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Chapter 1

Peter wasn't sure exactly what to think. He knew he needed someplace to stay, and with his home flooded out in the last storm, he was really running out of options. In fact, if she hadn't offered to put him up for the next few days he would be at the shelter with everyone else in his complex. So he picked up his backpack, threw it over his shoulder, and made his way to the front door. Just as Peter crossed the middle of the path, the sprinklers turned on. They weren't set to go that high but they instantly soaked him from the waist down. He ran to the door to get out of the sprinklers and rang the doorbell. Peter certainly thought that he must have been a sight as Ms. Kathleen opened the door. Peter must have turned several shades of red as he stood there in his wet pants and was inspected by the woman in the door. He was unable to even bring up his voice to introduce himself. She looked him up and down and said, "So did the little boy here wet his pants?" giggling quietly to herself as she slipped the remote control for her sprinkler system back in her pocket.

"Well you best get yourself in here so that we can change you into something drier." She stepped aside and he walked into the house. She could barely contain the grin on her face as she closed he door behind him.

"This one will do nicely she thought to herself." She led him upstairs to change into some dry clothes. She led him to the bathroom, which she said would be his. The entire bathroom looked like a little child's bathroom complete with a stepstool and a set Winnie the Pooh cups toothbrushes and soap dishes. He proceeded to strip out of his wet clothes and change into the only dry thing he had with him. It was just a sweat suit he picked up at the local K-mart, but it would have to do. It was a light powder blue and personally, he hated it, but it was the only one they had on the racks... and beggars can't be choosers. He'd go out tomorrow and try to find something better. He dropped his clothes into the little hamper and proceeded downstairs. Something smelled wonderful.

He walked into the dining room to be greeted by Ms Kathleen who had just finished setting the table. She looked up from what she was doing and smiled.

"That's a lovely little outfit you on dear, it looks great on you." He tried to explain to here that it was simply all they had left but she had already gone back to preparing dinner. It was a wonderful rich stew that she had prepared and after eating in the shelter, it smelled wonderful. Ms Kathleen sat at the table and he moved to take his seat. Just as he was about to sit down, she stopped him.

"Did we wash our hands before dinner?" In truth, he hadn't, but he was really hungry. So he lied and told her that he had.

"Let me see them," she said, and to his surprise reached out and pulled his hands to her. He was humiliated as she inspected his hands, which clearly had not been washed.

"In my house," She said, "little boys wash their hands before dinner."

"I'm sorry," he tried to explain but she would have none of it.

"Now march right upstairs and wash your hands," she scolded him, "And be quick about it, your dinner is getting cold." He quickly went upstairs to wash his hands and came back down. She again made him show her his hands before she would let him eat. Finally, they both sat down to a very filling meal. He was going to say something about her automatically assuming that he'd want milk to drink but he had to admit that it went down well.

They watched a little TV together and then he stated that he was a little tired and was going to head upstairs. She said that his room would be the room across from the bathroom. She also reminded him to brush his teeth, and that she would be up in a few minutes to check on him. He brushed his teeth as requested took off the light blue top leaving him in just a T-shirt and his sweat bottoms, and went to lie down on the bed. The light blue room looked like it belonged to a younger boy at one time and had baseballs and assorted books about the room. He looked over the side of the bed and saw something sticking out of the mattress. It was a playboy magazine obviously left here by the previous owner of the room. He looked at the pictures and eventually fell asleep on top of the bed the magazine falling to the floor.

He was awoken a few minutes later to feel his pants being pulled off of his body. He tried to sit up and grab his pants only to find his wrists to be bound to the top of the bed.

"What the hell is going on?" he asked as he quickly tried to scan the room. He saw that on the night stand were bottles of baby lotion and powder, a pair of pastel yellow plastic pants and what could only be described as an adult sized disposable diaper. He quickly flashed his attention back to Ms Kathleen who was now pulling his underwear off him.

"What do you think you are doing?" he exclaimed as he tested the bonds that held his hands.

"Well when I saw you today in wet pants I figured you'd need some extra protection tonight," you calmly explained.

"This is an expensive mattress and I won't have any little boys ruining it. I put your hands in those restraints just in case you tried to give me a reaction like this. Apparently it was the right move."

"But I don't wet the bed, ma'am." he tried to tell her.

"Really I don't need diapers." She stopped and looked at him, "I know a lot of little boys who think that they don't wet the bed but still do. It's OK I'm not ashamed of you. I just don't want to take chances with this mattress." Her face seemed so sweet and she seemed to be upset to have to do this task.

"It's alright," he told her, "but honest, I don't wet the bed."

"Hmmm," she said, "I'll tell you what. Let's make a deal. Tonight you wear diapers. If you keep them dry I won't make you wear them again, providing you keep the sheets dry."

"That sounds fair I guess," he reluctantly agreed.

"BUT," she added "if I find you in wet diapers than you have to wear them two more nights for every one night I find you wet. Sound fair?" Now something should have clicked in his mind at this point. Something should have told him that he was getting himself way over his head here. But instead all he thought was that he knew that he wouldn't wet the bed tonight and that would be the end of it. So what did it matter what happened if he awoke in wet diapers? He knew he wouldn't. Even if he did feel he urge to go, he could always pull the diapers down right? So, like he fool, he agreed.

Ms Kathleen smiled at his agreement and removed his restraints. She then proceeded to finish diapering him. She liberally applied lotion to his diaper area, which he have to admit felt good and after looking at naked women in that magazine got him a little aroused. She simply ignored it and proceeded to powder his bottom before finally securely taping up his diaper and pulling up the yellow plastic pants. She then told him to stand up so she could check him. There was a little bit of bulk between his legs but it wasn't too uncomfortable.

"One last thing," she said, "Hold out your hands." He placed his hands out and she quickly slipped a set of hospital restraint mittens on his hands. At first he didn't realize what they were and it while he was looking at the odd garments on his hands she quickly secured them in place.

"That will insure that you don't fool with you diapers tonight" she smirked. It was then that he realized that he couldn't use his fingers or thumbs and that she was right, there was no way he was going to get these diapers off tonight.

"Now off to bed with you," she commanded. He climbed into bed as she left the room. She came back with a plate of cookies and a small glass of milk.

"You see, good boys who do what they are told get rewarded," She said as she winked at him. He thanked her and proceeded to devour the dessert. She smiled and turned off the light wishing him pleasant dreams. He finished the cookies and milk and drifted off into a deep sleep.

About an hour later Ms Kathleen returned. She crept into the room with a small tray and looked at the glass of milk she had given him.

"All gone," she thought to herself as she knew that the sedative she put in there would keep him out like a light. She pulled back the covers exposing his diaper to her gaze. She then took what looked to be a turkey baster off of the tray. It was filled with a pale yellow liquid. Just water and food coloring she thought, but he won't know that. She placed the end of the baster gently between him and his diaper and slowly emptied the contents into his diaper. She smiled a small smile as she watched the yellow strips on the outside of the diaper slowly change to blue.

"Uh oh," she thought to herself, "looks like somebody has wet his diapers." She could barely contain her pleasure as she pulled the covers back up and slipped out of the room.

