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Sara the Diapered Teacher

Part 7

After the recording finished playing the principal had a confused look on her face.

"Was that it?" Jessica asked confused.

"What was the point of that?" Jessica didn't comprehend what was going on but Sara and Chelsea knew what was going to happen next. Jen stood up confidently and put her cell phone back. She strolled over behind the principal's desk and leaned over her shoulder.

"How do you feel Jessica?" Jen asked.

"Fine and you will address me as Ms. Moore young lady," she returned shortly.

"I have one question for you, Jessica, how would you like to be care free and to be pampered; maybe not have to worry about going to the bathroom?" Jen asked smoothly leaning her large breasts over her principal's shoulder.

"What are you talking about and you will address your elders with more respect." Jessica responded hotly.

"Your right you will treat your mommy with more respect." Jen said authoritatively standing in front of Jessica now she pulled on her left ear. Jessica was livid by her student's lack of respect. Chelsea shifted in her disposable diaper crinkling loudly. Jen pressed her index finger to Jessica's lips, "Babies are seen not heard." Jessica tried to say something in protest but Jen plugged her complaints with a pacifier. Jessica didn't believe it at first but she began to understand why Sara was wearing a diaper because she started wetting herself.

"Now be a good girl and lay down," Jen said motioning for her to lay on the floor. Shocked by the recent events she laid down without protest as Jen quickly removed Jessica's skirt and had changed her soaked panties into a fresh disposable diaper.

"There, Ill keep your skirt off so I can see when you need a change." Jen smiled at her forward thinking.

Sara fidgeted uncomfortably, she was sure she was getting a rash. Her diaper was still warm but she needed to be changed soon her diaper was dripping almost constantly.

"Mommy will you change me please?" Sara pleaded.

"Maybe, once I get done with my new baby Jessica." Jen said casually not caring about Sara's soggy diaper.

"Now, let's make a few changes with the school." Jen walked over to the speaker system and pressed the button to broadcast.

"Attention girls tomorrow do not wear any underwear to school if you do you will be severely punished that is all." Jen spoke into the microphone confidently. Then the final bell rang and class was let out. Jen next went to the phone and started dialing and soon had made three calls and smiled in satisfaction.

"Everything will be ready for tomorrow." Jen said sounding confident in her plans.

"You've been preparing for this haven't you?" Chelsea asked sure of the answer already. Jen merely smiled and slipped her hand inside Chelsea's diaper.

"Maybe," She responded tersely.

"Now that class is over lets all go back to my house," Jen stated leading her babies out of Jessica's office toward Jen's car. They all walked obediently to Jen's car and got in. Sara heard a squish sound as she sat down her cloth diaper full beyond its capacity. She blushed at the sound.

"Don't be embarrassed Baby Sara you can't do anything about it." Jen said smiling at her teacher's anguish. Jen drove all three of her infantile passengers back to her house and lead them inside locking the door behind them. Quickly she disrobed all of them to their diapers and put a pacifier in each of their mouths. Jen checked her watch it was already half past six. Jen had her babies follow her into the nursery where she pulled out three overnight diapers from under the changing table and had Sara climb on it. Jen expertly removed her soiled cloth diaper and tossed it in the hamper. Jen then cleaned Sara's diaper area with a baby wipe and sprinkled some baby powder on her before Sara knew it she was in a diaper twice as thick as the disposables she had been wearing. Chelsea and Jessica followed suite all of them in fresh diapers.

Jen lead Sara and Jessica to a large crib from under the crib he produced two vibrators turning them each to their max setting she pulled Sara's diaper aside and slid the device into her pussy. Jen did the same with Jessica soon they were each having trouble standing. Jen placed both Sara and Jessica in the crib then took out a pair of plastic pants from the closet and locked them on over the diapers of each of them. Jen smiled at her handy work, "looks like you two are going to have a lot of fun tonight, and since you're both stuck here Baby Chelsea and I have plans of our own." Jen said spanking Chelsea's diaper. Jen slowly unbuttoned her shirt and threw it in the hamper along with her bra. Jen leaned over the crib her breasts right in Sara's face Jen's nipple grazed Sara's pacifier Sara wanted Jen so badly but had yet to have the chance. Jen closed the top of the crib so they couldn't get out Chelsea not sure if to be worried or excited followed Jen obediently out the door.

Sara squirmed in the oversize crib writhing in pleasure she had already orgasmed twice muffled by the pacifier in her mouth. Sara was sure Jessica had came at least four times already. Sara looked at Jessica they were both stuck here all night and they knew it. They could only wonder what Jen was doing to Chelsea, what school would be like the next day and if their diapers could hold all their cum and piss until morning.

To be continued...

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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