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Over Prepared

Finally its my 21st birthday, and I can legally get as drunk as I please. The first thing I do before heading out bar hopping is to put on my favorite pair of diapers. I've heard stories of people getting so drunk they wet themselves without a 2nd thought. I didn't want to be left with wet pants at the end of the night. After those went on some nice blue plastic panties followed by a black pair of jogging shorts. A nice black and red striped shirt was the final touch. This shirt I bought from the local big and tall shop so it covered my diapered rear nicely. I grabbed my house keys (leaving my car keys behind on purpose as im against any drunk driving), and ran out the door to my waiting ride.

"Chris, I was thinking you weren't coming out at all. Its about freaking time."

"sorry but you know im like a chick and take forever to get ready." finally I was heading to the first bar when Barbra said, "oh by the way im meeting with a fiend at the first stop she will drive us most the night since she owes me big time."

"well err I guess that's fine." OK great the first bar is Maggie Mays its right on the beach and we can run the bars down the coast. I know you love the beach and if u get too drunk we can throw u in the cold waters to wake you up."

about 20 minutes later we made it to Maggie's bar and I met Jill.

"Chris, this is Jill. Jill this is Chris." Barbra said as we walked into the front door. Neither of these girls were anywhere near ugly in fact they were smoking hot. Barbra was about 5'5" and weighed about 115 pound. She always wore dresses and was never rude. We had a fling once in high school, we wound up ending it because she wasn't ready to commit. We remained good friends and she was always there for me. Jill on the other hand was just shy of 6' and weighed a hefty 200 pounds but she was still very attractive. Her red hair entranced me from the second I saw her.

"OK first rule, you must drink anything we put in front of you or you have to pay us back for all the drinks." Barbra said to me. Of course I was just happy I could drink so I nodded and slipped into a booth while they ordered 3 shots of vodka ,2 Boston lagers and a ginger ale. Without me knowing it Barbra empty one of the shots of vodka into my lager.

"here we go drink up 1 shot of vodka and a beer for me and you and a ginger ale for Jill." I took my shot in one throw and started at my beer, we started talking when the owner of the bar came around from behind me. Looking down at me very sternly she said "YOU !!!!!!!!" scared almost to wetting my diaper I looked up took a gulp and said " yes, how can I help you?"

"well I was told its your 21st b day and we like to take pictures of our new virgins before they stumble out drunk." with that she grabbed my skirt and pulled me to a wall to take my picture. She pushed me against the brick wall, 2 bright flashes later every one in the bar cheered and boom my picture was forever up on the wall. When I walked away I heard a small tare, my pants had snared on a small nail. I looked back and it was only a small tare and shrugged it off. By the time I got back to the booth Jill had finished her ginger ale and Barbra was nearly done her beer.

"you my friend need to catch up drink that beer now we are leaving in 4 mins."

"eh what ever."i repleyed to Barbra. I downed the beer and started to feel a bit .... warm. A few moments latter we walked out of the bar and into Jill's van.

"the first person to throw up in my car will fry and clean it with their hangover. OK now to the next bar." we walked in and again I grabbed a booth while the girls ordered. When they got back Barbra had a shot of yager, red bull, a beer and an order of french fries for Jill.

"now this is called a yager bomb, take a deep breath take the shot of yager and then without breathing down the red bull. After that ask the bartender for round 2." Barbra said as she started to drink her beer. So I took her instructions and took a big breath downed the drink combo and tumbled to the bar for round 2. when I got up from the booth I heard an other tare and just ignored it.

"in celebration of your 21st birthday I have a rocket shit for you." the bartender said as she pointed to 6 shots of green fluid in a pyramid stack.

"here's the final touch, (she lights the shots on fire). Now blow out the shots and drink them." again I follow the directions and drank all 6 shots, the last one I forgot to blow out and burnt my lips but I was too buzzed to care.

When I came back to the booth I overheard the girls say something about a change. And they quickly changed topic when they saw me. When I was back I took a breather and just closed my eyes for a bit.

"Chris come on you have been resting for 15 mins now its to for the next bar." we all got up and I felt my pants get all warm. By the time we got to the third bar I was quite drunk and I knew it. This bar was different. It was very expensive and the girls paid for a private room. With the room they got a 2 beers 2 glasses of water a coke.

"this is our last stop I can see you are getting a bit too drunk so we are gonna take it easy here and just have a beer and some hangover prevention pills. First take these with your water drink your beer and by the time your done that get another water." she pulled out 2 pills and took them herself then she reached into her other pocket and took out 3 other pills.

"you need to take more since you are a bigger person than me."

without thinking another thought I took my pills and drank my water. Then I sipped away my beer. The 2 girls started to look like 4 and they were having a conversation in another language or at least that's what I thought. They handed me another glass of water and I dropped it on my pants. So they Barbra went into her purse and pulled out a no drip sippy cup. She handed me it and with a gibberish refusal I gave in and drank my water like a toddler. Again I felt my bladder release and my diaper swell. About 20 minutes later the girls supported me as we walked out of the bar.