"See you in the morning," she quietly whispered into the room as she silently closed the door.

He awoke to the bright light streaming in through the window. His head was groggy and he felt something funny between his legs. He then remembered that he had been put into diapers last night and it all slowly came back to him. But as his head cleared, he realized that he felt different then when she had put them on him. No... he couldn't have! He quickly pulled off the covers. The pastel pants hid the blue lines indicating that his diaper was wet but as he pressed the diaper to his body there was no mistake, he had wet his diaper.

He got up and began to panic. Maybe he could get it off and get a dry one on, or maybe she wouldn't notice. As he got up, he realized that not only was he wet, but had to go again, bad. He reached for the doorknob but his mittened hands couldn't seem to turn the knob. He remembered the knob being tough to turn before but now it was impossible. He thought about calling out to Ms Kathleen but that would only alert her to his wet diapers before he had a chance to fix it. He felt the urge grow. He couldn't hold it any longer. He finally resigned himself. Well they were all ready wet, what would a little more hurt. He'd just wet them a little to relieve the pressure.

Little did he know that she was watching him all the time. She saw him stop and stand still and could figure out what he was up to. All those glasses of milk and the stew had to catch up to him sooner or later. So, just as he began to wet his diaper, she entered the room. He tried to stop the flow but he couldn't he had to go too bad and there was just no stopping. His eyes began to tear up at the humiliation of flooding his diapers in front of her. She walked over to him and gave him a hug.

"There there, she said, "It's alright. That's why little boys wear diapers. It's ok. Shhhhh." He held onto her and buried his head onto her shoulder. She continued to comfort him and slowly moved her hand down to his crotch. Gently she began to stroke his cock that was encased in his now warm and slick diapers. She gently moved her hand up and down as she felt him grow in his diapers.

"There there," She continued, "That doesn't feel so bad does it? I'll bet you like that. Your pee-pee seems to like your wet diapers. See how it grows for me? Yes I think your pee-pee likes your diapers." He felt his knees weaken as his arousal grew. He began to hold onto her for support as she stroked his diapered cock faster and faster.

"Are you going to make creamy for mommy?" She asked. He was far too aroused and humiliated to respond. He could only whimper softly at her comments.

"I think my little boy is going to make creamy for me. It's ok. Make creamy. Make creamy in your diapers for me." She taunted him her hand stroking his encased cock all the faster. It was more than he could take. He felt himself explode into my diaper. His body was wracked with spasms and he went limp in her arms. She gently laid him on the bed as his orgasm gradually subsided. She gently squeezed his slowly softening cock causing his body to spasm once again.

"That's my good boy," she said. She reached up and pulled down his plastic pants. She then undid his diaper and rolled it up neatly. He was still too exhausted to move.

She stood him up and removed the mittens.

"Now go take a shower little boy and I'll go get something for you to wear," she reassured him. He left for the shower slowly regaining his strength. She remained behind smiling to herself.

"Oh yes," she thought, "This one will work out just fine."

Chapter 2

When Peter got into the shower, his mind was still in a daze. He couldn't really believe what had happened to him. As the water beat onto his body his mind cleared. He was mortified at his own behavior. How could he have wet himself like that? He grabbed the bottle of shampoo and began to wash his hair. And then why did he let her make him cum into his diapers. He grabbed the bottle of body wash and began to lather up his body. His diapers, he couldn't believe he even allowed himself to think that. He didn't wear diapers. He rinsed himself off. He was a grown man, and a grown man did not wear diapers.

He got out of the shower and dried himself off. As he rubbed himself with the towel, his resolve diminished. He thought about how lucky he was to be out of the shelter, and well, he had to admit that she was right. He had wet himself during the night. Perhaps it wasn't worth making a fuss over. He'd stay dry the next two nights and it would be over. He wrapped a towel around himself and returned to his room. Neatly folded on his bed were his clothes from yesterday neatly cleaned. However, sitting on top was a pair of floral print cotton panties.

"What the hell is this," he thought to himself as he grabbed the panties and headed downstairs.

"Ms Kathleen," he called out on his way down the stairs, "I believe that there's been a small mistake." Ms. Kathleen came up from the downstairs.

"I was afraid you'd react like this," she said, "I'm sorry honey but I'm afraid your underwear got caught in my dryer and were torn. I know you wanted to go shopping today and you can't try on clothes without underwear on, so I left you a pair of mine. After all it's only for today, and you'll be wearing them under your clothes right?" Peter couldn't argue with the logic. It was, after all, only for today. Ms Kathleen didn't give him a chance to fully make up his mind.

"Now hurry up stairs and get dressed. The sooner you get dressed the sooner we can get you some new things." Peter made his way back upstairs to his room.

"I can't believe I'm going to be wearing panties," he thought to himself, "but it's better than a diaper." Peter came down stairs a few minutes later. Ms Kathleen already had a hot bowl of Oatmeal waiting on the table for him. She casually took a glance at his bottom. She had hoped he would have had clearer panty lines, but she could still make out what he was wearing if she looked hard enough.

"Now, after breakfast I'll drive you to the store and we can get you some big boy underwear," she informed him.

"Yes Ma'am," he happily replied. He was anxious to get out of these damned panties which seemed to be constantly riding up his butt. He finished breakfast and the two prepared to go shopping. Ms Kathleen couldn't help but smile as Peter adjusted the panties like a girl would.

They got to the store and proceeded to shop for clothes. Ms Kathleen said she had some things to shop for and left Peter to do his own shopping. He began by picking out a few pairs of underwear and then proceeded to select a small wardrobe for himself. He went into the dressing room and went into the very back stall. He didn't want to take chances with anyone seeing his particular choice of underwear this day. He got into the stall and stripped down to his panties. Boy would he be glad get home and get into the boxers he picked up.

Just then some one quickly opened the stall door and slipped inside the dressing room with Peter. The man quickly brandished a knife and pointed it a Peter. Peter backed up against the mirror and froze. The intruder looked Peter up and down and began to laugh.

"Shouldn't you be in the ladies dressing room?" the man taunted. Peter turned beet red and tried to cover himself.

"No, no," the man ordered, "I want to see your pretty panties." Peter slowly pulled his hands away fully revealing his panties.

"Gimmie your wallet," the man ordered. Peter trembling slightly reached for his pants and fumbled for his wallet.

"Oh dammit, just give me the pants," the man snapped and Peter handed over his pants. An evil gleam formed in the man's eye.

"In fact, gimmie all your clothes."

"Wha..." Peter began to protest but thought better of it.

"NOW!" the man ordered. Peter gathered up all of his planned purchases and handed them to the man.

"Boxer shorts?" the man chuckled, "What does a pretty little thing like you need with boxer shorts?" Peter just blushed in response.

"You have what you want, just go!" Peter pleaded.

"No I'm not done with you yet panty boy," the man said.

"Rub your cock in those tight little panties of yours." Peter was dumbfounded.

"Now!" the man ordered again. Peter began to slowly rub his cock through his panties.

"You like that don't you, you little panty slut," the man taunted.

