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Part Two

I turned round and saw my mother in law and my wife looking at me, it was also at this point that my bladder decided it needed to be emptied and would not wait any longer, The nappy i was wearing was filled almost to the point it would leak, it was obvoius both of them knew i had just wet.

My mother in law just turned around and made for the front door with my wife right behind her trying to explain i had a back injury and needed to wear them, i could see them talking out by her car so i decided it would be best if i jumped in the shower and got changed as fast as i could, even though my Wife said i was not allowed to touch my Nappy's. i got showered and dressed and then went and sat down waiting for my wife to come in and start shouting at me.

After about another 20 minutes she came into the house, looked at my with tears in her eyes and said that my mother in law was angry that we had not told her about my injury, i said that i was hoping that no one would ever know about my love of nappies let alone see me wearing and wetting one, she said that my mother in law believed the story of the back injury and from now on i had better be wearing a nappy whenever we go out just incase we ever bumped into her in town, which we did quite often, this threw me a bit as i had never thought about wearing nappies outside.

Jo said nothing about me changing and went into the kitchen to make a cuppa, but when she came in she said that tonight we were going round to her mums house as it was her younger sisters 21 birthday the day after and she wanted to take her present over, i said ok, but hoped she wouldnt mind if i sat in the car, she replyed i had already upset her mother today and she didnt want her sister upset aswell, she said that i would have to wear a nappy and also take a spare one aswell as wipes and talc incase we were there for a while. i hated this idea but relised i wasnt going to get out of it so reluctantly agreed. The time arrived for us to leave and Jo had not said anything about me not wearing a Nappy since her mother left, however she came ito the living room with a nappy and talc, and told me to remove my clothes and lay on the floor, i did as i was told and she got down by me placed the nappy under my butt, talced me and taped the nappy really tight. i got up and was just about to put my clothes on when she decided to double nappy me incase we didnt get the chance to change until we got back home, back down on the floor i went and she put another nappy over the one i was wearing, this worried me as it was a overnight nappy, really thick and you would have had to be blind to relise i didnt have one on. she pulled my trousers back up and managed to get them up over my nappies and do them up, she grapped my supplies and off we went, the whole time on the way over the nerves were getting to me and they didnt get any easier when we pulled up outside m,y mother in laws to see her standing at the doorway waiting for us. it was at this point that i needed to wee, but i tried to hold it until later so that i could possibly wait until we were home before i got changed. we got out of the car and walked up to the house, my wife and mother in law cuddled by the door, Jo then walked into the house with me following her, my mother in law walked in behind me and i knew that she was looking at my ass the whole time, knowing full well what i was wearing. I wasnt driving so Jo got me a glass of wine to celebrate Jo's sisters birthday. Jo's sister came out into the kitchen and saw us, she came over to give us both a cuddle and thank us for her present, whilst she was cuddling me, the pressure in my bladder got to much and so there i was, cuddling a 21 year old woman wetting my nappy. she broke away from me and i could see Jo's mother making some food, Jo and her sister had gone into the Living room so i thought this would be a chance for me to aplogise to her for what she had seen earlier. She told me i did not need to apologise but she wished that we had told her about it so that she could have helped, i thanked her for being so understanding but could not think of what help she could have given. I followed her into the Living room where i could see Jo and her sister sitting down talking, so we joined them. A few hours passed and my nappies had taken about all the wetting they could handle, i tried to get Jo's attention but she had decided to drink and was too busy dancing to the music. I thought of two things, 1, How am i gonna get her attention to the fact i needed a change and 2, shes been drinking and so have i so we would need to get a taxi home. She turned round in my direction so i tried to get her attention, she could see my discomfort so she went out grabbed my bag and told me to follow her upstairs to her old room in a couple of minutes. so i waited and then when it was time, i went upstairs, when i went in the room she had already got out my nappy, wipes and talc. she started to take my trousers down when she relised i had two wet patches either side of my jeans from where my nappy had leaked, i started panicking so she said dont worry and after taking them off she went down stairs with them, she came up a couple of minutes later without them and said she had put them in the dryer. She pushed my on the bed and untaped my nappies, she cleaned me up and taped me into a bambino which i did not know we had. i said to her now what am i gonna do without trousers, "well you will just have to wait up her until they are dry arnt you" she told me that once they were dry, she would bring them up for me, reluctantly i agreed and so she went back downstairs. 30 minutes passed by when the door opened, thinking it was my wife, i stood up only then to relise it was my Mother in Law with my trousers, Jo had passed out on the settee with the ammount of Alcohol she had drunk, in the time i had been upstairs not only had i wet again but also messed, Jo's mother could sence this and asked if i needed anything, i told her Jo had taken my bag back down stairs with her and all my stuff was in it, she said no probs and she would be back in a minute, she came back in, put the bag on the bed and i was hoping she would turm around and give me some privacy, but instead she told me to lay on the bed and i would be done in a minute, i was startled and told her i only wanted my wife to help me, she said if i wanted to wait for Jo that wouldnt be a problem but she was outers. i was sat on the bed with her stood over me and it was if she was making me feel as if i was in her control, i laid down and for the first time since i had met my wife, another woman would be seeing me naked. i just looked at the ceiling preying that she would be done quick and also that i wouldnt get turned on which happened whenever my wife changed me, I heared the tapes being undone and the nappy was pulled away from my cock, she got some wipes, cleaned me up and grabbed the talc, i opened my eyes and i could see she was loving every minute of this, but more to the point so was i, when she took a wipe to my cock and balls, it felt lush and i could sence my cock getting harder, she started to clean my cock and was rubbing her hand up and down my shaft, she knew she had total control over me now, i had closed my eyes and was loving every second of this when i felt her lips touch the end of my cock, i thought i was gonna explode there and then so i trid to pull away but she just kept me where i was was took my cock into her mouth and proceeded to give me one of the best blowjobs i had ever had, i put my hands on her head whilst she was sucking me off and playing with my balls, i looked at