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Brian's Baby Bitch

I was still in high school having started a year late, so at eighteen I still lived at home with my parents. This was really limiting my lifestyle choices. I longed to be able to dress like the sissy baby I really am, but my very religious family would never allow it. Heck, when Mom caught me wearing one of her bras they sent me to straight-camp for a week to "fix" me.

My friend Brian was lucky. He had graduated early and his parents were so anxious to get him out of the house that they paid the rent on his new apartment for a year! Thankfully it was a two-bedroom, and while my parents were not allowing me to move out, Brian was allowing me to secretly use the spare bedroom as my play room. I hadn't gotten to use it yet, so I was excited when Brian called and told me he had some surprises for me and I should come over right away. It was Friday night so I went over straight away, telling my parents I would be spending the night.

Brian met me at the door, wearing no pants! "What the heck are you doing?" I asked with a laugh.

"Oh, I'm about to fuck you and thought I'd save some time undressing!" He answered with an evil grin.

"Brian, I'm not gay!" I protested, not for the first time.

"Well I'm horny as fuck and there are no queens in this damn town, so you'll have to do sissy boy! Besides, we both know you'll do whatever 'Daddy' says, won't you?" He asked then produced a white plastic diaper from behind his back.

"Fuck" I moaned feeling my dick spring to attention. Brian took my hand and led me into the apartment and down the hall to my playroom. My eyes went wide as we walked into the bright-pink-painted nursery-looking room he had secretly made for me.

"I couldn't find a crib, but this toddler bed will do for now." He said leading me over to the white bed with pink Disney princess sheets.

I stood there shaking nervously as Brian began to undress me, pulling my jeans down to reveal the white cotton panty I was wearing: the pair he had stolen from his sister for me. He grabbed my dick through the panty and caressed the throbbing mound.

"Such a predictable sissy!" He peeled off my tee-shirt then allowed me to kick off my shoes and socks. Finally, he grabbed the cotton panty and roughly pushed them down my legs. I stepped out of them, now naked and shivering with fear as he pointed at the toddler bed. I lay down gently, afraid it wouldn't support my weight, but it did.

"I built a wood frame under it." Brian said, answering my thoughts.

"Had to be sure it could take a pounding." He smiled again as he climbed on top of me. He kissed me on the lips, and then slid his tongue in my mouth. I was surprised to find it not at all unpleasant making out with my best friend. In fact I was almost disappointed when he pulled back after just a minute or two.

Fear stole my erection as Brian sat up and lifted and spread my legs. His dick was rock hard now I could see as he spit on his hand and rubbed it on his penis.

"I have real lube, but baby needs to know what it feels like to get fucked raw." He said with that evil grin I was beginning to hate. With no further warning he hiked my legs up a little higher and rammed his dick into my ass causing me to scream in pain.

"No! Not another sound, you take it bitch!" He scolded me and I quickly shut my mouth. He wasted no time rocking his dick back and forth inside me as I winced and started to cry. Brian clearly intended to make no effort at gentility. He was practically raping me, and I was just going to have to take it.

After the first few agonizing minutes, the pain started to subside and I found myself starting to enjoy the sensation of my prostate getting massaged by his cock. I opened my eyes and stared into his.

"There you go baby." He complimented me and slowed his ramming slightly.

"Get comfortable, I've been practicing and plan to go a while." He continued fucking me and my dick slowly started to stiffen. I reached down and began to stroke it, trying to match Brian's rhythm and it went hard and throbbing fast. But I hadn't been practicing longevity. My living circumstances required lighting fast jerk sessions to avoid getting caught... and now I was unprepared for any level of endurance. I shot my load onto Brian's chest and my legs causing him to laugh. Each spasm of cum came with intense pleasure as he worked my prostate and I jerked my joystick. I had never had such a climax before. I fell back exhausted as Brian started to speed his ramming a bit.

"I knew you were a fag." Brian panted and we both laughed.

Brian lasted another twenty minutes before he finally came inside me. We were both exhausted and I was also quite sore. He plopped down on top of me and kissed me again. I put my arms around him and opened my mouth to receive his tongue again. I was in sissy boy heaven.

After a long rest period Brian got up out of the bed and reached again for the diaper. It was white, plastic and thick and I recognized it as a Bambino from the internet.

"Such a good baby, time to pamper you!" He cooed as he unfolded the brief and laid it between my legs. With a touch of novice awkwardness He slid the diaper under me and pulled the other end up between my legs. He taped it firmly in place then patted my padded crotch.

"Good thing you rubbed one out, or I'm sure we'd of had an erection in my way!" He teased. Then he went over to the closet and pulled out a white cotton nightie with lace around the neck. I immediately got up and raised my arms so he could lower the adorable garment over my body. It was perfect. And my dick was hard again.

"Back in bed." He commanded and I instantly obeyed. He tucked me in gently and kissed me on the forehead.

"Get some rest... I'll check on you in a few hours." He said and turned to leave the room. He took two steps then stopped, looked back and added "...and probably fuck you again!" He hit the light switch and closed the door behind him.

I felt totally at home in my pink nursery, wearing a diaper and nightie, my ass sore - Brian's cum dripping from my hole - and my dick. And as I snuggled under the princess comforter I knew that I was Brian's Baby Bitch.


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