"Keep on rubbing. Get it nice and hard in those pretty little panties. Come on panty slut. You can do better than that." Peter felt his entire body flush with embarrassment. Here he was standing in a pair of panties rubbing his cock in front of a total stranger. And what was even worse was, he was slowly becoming aroused.

"Yes that's it panty slut keep on stroking that cock of yours," the man continued, "Let me see that hard cock of yours. Yes that's it. Nice and hard." Peter's cock was in fact quite hard now and was slowly starting to ooze pre-cum. The man noticed this and smiled.

"Now, if you want to follow you'll have to let everyone see how much you like your pretty panties," the man laughed as he quickly exited the stall taking all of Peter's clothes with him. Peter went to the door to chase after him but stopped himself. If he were to leave the stall, everyone would see him all hard and oozing in his panties. He was trapped. He leaned back against the mirror and waited.

About an hour later, he heard a knock on his stall door.

"Petey? Are you in there?" Ms Kathleen called into the stall.

"Oh My God Ma'am it was so terrible," Peter began as he quickly related what had happened to him, leaving out the part about him being made to masturbate for the man.

"Well wait right here," she said. She came back with a T-shirt and a pair of overalls.

"Put these on," she said.

"Isn't there anything more appropriate? Like a pair of jeans or something?" Peter asked.

"Look I'm going to have to pay for these and I don't have a lot of money left after I made my own purchases. These were on the clearance rack and it's all I can afford," she explained. He put on the T-shirt and the overalls and exited the stall.

"I think I can also afford to get you some underwear too," she said with knowing wink.

They first proceeded to the manager's office. The manager wished he could help them but, unfortunately, their security cameras had a developed a glitch during the storm and were not functioning. Peter was secretly relieved that there would be no record of the event and that nobody would know what he was made to do. They got to the underwear department only to find that every pair of underwear was gone. They went to the cashier to ask what happened to all of the underwear. He told them that a man had bought up everything sized medium and large about an hour ago.

"He paid by credit card," the man informed, "Peter something if I remember correctly." Peter's face slumped. The man had bought out all the underwear in the store using his own credit card.

"Well there is nothing to be done about it now," Ms Kathleen sounded in, "We'll take what he is wearing." Ms Kathleen paid for the clothes and led a dishearted Peter back out to the car. Just as they were about to leave the store Ms Kathleen stopped.

"Oops, I almost forgot my pictures," she said, "be a dear and go get them for me."

"Here's the claim check." Peter made his way back to the Film department and presented his claim check to the woman behind the counter. He could have sworn he detected a smirk on her face but figured it must be due to the outfit he was wearing. He took the pictures back to Ms Kathleen and they both proceeded to the car.

"You know I was real worried about you," she said.

"Why didn't you try to follow the man out of the stall?" Peter simply remained silent. Ms Kathleen would have to thank her sister for allowing her to use her store today. Everything went exactly as planned. She looked down at the pictures Peter had retrieved. She hoped that the man she hired had managed to stay out of the shot. Pictures of Peter rubbing his pantied cock in a dressing room could certainly come in handy.

Dinner passed uneventfully. They watched a little TV and Peter once again began to make his way up to bed.

"I'll be right up to help you with your diaper Petey," Ms Kathleen chirped. Peter had forgotten about that.

"Please Ms Kathleen, I don't wet the bed," he complained.

"You will wear a diaper tonight AND tomorrow night like we agreed and if you are wet either of those two nights you can look forward to another two nights in diapers. You made a deal did you not? One would think you'd be more appreciative after I buy you clothes today. Now get upstairs and strip. I will be up in a minute to put you in your diapers. Do I make myself clear?" Peter did not have the energy to fight her. Al he could muster was a meager "Yes Ma'am" and he proceeded upstairs. As he went upstairs, another realization hit him. With his wallet stolen and his home flooded he had no access to his money. He was now truly dependent on Ms Kathleen and her good graces. Peter went up to his room and stripped down to his panties. A small spot was still visible where he had leaked earlier in the day. He prayed she would not notice. He sat on the bed and waited for Ms Kathleen to come up stairs.

She arrived a few minutes later with a small diaper bag.

"Now lie down," she said. Peter raised his bottom as she pulled off his panties and placed a diaper beneath him. She got some baby lotion on her hands and began to slowly cover his diaper area.

"What a rough day you've had," she consoled him her hands now moving to apply lotion to his cock.

"But everything is ok now," she continued her hands stroking him to hardness, "You're home and safe and I won't let anything happen to you." Peter moaned softly as his arousal grew under Ms Kathleen's ministrations his hips moving softly under her skilled hand. Ms Kathleen kept stroking his cock and then abruptly stopped just as Peter was about to reach the point of no return. She pulled up the diaper over Peter's cock and taped it in place much to his disappointment. She then finished the job by slipping a pair of white plastic pants over the diaper.

"I wasn't going to make you wear the mittens tonight, but after the way you behaved before bed I feel I have no choice," She said as she slipped the restraints onto Peter's hands.

"Now get into bed and I'll be right back to tuck you in," She said leaving the room. Peter tried to finish the job Ms Kathleen had started with his cock but his mittened hands slid too much on his slick plastic pants and he could not work up enough friction to let himself cum. Ms Kathleen came up a few minutes later and tucked him into bed. Peter quickly drifted off into another deep sleep.

Chapter 3

Ms Kathleen slipped quietly into Peter's room.

"The boy sleeps so soundly," she thought, "this is almost too easy." Gently she pulled back the covers of the bed to expose Peter's diaper. Ever So gently, she began to stroke Peter's cock through the thick padding of the diaper. She kept her eyes fixed on Peter's face making sure she did not wake him. She did not have to wait long for gratification. Very quickly she felt Peter's member stiffen in his diaper. She continued to rub watching Peter's face for any signs of life. Peter was now moaning softly in his sleep and his hips were moving in rhythm with her hand. She listened to his breathing trying to judge just how far she could push him and when she thought he was about to cum, she stopped. She then gently pulled up the covers and left him in a somewhat more restless sleep.

Peter was subjected to this treatment two more times that night. Once again, Ms Kathleen was certain not to cause Peter to cum. When morning came, Peter was awoken by a soft hand massaging him through his diapers. He tried to pretend that he was still asleep and enjoy the rubbing of Ms Kathleen. However, she was not fooled by Peter's little display and once again brought him to the brink of orgasm before stopping.

"I see you are awake," she said, "and you are still dry no less. That must have been very hard for you."

"As I've tried to tell you Ma'am," Peter said, "I don't wet the bed and I don't need diapers."

"We shall see little one," she smiled, "You do still owe me another night in dry diapers. Now, off to the shower with you." She undid his diaper and released his bound hands. Giving him a swat on the butt, she ushered him off into the shower.

Peter took his shower. It was his only escape from her... his only "Me" time. He stood under the spray and remembered his dreams. They were quite erotic and revolved around his new benefactor. As he though about his dreams he began to stiffen once again. It was really only now that he began to realize the ache he had in his balls. He finished washing himself and got out of the shower, his cock still at full attention. He decided that now was probably as good a time as any and began to masturbate. Within moments, he was breathing heavily and his cock was starting to ooze pre-cum.

