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This has to be my favorite stories I've written.

Chapter 1

While searching the internet one Saturday afternoon, Stephanie came across a website of a company offering a once in a life time offer. The chance to become a baby again. Stephanie sat there in her soggy diaper and read the screen. She was skeptical about the whole thing but something inside her made her pick up the phone and call to make an appointment.

She waited the next couple of days and finally on Tuesday she took the bus downtown. She walked 3 blocks and entered a large office building. She looked at the plaque at the elevator. She found the room number for SyneTech. She entered and elevator and began her accent to the top floor. The door opened and she walked down the long corridor and came upon a sign that read, "SyneTech Sales Department".

She opened the door and was greeted by a receptionist sitting at a desk.

"Hello Stephanie the woman said as she stood up, reaching over the desk to shake hands. Stephanie sat down. She was very nervous at this point. She was a very shy woman with social anxieties. She was almost shaking.

"Are you alright?" the receptionist asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry, I just get nervous easily." She replied. The woman nodded.

"So, Stephanie, what brings you here today?"

"Um, well I saw your internet ad and um, I just, um." Stephanie couldn't finish her sentence.

"You want to be a baby again." The receptionist said knowingly.

"Yes." Stephanie said while lowering her gaze to the floor.

"Stephanie, there is no need to feel ashamed. I'm a graduate of the program. I can totally empathize with your situation." The receptionist said warmly.

"How does it work? Is it some kind of virtual reality or hypnotically induced dream?" Stephanie asked.

"No, in fact there are some companies available for that. But what we have is better. We have nano-technology of a biometric nature which can graft itself into your DNA. The computer software interfaces with this hardware connection and reprograms your DNA to rebuild your body cell by cell. This takes roughly 4 years, during which time you are in a sleep state. In this state your mental processes are suspended so that you are not aware of the sleep. You will not dream. It will just seem like an instant for you. When you wake up however, you will be approximately the size of a new born infant." Stephanie listened intently.

"We bombard the nano-technology with electrons which makes them turn off. We have a staff of well trained, and highly screened guardians. You will have a second chance to grow up in a nurturing environment. At around age 12 your memories will begin to return. This is because a section of your brain is isolated for purposes of allowing you to make the new memories. Basically when the other section of the brain begins to re-integrate, we will again put you in a sleep state for 4 years as our computer runs algorithms on your re-integration process. Thus taking away your original bad memories and allowing the new memories from your time here to remain. It does exhaustive cross checks to make sure that when you awake you are totally mentally adjusted to a combination of both realities." Stephanie's mouth was wide open in awe.

"So how long is the whole thing?" she asked.

"It is a total of 20 years. 4 years to initiate, 12 years to live the life you always wanted, and 4 years to re-integrate." The receptionist said.

"I was kind of hoping to be a baby for longer, not just grow up again." Stephanie said. The receptionist smiled.

"The great part about this is if you are not so inclined, you never have to potty train, go to school, or deal with growing up. If that is your request, then you will be able to pass that on to your guardians."

"How do I know who will be my guardian?" she asked.

"We will schedule an interview with our staff psychologist. From that data we'll select a pool of likely candidates, and you will get to talk with them and choose for yourself."

"And the cost?" Stephanie asked.

"We have three plans. First is for your entire 20 year metamorphosis, it is $100,000 per year, payable half up front and the other half when you finish the program. The other plans are only pay for 10 years worth if you sign a contract to work for us as guardians for the next 10 years after your program. If you do this, you will be taken care of, food, lodging, and a very generous allowance and a retirement package. And thirdly, we have a cost free plan, if you work as a guardian for 3 client generations, you owe us nothing, and you will be paid on top of that, including retirement." Stephanie thought for a moment.

"But I don't know if I'd make a good guardian." She said. The receptionist smiled.

"Everyone who graduates from this program will be a perfectly suited guardian. In fact, I am hoping to be matched with a client soon actually." The receptionist said.

"Ok so 20 years to do this thing, spend maybe 15 years working for ya to get half off, or spend 40 years roughly, and I owe nothing and I am taken care of for life?" Stephanie asked.


"Also an option is, you can put down your first payment now since you can't decide on weather or not you will want to work for us. This way if you come out and decide to work for us for 1 client, then you are free to go, your debt is paid and we will give a good amount towards your retirement. But if you choose to work for us for 3 clients, 36 years, we will totally set you up for life." The receptionist said.

