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Mistress Ann is a very good and old friend that I have known for some years so when I had some vacation time I planed to visit her for a week at her home. Ann knows I a AB/DL and encourages me to enjoy the lifestyle when I called Ann and told her of my plans she told me that it was a great idea and she had some surprises for me.

When my vacation time rolled around I loaded up my jeep with my stuff for my trip especially my diapers and my baby boy cloths then put on a dry diaper and plastic pants then gassed up my jeep and hit the road. Since I had an 8HR drive I made sure I was diapered very thickly and had lots of Cokes in a ice chest so I was soon peeing freely into my diapers.

As I got within 20 minutes from Mistress Ann's I knew I was soaking wet but also I was starting to leak. When I pulled into Ann's driveway and got out I noticed my jeans were soaked so I grabbed my duffel bags I use fir luggage and walked up and rang her doorbell quickly a woman in a maids red maids dress opened the door and said you must be Ann's friend Timmy and to come in Ann was on the phone and would be out soon then showed me to my room I would be using.

As I walked into the room I herd the maid take a sharp breath and she quickly walked off. As I surveyed the room I saw that there were nursey themes on the walls also a large and low dresser with lots of doors and shelves but the biggest item in the room was an adult sized crib. As I stood there just staring at the room and not paying attention I herd Ann walk up but she grabbed my arm and stated, "my new maid just informed me that you had completely wet your pants CHILD".

Ann had a very stern look on her face and told the maid "Ginger it's a good thing we decided to put this child in the new nursery for its stay. Ann then told me that since I wet my big boy pants like a lil'sissy baby I was going to get treated like one. As I was pushed towards the low cabinet Ann told me she had just had this new changing table built along with the new baby crib. As I lay down on the Whinne The Poo plastic cover Ginger pulled some arm ties off one of the shelves and proceeded to secure my arms over my head.

Ann then told Ginger now that this sissy is secured get these clothes off HER and get her properly attired". As my pants and diapers were removed Ginger sold me that babies shouldn't have hair on there crotch like that Ann said don't worry baby my maid will clean the baby up and get her properly dressed then when I told Ann I liked to be a boy baby not a girl Ann told me "this is my house and I will decide how I would dress you" then Ann pulled out a pink pacifier and put it in my mouth then told me to be "quiet or else".

I then spit out the pacifier out and yelled "you can't treat me like this" then Ann said "ok that's it child" and instructed Ginger to take this sissy baby into the dungeon right now as Ann untied me Ginger grabbed me in a wrist lock that really hurt then she marched me into the next room. As Ginger tied me over a padded saw horse she told me "you are stupid to upset Mistress Ann so now you are going to pay for it.

Ann soon walked onto the room wearing a black leather body suit and black thigh high boots and carrying a stiff leather paddle she then told me that since I didn't know when to keep my mouth shut and to do as im told that she could make me very sorry and then I would do as im told. Ann then proceeded to spank my ass until it was her favorite shade of red as I was yelling for her to stop and crying Ann told me "that now when Ginger takes you back to the nursery you had better do as she says or you will get your butt beat again".

As Ginger walked me into the nursery and again tied me to the changing table she then went into the bathroom and returned with a pan of water and a razor and shaveing cream then she proceeded to shave my crotch till I was smooth as a baby. Then Ginger pulled out from one of the lower drawers and some pink nursery print plastic pants then she diapered me and then untied me and had me step into the panties.

Ann then walked into the room and said here is your new clothes for your stay as she showed me a white baby dress trimmed with Whinne The Pooh and blue trim as she handed the dress to Ginger who started to pull it over my head I had started to turn red then Ann walked into the room with a blue bonnet and some white nylons and helped to dress me till she was happy that I looked like her perfect sissy baby white red blushing face and all, Then she went and got a baby bottle she had been warming on the stove and shoved it in my mouth and told me since I had had a long day it was time for a nap also when Ginger checks me I had better be asleep and better have drank all my milk.