"Just a little more," he thought. However, that also happened to be the thought of Ms Kathleen, who was watching him on a hidden camera. Moments before he was about to cum, Ms Kathleen opened the door.

Peter was caught red handed and Ms Kathleen feigned shock. He tried to stammer out an excuse but Ms Kathleen quickly grabbed his ear and led him back into his bedroom. She sat down on the bed and placed him over her lap trapping his erect cock between her thighs.

"Now let me make myself PERFECTLY clear," she began.

"LITTLE... BOYS... ARE... NOT... TO... PLAY... WITH... THEIR... PEE-PEE'S... IN... MY... HOUSE!!!" And with each word, she gave him a firm smack on the butt. The blows were quite painful but there was also a pleasure as Peter's cock was made to move in between the soft folds of Ms Kathleen's skirt. Each stroke plunged him deeper into that warmth. However he didn't dare let himself cum, she would surely kill him for such an offense. So, he was forced to focus on the fire in his behind instead of the fire in his loins. Eventually, she stopped felling that his "lesson" was learned. Peter's balls still ached with the desire to cum when she stood him up.

"Now go stand in the corner," she ordered and quickly exited the room.

Peter stood in the corner his cheeks burning, both sets. He was under the torment of both his stinging bottom and his throbbing cock, but he didn't dare touch either. After a short while Peter heard Ms Kathleen return.

"Now close your eyes little one," she said and Peter obeyed. Peter could feel her as she lifted one of his feet and slipped it into something and then did the same with the other foot. He shivered as he felt her slide something very smooth and silky up his legs. He figured they must be another set of panties, but couldn't understand why all the suspense. The panties were tight and he winced as she slid them up over his tender bottom and let the waistband snap shut pulling his still semi hard cock tight up against his body.

"You may open your eyes," she told him unable to hide her own delight.

Peter opened his eyes and looked down to see that the panties he was wearing were bright pink and had a picture of Winnie the Pooh on the front.

"This is to remind you of what color your bottom will be if you play with yourself again," she said. She seemed to be quite proud of her ingenuity. Peter was blushing a pink almost as bright as the panties he was wearing. At least the other ones he had worn weren't as feminine and sissy as the pair he was now being made to wear.

"Now I'll expect you dressed and downstairs for breakfast in five minutes," she informed him "and I wouldn't be late if I were you." Ms Kathleen took her leave of him and Peter began to scan the room for clothes.

Folded neatly on the bed were the pair of overalls he had worn yesterday as well as a T-shirt. He opened up the shirt to reveal that it had a big picture of Winnie the Pooh on the front. He knew he had to wear it. He slipped it on and began to pull on the overalls.

"This is ridiculous," he thought to himself "I am not going to wear pink panties and children's clothes. It's time to leave." However, then a sinking feeling came over him.

"And go where?" he thought. His wallet was gone with all his money and credit cards and his home was still under water. If he left here, he'd have no where to go and no money to survive. Peter sighed at this realization.

"Well I guess this isn't too bad." He thought as he made his way downstairs for breakfast.

Breakfast consisted of a large stack of pancakes. Peter adored pancakes and after carefully sitting down on the chair did in. The cakes were good but a little dry and Ms Kathleen kept on refilling the milk glass he rapidly emptied. After breakfast, Ms Kathleen suggested that Peter go watch some TV while she cleaned up. Peter sat down in front of the TV and turned it only. He quickly discovered that all he could get were children's programs. Everything else had been locked out. He was about to say something but thought better of it. If this was her idea of a punishment best to take it in stride then fight her and upset her even more than she was. Peter settle on the TeleTubbies and settled back in his chair. Needless to say, the program was less than stimulating, and after the big breakfast, he had just eaten and the torment he'd been though this morning he felt quite exhausted and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Ms Kathleen watched as the sedative she put in his milk took effect. He would be out for at least an hour.

"Plenty of time," she thought to her self as she gathered up her "tools." She set down a tray in front of Peter and pulled out another Turkey baster filled with the same yellow liquid that had worked so well the night before. She undid the buttons on the side of his overalls and slipped the baster inside his clothes. Slipping it into Peter's panties, she emptied the contents. She smiled gleefully as she watched a small wet spot appear on the outside of his overalls.

"Just a little more," she smiled to herself and repeated he process with another turkey baster. The wet spot on Peter's pants grew. Ms Kathleen proceeded to rebutton Peter's pants.

"Now all that is left to do is wait for the baby to wake up," she thought to herself as she picked up her tray and left the room.

Peter awoke with a slight shiver. He was cold and it didn't take him long to figure out where that coldness was coming from. He sat up quickly his hands going to his crotch to confirm what the rest of his body was telling him... he had wet his pants! He shook his head in denial. This couldn't be happening. Just then, he heard Ms Kathleen's footsteps coming toward the room. In a flash he grabbed a blanket and threw it over his sodden crotch and then summing up every muscle he could find Peter did what he thought would be impossible. He smiled.

"Have a nice nap dear," Ms Kathleen asked her voice hiding the frustration she felt that he had hidden his wetness form her.

"Clever boy," she thought to herself, "But not clever enough."

"Do you smell something?" she asked watching his face for his reaction. Peter managed to force out a polite "No Ma'am" trying to hide the fear that she would discover him.

"Well I need to Vacuum in here, but you can watch TV in the living room if you like," she said a wicked sense of glee filling her. Peter stood up keeping the blanket around him and began to leave the room. He was just about to leave when Ms Kathleen's words stopped him.

"PETER!' she exclaimed in a surprised gasp "Just look at this chair!" Peter turned around to notice a large wet stain in the spot where he had been sitting. Ms Kathleen ripped the blanket away exposing Peter's wet pants. Peter could only stand there in shame his face getting redder by the minute.

"That's IT young man," she stated, "Upstairs and out of those wet clothes before you catch cold. I'll be up in a minute as soon as I decide what to do with you." Peter moved upstairs and into his room where he quickly removed the wet coveralls. He paced around the room in his wet pink Pooh panties and Pooh T-shirt fearing that Ms Kathleen would kick him out of the house leaving him with no where to turn. She entered the room shortly there after.

"What did I tell you to do?" she asked giving him no time to answer, "I said out of those wet clothes and I meant all of them, the panties too." Peter slowly stripped out of the panties leaving him in only his Pooh T-shirt.

"Ever since you arrived at my door you have continually shown that I need to treat you like a baby who needs diapers. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I can ignore this situation no longer. Therefore, for as long as you are in this house you will be wearing diapers."

"No!" Peter cried, "I don't know what's happening to me. This has never happened before. I don't need diapers"

"My recliner would beg to differ with that Peter," she retorted.

"Please Ma'am," he begged, "give me another chance. Please don't make me wear diapers." Ms Kathleen stopped to think for a moment.

"Alright, here's the deal. It's noon. I'm putting you into a diaper right now. If you can keep it dry until 5:00 I'll give you a reprieve. But if you wet so much as a drop it's diapers for you from here out. Agreed?" Peter thought, well he had just gone to the bathroom, if he didn't drink anything else certainly he could make it until 5. Little did he know that all the milk from this morning's breakfast was still inside him.

