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The Story of How It Started

James was a very ordinary kid. He lived the popular life you could say. At school, he was friendly and in return he had plenty of friends at school. You could say he was popular, in the now, or just really chill. His home life was pretty good as well. Workered his first job at Zaxbys for two years and loved every second of it. When he wasn't working or in school he was out hangin for the most part. He would skate board, very well in fact. Chilled in the woods, did the whole outdoor thing. He also smoked. Whether it was legal or illegal, it didn't matter as long as it was good. Just as every boy does he explored his sexual side of life as well. He discovered diapers. Well one morning as he was walking to school the usual crinkle between his legs, cigarette in hand, and bowl in mouth but he had a feeling that something was going to happen. He just could not place it. By this time he was usually high and gearing to venture to his studies. But on this particular morning a car was coming down the road, fast. it look as if it was swerving around and dodging things in the road from a ways back so James didnt really care. He had other things on his mind. A few seconds later you hear his brothers and friends yelling but still he didn't care. A screaching erupted from behind him just as he was finishing the drag, then pain, numbness, nothing. Beep, Beep, Beep was all that could be heard for 29 days and nights. James was not there, mentally the entire time. The doctors told his family that he wouldn't make it and to prepare for the worse just incase he did live. Morphine had been dripped into his vein so he didnt feel anything, let alont remember anything. A coma had come over him and he slept soundly like a baby. He had no worries, responsiblities, or drama to deal with. He slept.

Then one morning as everything was going about its normal routine James opens his eyes.

"whha, what is this place?" he asked to himself.

"Nurse!" says the mother, " I think hes awake HUURRYY!" The Doctors and nurses all come in equipment ready and they start checking him to make sure that he was alright. All this checking wasn't really needed though, because while he was in a come he was constantly looked over and changed. So no worries.

"Wow, I think hes going to be alright." says the doctor.

"its almost like nothing happened and he was just taking a nap"

"thats good" says Dad.

"The only thing that we can find wrong with him is that, well, hes going to be in diapers the rest of his natural life" The doctor turns around and looks at the dad.

"you might need to get ready for this as well." The dad wipes the sweat off his brown and says, "lets here it." The doctor flipped through his papers, read a couple of lines, trying to kill a few moments of time, "well he has the mentality of a two year old baby. Hes going to need it all crips, diapers, clothes, the toys, all of it. Dad sits down and starts to weep, "he had it all the life that I wanted, the friends that I needed, the job all of it. He would have of been so successfull its not even funny. Now im left with an infant for a son." The doctor turns to the dad and says, "Well dont feel totolly used, you wont have to pay for this. The government has created a plan for people like this. You will be getting a check every week.


"Wow, how much we talking about here? I dont have to do anything extra will I? asked the dad.

"Well, since his injuries were so severe were talking about completely paid for here. You can get a maid brought in and she'll do all the work, just pay here from the very reasonable amount of money you will receive and... yeah so thats just about it. We will get him ready to go home shortly maybe half a week tops," says the doctor.

If you want to read more email me at Now lets try and remember that this is just the beginning of a story but thanks for being so quick about the email

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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