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My boyfriend and I have gone back and forth about sharing my story and we decided to tell it so here goes

I'm 22 and have worn diapers my whole life, it started when I was little because I had a bed wetting problem.

As early as I can remember about 5 my mom would put me in diapers just before bed so that I didn't ruin the mattress. When I got a bit older I would put them on by myself before bed, the only time this changed was during the summer, mom was a teacher so we had all summer at the cottage, it was pretty secluded so I could come out on the deck where mom always had her coffee and I had juice with nothing on but a t-shirt and my diaper, by the time I was 14 this routine was starting to annoy mom so I did it more just to bug her.

Some days I would go all day just wearing a diaper and my binkini top just to make her nuts. Even if we had to go town I would wear the shortest skirt I had with my diaper barely hidden - it made her crazy, kind of fun to think back on it.

Now after college I went to work on Vancouver Island. This is where I met Rick. He is 6 years older than me runs his own company and has a pretty good life. We had gone to dinner and out to the bars about half a dozen times but nothing real serious. Then one night having supper in Nananimo he asked if I wanted to go out on his boat the next morning to fish and just hang out since he had the weekend all to himself, which was rare.

I agreed but we had to stop at my apartment first, as was often the case there was no place to park so he just circled the block while I ran inside.

The drive to his house took a little over an hour and I know it's wrong but I had two wine coolers and he had three beers out of his cooler on the way. Once we got to the house he rents which is right on the ocean, I really had to pee. While I was in the bathroom he changed out of the dress cloths he had on into a pair of jeans and an old work shirt, got himself a beer and me a cooler.

We went out of the patio to the beach and lit a fire and relaxed. I was still wearing the skirt and blouse that I had worn to dinner so after a bit I told him to stay put I was going to change, I went to the bedroom took off my blouse skirt and panties and put on two pairs of diapers.

I am very tiny 4 foot 10 and about 105 lbs. I still fit into size 6 pampers or huggies, but since I don't wet the bed any more the diapers have just become a comfort thing - I can't sleep right without them.

The only time I wet is if I'm really drunk which was not the case that night. I went into the kitchen to get him a beer and the window was just like a mirrror - there I was in just my camisole and diapers, I decided it was now or never so out I went, his back was toward the house so he didn't see me coming out. I handed him the beer but stayed behind him a minute to build up the courage to let him see what I was wearing.

I was terrified about how he might react but it was too late to turn back now after standing behind him about 2 mins.

I stepped out into the fire light where he could see that I was wearing just diapers and a camisole. After looking at me a minute he put his hand around my waist pulled me in and kissed me and said "you look really cute", that was the end of the conversation about what I was wearing. After he drank his beer we went into the house I took off my camisole and he took off his jeans and shirt. We didn't make love but I just cuddled up to him and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and he was gone - at first terror filled me, but then I saw the note. It said "baby, gone to get my boat trailer, be back by 7 - luv Rick".

It was just about 7 when I woke up and by the time I had brushed my teeth and got out of the bathroom I heard his truck in the laneway. He came in put coffee on for me and made himself an iced tea. He said that we should go in about half an hour as he wanted to be to Texada Island before the tide changed.

That was when I realized in my state of mind the night before I forgot to grab my bathing suit. All I had with me was the skirt I'd worn last night and the diapers that I was still wearing. He told me not to worry that I could go out on the boat in my diapers. No one would be able to see since it is a 36 ft boat and its too fast for anyone to notice what someone has on. He also said that there was a general store up the road where he would stop and buy me a new pack of diapers so that if we wanted to swim and mine got wet I would have a dry set to put on.

The ones I had on were still dry so he gave me a pair of his surfer shorts to wear to the marina, they were baggy but it beat just wearing my diapers.

To be continued

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