her ass and wanted to shag her right now, i could see she had put her other hand between her legs and was rubbing herself to orgasm, she was now in a position where i could grab her side so i motioned for her to put her pussy over my face and without a second invite i was was now 2 inches away from my mother in laws cunt, she was completly shaven and i could not wait another second, i plunged my tongne into her gaping hole, and licked her to a frenzy, i wanted to fuck her right now so i told her to get on all fours and got behind her, i placed my cock at her pussy but she told me, "not up there, do my ass", i loved anal and so did her daughter, so i lubed her ass up with her pussy juices and in one mothion buried my cock in her ass, it was so tight i knew i wouldnt last long and before i knew it, i was spraying my mother in laws ass with what felt like loads of cum. i fell back down onto the bed and could not believe what had happened, She got up and placed her head by mine, gave me a kiss on my cheek and said"right then, lets get my baby ready", she put my into a clean nappy, put my jeans on and then left the room as if nothing had happened. i followed a couple of minutes later and could see both my wife and her sister sleeping, what i saw next shocked me, my sister in laws shorts had fallen slightly and i was left in no doubt she was wearing a pull up. I woke my wife and told her it was late and we should be on our way home, she asked if we could stay the night, i told i would rather we didnt because i didnt think i would have enough supplies, to which she responded, dont panic i packed us a overnight bag, its in the car, i agreed so i went down to the car and got the bag, when i returned my wife was upstairs in the bathroom, so i took the bag upto her and she took her clothes out, i went to get mine but she told me she would get me ready for bed, so i went ot go back downstairs, i walked passed her sisters room and could see the light on, i could also see my Mother in law changing my sister in laws nappy and putting her into a overnight one, i relised i was hard again, i thought about staying there and watching them but thought better of it and went back downstairs, they came back down with my sister in law wearing pjamas over her now clearly visable nappy. my wife came and called for me to go upstairs wear upon finding my still dry, put me into pjaymas i had never seen before, they were a two peace, made for a adult but clearly juveile in appearance. i said i cant go down there wearing these, but she said either i go down stairs wearing them or i stay up here for the rest of the night. i didnt want to as the room we were in had no telly. so i got up and follwed her downstairs, no one battered a eyelid when i sat down in the living room, and we watched telly for a bit with the Alchohol still flowing, my sister in law put the music channel on and got up to dance, i could not take my eyes off her nappy under her pjamyas the whole time, she asked me to dance with her and my wife gave me a nudge to get up there with her, so i danced with her, she put her arm around me and me danced to a dirty dancing song that had just come on, i got caught up in the atmosphere and really enjoyed myself, when we finished i needed to pee so i just went in my nappy, i sat back down but now my sister in law was sat next me. time went on when, after a while i needed a change, i asked Jo if she could come upstairs for something, she knew what i was on about so she said hang on a minute i will help you in a minute. I could not beleive it when my Mother in Law walked back in the Living room with wipes, talc and Two nappies, "ok you two, on the floor". i looked at my sister in law who didnt even batter a eyelid, she just got up off the settee and layed on the floor, my mother in law proceeded to pull her pjamya bottoms down and then took off the nappy she was wearing, i could now see clearly the smooth pussy of my 21 year old sister wet with pee, she knew i was watching and looked up at me, i was now rock hard again and knew when it was my turn she would see my cock sticking right up. my wife turned and went and sat next to her mother on the floor and gave me the signal to get on the floor for my nappy change, i stood up and my wife pulled my trousers down so i was now standing there, in just a pjama top and nappy. i layed down right next to my sister in law who had been cleaned up and put into a fresh nappy but still didnt have her bottoms back on. my wife untaped my nappy and my cock sprang up, she cleaned my balls and took a wipe to my cock, i knew if she kept this up i would be cumming again, however she stopped just short of me shooting my load and put me into a fresh bambino nappy, she left me bottoms off me and got up, she turned to her mother and asked if she wanted to help get some drinks, so my mother in law went out to the cellar. i looked at my sister in law who was also just wearing a nappy and her top, and she could see my enbarrasment, she told me not to worry and gave me hug, i felt her hand on my nappied butt and i knew she could feel my erection pressing against her nappy, she gave a peck on the cheeks and said that had enjoyed me looking at her when she was being changed, i told her i had enjoyed it, we laughed and started to have a tickle fight, when my wife walked in the room and started laughing at the pair of us, larking around in our nappies, i was still rockl hard and needed some release and quick, My wife was hungry and asked if we wanted some food so we agreed and she went back out to the kitchen to help her mother, i looked at my sister in law and laughed, grabbing her and continueing to tickle her, she tried to put up a fight but was laughing to much when she touched the front of my nappy, she stopped laughing but kept her hand there, i looked at her and she looked back, she started to rub the front of my nappy, she came closer and i grabbed her nappied ass, it felt so good she told me to put my hand inbetween her legs and press up, i did just that and without taking her eyes off mine, she wet herself, i could not believe what was happening, i had already fucked my mother in law tonight and now i was grabbing hold of my sister in laws nappied pussy whilst she pissed herself, i wanted her right now but didnt know how, she did, she shouted to her mother that we would be out in the games room, so i got up and followed her, not taking my eyes off her ass the whole time, as soon as we were in there, she dropped to her knees licking my nappy, she pulled my cock out of the side and took me in her mouth. She must have sucked on me for about 10 minutes when she got up untaped the side of her nappy and layed down on the floor, i got on top and slid my cock deep inside her, we fucked hard and fast, i sucked on her tit whilst we fucked, i was on the verge of cumming inside her when she said she wanted to swallow it, so i pulled out and wanked off into her mouth, she cleaned me dry, then got up, i went o tput my cock into my nappy as i needed a pee, i told her that if she had kept her mouth by my cock any longer she would have been drinking it. she looked at me and said "i wont drink it but you can piss in my nappy if you want". i had never thought about this, but wanted to so i pulled my cock out of my nappy and put it down the front of hers, i filled her nappy with my warm pee looking at her the whole time i was doing it. we went back towards the living room where my wife and mother in law were still doing food, they came in and could see something had gone on as i was red in the face, i told her that jos sister had told me a joke about my nappies and i have laughed so much and thats how i was red.

