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How I Got Started Wearing Diapers...

It all started a few years ago while I was in college. Several of my girlfriends and I were sitting around on a Friday night in October playing truth or dare. It started off innocent enough, but as the evening rolled on and the bottle dwindling down things started to get a little interesting. As I remember it, Cindy dared Julia to go to Wal-Mart and purchase adult diapers and put one on.

It was about 45 minutes later when Julia came back with a package of Depends. I couldn't believe she was actually going through with it, but she did. She opened the package, pulled out a diaper and put it on over her jeans, then started parading around in it. Suddenly, Jennifer and Sue grabbed a diaper and put them on and started parading behind Julia. I of course had to join in, but I did the one-up, when I grabbed a diaper, I went into the bathroom and came out wearing it under my jeans. It felt a little weird at first, but after dancing around I got used to it. It was a lot of fun and everyone was laughing so hard that I thought that someone may actually need one.

The fun with the diapers was over and it was Julia's turn to ask ... and she was out for revenge. As she looked around with an evil grin on her face, she fixed her sights on Sue.

"Sue, Truth or Dare" she said.

Sue was very reluctant, but then blurted out "dare!" as she buried her face in her hands.

Julia looked around again with her evil smile and said "I dare you to pee in your jeans.

"WHAT!" Sue shouted out as her eyes just about popped out of her skull. Everyone was looking at her and she said "You're kidding...right?"

"Nope, not kidding" Julia said "Do it!"

With that, everyone started in "Do it, do it, do it..."

I have to admit, I was pretty shocked by the dare, but at the same time I was relieved that it wasn't me who Julia focused her attention to.

After a lot of encouraging, Sue stood up, her face bright red, put her hands over her face and started to pee in her jeans. I remember watching it running down her leg and splashing down at her feet, I will never forget, it was a little arousing for me.

After Sue cleaned herself up, she came into the room and shouted "Everyone, truth or dare!"

We all turned and one or two said "dare."

Sue said "Come on you chickens, I want you to all accept this dare!."

So we did, everyone agreed to go with whatever dare Sue could come up with.

Sue started "Tomorrow, we will have a hold it contest! I dare everyone to participate fully. And for the losers, there will be punishment." everyone looking around at each other as Sue continued.

"When we get up in the morning, the toilet will be off limits," she continued, "everyone will drink 8 ounces of water each hour. The first one to burst will go to Wal-Mart and purchase 2 packages of adult diapers." Everyone listened intently.

"That person will wear one, 24/7 for the remainder of the school year, the next one out will wear one until the start of the 4th quarter, the 3rd one until after semester break, the 4th one for four weeks, the 5th one for two weeks and the one who outlasts can use the toilet, provided she can unlock the door and make it in time. Once the remaining diapers that we have are gone, everyone will have to purchase them on their own. To ensure that everyone is using their diapers, when changing is needed, someone from our group must witness the changing, and anyone caught cheating, ie, using the toilet, will be publicly humiliated. To ease the tension a little, any time you have to shit, you can do that on the toilet."

Once Sue was done talking, there was a lot of discussions about the what ifs and things, but in the end we all agreed to do it. I recall sizing everyone up and figuring that I didn't have the strongest bladder in the bunch, but I thought I'd be good enough that the longest I would need to wear a diaper was 4 weeks. Surely I wouldn't have to wear one past semester because I know that Cindy and Julia are forever going to the ladies room. Sue, on the other hand I thought would be able to hold on the longest, despite what had happened earlier.

That night I didn't sleep hardly a wink, knowing that I would likely pee in my pants in front of others sometime that day. The thought was on my mind, but then I to think about the poor person who would pee in her pants first. I just knew it wouldn't be me.

Morning finally came, I was very nervous. I wore an old pair of jeans that looked tighter than they actually were. We all gathered in living room where we were the night before. Everyone was handed a bottle of water and told that it had to be empty within an hour. I sipped mine down slowly, making it last the entire hour.

After the first hour, another bottle of water was handed to us with the same instructions, and an hour later another one. After the second hour, I was already feeling my bladder beginning to signal that it needed relief. I glanced at the other girls, Cindy and Julia were both bouncing their legs, I wasn't at that point yet. To take our minds off of things a little, we started watching the movie "Jaws". Thinking back it probably was not the best choice for a movie considering all the water. Another hour passed and another bottle of water was handed out. I saw Sue whispering in Jennifer's ear and pointing at Cindy who was frantically bouncing her leg, shifting her weight, and pressing her fist between her legs. Sue finished whispering and they both began to giggle. I figured Cindy wouldn't last much more than 15 to 20 minutes at most, and it didn't appear that Julia was much farther behind her. Then I noticed that I had unconsciously began to bounce my let. As soon as I noticed, I stopped and made a conscience effort not to show what my bladder situation was.

I went back to watching the movie and slowly sipping on my water bottle when watching Chief Brody scooping out fish guts when all of a sudden the shark popped it's head out of the water. I seen this movie I don't know how many times, and I know it like that back of my hand, but on this day it caught me by surprise and startled me. I sat frozen for a split second not sure if I had just released a little pee, afraid to look down when I heard Jennifer shout "Oh my god, Lisa just peed her pants!" I reluctantly looked down at my crotch and was shocked to see that not only did I just pee my pants, but I totally emptied my bladder and didn't even realize it, it all happened so fast. I looked at Cindy and Julia who were both grinning from ear to ear in relief that they weren't the first. My face was red and my eyes were beginning to swell and I buried my face into my hands. I heard Cindy proudly announce to everyone that she had just peed her jeans, but it was too late for me...

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