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How Diaper Came to be a Love in My Life

It all started back when I was about ten years old. My parents were going on vacation and left my brother and I at home. My brother, being sixteen, was left in chare. At the time my brother was dating a girl who while being very nice, was also a bit odd. Us boys lacking any cooking skill, she came over the first night and cooked for us.

She wore a short skirt, blouse and high heels and looked stunning even to me. They told me that if I behaved I could stay up late and watch TV while they went upstairs to "study" after dinner. If I didn't behave, I would be punished and sent to bed. I was a good boy most of the evening, but when the older pair went upstairs I got curious and sneaked upstairs to see what they were doing. From the other side of my brother's door I heard strange noises, so I opened the door and found them making love. I watched as my brother orgasmed on her face - and not knowing what was happening I gasped. They yelled and I ran back downstairs.

"Maybe we should tie him to the couch so he can't disturb us again?" Cindy suggested when the pair came downstairs to determine my punishment.

"No! What if I have to pee while you are gone. You can't do that!" I complained in a near-tantrum.

"Not a problem..." Cindy replied, "... I have some diapers in my bag from a bed wetter I babysit on the weekend!"

"Perfect Plan!" My brother announced and grabbed me before I could run away. I started to yell, but he clamped his palm over my mouth silencing me. He held me down on the couch while Cindy stripped my clothes off and tried to diaper me. I kicked and fought until she warned me "Stop fighting or I'll get my camera and put you on my facebook page for all to see!" I immediately laid still and accepted what was going on. Now that I was diapered my brother tied a rope around my ankles, and tied the other end around the legs of the couch. To prevent any further screaming he gagged me with my own underpants.

"We can't leave him alone, what if he chokes.. or worse, leaks!" My brother asked, showing more reasonable thinking than usual.

"He's already seen us screwing, so what." His girlfriend answered and the pair started making out right there on the other end of the couch!

After a while I needed to pee and started to squirm and fuss.

"Use your diapers!" Cindy instructed, knowing what my complaints meant. I held it as long as I could, but finally had to give in and wet myself. The diaper got warm as my pee spread across it, and I secretly loved the feeling. I settled down in my wet nappy and tried to ignore the sick noises of two teens making out. When they were done Cindy addressed me...

"If I take that gag out so you can have a drink do you promise not to start yelling again?" I nodded and she fished the now spit-soaked underoos out of my mouth. She left the room for a moment, then returned with a baby bottle filled with soda. I shook my head no and started to complain.

"If you want a drink, this is it! Your choice... you can be a good diaper baby and I'll take good care of you all week. Or you can be a bad baby and we'll just torture you all week!"

I let out a soft sigh, then opened my mouth to welcome the bottles nipple, which Cindy gladly fed to me. I took the bottle into my hands and sucked-away as she united my ankle and checked my clearly soggy diaper. She told my brother to get her bag as she removed my wet diaper.

I watched as she laid a changing pad on the floor - and it was then I realized this had been her plan all along. As I finished the last of the soda, she took the bottle away and had me lay on the plastic mat. She cleaned me up with a handful of baby wipes, spending more time than was really needed on my 'boy parts' leading me to my first ever errection. She giggled and said something about me being just like my brother, then slid a fresh diaper under me. She squirted some baby oil down there and rubbed it in. She held a little cloudy-white bullet up in front of my eyes and said "If you like wet diapers, you'll love these!" Then inserted two of them in my bum before closing the diaper up on me snugly.

I loved being diapered and babied by her! I wanted to be her baby forever!

After a while my tummy began to rumble, so I went to find Cindy, but found her performing oral sex on my brother.

"Wouldn't you rather have a bottle?" I asked, confused. She laughed and almost choked, then turned to me to ask what I needed. I told her I needed to go poop... but before she could tell me to, my body took over and filled my diaper with an audible mess.

"See, you are a baby! CRAWL to the bathroom and I'll be up to change you when I am done with this one!"

By the time she came to me I had wet and messed again and was in quite a state. She lovingly cleaned me up and changed me into another diaper and a pair of rubber pants for bedtime. As she took me to my room and tucked me in I knew it was going to be a great week.

"Now go ni-ni so I can spend some time with your brother before he starts crying!"

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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