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One of Baby Amy's Days

This story is really yesterday, well because Today is still happening.

I was sleeping just fine in my crib. had my blanket over me and my dolly in my arms. My bottle was leaned up against the pretty bumper pads around the sides so I could see it.

there was a mobile hanging down over me that was asleep because I was.

I slowly woke up to some birdies on a tree near my window. I was listening to them awhile than it got really lonely and quite in my crib so I started to dry. than I saw the bottle and i took that so I could go back to sleep. I had a little and i looked up and saw my mobile and i pulled the string and it was making music and next thing I knew I was wide awake. sitting up and playing.

I know when I toss the bottle onto the floor mommy gets up too and comes in my room. so I tossed it over the bumper and laid back down. yep here came mommy and she like always picked me up gave me a kiss. and she changed me washed me all up. That's fine but I hate my ears wiped. but anyway she dressed me up in a really pretty blue dress. and today Mommy had a really pretty dress on too. same color as mine.

she took me out of the crib after she dressed me up. and fed me this time was that cereal in a box with milk in it. she wiped off my face and hands and whoops a little off my dress and legs. than she got out the stroller, oh boy I was excited. were we gonna go now.

well first we went out the back door. than down the street around the corner and back down in front of our own house. haha mommy picked me back up from my buggy "that's a stroller ya know" and she took me back to front door and held me up and said I can get the mail out of the box for her. so I did that and we went back to my buggy and mommy ripped her mail so I ripped mine. she said mine was spam I can have that.

well off we went all the way across many many streets. I saw flowers and cars and birds. and 3 other babies in buggies too. went past everything. I saw lights above me red greens and yellows. some big big long trucks. one smelled like my diaper on a bad day. than I saw it we was going to that park with the sandbox and slides. I can slide with help at the bottom. than we got closer and closer and I was ready to go left into the park and boom we went to the right and across the road. dont tell but I cried for a minute. than I got okay with it. we went through the hole at the car wash for cars and across the big parking lot to the ice cream store. Oh gee. well we met a friend of mommy's in there for ice-cream I got to have my very own cone and everything. and I was ok to be messy now we was were we was going.

mommy kissed him goodbye. and picked me back up out of the buggy. oh ya I never got out of the buggy I had my ice cream in it. well I needed changed and than she wiped me off and than she cleaned up the buggy and put me back in it. she said I thought you ate that ice cream. well I did and she will know later. lol anyway now me was kinda tired. so i laid back and mommy saw me so she pushed the back down so i could sleep flatter. and she put the pink blanket over me. but i pull it down because i like to see the top of the buggy roof when i go to sleep or as i am just riding around.

well i think i was asleep for awhile not to sure. but next thing i was just poof at the park under a tree on a blanket beside my mommy. and i heard happy kids yelling all around me. I got up and started for the slide and mommy said not yet baby. I smell a needed diaper change first, dearest one. so okay hurry it up i need to get playing.

I remember a wholly molly baby you did eat that ice-cream. but I was in a hurry so off I ran for the sandbox. ya lost interest in the slide because another kid was in the sandbox. He said you cant play in the sandbox because your in a dress. Oh boy maybe i am little yet but dont tic me off boy. I have not many word yet. so I just got in and started to play he said well this is for boys only it was that thing like a shovel with 2 handles.

well he said no 1 time to many and I shove his dumb butt onto the sand. he got up and cried to his mommy and she said well leave her alone or play with her nice. well he left like a baby so i took that shovel. and made him mad. well i didn't know how to use it anyway so i let him have it. than i saw that big pile of sand he made. i got my pail and got a couple pails and dumped it in the hole he made to make him mad. and he liked it. I got a thank-you and he played with me nice rest of the park time.

we went over to the slides ya moomy helped me. than me and him went to theses tires i went through he went over. we ran in the grass. oh thats when mommy grabbed me and put coveralls on me. and than we ran some more. we tossed pine-cones, chased ducks and geese off the side towards the creek.

than he went home and I for the first time didn't like paying alone.

anyway i took me a sleep my mommy and woke up in the buggy even father from home. Mommy said oh there you are you woke up. I wished I could say Ya wish you would wake me first so i dont think i have memory lapses momma. its confusing.

she said ya it a really nice day and she was gonna just walk me all over the town. she said we have bottles and food and diapers for all day.

went went around a little pond and a lake small but there was people fishing more ducks and geese and more squirrels than i knew was around there. some guy yelling at his fish pole. and a baby smaller than me.

than we walked back out of there up a steep hill down the other one down to were the park was and behind the store along the creek. its the walkway, I love the walkway best of all. The path is narrow so everyone passes you can see and say hi too. or smile and wave. I saw a butterfly that liked my colors on my toy and would not go away. that was so nice. i saw a dog up close. so much for the leash law. he was on a leash but he was also on my lap licking my face all over. yucky, but funny and it tickled. than well i cant see the ground to well off to the sides but i can see birds that fly past. we also sat at the first benches and than at the gazebo. i got to get out at the gazebo awhile mommy said its past were all the dogs shit. they do it before the first benches userily. she said no do play with the port-ta potty door that its nasty. so i played in the grass. she also for the first time walked me across the wooden bridge and its so cool in my baby shoes. i stomped and ran and hopped. she hold me up with both hands but i walk.

than we got in my buggy well me and we went on up walkway and they have new lights and a new set of benches now. we did not sit there we went to next benches and people was on them so we went to end and came back to gazebo. we watched the really pretty sunset. there was cloud's and blue sky so it was good one.

than mommy got a can out from under my stroller and went away from me and sprayed her arms face neck legs. i was like oh i hope you not gonna do that to me it stinks. but the smell went away. but mommy tasted bad when she kissed me. she said something about swamps and mosquitoes anyway she pulled out that white stupid screen thingy and snapped me all in. i hate to look through that. but i saw those bugs that bite all over. so it was okay.

well that was the day i thought oh we going home, but we sat there for hours i think.

she said okay baby now we go back we was waiting for all the people to get lost for awhile. so i can show you new things. we went slower and was not making noise. than she stopped and said now we can undo this mesh because the bug are done eating and the bats ate them. i thinking okay.

than she pushed me slower and stopped and said that's a skunk and it has white and black and see they dont stink unless they get mad at ya. than later we saw 3 deer 2 babies she said those are fawns.

and off they went so did we. than we saw woodchuck and 2 foxes after that. they was funny and they was jumping like leap frog. I laughed and they took off. we was almost to end of walkway and under the light clear as day was 4 or 5 what was they called. oh raccoons mommy and babies but all almost same size and they ran so much could not count past 4 to know if it was 5. lol the rest was going home and boring. saw store windows in the dark that was different. than got home a bath new daiper and i fell to sleep until this morning and I never slept all night at 1 time before it was nice. I was soaked and mommy woke me up I slept in. that's new too. i will let ya go because today i write this story. and I am all done with it.

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