and whipped the air once.

"You know, I've never used one of these," I said, "I guess now is as good a time as any." And with that, I gave her a stroke across her thighs.

Despite herself, she yelped. A red welt immediately mottled her flesh.

"This could be quite interesting, though a bit cruel, " I said.

"Of course, by testing it on you, I would be sure not to hurt the next one I used it on. I cannot guarantee the same for you, naturally. Trial and error, I guess."

"No, please, not that," she whispered.

"Just as well," I said, dropping the whip, and focusing the camera.Š CLICK! CLICK! The pop of the flash made the slave's eyes blink. I took 3 shots of her. The photos, developing instantly, were proof of her complete, willing debasement.

"This photo I will put in my purse. I will carry it with me to show to whomever I please... You'll know that I always have it and that - at any time I may show it to a friend, or a stranger... to anyone I please.

"The 2nd photo I'm taping in the bottom of your underwear drawer. Every time you open the drawer, you'll see this image of yourself. I think it'll help keep you constantly reminded of who you really are, and under whose control you remain." The 3d photo goes in an envelope, addressed to a porno magazine to which I subscribe. The envelope will be kept in my safety deposit box at the bank. Along with the photo will be a full description of you & your fetishes, advising all interested parties that you are for rent. It will be quite clear by this photo that you can be rented for ANYTHING! Anything at all.

"Many people would like to rent a slave to whom they can do absolutely whatever they please, for only a small fee. It'll be sent to the magazine the next time you do something so disobedient and disrespectful that I decide I'm tired of punishing you. Renting you, after all, is an option that I have. I don't see the point is simply dismissing you when your services could be turned to profit." I put the camera away.

"Now stand up," I commanded her drily. She quickly rose to her feet.

"Get into the tub," I said.

"Time for another bath. This time, a little different." She climbed in, breathing heavily. I kicked the soiled diaper under the sink.

"You'll dispose that later," I said, "when you clean the house." I pulled the shower faucet on.

A thunderous shower of ice-water poured down onto the slave's body. She wanted to cry out, but only stared at me piteously, controlling herself.

"Now, take the soap and start cleaning yourself," I said. I handed her a gray bar from the sink.

"Use the pumice soap: it'll get you extra clean." She obediently took the bar and began to cleanse herself. I knew the pumice would irritate her, particularly in sensitive places like her cock, scrotum, and asshole. They would continue to sting for hours.

She began shivering with cold. I turned the water to hot...

now a steaming stream of water erupted from the tap, scalding her skin to a rosy hue. She began to hop about, trying to avoid the jet of burning water.Š "Stand still," I said.

I shut the water and pulled her towards me, to inspect her. I turned her around, and bent her over, then inspected her asshole closely to make sure she'd done a good job.

"Let's see... did you clean yourself properly?" I said.

"Aha! Just as I thought! You still have some filth on you! What an infant! I should keep you in a diaper all the time!" With that, I began spanking her.

"You'll do a better job next time! Now, start counting! And thank me after each slap!" I gave her 75 loud and hard strokes on each cheek. The slave counted each hit in a choked voice, and thanked me each time. Every 10 strokes, I'd check her genitals.

"My, my," I said sarcastically, "what a big surprise! Or, should I say, what a LITTLE surprise! Hard again, aren't you!"

"Yes, Mistress," she said, taking each spank so submissively.

"Of course you are," I said, "you're always hot. I've never seen you when you weren't!" I gave her 20 more spanks on her upper thighs.

Then I turned the water on again - this time at a moderate temperature, and said, "I guess if I want the job done right I'll have to do it myself!" I took the toilet brush and rubbed soap on it.

"Bend over! Spread your legs wide apart!" She obeyed and I scrubbed her asshole till it burned bright red.

Then I rinsed her off with cold water.

"Get out," I commanded.

She climbed out of the tub. Her face was as red as her bottom.

I took a towel and wrapped it around her like a sarong. Then I went to the other room and returned holding a pink nightgown I occasionally used on her.

She was familiar with this routine and patiently waited to be dressed. I unbound her wrists, caressing the marks the cuffs had made, and kissing them. I pulled her hands through the sleeves and bound them again. Her body was still wet and the flimsy clinging fabric revealed her body in a lurid and grotesque way.

