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The Best Sex I Never Had -- A Tale With A 'Happy Ending'

I like playing baby. That's a very accurate description of what I do: it's an act, not an attempt to change reality. I am a man at all times.

One especially appealing prop when it comes to playing baby is a mommy. Of course, since I don't 'become' a baby, mommy doesn't need to act completely like a real mommy. (It's the difference between roleplaying and fantasizing, I suppose.) She is still my wife and she is more of a helper, a great wife for indulging her hubby's kink, which, by itself, does nothing for her.

Anyway, the point of mentioning this is that 'baby' might be having some impure thoughts, and, further, mommy might be convinced to help.

The scene is this: I'm playing baby, wearing nothing but a diaper, one of my adult sized old fashioned Pampers, just a very babyish diaper, making the person wearing it an obvious kinkster. I'm happily playing with a game on the livingroom floor. Mommy is the only other person around and she's just leaving me alone, letting me play, herself doing light chores, talking on the phone a little with a friend, telling her


's in diapers again, having a little social laugh at my kink.

(My wife told a few of her friends, this gal among them, what I like, so she needed to say nothing more than "****'s in diapers" to tell her friend I was going to be getting my needs met. I'm a little embarrassed that these women know how I like getting my needs met, because they visit. But them knowing forces me to accept my kink, to show confidence in myself, which is a good thing. I sure as hell hope they never tell their husbands though. I absolutely would not want them to know. I want to be 'all man' in their eyes. When I see these guys, I get the sense their wives haven't told them, probably because it might give them ideas of their own. They might then disclose something like they want to enter through the back door, and pressure their wives with the argument that I was getting what I really want.) After a couple of hours, having drank a lot of water, I'm quite wet. The wet diaper and the woman I keep getting glimpses of are arousing me. I want sex and so I go to mommy and give her a hug, which she is happy to return. But of course I want more and so I bring my hands to her front and palm her breasts. She gently pushes them away because she has stopped breast feeding me. Though there's nothing there, she might still nurse me for comfort. But she believes older babies get only a bottle, not a breast, just like one day I'll use only the toilet, and not wear diapers.

But recall that mommy knows she's dealing with a man, and that what I really want is sex. We're in roleplay though, so sex like we have otherwise is off limits. Like I said, she's a great wife, takes my kink seriously, and wants to do her part right. She knows an orgasm will take my mind off sex for at least a few hours, allowing me to return to playing baby, and her to her housework! Hmm. She can't have sex with me, but I need to have an orgasm. What to do? Aha! She thinks she can 'legitimately' give me a handjob during my diaper change. It's just like a messy diaper, she argues to herself. The only difference is that the 'problem' hasn't come out yet. If I were to imagine he's constipated, it would be exactly the same thing, she thinks. I give him something to relieve his constipation, he poops his diaper. I give him a handjob, he stops being a naughty boy and goes back to being a sweet baby. This will work! But there must be no joy in what she's doing, for her, or for me. She makes me promise that I'll be as still and emotionless as possible while she is performing what is a part of changing diapers, not a sexual act. Furthermore, a diaper is going back on. My diaper is not male lingerie, worn during foreplay; it is a baby diaper, to play baby with. She tells me she knows I get all grown up and have no desire to play baby after I've had an orgasm, but that's not the way it works. Roleplay ends only after diapers have been changed, and the fresh diaper has been worn for at least an hour (after that much time, she knows I'll be liking playing baby again.) I eagerly agree, even though she's right that I won't want to be diapered, at least not right away. She takes my hand and leads me to the 'changing table', our bed actually. I'm determined to keep my promise, as I know she will not relent and do anything more than she has said she will.

Mommy prepares to change me. A fresh diaper is brought out, along with wipes, powder and a large jar of petroleum jelly, which is not only for my bottom, but also to make me orgasm quicker. Remember, it's a diaper change, not sex, so it can't take much longer than it takes to change a messy diaper.

Mommy first removes the giant plastic headed safety pins she uses to keep the diaper tapes from slipping. Then she peels the tapes back from the cute, colorful landing strip across the front at the top. Then she pulls down the front of the diaper, revealing an already swollen but not fully erect penis, made damp from the soaked diaper. The top to the jar of jelly is removed and mommy scoops some out with a finger and applies it to my cock, which stands straight up immediately.

In a matter of a minute, perhaps after thirty strokes of her hand, I cum into a wipe that she holds over me to make clean up quick and easy. I've got my pacifier in my mouth, which has kept me quiet until the very end, when I can't help but make my usual sounds of complete satisfaction. I get my game face back on as quickly as I can though, so as not to piss her off. Fortunately, I don't, and she even has a smile and a little giggle for me. I start to thank her, but she shakes her head, her smile disappears, and she returns to the mundane but serious business of changing my diaper.

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