"Like how much?" Stephanie asked.

"It's $80,000 per year for retirement. If you 20 when you start with us, you will be retiring at 56, giving you at least 30 years. And might I add that the whole guardian role is something that will be worth while and make you feel good about your life. I've talked to many who chose this route and they have no regrets." She said.

"So I can be a big baby for 12 years. What if I wanted to just pay you and do it over and over again?" Stephanie asked. The receptionist sighed.

"You can only have the procedure done once. The body cannot undergo the procedure safely after the first time. This is because the brain cannot take on a third set of realities. And also the DNA rejects it after the first time." She said.

"Well maybe I should try one of the virtual reality solutions. They charge $50-80 grand a year and you go right into the reality once you're hooked up. You can stay plugged in as long as you like until the money runs out." Stephanie said.

"Think about this, do you want to get plugged in, and have all your assets drained because you're addicted to your own minds self run fantasies presented to you via the VR device? You won't be any better off when you are unplugged. This experience will help you to heal, and to grow, and to fulfill the need of babyhood. The other method will not do it as deeply. This method will allow you to become a better person for the experience. I'm sure you've been to therapists to deal with your infantilism. And if it had helped, you wouldn't be here right now. What I'm saying is this goes beyond something just for your entertainment or pleasure. This is the way to healing and becoming someone who can help heal others. Having a life that is meaningful. Full of love, and wonderful friends for life. Think about that." Stephanie began to cry. The receptionist came around the desk and sat in a chair next to her putting her arm around Stephanie.

"It's ok." She said.

"I want to do it now. I don't want to go another day like this. I need to be small again.

Please." She said as she just collapsed onto the floor crying.

The receptionist knelt beside her. She pulled Stephanie into her arms and held her. Stephanie was hyperventilating. She also lost control and had a bowel movement in her diaper.

"Honey, lets go change your diaper, and put you down for a nap. I will send for our jet. I will fly with you to our medical facility and when you wake up I'll be there. Then we can fill out the forms. Take this pill. I'll be here when you wake up." She said while giving Stephanie a pill and some water to wash it down with. Stephanie passed out on the floor.

The receptionist unlocked a cabinet and pulled out a diaper bag. She proceeded to change Stephanie right there on the floor in the office. The receptionist and another lady picked Stephanie up and laid her on a bed in an empty office room.

Transformed By BabyInDiapers Written April 11, 2006 Chapter 2 Stephanie awoke a while later. She opened her eyes. The receptionist was sitting by her bed.

"Stephanie, do you remember me. My name is Joanna. We talked earlier. You are at SyneTech. We are getting ready to board a jet to go to our other facility to begin your transformation. Do you remember?" Joanna asked calmly. Stephanie's mind rushed. It all came flooding back.

"Yeah, I remember." She said. She realized that she was in a different diaper and in fact, was in a hospital gown and did not have any of her clothing or personal effects.

Stephanie got up and walked with Joanna back out to the desk.

She spent 30 minutes going over paper work. She decided to risk it all and sign up for the full 36 years service. After all, she only have $50,000 to her name.

"You won't be disappointed." Joanna said. She signed papers for medical release, asset freeze during the time when she was in the program, birth certificate modification, and the whole works.

They went up to the roof and a helicopter took them to a airport only a couple miles away. The jet was ready. They were off the runway by 8pm that evening.

"Hey, I just thought of something." Stephanie said out of the blue while sitting in the jet with Joanna.

"What is it?"

"I'm 30 now, so if I go back to 1 and live to be 80, that means that in essence I've really lived a 110 year life!" she said.

"Yes, that is a side benefit." Joanna replied.

"Well if I waited until I was 70 and did it I'd live 150 years!" Stephanie said while laughing.

"I suppose so, but how do you know if you would have lived to be 70. At least you know you have today." Joanna remarked.

Around 9:30 they touched down. A limo was waiting for them at the runway. Stephanie and Joanna checked into the facility.

Joanna gave Stephanie a brief tour and then showed her to her quarters. There was all the comforts of home in this room.

"well get some sleep. Tomorrow you'll be in front of the board of psychologists. Then the next day we can hang out and I'll show you around the facility more. Then we'll get your results back and prepare for you to meet with the prospective guardians. Also if there is anyone you need us to notify of your disappearance, let us know. We have a variety of ways to deal with this issue. But we can talk about that Thursday.