Later that evening I was woken up by Ginger who had 4 baby bottles of Similac formula and she gave me to drink as she let me out of the crib and walked me to the changing table then proceeded to tie my hands up by my face then she removed my plastic panties then my soaking wet diapers and she used baby wipes to clean me up after the wipes Ginger pinned a dry diaper on me and said she had been given orders that taking of the new baby was her job and she wasn't very happy about it. After putting the diapers on me she pulled dry plastic panties over it then untied me and led me into the front room and told me that I had better finish my bottles of formula then she turned the TV on and put the tape My Little Mermaid on and told me to hurry up and finish so she could feed me as she went into the kitchen I sat there wondering where Ann was and drinking that disgusting formula while watching that dumb movie. After about an hour Ginger returned and led me to the dining room then tied me to a high backed chair that had arms and produced a large adult sized plastic baby bib with teddy bears on it and then started to spoon me mashed peas and creamed carrots while I was gagging and trying to swallow this disgusting food Ginger just kept feeding me more till I finished it all.

After the meal and I was starting to feel full Ginger gave me 4 more bottles to drink and sat me back in front of the TV she then went back to eat her own meal (steak and mashed potatoes) not fair. When she finished her meal Ginger informed me that Mistress Ann was at a bd/sm club (play party) and wouldn't be home till late but had left explicit instructions of how to treat me at witch point I had started to yell at her telling that she couldn't continue to treat me like this Ginger then walked up and slapped me across the face and informed me that she was the adult and that I was the baby here and had no choice as to how I was to be treated. As I sat there with a pissed off look Ginger told me that for acting out she would inform the mistress that I was acting up and mistress would deal with me.

After the movie Ginger led started to led me back to the crib and she saw me walking she told me to get on my knees cuz' babies only crawl as I got down to crawl I kept falling over the him of my dress and then Ginger had me stand so she could check my diaper finding it wet (from all of the formula I had consumed) she had me lay down on the changing table and removed my dress and diapers then got out dry diapers and slid them under my butt then put lotion on her hand and started rubbing it in as she got to my penis she started rubbing and stroking it till I was hard and started to groan then she suddenly stopped and pinned the diaper up I pleaded with her to keep it till I came bit she just smiled and said "babies cant cum" then pulled up my panties and had me stand.

When I stood Ginger brought out a pink fleece sleeper with no feet and a rear zipper and proceeded to put it on me as she zipped it up she snapped a small padlock onto a hidden set of rings so I couldn't get out later that night. Ginger then pulled some hard plastic mittens out and locked them on my wrists then told me to get into the crib and when I did she pulled out straps that fastened to my ankles and to my waist then when I was all locked in safe so "I wouldn't fall out" she left and returned with a large pacifier with straps and fastened it around my head and pushed a small hose to it with a big bag attached to it witch she hung on a hook on the wall over the bed and proceeded to fill it with 2quarts of the hated baby formula and told me nightly night baby then turned of the light and left. As I lay there trying to figure out how I had gotten myself into this situation I started feeling real sleepy and started to wet heavily I figured she had put some diuretics and sleeping medication in my bottles and was soon asleep.

The next mourning Mistress Ann walked in as I was waking up and said "I herd you were misbehaving last night". as I just looked at her she noticed that I had totally soaked the bed and stormed outta the room. I then herd her yelling at Ginger about some thing then about 15 minutes Ann and Ginger walked into the room and Ginger had a gag in her mouth plus her ankles chained closely together also she looked like she had been crying. As Ginger released me and began to remove my sleeper and diapers Ann informed that she had just told her that I was one of her best friends and was to be treated accordingly them she told that Ginger was a live in submissive and she knew better.

