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Sara the Diapered Teacher

Part 8

Jen lead a scared Chelsea, wet diaper hanging heavily around her small hips, down a long hallway to Jen's bedroom. Chelsea wondered how her teacher and principal were fairing in their infantile state for the night with their intense vibrators. Chelsea kept waddling half naked with her pacifier. Jen stopped at her door produced a key and unlocked it. Leading Chelsea to Jen's Bed, Jen stripped the rest of her clothes off and laid in front of Chelsea on her back. Chelsea knew what was coming next and she would be lying if she said she wasn't excited.

"Eat me out," Jen commanded.

Chelsea eyed Jen's pussy, it was dripping wet and she realized she didn't have any choice. She began licking Jen's pussy and Jen began to gasp and moan. Jen rubbed her breasts and heaved breathing heavily. Chelsea was furiously working her diaper was so full she was on her knees but her diaper was touching the bed. Jen climbed the ladder of pleasure and was quickly close to an orgasm. Her moaning grew louder and finally she climaxed and gushed onto Chelsea's face. Chelsea was forced to stay in her wet diaper all night sleeping next to mommy.

Jen and Chelsea opened the door to the nursery to their teacher and principal's room where they both had gotten little sleep. Both Sara and Jessica had lost count of their orgasms and their nipples were overly sensitive. Jen changed all the women into a single disposable diaper and dressed them all in school girl outfits with skirts too short to cover even half their diapers. Jen put a pacifier in each of their mouths and herded them all into her car. Jen pulled into Jessica's parking spot at the front of the school and took them all to Jessica's office. Jen maneuvered the group of women through the scores of workers installing changing tables filling diaper racks and stocking the school with various odds and ends for large babies.

A blonde girl dressed in a skin tight white nurses outfit with a red cross on her left breast.

"Miss Jen our staff is here and ready." The girl informed Jen obediently.

"Good take your stations at the various changing tables around the school." Jen said in a calculated tone.

The woman rushed off to coordinate her staff and get ready for the day ahead. There was an twenty minutes left before the first class and some of the first girls were starting to arrive. Jen had instructions for all the students to meet in the auditorium. Jen lead the girls to the auditorium and walked up with her babies onto the stage and most of the students were sitting in their seats. Many of the girls had confused looks on their faces and some were starting to make the connection of why they were told to not where underwear.

Jen approached the podium and spoke into the microphone.

"Attention all students all girls need to come up to the stage in alphabetical order to check in and be inspected." Quickly all of the girls began to line up and formed three lines each one either with the diapered teacher, principal or student to have their skirts hiked up to double check for panties before they were diapered. Many of the students were bright red at seeing their teacher and principal dressed like school girls in puffy wet disposable diapers.

Most girls had followed the rule Jen had set down the previous day but there were two who didn't. All of the girls who had not worn any panties that morning were directed off the stage to the sides of the auditoriums to be diapered. The two who had worn underwear were Samantha and Michelle, Samantha had worn white cotton panties and Michelle a black thong. Jen covered her ears and played the hypnotizing recording over the auditorium's sound system. Without knowing it they were all now under her control. Jen walked up to Samantha and Michelle and had them stripped of all their clothing and bent over two chairs. Samantha and Michelle were humiliated and yet did they know much worse was to come. Jen reached into her pocket and pulled out two small vibrators, she then inserted one into each of the girl's vaginas on their max settings. Jen then began spanking Samantha. Michelle watched hoping her punishment wasn't going to be as severe noticed Jen flipped her hair. Michelle didn't have to go to the bathroom before but now the pressure was unbearable she tried to retain her control but soon failed. Michelle began wetting herself uncontrollably in front of the entire student body while her friend Samantha was being spanked.

Jen stopped spanking Samantha and led the two off stage to be diapered.

"There now, let's all get to class I wouldn't want you to be late for first period." Jen said with a smile looking over her entire school of school girls dressed in short skirts and now wearing diapers underneath.

To be continued...

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