Tomorrow I will not be here. I have to go back to the city and close a couple more deals. But I will be here Thursday. Good luck tomorrow Stephanie." Joanna said as she gave her a hug.

Stephanie took a shower, had some food from the mini kitchen and laid in bed watching TV. She then looked around for diapers. She thought surely they would have them around somewhere since this was a infantile transformation facility.

Finally she found diapering supplies in the bottom of the closet that had other gowns on hangers. She diapered herself and laid awake thinking. She had a lot of thoughts rushing through her mind. She got up and looked in the medicine cabinet and found a sleeping pill. Normally she did not use medication for sleep, but she knew she had a big day coming tomorrow and it was already midnight. She took the pill and laid down. Within 5 minutes she was asleep.

Transformed By BabyInDiapers Written April 11, 2006 Chapter 3 Stephanie was awaken by the voice of some lady. She was startled.

"who are you?" Stephanie asked.

"I'm a nurse, here to change your diaper and escort you to breakfast and to your psych evaluation." She said. Stephanie laid back down and yawned. She let the woman nurse change her diaper and then she slipped on another gown. They went down to the dining hall there were a couple others there. The nurse sat down at the table with her.

"Are these other people clients too?" Stephanie asked.

"Yes." She replied. She wasn't very talkative so Stephanie just ate her breakfast.

She went back to her room to brush her teeth. She then followed the nurse down a few halls and to a meeting room of sorts. She sat on a nice comfy couch.

"If you need to be changed, just let them know. They'll page me. And don't feel shy about it. We all are here to help you. Everyone here is here to help you become the baby you always wanted to be. So there is no need to feel embarrassed about asking us for help.

Okay?" she asked. Stephanie nodded.

A female psychologist sat down in a chair closer to her. There was a table behind her up on a riser.

"Hi, I'm Cindy. I will be conducting the interview today. As you see behind me there is a table for the panel of psychologists to sit in. Basically you will interact with me and I with you. They will prompt me to ask certain questions and even though you are answering me, they will also be included. She leaned forward and clipped a wireless microphone to Stephanie's gown.

They talked briefly and then the others came into the room.

They all introduced themselves. She had thought they would be a bunch of old men in suits. But she was very wrong. The board consisted of a mixture of men and women, and they were in casual attire. The session began. The morning session was not as emotionally intense as Stephanie had thought it might be.

She had lunch and then returned to finish. This session was more demanding. Stephanie cried a few times. She was recounting some traumatic times in her childhood and it brought up a lot of painful memories.

Finally at 6:30pm it was over. The board left. Cindy who was sitting across from her took her to the cafeteria and sat with her for dinner. Stephanie was not very hungry.

"Hey I have an idea, how bout I find you some civilian clothes and I take you out to a place in town. I think that'll help you relax and get your mind off of everything. I know today's session was very difficult for you. But you did well. I am sure we will have no difficulties providing you with a good choice of guardians." She said.

"Ok yeah I'd like to go somewhere, I kind of feel like I'm institutionalized." Stephanie went up to her room and a while later the Cindy arrived with some street clothes. Stephanie changed her wet diaper and then got dressed. She then went to the parking garage with Cindy. They went to a nice bar and grill type of restaurant.

"Am I allowed to have alcohol?" Stephanie asked.

"Sure I'll buy you a couple beers, but you probably shouldn't drink heavily. Not that it will interfere with the procedure, its just not going to look very good if I bring you back drunk." She said while laughing. Stephanie smiled and chuckled. It was the first time she had laughed in a while.

After dinner and drinks they took a cab back to the facility and Stephanie and Cindy hung out in her room for a while.

Finally around 9:30 Cindy left. Stephanie got in the shower and then put herself into a nice dry diaper and another gown.

She crawled into bed. She was amused to find that someone had left a cute little stuffed bunny on her pillow. She cuddled with it and fell asleep.

Transformed By BabyInDiapers Written April 12, 2006 Chapter 4 Stephanie woke up around 7:30 and took another shower. She got dressed and went down to the dining room. She ate breakfast.

She returned to her room and watched TV. About 9:30 there was a knock at the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's me, Joanna." Stephanie opened the door. Joanna had a bag of clothes for her.

"I hope these fit." She said.

"Where are we going?"

"To the park." Joanna remarked. When Stephanie saw the contents of the bag she laughed.