As Ginger removed my diapers and cleaned me up Ann said now as for you misbehaving last night I would find out what I can expect for not minding" then grabbed my ear and walked me into the dungeon then bent me over the whipping horse and chained my wrists then told me that for not doing as I was told I would get 20 swats. Then she proceeded to beat my ass till it was red. When she finished Ann pulled a strap on butt plug off a shelf and lubed it up and shoved it into my ass then fastened the straps and told Ginger "now he is ready for his diapers" and then walked me back into the nursery.

While Ginger strapped me to the changing table Ann opened a closet and removed a matching pink blouse and sun suit and held it for me to see as Ginger was putting my diaper on me then I was realeced and stood up as they dressed me all I was concerating on was the giant intruder in my ass. Then I was marched into the dinning room I was forced to sit in the hi backed chair (witch just made the butt plug dig in deeper) then Ginger tied my arms and feet then walked over and placed a large bowl of bland oatmeal next to me and proceeded to tie the same bib on me and spoon feed me the oatmeal. When I was finished Ann released me and marched me into the front room and sat me down to in front of the TV to watch cartoons with a fresh bottle and told me not to get up then she grabbed Ginger by the hair and marched her into the dungeon and slammed the door. About an hour later Ann returned and made me crawl over and look into the room where I saw Ginger chained to the wall by a collar around her neck and her dress pulled up and her panties pulled down enough I could see a very very red ass then I was told this is what I could expect too.

About 2 hours later Ann noticed that I was wet and leaking so she walked into the other room and let Ginger go so she cold change me. As Ginger changed me Ann brought in a very short satin babies dress and bonnet for me to wear telling me here's what your wearing the rest of the day when I was dry and dressed Ann informed me that she had invited some people over for a party. As I looked at her with a shocked look I was told not to worry that I would really enjoy it. Then I was led into the other room and made to lie in front of the TV and given a bottle to drink. After 3 bottles and 2 hours Ann left the room then returned with a red body suit black fish net stockings and boots. I was then instructed to crawl into the dungeon where there was the dreaded feeding chair when I was securely tied Ann and Ginger left the room to answer toe door bell.

While I was sitting there in walked a stranger who just looked at me and laugher at me then he proceeded to undress and put on a leather neck collar then ankle and wrist collars. A couple of minutes later Ann walked in and began to fasten the guy to the big cross on the wall then the doorbell rang again son Ann left again and led in another man who also undressed and was strapped to a large rope bondage bed. At this Point Ann started to beat both guys with a leather whip till Ginger walked in and told Ann that the last two people had arrived so they both left. Shortly they returned with a guy dressed as a hooker that was blind folded and someone dressed in all black leather and a black hood that acted like he was gay walked in with Ginger. Then Ann then announced that it was time to start the real fun to begin.

At this point the hooker was forced to kneel in front of Ginger and she pulled up her dress then pulled her lacy panties down to revile a big fat soft cock. As I sat there stunned (I didn't know she was a transvestite) then the hooker was made to suck and lick till "Ginger" was hard and when she was the hooker started to suck her cock like she really was enjoying it till Ginger moaned and the hooker started to gag and swallow a lot. At this point Ann snapped a large leather collar on him and led the so-called hooker over to the guy tied to the bed and made the so called hooker do the same. As the guy on the bed started to cum Ginger untied me then helped walk the hooker to the guy on the cross who already had a hard on and was ready to get sucked off. When the hooker was done I was next and Ginger helped me on the rope bed then removed my diapers to reveled to everyone that I had the butt plug still in. at this time Mistress Ann tied me down and removed the butt plug then led the "hooker" over to me to get my cock sucked. As the hooker sucked me till I came the others were whispering and when the hooker finished. Ann led her out of the room.