"Jill, I think those roofies are kicking in too fast." when I heard this I tried to get to my feet and run. I made it two steps before I fell to my knees. At this point Barbra stepped on the leg of my pants and I struggled a bit too much. Rrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppppp was all I heard, a cool ocean breeze came to my attention.

"oh my god Jill you were right he is wearing a diaper ..... oh look and its soaked as well!!!!!" at this point I passed out from from the drugs. They dragged me into the back of the van and changed my diapers. In case I vomited they laid me face down in the back of the van with a bucket in front of my face.

The next day I woke up with a splitting head ache. I tried to get up and found I couldn't. This puzzled me but I was too tired and fell back to sleep. A few hours later I awoke again this time I felt better and again tried to stand up. Again I couldn't get up, "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!!!!!!!!" I screamed.

"oh Jill I think our baby is awake."

"i am no one's baby I demand you let me up now!!!!!"

"well, well looks like our snookums is a bit grouchy, maybe his diapers are wet again." with that last comment I noticed how full my bladder was.

"i need to piss let me go to the bathroom, if I keep screaming like this the neighbors will call the cops !!!!"

Without missing a beat Jill walked into the room and stated "well you will have to scream louder than that if you want my neighbor's help."

"why is that I saw your house before and if I broke wind the neighbors would hear it."

"well you see my father passed away a few weeks ago, you remember that right? Well I forfeited my share on his estate for his island off the isle of shoals. We are at least 3 miles off shore and there is no other people out here. So just like in the deep of space, no one will here you scream."

"come Monday people will be looking for me, and they will connect me to Barbra and Barbra to you. If you let me up now I will forget all about this."

"oh shit Barbra hes right we can go down for kid napping." Barbra gave a quick sigh and a short giggle.

" well you would be right, if you didn't alienate yourself from your family, and if Barbra wasn't your only friend. I would be worried but you are just too damned cute in that diaper. So you be a good baby and wet your diapers."

this left me awestruck I was doomed, no one would find me and I would be these 2 girl's baby for the rest of my life. I looked up at them and started to feel some tears roll down my cheeks.

"oh Barbra our little baby is crying maybe we should tickle him. Go grab the feathers off the mantle in the living room." Barbra came back with 2 giant peacock feathers. And handed one to Jill. They started to tickle my feet and that started me laughing. I felt a small bit of pee escape into my diaper. The thought of being forced to wet made me go completely numb to their tickling and I stopped laughing. The 2 girls saw noticed I stopped laughing and moved to another part on my body. Jill took my left armpit and Barbra took my stomach. They became a fierce tickle that broke me down to laughing. This time I was laughing so hard I was crying. A few moments into this my bladder left go of all its pee and flooded my diaper. But they continued to tickle me more and more till I couldn't even breath. Finally they stopped and I was able to catch my breath.

"oh Barbra, Chrissy wissy made a wee wee in his diapers. I think its time to change our little boy."

"well I don't know he has been a bad boy and I think he needs to mess in them before we can change him. You did put the rubber sheets on the bed before we tied him up right? Ya know incase he leaked." Barbra said.

"of course I did im not an idiot!"

"then he will be fine until he messes, and if hes still not messy in 2 hours we can force feed him some of that castor oil your mom used to punish us with."

"you have got to be kidding me!!!!!" I screamed with that out burst Barbra walked over to me with a giant pacifier. As I started to protest she shoved it into my mouth and tied it tight on.

"i don't see why we should wait to see if he messes on his own will. The gag I put in him has a hole we can use to force feed him with." the gag was long and filled my entire mouth all the way to the back. Part of it went into my throat and I knew if they injected anything into the hole I would have no choice but to swallow it.

"well good idea Barbra, I will be back in a few moments with the oil." Jill walked out of the room.

"Jill won't be back for a while." Barbra leaned closer and whispered into my ear "why don't you show mommy how much u love her?" she reached down my wet diaper and pulled out my penis. It didn't take much to arose me and when I was at full attention she lifted her skirt to reveal she had no panties on. She put one leg over me and started to ride me like a bull. Anytime she moved it made me moan. Up and down, up and down, up and down. Final I had enough and blew a load right into her.

"oh baby must really love mommy but now its my.... my turn for an orgasm." her breaths were getting shorter and with every one she let out a moan.

"oh baby, oh baby oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh. You are good at pleasing mommy." she said as she kissed my forehead.

Just as Barbra was finished resecuring me in my diapers jill walked in with a suringe full of a thick syrup like fluid. She came up to me and stuck the end in my gag.

"this will make you messy before long don't worry about that." Jill was taunting me. All my attention was on that damned oil. She started to inject the oil. As I thought I couldn't stop it from trickling down my throat. It felt like a giant snot. After she finished the oil I felt a small prick in my thigh.