"You mean you're going to take me to the park dressed as a baby girl, in public?"

"Well sure, why not.

Actually it's not a public park. Its owned by SyneTech. But there are people there whom you might be interested to meet.

Stephanie dressed herself in the babyish clothing. They once again went to the parking garage. However instead of getting on the main road, they took what looked to be a service road.

It wound about and went back into a very scenic area.

Stephanie was fixated on looking out the window at all the scenery. It was hard to imagine that such a modern complex amidst a mid-sized town could have a place like this.

We parked and got out of the car. I saw what looked like any public park. Lots of kids happily playing. Some parents on the benches watching. We stood by the fence. I watched the interaction of the children playing. I turned to Joanna.

"these are." She paused.

"Clients." Joanna completed her sentence.

"Yeah, but, they" Stephanie was staring in wide eyed amazement.

"They are children, real as real can be. Just as you will be soon." Joanna said A moment or two passed.

"Come on Stephanie, I want to introduce you." They entered the playground and sat down on the bench next to two women who appeared to be in there mid 20's.

"Hey Joanna." They both said as they stood up and hugged her.

"Hi. I want you guys to meet Stephanie. Stephanie meet Brenda, and Shelly." She said. We exchanged hellos. We sat back down and we began to talk.

"So you are getting ready to enter the program?" Brenda asked.

"Yes. I did my psych evaluation yesterday and I should be meeting with perspective guardians tomorrow." I said.

"Very cool." Brenda said.

"We are graduates of the program." Shelly said.

"So you, um, you were, like a baby, and now your grown up, a second time?" Stephanie asked.

"Yeah." Shelly said.

"And you work here?"

"Yes, I'm on my second client actually."

"But you look so young."

"A side effect of the program is that you don't look your age. I'm actually 48." Shelly said.

"And I'm 45." Brenda said.

Stephanie was silent for a moment. It was a lot to process.

Children who used to be adults; Adults who used to be children? It was finally at that point that Stephanie realized what was going on. It finally dawned on her that she was really going to get the chance to be little again. They sat and talked a while longer. They pointed out which ones were there children. They explained how even though you have a primary guardian set, everyone takes care of everyone's kids and everyone is one big family. Stephanie inquired about the children as to if they were potty trained or left to be in diapers and be as much of a baby as they wanted.

"Well, my baby girl is 4 right now, she's not potty trained but my last client actually began to wean around 9 years old.

"Wean?" Stephanie asked.

"Yeah, we breastfeed our babies. It's part of the bonding. And unlike the exterior society, we do not imprint shame or persecution for children who wish to still engage in babyish behavior. Trust me Stephanie, you are really going to have a life changing experience here." Shelly said. Brenda nodded. A while later Stephanie and Joanna left the park. ON the way back up the service road to the facility Stephanie was quiet.

"This is part of the orientation, showing me a preview of the end results. Isn't it?" I asked.

"Yes, it is. In fact, there is one paper yet left to be signed. Your final consent. If you wish, we can go sign that this afternoon." Joanna said.

They arrived back at the parking garage. They went to an office and Stephanie signed the final paper. Her and Joanna spent the day talking about other things. But it seemed like every five minutes Stephanie would have another question or observation. It was hard not to think about what lie ahead.

That evening after Joanna left, Stephanie retired to her room.

The next morning she met her prospective guardians. They sat in a outside terrace and talked. They went over observations from not only Stephanie's psych evaluation, but also theirs.

They all seemed so nice. The day went by quickly. Around evening time after spending all day with all of them, she had formed a bond already with a woman named Tabitha, and a man named Walter. They also felt the same. It amazed her how that even though she had made her choice, it didn't seem to make the others feel jealous. After all, once they had clients of their own, they would be part of the extended family at the secret community.

Tabitha and Walter accompanied Stephanie to my room. Tabitha bathed her in the tub and diapered me. A large crib had been placed in my room while away. Stephanie was put in the crib.

They slept on the bed. Even as an adult it was important for them to bond. They would be spending the next 3 days engaging in the roles of mother and father. Stephanie had no problem letting go and becoming a helpless baby, even in her adult state. They would go to the park and also would do other fun activities in town as well. Saturday, just a week from when she found SyneTech on the internet, she was one day away from going under. Since Stephanie and her new guardians had bonded so well the guardians also decided to go into deep sleep and only wake up a month before Stephanie was ready. This way they could prepare for there newborn's arrival. They could hardly bare the thought of not being able to have her for 4 years.