We ate food and then we all sat on the settee with more lager, i had my wife one side of me and my sister in law the other side, my sister in law fell asleep with her wet nappy staring up at me, my mother in law spotted the wet nappy and woke her to change her, Jo offered to change her when she changed me so i layed down on the floor and my sister in law layed next to me. I was rock hard again, Jo turned around to me and said, if i enjoy watching her sister get her nappy changed why dont i do it, i looked at her and she smiled so i got up and took her nappy off, the pussy i had just fucked and pissed on looked beautiful covered in my piss, i cleaned her up and taped a clean nappy on her, now it was my turn to change so my sister in law changed me, taking time to clean my cock which was rock hard again. she was getting on the verge of cumming again and my wife senced this, she wispered in my sister in laws ear and then without warning, started licking my balls, this was heaven, jo was licking my balls whilst her sister stating sucking me off, i said i wanted to fuck so my sister in law took off her nappy and sat on my cock, i wanted to fill with my cum so much, she rode me that i could not hold off any longer and with a almight scream, i emptied my cum inside her pussy. i just layed there whilst my Wife cleaned my cum out of her sister pussy and put back into a nappy, my Mother in law came in and said right lets get the babies off to sleep, we followed her upstairs into a spare room where there was a single bed with crib side on, me and my sister in law were told we would be sleeping in there tonight, we climbed in and the sides and top were locked, looking at my wife she smiled and told me to enjoy myself and that she would see me in the morning, that night i had fucked my mother in law and my sister in law and spent the next 8 hours fucking and pissing all over my sister in laws pussy, i even fucked her virgin ass and got her to swallow.

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