Ms Kathleen laid out a diaper and instructed Peter to lay on it. She diapered him in her usual fashion. Peter remembered how she stroked his cock while applying the lotion to it and was already hard in anticipation before she ever laid a hand on his cock. She worked the lotion in well bringing soft moans from Peter's lips but once again stopped before he could obtain any real relief. His balls were starting to ache now from the frustration. She finished powdering him and taped up the diaper. She got a pair of clear plastic pants and slid them up his legs.

"All set," she said.

"What about my clothes?" Peter protested.

"You just wet your clothes little boy," she reminded him, "I'll have to wash them. Until then, I'm sure you'll be fine with what you are wearing. Now as further punishment, you are not to leave this room until 5. Understand?" Peter could only nod in response.

It was only about an hour later that Peter began to feel the pressure building in his bladder.

"How could this be?" he thought, "I just went a little while ago." Peter tried to keep his mind on other things but after two more hours, the pressure was getting intense. He was starting to feel slight pains in his sides but was determined to hold it in. After another hour, he was lying on the bed in the fetal position concentrating on not wetting himself. It was then that Ms Kathleen entered the room.

She lay down on the bed next to Peter. He was trembling slightly.

"Still dry?" she asked even though she could see that the stripes on his diaper had not changed color. She placed his head on her chest and began to slowly stroke his hair.

"Such a good boy," she said, "trying to act all grown up and not wet himself. Such a good boy." With her free hand, she slowly undid her blouse. Pulling it away, she exposed her breast to him. Her nipple was right at his mouth. She guided his head slowly to her and almost instinctively he took the nipple into his mouth and began sucking. Ms Kathleen moaned a contented moan at the gentle sucking of her breast. Her free hand began to rub Peter's stomach.

Peter sucked gently on the Ms Kathleen's breast. Then all of a sudden to his surprise he tasted something warm and sweet in his mouth. Ms Kathleen had milk in her breasts and he was nursing from her. Ms Kathleen moaned again as she felt Peter suck the milk from her breasts and held his head close to her. Peter was awash with sensation as he drank the sweet milk offered to him and as he nursed his concentration slipped and he began to helplessly flood his diapers. Ms Kathleen noticed this right away and moved her hand down to feel Peter's diaper as he wet it. Slowly she began to stoke him through his wet and slick diaper. Peter sucked harder as he felt his cock grow once again his mind barely conscious of the fact that he had just wet himself.

"Oh no," she cooed, "It looks like my little baby has wet his diapers." She continued rubbing his throbbing cock through his diapers.

"Maybe little Petey likes wetting his diapers? But only babies wet their diapers. Hmmm... I think maybe little Petey wants to be a baby. Do you? Do you want to be my baby little Petey?" Peter heard these questions asked to him in the back of his consciousness and as he exploded into his diaper with an orgasm that sent spasms throughout his entire body for several minutes, the only thought that entered his mind was "Yes."

Chapter 4

Peter awoke in the morning and tried to fully recall what had happened last night. However, it was the cold and soggy diaper that quickly grabbed his full attention. He reached for it with his hands only to find them once again securely bound in his mittens. He was just about to get out of bed when Ms Kathleen entered the room.

"Now how did my little boy sleep?" she merrily chirped, "Is my wittle baby wet?" Peter began to blush a bright shade of red.

"I'll bet he is," she grinned and pulled back the covers revealing Peter's soaked diaper.

"Aw les get Petey out of his soggy diedies," she said as she reached to undo the diaper. Peter was absolutely mortified and was silenced by his shame, but his cock knew what was about to come and was already getting hard in anticipation of Ms Kathleen's tender loving care. He tried to make his cock wilt as to not show his arousal to Ms Kathleen, but by the time Ms Kathleen had Peter's diaper removed he was already standing at full attention. Ms Kathleen smiled as she gently stroked Peter's growing member. Peter was trembling under her touch.

"Has my little baby got the shivers?" she asked, "We don't want little Petey to get a cold now do we?" And with that, she ushered Peter off to the showers.

Peter made his way to the bathroom and closed the door with a sigh of relief. He started the water in the shower and tried to calm down. This was his time and he didn't have to worry about Ms Kathleen. He got into the shower and felt the water wash away the powder and lotion from his diaper area. He washed his hair and lathered himself up with his body wash.

"I have to find a way out of this," he thought to himself as let the water beat down on him. And as the water washed off the lather, Peter's body hair went with it. Peter gasped in disbelief and let out a scream as his hair was washed away. He stood in the shower and began to cry. He fell to his knees and let the water wash over him.

Twenty minutes later Ms Kathleen entered the bathroom. Peter was still crouched in the shower the water now cold against his skin. He shivered as Ms Kathleen pulled back the curtain. He looked up and asked her "Why?" She smiled at him.

"Because you are my baby," she said as she turned off the water and led him out of the shower. She took a towel and dried him off wiping away the last of his body hair.

"Now you look like my baby," she smiled "and it's time to get you dressed." Ms Kathleen led Peter by the hand to the bedroom. A diaper was already laid out and Peter didn't have the energy to fight as Ms Kathleen placed him down upon it.

"See how nice this feels?" she said as she applied lotion to his now smooth diaper area.

Peter was still shivering as he felt the warm lotion applied to his cock and it began to stir. He moaned softly as she worked his cock up and down again.

"Yes it feels so nice without all that naughty hair," she said as Peter's hips began to buck slightly under her touch. With her free hand, she worked her way slowly down to Peter's tender bottom and using just one finger still slick with lotion she pressed gently at his rosebud. Peter was vaguely aware of the pressure at his bottom but as his hips thrust gently at the sensations given to his cock, he didn't really notice that the finger was gently slipping inside him. Ms Kathleen worked the finger in and out slowly screwing his ass while she pumped his cock. Peter was writhing on the bed the sensations being almost too much for him. Ms Kathleen then took her hand off Peter's cock and watched as he still thrust his hips in the air helping Ms Kathleen to move her finger in and out of his bottom. It was several seconds before Peter realized what was happening and that he was screwing himself on Ms Kathleen's finger. He quickly stopped moving his hips.

Ms Kathleen looked at him a slight look of disappointment but then proceeded to pull the diaper up over his throbbing cock and begin to tape it in place. Peter moaned a soft moan of frustration.

"What's the matter baby?" she cooed as she pressed herself up against Peter's body. She ran he breasts up the length of Peter's body her hands drawing Peter's arms up above his head. She placed her knee in Peter's crotch and pressed gently against his swollen member. Then she planted a deep kiss onto Peter's lips. It was another rush of sensation for Peter and just enough to keep him distracted while she slipped his wrists into the cuffs attached to the headboard. She then quickly sat up leaving Peter bound to the bed.