This was often the case with guardians.

Sunday afternoon Stephanie was given an IV and fell unconscious. Her last memory being that of her guardians at her bedside. For a while she felt half awake and half asleep as if it were a few hours. Then she felt something coming on even in her sleep She did not fight it. They informed her of what things to expect to feel during the transitioning. She knew by the fading of her mind's abilities, that she was being inducted into the complete psycho-paralysis All was dark.

Transformed By BabyInDiapers Written April 13, 2006 Chapter 5 Walter and Tabitha were brought out of deep sleep. They spent 3 weeks in physical therapy to restore thee muscles which had atrophied during the psycho-paralysis. During this time there home in the community was being furnished and decorated. The final week stretched on as they awaited bringing home there little newborn, Stephanie.

Stephanie had finally been reprogrammed she was awoken from the psycho-paralysis. Tabitha held her as they sat in a rocker in the nursery. She was breastfeeding a very hungry baby girl.

During these first weeks, there were other guardians and there children around. This was to help Stephanie get used to other people and bond with the whole community. Each female guardian was induced into lactation so that even babysitters and nurses could breastfeed the babies.

By this point Joanna had been fitted with a client and by Stephanie's first birthday her and her baby boy were welcomed into the community. It seemed that somehow Stephanie had a bond with Joanna that must have come from previously knowing her. Sometimes certain subconscious thoughts could pass between the separate sections of the brain. This had been the case with previous clients.

During community gathering son weekends all the families would do activities that were fun for the children and the adults.

Since all the adults had been reborn children, they could easily engage in childish games and play time. There were a number of guardians in fact that were still not potty trained and were completely incontinent. Other guardians and the facilities nurses would take care of changing the adults.

By Stephanie's second birthday she was a walking, talking, well adjusted child. In this community there was no need for guardians to work, for children to go to school. The knowledge of their previous life's education would be reconstructed into there brain during re-integration.

Stephanie spent many wonderful afternoons at home with her family, and at the park with others. One day while spending a few days at Shelly's she saw that her 10 year old daughter was being breastfed. Stephanie waddled into the room holding onto her blankie.

"Hi Stephie." Shelly said. She was just finishing feeding her daughter. Her daughter Jammie got out of her lap after giving her mommy a hug.

"Hi Stephie." Jammie said as she sat down with her and played with some legos. During this time Shelly was in the next room folding clothes.

"I go poo poo." Stephanie said as she got onto her knees then to her feet.

"Mommy will change you." Jammie said as she took Stephanie's hand and they walked into the other room.

"Mommy, Stephie made boom boom in her pants." Shelly chuckled. Come on honey buns lets go get your diaper changed." she said as she stood up and then picked up Stephanie and carried her to another room with diaper supplies and a changing table.

"Well, looks like Stephie did a good job in her diaper. Yes she did. You filled it up and I bet your tummy feels better now that your all done." Shelly said while changing her diaper. Stephanie giggled.

"Somebody's hiney is tinkie-poo." Jammie said while observing the changing of Stephanie.

After the clean up, they went to the kitchen and had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Jammie had a bottle and Stephanie was breastfed by Shelly. Shelly and the 2 girls laid down on her bed for a nice afternoon nap.

The wonderful thing about this community was that as Stephanie got older there was no shame or negative feelings about people being in different stages of development. There was no such thing as being at a certain level at a certain age. As Stephanie got older she began to understand more of what this place was like. It was more important to let every person be who they were and to always love others as yourself.

When Stephanie was four years old she asked questions about where she came from, as was common with clients of this program since they did not look like there guardians. One day her mommy and daddy (Tabitha and Walter) sat down with her and had a talk.

"Honey, we knew each other briefly a long long time ago that you cannot remember. We chose you, and you chose us to be your mommy and daddy." Stephanie listened as her mother and father explained things.

"But why do big kids go away?" Stephanie asked.

"Because at a certain age, it is time to go to sleep for a long nap. When you wake up you will still be here, but you will remember things from a long long time ago."

"Is dat what crossing over is?" Steph asked.

"Yes honey, it's basically when you grow up. See honey, while you are here you get to be little and be as much like a baby as you like. But when you get older there is a point where you have to go through a change during your nap. When you wake up you will be grown up. Instead of having to grow up little by little, you get to just be a child for a while. Then you just wake up and are a grown up one day." Walter said.

