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Babysitting the Neighbor

When I was 10 I used to babysit my neighbor's 3.5 year old son, Russell. Russell was just starting potty training and spent most of his time in diapers, which was fine with me because I secretly loved diapers. One night while I was babysitting, after I had put Russell to bed I decided that I was going to wear one of Russell's diapers. I was fairly small for my age and found that his diapers, while a little tight, still fit me. Russell's mother (Barb) kept a supply of diapers and changing supplies in the bathroom as well as in Russell's room. So I went into the bathroom and locked the door before taking off my pants and underwear. I grabbed a diaper from the stack of Pampers sitting on the bathroom counter as well as a container of baby powder. I unfolded the diaper and laid it on the bathroom floor before lying on top of it. I sprinkled my crotch with way more baby powder than I probably should have, then pulled the front of the diaper up between my legs and taped it in place. It felt so good to be wearing a diaper again, the feel of it snug against my crotch, the scent of baby powder all around me, the way it crinkled whenever I moved. I pulled my pants back on and put my underwear in my jacket pocket. I waddled back out to the living room and relaxed in the big easy-chair and began watching a movie. About a quarter of the way through the movie I felt the need to pee and since I was wearing a diaper I just relaxed and wet myself. I loved the feeling of my diaper growing warm and wet as I pissed myself. I sat there enjoying the feel of my wet diaper and continued to watch the movie. Just before the movie was about to end I needed to pee again and just let loose in my diaper without a second thought. No more than 15 minutes later Barb came home, she asked how things were, whether Russell behaved etc. then she went to check on Russell. I got up and began tidying up, I was bringing my empty glass into the kitchen as Barb entered the room. What I didn't know was that while I was sitting in the living room watching the movie my pants had slid down leaving about 3 inches of my diaper exposed. That alone might not have been enough to get Barb's attention but in addition to that when I wet the diaper a second time it had leaked and there were 2 very noticeable dark 'half-moon' wet patches on the back of my pants. Barb called me over to her and as I walked over to her I became acutely aware of the crinkling sound my diaper was making with every step. Once I was standing in front of her, Barb made me turn around.

I heard her sniff the air and then she said, "OK, you smell like baby powder, the back of your pants are wet and there's 3 inches of white plastic sticking up above your pants ... Would you mind telling me why you're wearing a diaper?"

Before I could say anything she yanked my pants down around my knees completely exposing my soaked, sagging diaper.

"You come over to babysit and when I'm gone you steal Russell's diapers and proceed to pee your pants like a little baby!!" she yelled.

She grabbed me by the hand and said, "Follow me!"

She led me into the bathroom where she proceeded to remove my shoes and my pants before lifting me up onto the bathroom counter. She laid me back and began to un-tape my diaper saying, "So you want to wear diapers and wet yourself like a baby do you?"

I was to frightened to do or say anything so I just lay there while she removed my wet diaper and changed me into a nice fresh one. After she taped me into the diaper she paused for a second, studying me.

"No, I don't like the way that diaper fits you," she said to herself.

She lifted me off the counter and said, "Follow me," and made me follow her out to her car and once inside she drove to the nearest drug store where she made me follow her into the diaper aisle.

As we made our way past several people who were giving me the hairy eye ball. We stopped in front of the shelves full of diapers as she picked out the biggest box of the largest size that Pampers made (One size larger than the ones that Russell wore) and handed them to me saying, "There you are, I hope you enjoy them because I'm using the money I would've paid you for babysitting Russell to buy them"

Ahe paused for a moment then grabbed another box, "actually the money you would've made is enough for 2 boxes of diapers."

She led me to the checkout and paid for the diapers before putting them in the car and driving back to her house. As soon as we got inside she yanked off the diaper I was wearing and made me lie down while she put one of MY diapers on me (which fit perfectly) and told me to get down on my hands and knees and said she'd be right back.

I crawled around on the living room carpet for a couple of minutes and then Barb returned and knelt beside me before putting a pacifier in my mouth and even though my instinctive reaction was to spit it out, by the time Barb took her hand off of it I had begun sucking it like a baby.

Barb stood up and said, "Now you be a good baby and behave, 'Auntie Barb' has to make a phone call."

I crawled around a little and sucked on my pacifier while Barb talked (to my mother) on the phone and as she continued talking I felt the need to poop growing in my bowels. While Barb continued talking on the phone the need to poop intensified very quickly and within moments I felt as though I had no choice but to poop in my diaper.

I spread my legs a little wider and gave a quick push and immediately felt a hot mass of mushy poop fill the seat of my diaper. As the hot mass squished and spread throughout my diaper I discovered that I was sucking my pacifier like mad. As soon as the last piece of doo-doo left my sphincter I began wetting myself uncontrollably.

I was so enthralled by the physical sensations my wet and messy diaper was giving me that I didn't notice that Barb had hung up the phone - but I was wrenched back to reality by a sudden knock at Barb's front door. Barb was at the door in a flash and she opened it wide and in stepped my mother who took one look at me and said to Barb, "Wow, you're not kidding at all, he is definitely wearing diapers." Barb nodded in agreement adding, "Not only is he wearing them but he just finished messing himself a moment ago!"

Mom looked down at me, "Honestly Michael, I simply cannot believe you...Stealing?!? Not only stealing, but stealing diapers and wetting yourself like a little toddler. If I had known how badly you wanted to wear diapers I probably would've let you, you would've at least had a chance of wearing them when you wanted to, but if you want to wear diapers badly enough to steal them I guess that means that you want to wear them all the time and since you wet yourself so much that your diaper leaked I guess that means you don't care who knows you're wearing diapers. So I seriously hope you enjoy wearing diapers and pooping and peeing in them because as of right now you're going to go back to wearing diapers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, everywhere you go. You're going to wear diapers at home, at school, at your friend's houses, everywhere... and you are no longer allowed to use the toilet. If you have to pee you can wet your diaper, if you have to poop you will poop in your diaper and for the next week you will not be allowed to wear anything over your diaper. Your diaper will be on full display so everyone can see it and everyone will be able to watch as you wet and mess in your diaper."

Mom took me home and I spent the next 2.5 years in diapers 24/7.

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