"Now, that wasn't very bright of you sitting in that cold shower," she said, " and I know that you must have caught a cold. Now the only way to lose a cold is to drink plenty of liquids and flush it out of you and that's exactly what we are going to do." Ms Kathleen left the room and came back with what looked like a large IV bag except that the hose attached to it was thicker and the bag was filled with what looked like apple juice. She hung the bag on a hook above Peter's bed and ran the hose down to his mouth. It was then that Peter noticed that at the end of the hose was a large baby bottle nipple. She gently placed the nipple in Peter's mouth.

"Now I'm going to check on you in one hour and I expect that diaper to be wet. I want you to flush all those naughty germs out of you." She turned to leave but left Peter with one last thought, "And if that diaper isn't wet you will leave me no choice but to use a catheter on you to make sure you flush those germs out of you." She left leaving Peter alone tied to the bed with a bottle nipple in his mouth.

At first, Peter tried to free his arms a futile tactic to say the least. And then he began to panic a little but eventually he settled down and his eyes focused on the bag of juice above him. He knew what he had to do and began sucking on the bottle nipple. He closed his eyes and drank and a soft music began to fill the room. Peter began to relax and his sucking became more automatic as he drew the liquid into his body. Peter became lost in the sensation of sucking on the nipple and was almost completely unaware when 45 minutes later he wet his diapers.

Ms Kathleen was pleased with herself. The subliminal messages in the music were working perfectly and Peter was ever so slowly becoming her baby boy. Now it was time to put things into high gear. She grabbed her bag and proceeded into the room to change Peter.

She entered the room to find Peter still in a little bit of a daze. I hope that diaper is wet little boy," she smiled as Peter slowly came to his senses.

"Now hold still while I prepare to change you," she said and she pulled out two leather cuffs, which she attached to Peter's ankles. She then attached a spreader bar between the two cuffs and lifted Peter's legs up over his hear and attached the bar to the headboard leaving Peter in a bent position his bottom sticking up in the air. She then untaped Peter's diaper and started to clean him up. Peter remained passive through the ordeal knowing he was powerless to stop it.

When Ms Kathleen had Peter all cleaned up she once again began to rub Peter's member and Peter moaned softly. Gently she ran a finger down to Peter's exposed rosebud. He gasped at the touch and wiggled a bit but was unable to move himself away from the probing finger. Ms Kathleen reached into her bag, pulled out a small tube of lubricant and began to apply it to Peter's tight hole. Peter gasped at the stimulation and his cock jerked against his will. Ms Kathleen continued to apply the lube to Peter until he was all slick and then she reached into her bag and pulled out a medium sized anal plug. Peter's mouth gaped at the sight of it and the nipple slipped out of his mouth. Ms Kathleen replaced the nipple into Peter's mouth, and positioned the plug at Peter's rosebud.

"This is to make sure that my baby doesn't end up with messy diapers too," Ms Kathleen said as she slipped just the tip into Peter's puckered hole.

Peter gasped at the intrusion and almost lost the nipple again as the plug was slowly inserted into his body. Ms Kathleen began to slowly work the toy in and out of Peter's bottom slipping it a little deeper with each stroke. Peter was breathing heavy and watched as his erect cock began to dribble onto his chest. Ms Kathleen noticed Peter's stimulation as she gently fucked Peter's ass with the plug. She could not contain her smile as she slipped the largest part of the plug past the sphincter and felt Peter pull the plug into him. Ms Kathleen then lowered Peter's body back onto the bed and placed a fresh diaper on him. Replacing the bag of juice with a fresh larger bag, she left reminding him that she'd be back in an hour.

Peter began to drink again trying to forget about the intruder in his bottom. Peter tried to remain very still as any movement caused the plug to shift positions inside him. He closed his eyes and tried to shut out the world. He was soon only aware of the soft music in the room and the constant need to suck on the nipple in his mouth. He was only barely aware of the fact that he was once again wetting his diapers.

From another room, Ms Kathleen watched Peter on a monitor. He looked so peaceful as the subliminal messages in the music helped him relax. She zoomed in on his diaper just in time to watch the yellow stripes slowly change to blue. She smiled a wicked grin as reached over and pressed a little button on her control panel.

"Time to reward my little boy," she thought.

Peter's eyes flashed open as the plug buried inside him began to vibrate. He thrust his hips upward as his cock quickly grew to tightly press itself into the warm wet confines of Peter's diaper. Peter thrashed in his bonds and bucked his hips trying to increase the stimulation on his cock. The buzzing in his bottom combined with the warm gentle rubbing of his diaper was enough to get him throbbing hard, but unfortunately not enough to make him cum. For the next few minutes, Peter writhed in his bonds until the plug once again became lifeless. Peter breathed a sigh of relief and it was only then that he realized that through the whole ordeal, he had never let the nipple slip from his mouth and that he had in fact drank almost half the bag.

Many minutes later Peter was once gain relaxed and gently sucking on the nipple. His diaper began to cool off and grow more uncomfortable. He wanted to call out to Ms Kathleen but instead all that he could manage to do was cry. Ms Kathleen entered the room to comfort her baby and Peter was happy to see his mommy come to change him. She quickly removed his diaper and replaced it with a dry one before leaving the room again. Peter smiled happy to once again be in a dry diaper. He relaxed back into his routine of sucking on the nipple and it wasn't long until he was wetting his diapers again. The plug instantly sprang to life and Peter was aroused again just as quickly. Peter was once again thrusting his hips into the air in a futile attempt to cum as the plug stimulated him.

It was in this way that the day passed. Ms Kathleen kept coming in every hour to change Peter's wet diapers and refill his drinking bag. Peter on the other hand kept drinking and wetting with the plug "rewarding" him every time he wet. At the end of the evening Ms Kathleen took an exhausted Peter out of bed and led him to the bathroom. She slowly removed the plug and placed him on the toilet so that he could "Make poo-poo for mommy." She then took him back to bed and placed him into two diapers. She handed Peter a stuffed Winnie the Pooh and tucked him into bed. There would be no need for the mittens any more she thought to herself. As Peter slowly drifted off to sleep he felt a need for something, and without even thinking about it, he slipped this thumb into his mouth and began gently sucking on it.

"Yes that was it," he thought to himself as he gave his Pooh bear a squeeze and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 5

Peter awoke to the feeling of Ms Kathleen rubbing his cock through his diapers. His diapers were warm and wet and he was already quite aroused within them. His thumb had been replaced with a pacifier and as he sucked on it, he squeezed his Pooh bear a little tighter. Ms Kathleen again brought Peter right to the edge and then stopped her massage. Peter hardly even seemed to notice and continued to suck on his pacifier and hug his teddy bear. It took Ms Kathleen's voice to stir him back to reality. She removed his diaper and led him to the bathroom, leaving in his pacifier. A warm bath was already drawn and waiting. Peter looked at Ms Kathleen with a plead in his eyes but his pleas would go unanswered. Ms Kathleen led him into the bath and began to wash Peter all over.

Peter wanted to resist but didn't feel the strength to do so. He allowed himself to be washed all over. He felt his cock stir once again as she washed it. When she was done she stood Peter up and began to dry him off. When she was done, she said, "You can go potty now. I'll be right back," and left the bathroom. Peter sat on the toilet and emptied his bowels. He tried to give his bladder relief but there was nothing there for him to give. Eventually Ms Kathleen returned.