"But I don't want to." she said with a tear in her eye.

"Well baby you don't have to worry about that for a long time." she said while holding Stephanie. The years went on and on.

Stephanie was approaching the crossing over time. She was now eleven. Still breastfed, and still not potty trained. That last year was such a special time for her. Every kid who was close to the time to grow up was basically spoiled and pampered even more than usual.

At this point Stephanie realized that it was ok. She had seen others who she knew as a young girl who went away for four years and came back. She realized that when they came back, they were grown up, but still were the same person, they just knew a lot more. Two of her friends that already were re- integrated told her it was totally ok and there was nothing to worry about at all.

"The community is here even when you cross over." she said.

A few months after her 12'th birthday, she started her period.

Also with the onset of puberty the other portion of the brain began to want its way back into the spotlight. This took the form of weird dreams. This was typical for clients. This meant it was time.

Her last night everyone threw a party for her. Her guardians and a few of her closest childhood friends stood at her bedside. In the final moments when she was going under her mommy and daddy were laying next to her on each side.

Stephanie was babbling in her baby talk. Her diaper was wet.

Tabitha held her hand and Stephanie leaned her head against her mother's breasts.

"See you soon baby, we'll be right here when you wake up." was the last words she heard as she fell asleep. She had many weird dreams and felt like she was in limbo for what seemed like days. Then, as before everything came to a halt as she was once again under psycho-paralysis.

Transformed By BabyInDiapers Written April 14, 2006 Chapter 6 (now in the first person perspective) I opened my eyes. I could barely moved.

"Mommy?" I called.

"I'm here sweetie." Tabitha said. She was crying. The four year wait was hard, but seeing Stephanie awake and in good mental condition was well worth it.

"I'm wet." I said.

"I know baby. Let me change you." she said.

"Where daddy?" I asked.

"He's downstairs. He'll be up here soon."

"I wanna go home." I said.

I spent the next month going through physical therapy while staying with my guardians. I was amazed at the transparency and clarity of my mind. I knew things like why my body was fully developed, and all my memories from the previous 12 year childhood experience. I also remembered my biological parents and old friends. I was allowed to contact those I had left behind. It was not easy for them or for me. I couldn't explain where I was. I used the cover story prepared by SyneTech that was used to stage my disappearance in the first place.

I very much enjoyed babysitting the little tykes. I was still incontinent and absolutely loved it. Even as a grown woman of almost 17 years, I was allowed to regress and play just as before. I went to counseling to deal with a few minor transitional things. Mainly dealing with understanding my newly integrated mind. It was wonderful. I was no longer depressed. I didn't have a unfulfilled longing that haunted me for years before.

My guardians were getting ready to take on there next client in the next couple of years. They had met while I was under. I was looking forward to the new arrival. The community was just as beneficial for me as an adult as it had been for me being a child. My mind was always stretched to the limit of understanding as more and more inward realizations flooded my awareness day by day.

I enrolled in a 2 year set of classes to become a guardian myself. It was so weird how I was totally best friends with Joanna, yet she had seen me from original adulthood, to new childhood, and back to new adulthood. Again with the side effect of not showing age, she looked much like she did before.

My baby sister Amber came to live with us near my end of the program. I loved her to death. She was so adorable. I went to the facility one day to begin induction of lactation. It only took a couple weeks of hormone therapy and I was able to breastfeed. It was such a rewarding experience.

With my guardian certification, and my new motherly abilities, I was enjoying life to the fullest. I moved out of my guardians home when Amber was 3. But I was still in the community, just a few houses down. I started dating a guy named Jessie. We hit it off and got married. He also was a client of the program and now a guardian, as was I.

I remembered him from when I was 4 and he was 5. We grew up together! It was unbelievably wonderful, the way this community was so tightly nit. I remembered the ways of the rest of the world. Bickering, shame, and so on, but it wasn't an emotion I was held captive to. Rather it was just as if I had read about these things in a book. They had no imprint on my psyche.

About a year after our marriage, we met with a nice man of about 25. His name was Timothy. We called him Timmy. He had a horrible childhood. He was suicidal and really broken up and in need of this program. I remember the first time I breastfed him while we were in the adult to adult bonding stage. He was instantly in the zone. He went into psycho-paralysis and transformation.