I led her into the bedroom. First, I took a photo and taped it into her underwear drawer, as promised. Then I removed 5 pairs of panties. The first 4 were great big pink nylon ones that always made her look totally idiotic. The 3d pair were my favorites: red frilly ones with the entire crotch are cut out. I pushed her down on the bed, then took some Elmer's glue and pulled down the front of the nightgown. I dribbled glue all over her nipples and aureoles. I glued a panty over each tit. I balled up the other two and place each in the open fabric, then balled them up, like wantons. I secured each wanton with small safety pins. Then effect was utterly absurd.

But when I replaced the nightgown it looked almost realistic.

I sat her up and swiveled her around. I pulled the bodice until she gasped. Then I took a needle and thread and sewed her into her outfit.

I didn't want to use safety pins in case one opened during the scene I had planned. Besides, sewing her in gave me the opportunity of cutting her out.

When I was done, I turned her around again. Now she looked like she had two very large soft tits. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head down... with the other hand I grabbed a tit and pulled it up towards her mouth.

The tits were big enough that she could kiss them, just the way real girls with big tits can do.

"Go ahead," I said, "I want to watch." She kissed the fabric, sucking it between her teeth, looking up at me, her eyes submissive and bright.

I took the peek-a-boo panties and put them on her. Then I made her stand up. I took shears and cut the gown. First, I made it a minidress.

"Look at yourself in the mirror!" I said.

She gazed at herself in fascination. I walked over and cut the hem yet hight. Now she could almost see the bottom of her scrotum.

What she could not fail to see, of course, were her enormous tits.

The way I'd sewn her in, she looked like she possessed a statuesque body. Her big tits made her hips seem quite small. To accentuate the waist, I fastened a wide elastic belt around her. Now, she really looked stacked.

I got my camera and took a few more photos.

Then I began directing her to pose for me. At first she was clumsy, but soon she began to pose so sluttishly, it was startling to see the transformation.

"Stick out your butt!" I said, " Turn around! Pout! Look like you're begging to be fucked! Throw your head back and thrust out your hips! You're such a whore! Show us how desperate you are to get fucked by anyone who wants you! Show us how proud you are of your tits!" I came over and untied her hands.

"Go on! Play with yourself! Turn around and stick your fingers in your ass for the camera! Spread your buttocks and wiggle! No one would ever guess that you were anything but the biggest whore! Stick out those tits! Suck them while you stick your hand up under your dress!" ŠSoon she was drenched with sweat from excitement. The nightgown clung to her. Aside from the huge hard-on she looked like a woman. I grasped the shear and now cut the hem all the way above her genitals. I cuffed her wrists again. Then I took a spreader bar & attached it to her ankles. Then I pushed her down on the bed, took a final photo, and shut the lights.

I had one more little surprise I went to the bathroom and strapped on a harness & dildo.

Seven pink inches of rubber cock. And, underneath, a clitoral stimulator so I would be satisfied as well. I applied vaseline to the tip of the cock and emerged.

I mounted the girl slowly, so she couldn't tell what I was doing. When she felt that huge life-like cock start to penetrate her asshole, she nearly screamed with fright. She tried to relax her asshole and take it in... but it was big for her, and I pushed forcefully.

As I did, I said, "This is what you wanted all along, isn't it! This is what you've been dreaming about, isn't it! Well, this is the only kind of fucking you're ever going to get from me! Right up inside your asshole!"

"Can you feel your tits! From now on, you're going to have to wear them whenever I say. I'm going to take you out with them on! I'll play with them in front of whomever I like. I'll make you suck on them for my girlfriends, so they can see what a slutty lesbian you are!"

"What do you think of that!" I said, reaching down and pinching the head of her stiff cock. It was so swollen by now, she was writhing and moaning and weeping and screaming with excitement. I felt it sticking into my belly, drops of pre-cum oozing out.

"Please Mistress PLEASE PLEASE MAY I CUM!!!" shouted the slut, in her agony of heat, "PLEASE MISTRESS!!!"

"Tell me what you are, " I ordered.

"I'm a WHORE, Mistress," she screamed, "I'm a WHORE, I'm a SLAVE, YOU OWN ME, I'm nothing, Mistress, I'm a worthless filthy whore, I'm YOUR WHORE!"

"Yes, you are," I said, panting now myself, "Yes, you are, and yes you may cum." And as her grateful screams filled my ears, I felt myself bursting into orgasm as well.

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