She told Peter to turn around and gently slipped a blindfold over his eyes. I've got a surprise for you she said as she led him slowly to the bedroom. When they got there Ms Kathleen laid Peter down and quickly rediapered him.

"Give me your hands." She told him and within moments, Peter was once again in his bondage mittens. Peter's senses were all a tingle as he tried to figure out what his surprise was. Peter felt her slip socks and shoes on his feet. She stood him up and Peter could tell he wasn't in the sneakers he was accustomed to but a more formal type of shoe with a hard sole. She instructed him to lift his arms and she slipped what felt like a large cotton shirt over Peter.

"Now hold this here," she said instructing Peter to hold the blindfold over his face. Peter felt Ms Kathleen place something on his head and thought to himself that it feels like...a wig? Peter dropped the blindfold to find himself faced with the vision of himself dressed as a little girl. He was dressed in a very short pink baby dress that did little to hide his diapers from view. His diapers were covered with a pair of white rhumba panties with rows of lace across the seat. On his feet were white Mary Jane shoes with lacey ankle socks and atop his head was a blonde wig done into two very cute pigtails.

"I thought for today you'd be my little baby girl," Ms Kathleen said with large bright smile on her face.

"No no no no," Peter lamented, "You can't leave me like this."

"Awww but you make such a pretty baby girl." Peter blushed deeply at the suggestion causing Ms Kathleen to smile.

"I don't wanna be a baby girl," Peter protested.

"I think you do Petey," Ms Kathleen countered, "I think you want to be my baby girl very much."

"In fact I'm as sure of it as I am that my little girl needs changing," Ms Kathleen added. It was then that Peter noticed that his diaper was wet. A flash a panic went through him. He didn't remember wetting them. He never even felt it go. Peter blushed again.

"In fact I'm so sure you'll like being my baby girl that if you don't tell me that you like being my little girl by noon today I'll let you wear whatever you want for the rest of your stay here," Ms Kathleen said a sly glimmer in her eye, "Deal?" Peter knew there had to be a trick here but, at the moment, he didn't see many options, so he reluctantly agreed.

Ms Kathleen then took Peter down stairs and fed him breakfast before she changed him. She then led him down stairs and set him in front of the TV. She popped in a tape and pushed play. The screen came to life with images of My Little Pony.

"The perfect thing for a baby girl to watch," Ms Kathleen chirped as she handed Peter a bottle of milk.

"Now watch your movie and drink your baba," she instructed. Peter placed the bottle in his mouth and began to suck gently.

"That's my good girl," Ms Kathleen smiled, "Mommy will be back to check on you soon." Peter sat and watched the movie. He knew he only had to put up with this for a few hours and then he could be rid of these diapers forever. He gently sucked on his bottle and settled into watch the movie.

Ms. Kathleen smiled as she watched Peter become entranced with the movie. That was of course only natural considering the subliminal messages implanted within it. She watched as Peter's eyes started to glass over. She knew that after this viewing of the tape his diapers would be wet and his trigger words begin to become set into his subconscious.

"So sweet," she thought, "so innocent." Peter came out of his trance when Ms Kathleen pulled his bottle away. He hadn't realized that he had drifted off like that. He then also noticed a now familiar warm wet feeling in his diapers. He couldn't believe that for the second time today he had wet himself without knowing it.

"Is my baby girl wet?" she asked knowing full well the answer. Peter was unable to respond and could only blush as Ms Kathleen reached forward and squeezed his sodden diaper through his plastic rhumba panties.

"I think that she is," Ms Kathleen stated, "Now stand up." Ms Kathleen Helped Peter stand and led him over to the sofa. She placed Peter over the arm of the sofa bending him at the waist and pushing him forward so that only his tiptoes touched the ground. She then pulled his diaper and plastic pants so that they were down around his knees and pulled his dress up to his waist leaving his bottom exposed and quite vulnerable.

"Do you know what time it is Petey?" Ms Kathleen asked. Peter shook his head no.

"It's 11:45. If you don't show me that you like being a girl in the next fifteen minutes I guess you win our little bet don't you?" she said as she slipped off her clothes behind Peter's back.

"So I guess I'm going to have to show you how much fun it is to be a girl. You'd like that wouldn't you Petey?" Peter shook his head gently no. He couldn't see what she was doing but dreaded it.

It was then that Peter felt something cold a slippery press against his ass. He could not see the strap on dildo that Ms Kathleen was now wearing but he instinctively knew what it was. She began to slide the dildo gently into Peter just a little bit before slipping it out again. She then slipped it in a little deeper and slipped it out again as she began to gently fuck Peter's ass. Peter felt his nipples harden and his cock begin to stiffen.

"This is how a girl gets fucked Petey" she continued as her strokes got gradually deeper.

"You know Petey if you were to cum like this I would have to take that as a sign that you really like being my little baby girl," and with that she thrust her cock all the way into Peter's bottom eliciting a gasp from the prone boy.

Ms Kathleen began getting into a smooth rhythm of fucking Peter's ass. Peter tried to get away but his wriggling only made things worse for him. As Ms Kathleen picked up the pace of her thrusting Peter felt his breathing quicken. His cock was throbbing and oozing pre-cum. He knew he couldn't take much of this. He tried to focus his mind on anything but couldn't escape the feeling of his ass being filled. Ms Kathleen continued with her strokes. She could feel Peter's bottom clench onto the invader she was working inside him. She knew just how to thrust to make sure that she stimulated Peter's prostate enough to ensure that he was thoroughly stimulated.

It all became too much for Peter. His cock was so hard he thought it would burst. The fake cock in his ass continued to send waves of pleasure through his body. His bound hands reached back part trying to stop her and part trying to grab his cock to give him the release he so desperately needed. Ms Kathleen chucked to herself as she watch Peter's useless flailings.

"You're not gonna cum are you Petey?" she taunted him, "I thought you didn't want to be my baby girl." Peter felt the sting of these words. He couldn't let himself cum. He just couldn't. He had to resist. Somehow, he knew he just had to as he summoned all of his self-control. However, with one smooth movement, Ms Kathleen flicked a switch and the dildo strapped to her pussy and imbedded in Peter's ass to begin to vibrate. She pressed the head of her cock against Peter's over stimulated prostate and moaned as the vibrator pressed back against her own clit.

Peter was only aware of the buzzing in his ass for a second, because after that his body was wracked with a mind-blowing orgasm. He felt as if his entire body was in sync with every muscle working together to expel his seed in burst after burst. He couldn't think about the bet he'd made or the soggy diapers around his knees. In fact, the only thing he was even vaguely aware of was the sound of the clock striking twelve in the distance. It was the last thing he heard before he passed out.

Chapter 6

Peter awoke to find himself lying on Ms Kathleen's lap. His diapers were dry and he was instinctually sucking on the bottle of milk that she held to his lips. His mittens were gone and he slowly opened his eyes.

Ms Kathleen smiled at him.

"How's my baby girl?" she asked.

