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The Story Happening

The doctors had said about a week and a half but that quickly turned into one month. James had been enjoying every second of it though. The way everyone treated him, liked him, and changed him. He had actually gotten the nerve to ask the nurses to keep him in diapers because of his leg. It broke at the fibula and the knee shattered. He also had brain injury and muscle damage, pretty servere. The rate that he had quickly healed left the doctors baffled though. It was weird completely healed in a months time but still acting a little immature. He had classes through out the day and he accelerate through them very quickly and easily but his words and the way he spoke didnt add up. James had a class the day he was going home in ways to behave and act around other people, but first the day had to start, "James time to get up you wet butt," said the very attractive nurse that was assigned to him, happily.

"uhh, wis feit morning?" asked James.

"yea sweaty, but first lets check your diaper, I smell something pretty bad down there" The nurse pulled the cover off James and was taken aback, "Whoa! you haven't smelled that bad since, well, never but we can take care of that," the nurse told him. All he could do was smile like he didn't know what was going on but he was fully aware of every second of it. First the sounds of the tapes being ripped off the brief, and the look of the nurses eyes when she saw the load he had deposited while he slept with his almost incontinence that he happily acquired while he was in a coma. =) Next came the wiping and trashing of the diaper. She pulled the brief out from under him. When she did she just let him go, his butt almost smacked the bed as he happily plopped down.

"OK" said Kelli, the nurse, "now lets put that pecker and butt into a fresh dipee," as she pulled a new diaper out of the bag and pulled it apart.

" don't want to forget powder and cream, wouldn't want such a nice penis to get ruined, would we baby?" As Kelli picked James up by the legs to get the diaper under his butt he started to laugh, "ha ha, hey Kelli," said James, "you don't think the doctors are going to find out how smart I am do you?"

"probaly not hun, all they look at are the signs you display here and they don't suspect a thing and as for your parents, I think they are going to catch on pretty quick so I think you need to slowly start to introduce your intelligence to them."

"Hmm that sounds pretty logical, I was already thinking about way to do it but I'm not sure yet so I will keep thinking." When Kelli finished taping him up the door opened and the head doctor, Cory, came in and looked at the gauges to make sure everything was ship shape.

"Well hows he look Kelli?"

"He looks just as he did yesterday doc, unaware but able to pick out things that he is familiar with." as she pulled his legs off the bed and pushed a wheel chair around the big bed so that he could get in and go to his class.

"come on James lets get your smelly butt outta here and to your class for the day."

"YAAY! exclaimed James, "I wove that class mommy"

"James I don't know how many times I half to keep telling you.." Kelli tried to say but Cory cut her off and said, "Kelli I think its OK to let him think that, he going home anyway."

"Alright doc, if you say so, James your wonderful was what I was trying to say," said Kelli.

"Lets just make him happy with all that hes been through," Cory blurted out.

"Wets go, wets go! I cant waiit." James said through fake but practiced words.

Kelli was right, the other doctors had never seen anything like this and could not figure it out. It did not matter though he had been a difficult, but fun patient to treat so everyone liked James. His day went pretty well and he continued his little act. When he finished up his class four hours later he went back to his room in the wheel chair and gown and diaper. His parents were already there and greeted him happily because the doctors had asked them to not show up to much, as to get James through his classes. They were pretty pushy people and wanted to get out as fast as possible with their (step), son. The woman was his step mother, he hated her. She was lets say, a bitch. Next, James and his family went down stairs, James with a crutch in his diapered lap as they pushed him out to the car. As the doors shut behind James all his new friends and practitioners waved goodbye. The car started as his step mother buckled him in.

"Are you ready for this James?" asked his dad.

"Oh yea, I've been waiting and waiting daddy," as James turned his head and waved back to all his friends. The car ride took about two hours but was well worth it. James slept most of the way thanks to the songs his step mom put on for him. He wet twice but it didnt matter, the hospital had supplied a good bit of briefs to keep him stocked up with for about three months. The lawyers had taken Jame's case with prestige and decided to do it first because of the pay out and ease of the battle. They won James two million dollars but got 40 percent of all winnings. Either way it did not matter because of the large sum he still received. His dad and step mom had taken the money and put most of it into a C.D. so that it could invest on itself and the other bit they had used to fix up things around the house and Jame's room....

To Be Continued...

Thanks for all the emails you guys. This story has some truth behind it, like accident really happened to me. Some of the smaller details are false but yea, I might need some help with figuring out an environment that a mentally regressed person would need. If you could email me at that would be great. Thanks.

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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