Jessie and I decided to not go under. We just spent the next four years helping all the other guardians out and taking care of the little ones. Finally one day we brought our little boy Timmy home. He was so cute. Jessie and I, and the whole community set out to bring him up in the loving, warm hearted, open minded community that had shaped me into a healthy adult.

Transformed By BabyInDiapers Written April 26, 2006 Chapter 7 One day when Timmy was 2 years old, him and I sat on the living room floor playing. After a while I felt like I was going number two. I still wore diapers and was never potty trained.

"Mommy go poopoo." He said. I smiled.

"Yes mommy did go poopoo in her diaper." He then stood up and squatted and filled his diaper up with poo.

"I go poopoo." He said.

"Aww, you're such a cutie baby." I said as I hugged him. I took him to his room and changed his dirty diaper. I then put him down for a nap. Then my husband changed me and we laid down for a nap as well.

Raising a child in this community was really an amazing experience because of all the support and love of everyone. It seemed like a perfect world. Until one day people began to talk about an enemy of this place. There was a story about an old wicked lady who used to be a client but was not happy and she was mean and even grew up mean. She was a vile wretch of a person from stories I had heard.

This lady, Katrina, had been banned years ago from the community and the facility. One day she came storming into the town hall screaming at everyone. Luckily some of the men took her and had her arrested for trespassing on private property.

She was very enraged by this. We knew it wouldn't be the last time we ever heard from her. The stories have it that she has been around for a couple hundred years now. She was one of the first to be reborn into the community.

As the years went by, our little Tim was growing up. He decided to be potty trained when he was 11. Even so, every night he still nursed at my breast before bed. The final time came for him to cross over and become reintegrated. As my guardians had done for me, we sat by him and held his hand as he went unconscious. I cried for the next few days.

Jessie and I spent the next year resting and just enjoying each other. We also babysat for other community members who needed a break now and then. I finally decided to go to the facility for the first time in roughly 35 years. Well unless you count when I took classes, and when we picked up Tim. We took the long road and came into the parking garage. I was surprised to be greeted by Cindy when we entered the main office for guardian selection.

She looked much older. I still looked like not a day over 18.

"Well you look great." Cindy said as she marveled at how young I still appeared.

"Thanks, you too." I said. We sat down and talked to her about how things had been for us with our first client and after finishing an afternoon of talking and filling out some forms, we met a potential client.

Michelle was a 24 year old girl with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was very shy. It made me think back to when I was in her position nearly 35 years ago.

"hi Michelle." I said as I reached a hand out. She stood there nervously. Jessie and I stood there.

"Well, why don't you two have the afternoon to get to know each other." Cindy said in her elderly and somewhat raspy voice. She then cleared her throat. My mind was still spinning, if I had not gone through this transformation, I too would be in the elder years of my own life.

Jessie, Michelle and I went to the dining area for lunch. I was hungry. Michelle was very quiet.

"Honey, it's ok." I said as I put my arm around her. She was quivering.

"You haven't touched your food honey. Are you okay?" I asked softly as I looked into those beautiful blue eyes of hers. Her mouth was moving but no sound came out. A tear fell from her left eye and ran down her cheek.

"Aww honey." I said as I turned towards her and fully embraced her with both arms. She began to just ball her little heart out.

I just held her and rocked her gently while whispering reassuring and nurturing things into her ear. I just kept her firmly in my arms. I noticed that she had made a mess in her diaper.

"Honey, let's go up to your room and let momma change you okay?" I said softly. As we stood to leave the table she was blushing and hid her face against me. Jessie came around to the side of her.

"Hey honey let me carry you to your room okay?" he asked gently. Michelle reluctantly let go of me.

She turned to Jessie and he picked her up. She closed her eyes and we took her to her room. Jessie laid her on the bed and I began to clean her up.

"Everything's fine baby. I'm just wiping your hiney. Shh. Just relax. Mommy's hear for you." I said as I finished cleaning and powdering her. I sat in the bed leaning back against the head board with her laying in the fetal position with her head resting in my lap. Jessie sat next to me. We both admired our perspective baby.

"If she's this cute as a big girl, imagine her as a baby." I said smiling at Jessie. He nodded.

We spent the next few days at the facility and Michelle bonded with us very well. We were very happy to hear that the process that used to take four years, now only took two years. They had some breakthroughs over the past decade. We were there by Michelle's bedside holding her hand. I laid up next to her.