When Ann left Ginger said that now it was time for her to get some payback then the others untied me as Ginger grabbed me in a hair lock and wrist lock then led me over to a 2 to 3 foot tall padded stool as he held me down on my stomach the others fastened my legs spread wide and then my wrists to the stool so I was on my hands and knees. As I kneeled there Ginger told me that Mistress Ann had left to take the Hooker guy home I was going to find what it was to be the recipient at a cocksuckers party. Then Ginger let one of the guys that already had a hard on kneel and stick his cock on my lips as I was trying to keep my mouth shut Ginger grabbed my balls and twisted forcing me to open my mouth and the guy shoved his dick in and told me that if I bit him he would break my jaw. At this point I decided to do as they said so I wouldn't get hurt slowly I started to suck and bob up and down his cock till I felt him start to tremble and his cock started to swell bigger and then he started to shoot his cum into my mouth and at the same time he rammed his cock in till I started to gag and was forced to swallow all his cum as he removed his cock the guy in leather was there for his turn.

As I started to suck the leather guy off I felt someone kneel behind me as the guy started to really shove his cock down my throat deep I felt someone lube up my asshole and then he rammed his cock in my ass to the hilt. While I tries to scream around the dick in my mouth Ginger ashes how I liked getting raped and that I should really lay there and enjoy it since I was nothing but a big sissy baby. At this point I felt the familiar swelling of the guys cock in my mouth and had my mouth again filled with a mans sperm as I swallowed the sperm I felt the guy with his cock in my ass started yelling that he was Cumming and rammed in deep then I could actually feel the sperm spurting in my ass. As he pulled out Ginger told me now it was time to feel a real cock up my ass then he knelt behind me and I felt his cock head against my ass then remembered that Ginger had the biggest cock I had ever seen. As Ginger grabbed my hips and rammed his cock up my asshole I thought that I would pass out from the pain. At this point the leather guy and the other guy started to argue who would get to fuck the sissies ass next then I felt Ginger started to tremble and then he sprayed his cum in my ass too.

As Ginger pulled out immediately the gay dude wearing all leather shoved his cock in my ass and started to pound away but luckily he came real soon and as he pulled out I could feel the cum dripping out of my ass then it was finally the last guys turn but he acted real gentle and slowly moved his cock in and out slowly and I started to relax and finally enjoy the feeling as he came Ginger walked back into the room carrying a thick pile of diapers and all three of them released me and laid me on the floor to be rediapered as Ginger was pinning the last diaper pin Ann walked into the room carrying some fresh plastic pants and as the stood me up to pull them on Mistress Ann asked if everyone had enjoyed playing with the sissy baby? When every one left Ann sat me down and told me that she had wanted to do this to me for years also that she had scheduled more parties for me while I was there. When I asked why she just told me she liked to see men suffer so for the next week my ass was here's to do what she liked and that I had better be ready to suck a lot of cock then Ginger walked in with 2 baby bottles and told me "here this will get the taste out of my mouth and that I should enjoy then as she had been putting drugs in the bottles to make me relax and they would make my sissy pussy feel better and the diuretics should keep me pissing my diapers also that if I didn't mess my diaper soon she was going to give me a large enema and make me wear a messy diaper for a while.

As Ginger led me to my crib she told me I was a sweet fuck and she was looking forward to next time. As I fell asleep Ginger and Ann were talking in the next room and soon I was awoken to the smell of something good cooking Ginger walked in and checked my diaper (yep it was as usual) then proceeded to pull my panties down and unpin my diapers after she cleaned me up with baby wipes then she leaned down and took my dick into her mouth and sucked me off till I came then she leaned over and kissed me on the mouth and when I opened up she let some of my cum drip into my mouth when she broke away she told me that should have enjoyed that then she finished re-diapering me and after she pulled up my plastic panties she stood me up and then leaned against the changing table and had me kneel down so I could return the favor when I opened my mouth Ginger let me suck her off slowly and she dropped her maids skirt over my head and just leaned back to enjoy my mouth. Just as I felt her cock start to swell she grabbed my head and forced my mouth all the way down her cock as I felt the cum washing down my throat I herd Ann say "im glad you two are getting along so good and can sissy Timmy stay longer? As I pulled off Ginger told Ann that I didn't need much teaching on how to suck cock because I was a natural and I looked at Ann and told her I would see if I could stay longer tomorrow

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