"Girl?" Peter thought to himself and then it all came back, the dress, the bet and the way he came. His cock began to harden in his diaper as he thought about how Ms Kathleen had fucked his ass and made him cum with out even touching his cock.

"Now mommy has some chores to do so I want you to sit here and play nicely." Ms Kathleen said as she emptied a shopping bag full of Barbie dolls and doll clothes onto the floor.

"Now Petey be a good girl and dress all of these Barbie's in their clothes ok hunny?" Ms Kathleen instructed. Oh and make sure that the outfits match dearie." Ms Kathleen got up to leave the room and turned some light music onto the stereo.

"Oh and dearie, for each doll that's not dressed right that's 10 spankings." She added before exiting the room. Peter looked at the dolls at his feet he picked up a doll and began searching for a matching outfit to dress her in.

Peter had finished dressing a few of the dolls by the time Ms Kathleen returned. A look of panic crossed his face as he looked at the many dolls still undressed on the floor as a wave a fear crossed over him he felt his thumb slip into his mouth.

"No sweetie I'm not done yet," she smiled, "I just brought you a Ba-Ba." And I expect it empty when I return. Peter took the bottle in his hands and began to drink.

"And don't forget about the dolls dear," She reminded him as she left. Peter drank the bottle as quickly as he could and got back to the task of dressing Barbies.

"Are you done yet sweetie?" Ms Kathleen called from the other room. Peter was almost done, only two more dolls to go.

"I almost done Ma'am," Peter called back as he rapidly dressed his second to last doll.

"Better hurry baby I'm almost done" she called back. Peter picked up the last doll and grabbed the last outfit only to realize to his horror, that it didn't match. He panicked. He didn't have time to change the other dolls. He began looking over the other dolls before him looking for the matching pieces to the outfit he held. He slipped his thumb into his mouth and began sucking. He felt tears welling up in his eyes. He couldn't find a match. He sat back onto the floor with a squish. His diaper was wet. Again he didn't even feel it happen. Peter was awash with emotion and he sat in the room and cried.

"What's the matter baby?" Ms Kathleen said as she hurried into the room.

"I... I... I... I couldn't dress all the Barbies." Peter sobbed. He knew he shouldn't feel this bad about something like this but he did and he couldn't help crying.

"There there baby," She comforted him, "It's not so bad it's only one dolly."

"Really?" Peter said as he looked up.

"Sure you can take 10 spankings can't you?" she said as a slightly wicked smile crossed her lips. This only caused Peter to begin crying again.

Ms Kathleen led Peter to the sofa and sat the still sobbing man-child over her lap. She lifted up his dress and pulled down his diapers. Ms Kathleen began to slowly spank Peter with slow firm strokes. Peter cried a little more as his eyes focused on something under the sofa. It was a $20 bill. Through the pain of the spanking Peter reached out and grabbed the bill clenching it tightly in his fist.


"There there that wasn't so bad was it?" Ms Kathleen said as she stood Peter up and straightened out his dress. Peter clenched the bill tightly in his fist praying that she would not notice it. Taking the soggy diaper in one hand she turned to Peter, "Now lets see about getting you into some dry diapies." She led Peter by the hand up the stairs. She sat him on the bed and handed him his Pooh bear. She then turned to get a fresh set of diapers. Peter took this opportunity to slip the $20 into Pooh's shirt. Ms Kathleen came back and gently pushed Peter back onto the bed.

"That's my good girl" she said as she pulled the dress up exposing Peter to her gaze.

"Let's get baby all clean," she said as she began to wipe Peter all over paying special attention to Peter's slowly growing cock.

"Oh my look at my little girl's clitty grow in mommy's hand." She said as she continued to rub Peter's cock. Peter was unable to resist her touch. He moaned gently and thrust his hips up a little. Ms Kathleen slipped a diaper beneath Peter and continued to rub the poor boy's cock smiling gleefully as it began to ooze in her hand.

She reached behind herself and grabbed a length of pink ribbon. She wrapped the ribbon tightly around the base of Peter's cock several times before tying it off tightly in a dainty bow. Peter moaned as he felt her bind his cock and he felt it throb in its bondage.

"Now doesn't that make your clitty look pretty," she mocked him, "Don't you think so Petey?" Peter could only moan as she continued to stork his cock but the right ribbon kept him from being able to come. Just when he though he couldn't take any more she stopped and pulled the diaper up between Peter's legs pressing his hard cock against his body and taping the diaper shut tight. She placed a pair of punk plastic pants onto Peter and pulled them up. She then Stood Peter up again and restraightened out his dress.

"Time for dinner," she chirped as she led Peter back downstairs to the kitchen.

Dinner would have been uneventful if it were not for the fact that Peter's erection would not go down. The tight ribbon served as cock ring as kept Peter hard in his diaper. After dinner she sat down on the floor and had Peter place his head on her lap. She produced a bottle and began to feed Peter. She turned on the TV and turned to a channel showing adult movies. Peter sucked happily on the bottle. His cock continued to pulsate in his diaper begging for a release he could not give it. Several times his hands wandered to his diaper only to be pushed away gently.

After a few hours of this treatment, Ms Kathleen announced that it was time for bed. She led Peter up to the bedroom and helped him get out of his girl clothes.

"You were very good today Petey," she said as he hand once again drifted to his diaper area.

"I think my little Petey deserves a reward," she continued, "You can either go to the potty or stay here and play with mommy." With the word mommy, she gently squeezed his cock.

"I want to go the bathroom," Peter quickly responded. Ms Kathleen continued to stroke his diapered crotch.

"I'm sorry Petey, that's not how little babies ask now is it?" Peter felt his knees getting weaker as his desire grew the ribbon still not allowing him to cum.

"I want to use the potty... mommy" he quickly added.

"Don't you like the way mommy plays with you?" Peter could not answer.

"You don't want mommy to stop do you?" Peter weakly shook his head.

"I didn't hear you," Ms Kathleen responded.

"Please don't stop." Peter responded.

"Please don't stop who?"

"Please don't stop mommy." Peter panted his arousal becoming unbearable.

"But I though you wanted to go potty. This must mean that Petey wants to go in his diapies. Is that right Petey?" she taunted him.

"No" Peter responded in a gasp.

"Doesn't Petey like this? Petey likes it when mommy rubs his pee-pee in his diapers." Peter could only softly moan.

"Petey likes his diapers doesn't he."

"Yes," Peter softly responded.

"Petey doesn't want to use the potty. Tell me you like your diapers Petey."

"I like my diapers," Peter softly said barely aware that he said it.

"Tell me you love your diapers Petey," she continued.

"I love my diapers mommy," Peter replied.

"What do you love?"

"My diapers."

"What do you love?"

"My diapies"

"What do you love?" My diap...." Was all that he got out because at that moment Ms Kathleen tugged on the ribbon binding his cock releasing the bow and Peter began to cum uncontrollably into his diaper. He held onto Ms Kathleen for dear life as his body spasamed. Ms Kathleen laid Peter on the bed as his spasams subsided. Peter was too weak to move and was only barely aware of the fact that he was now flooding his diapers as Ms Kathleen pulled up the covers and kissed him goodnight.

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