"oh and this will knock you out again until you need to mess." Barbra said from my side. Again I passed out.

"OK Jill hes passed out lets bring him into the other room with the gyno stool. We can lock him up better there and have more fun with him." the two girls unstrapped me from the bed and dragged me to the room down the hall. When I came to a few hours later my stomach was cramping like no ones business. I remembered the castor oil and was adamant I wasn't going to crap my diaper. I was groaning in pain. The girls came running into the room.

"Barbra I think hes ready to crap himself."

"yeah it shouldn't be long now." another cramp came over me. Jill pinched up a small remote and pushed one of the buttons. A small vibrator was inserted into my colon. It started to vibrate and this made it even harder to hold in my full bowel. Another cramp hit me and I almost crapped then.

"oh I guess the vibrator isn't going to do the trick lets try speed 2" Jill said while clicking another button. With the vibrator on full speed it relaxed my anus to the point my poo spilled into my diaper. The warm mush filled my still soaked diaper. It spread up the front of my diaper onto my testicles and dick. When the diaper couldn't hold another ounce of stool a cramp hit me and I released more stool into my diaper. This cause the diaper to leak up my back and onto the gyno table. With this I felt completely defeated and cried.

The girls left me to sit in my own poop for about a half hour before they returned to change me. This time they came in wearing full plastic nurse uniforms and rubber gloves that went to their elbows. Jill untaped my diaper as brabra was preparing something in the corner. I felt a small prick in my leg and thought I was going to black out once more. So I just sat back and waited for sleepy time, but it never came. I thought barbra made the mistake of taking out my gag, but when I screamed all that came out of my mouth was a jumble of gurgles.

"oh jill I think baby chrissy figured out I gave him a paralysis instead of the knock out drugs."

"well seeing how he cant even talk now I think its safe to start cleaning him." they removed my diaper and wiped away most of the crap. They unlocked my ankles and hands and brought over a wheel chair. The chair was covered in some sort of paper, I guess for easy clean up. Jill grabbed my knees and barbra grabbed my wrist as they lifted me off the table and onto the chair.

They wheeled me into the bathroom and dropped me into a very warm bath with bubbles. To ensure I didnt drown they locked my head to the wall with some nylon like strap. Barbra grabbed a face cloth and started to bath me, jill left to clean the gyno table. She paid special attention to my member, and got no response.

"good at least those paralysis are still working. You man hood is useually the first thing to come alive when they start to were off." she locked my hands onto the sides of the tub and let me soak in the warm water. She went into the room to help jill with the clean up. The water was so warm and the bubbles smelt so nice I found myself dosing off. I awoke some time later to the girls pulling me out of the tub and drying me fully. Still I couldnt even talk. They brought me back into the room. This is the first time I could actualy see the hole room. In it was the gyno table and many cabinets. It looked just like a doctors office.

After the girls got me re-secured, I realized how exposed my rear was to these two girls. Brabra wispered something into jills ear and went behind me. She came back with 4 thick diapers, baby oil, baby powder, diaper rash cream, plastic panties with ruffles on them and a giant bonnet. They applied the cream, then the oil. Barbra paid extra attention to my anus with the oil and I felt her finger slip into it a few times. She grabbed the bonnet and exposed a butt plug it was inflatable. Jill poored some oil on the plug and the girls both inserted it into my ass. I winced in pain when I finaly felt the larger portion plop into place. They gave it a few pumps so I wouldnt slide out and proceeded to powder me up. Jill cut slits into 3 of the diapers so my pee would leak into the next one when the first diaper was full. They diapered me good and tight and taped them on for extra security. Barbra undid my left leg to slip the panties on, then she resecured it and did the same to my right. At this point I left some strength moving back into my legs but I didnt do anything. My hands were bond and one leg was always bond so there is really nothing I could do except get myself into deep shit. They left the bulb for the plug hang out of the left leg of my diaper. They tied the bonnet on my head and re-inserted the gag. And left me alone for a few more hours.

They came back wearing nighties and had a gallon sized bag with fluid in it. They attached this bag to my gag with a 3 foot hose and hung the bag on an I.V. Stand. This caused the fluid to flow into my mouth and down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow it. Besides I was so hungry I dont care what was in it. When the bag was about half full I felt sleepy and my bladder felt so full. I tried to hold it in and it worked. As the rest of the bag emptied my bladder kept filling. A few moments later barbra leaned over to me and said "wetting time for you" and I instantly soaked my diapers. I couldnt hold back an ounce. She laughed and told jill the hypnosis is already working.

"see baby I want full controll over you so anytime I say that phrase you will soak what ever you are wearing. Every time you pass out we play it on the speakers and it seems to work just fine." with a wet diaper and gigling girls I finished my dinner and fell asleep.

To be continued?

Contact me at tell me how you liked the story so far and anything you might like to hear on the next saga.

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