She and I exchanged gazes as she began to fall into her trance. Even several minutes after she was gone, I just couldn't bring myself to leave her side.

We returned home later on that evening. I stopped by my guardian's house. They were doing ok but were sort of lonely.

My little sister Amber had been in reintegration for 3 and a half years now. She was due to come out soon. They were very excited and anxious. Even though the genetic process had been sped up to two years, the reintegration was still a four year process. This was basically because the facility's board of directors decided it would be more important to put the funds for a faster super computer into the community itself. I thought this to be a wise choice.

That night when Jessie and I laid down to go to bed I began to cry. He held me.

"You need to be daddy's little girl tonight?" he asked.

"yeah, me baby." I said. He patted my diapered tush and got up and fixed me a bottle. He gave me my bottle and cuddled with me. I fell asleep in his arms. I really did sleep like a baby that night.

Transformed By BabyInDiapers Written April 26, 2006 Chapter 8 The day finally came when we brought our newborn Michelle home. She was so cute. I breastfed her and changed her diaper before putting her down for a nap.

A few days later I received word that Cindy was in the hospital at the facility. I went to visit her.

"Honey, Its my time to go." She said as we sat talking.

"No, you can go through the program, and become young again." I said.

"No sweetie, I've had my life, it was a good one. I'm ready now." She said. I had a tear fall from my eye.

"Baby, don't cry.

It'll all be okay." She said in her faint voice.

"I'll always remember you and how you helped me. I wouldn't be the person I am now if it wasn't for you, and the others here." I said.

I held her hand but she had passed on. I cried when I got home that day. Jessie just held me close. A weeks passed. The community was growing. It seemed more and more people were going through the program and opting to be guardians as I had chosen. Michelle was growing so fast. She was already 3 months old. I would take her down to the park and sit by the lake and she would just smile at me. I held her in my arms and she would nap while I held her.

Jessie was working at the facility a couple days a week helping them with some renovations. There was talk of a retirement center for all of us guardians to live where there would be around the clock care. This place was such a peaceful place.

Time went by, as it always did. Michelle's birthdays came more often each time. She was now 5 years old. She was the most living and caring little child I had ever known of. Everyone of the guardians loved babysitting her. She always was there for other kids. She would hug and cuddle any baby who might be crying for whatever reason. I knew she would become a wonderful guardian some day.

As before, she had questions about why people would go away when they were older and so on. We explained it to her. She seemed to understand it. She was a very bright girl. One day I was changing Michelle and she asked me if I would potty train her. She was 7 at the time. She was trained within a couple weeks. But she would still wear her diapers to bed at night.

The time came for Michelle to cross over. She was only 10, but she was going through the transition at an earlier age. The doctors said that some of the children would experience this earlier than others. That faithful day came when we had to let our little girl go. Four years was so long. I tried to cope but I became depressed. Jessie and I decided to go under for 3 and a half years. Since Michelle had crossed over at such a young age, she would only be 14 and a half when she woke up.

She would still need to live with us.

We woke up and went through the physical therapy to get our strength back in our atrophied muscles. A month or so passed and Michelle woke up.

"Mommy. Daddy." She said as we both held her. After a day of observation, we brought her back home with us. She was still the same kind hearted Michelle. She was very intelligent. In her previous adult life, she had been very well educated. Of course, all her knowledge returned to her due to the filtering and reconstruction process.

She lived with us over the next 5 years. When she was 17 she decided to take the classes to become a guardian. By the time she was 19, she had found a match. She fell in love with one of the children she grew up with. He was about 2 years older than her. They helped out in the community over the next couple years while waiting for there baby to be ready.

Jessie and I also got matched up with a new baby. We were waiting for ours as well. We would be bringing home another baby girl named Kimberly. I felt like I was much better at raising girls than boys, although Tim turned out great. He had opted to work at the Facility on the scientific research team instead of becoming a guardian. He always was a brain though.

The scientists discovered a way to sort of shrink already processed patients into the size of an 8 year old. Basically the process took only a year. There was no brain modifications needed. The process was purely genetic. The community decided that as a retirement option, guardians could choose to be small for the rest of there life if they so desired. This would really make it easier for the care givers at the retirement center to carry them and so on.

We went to the facility and for the third and final time, brought home our little bundle of joy. At this point I was 85 years old, even though I only looked to be around 30 something. This new life definitely had its benefits.

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