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The Story of Sandra

Part 2

"I would like that. So, little one, did you have an accident?" Astrid said smiling at her friend.

"Are you kidding? I was wet before the halfway point."

"Well," Astrid hesitated. She wanted to do more, but didn't want her friend to think she was too weird. She finally decided that as her friend was wearing wet training pants, and dressed like a little kid, she didn't have too much to risk.

"Why don't we get you changed and tucked in?" Sandra couldn't believe what she had just heard. She was standing in the hall outside her room, dressed like a little girl, even wearing a wet pull-up under her skirt. Now her best friend had just offered to change her diaper and put her to bed. She couldn't resist, but couldn't bring herself to say yes either.

She smiled bashfully and looked at her shoes, grinding one toe on the carpet. She looked up at her friend with puppy dog eyes.

"Awe, is my sissy feeling shy?" Sandra looked down again still grinning sheepishly. She reached into her purse and pulled out her keys. She held them out to Astrid, biting her bottom lip.

"Come on sweetie, lets get those icky wet 'panties' off of you," Astrid said taking the keys from her friend's small hands.

She unlocked and opened the door then, taking Sandra's hand, headed into the room. She re-closed and locked the door behind them. She set the keys aside and walked her friend to the bed. Butterflies had taken up residence in her belly and it seemed they were having a party. She couldn't believe what was happening. She had just spent the evening treating her best friend like a little girl and now she was about to change "little Sandy's" diaper. She had always thought of Sandra as a little sister, and sometimes even as her own daughter, though they were both 19. She had called Sandra "kiddo" for almost as long as they had known each other, and often joked with her about just how small she was.

Sandra stood by the bed as Astrid took her purse from her and set it on top of the nightstand. Astrid continued by removing Sandra's Eeyore hoodie and top. She then gave a gentle tug on Sandra's skirt and allowed it to fall to the ground. Astrid took a moment to admire her friends beautiful body and perfect complexion. Freckles dotted most of the young girl's body, and the diaper sagging between her legs had her looking much more like a child than a woman of 19.

"Awe, baby's all wet," Astrid said in mock sadness.

"Best get you changed before you end up with a rash." Sandra let Astrid maneuver her onto her bed and then directed her to where the changing supplies were at. Astrid went to the open box and found even more than she had expected; a bag of Pull-ups, an unopened pack of size 7 Pampers, baby wipes, powder, lotion, as well as several pacifiers and a baby bottle laying in the bottom of the box. This was better than she could have hoped, and she smiled as she thought about what to do first.

She started by taking one of the pacifiers, a white one with a picture of Winnie the Pooh, out of the box and bringing it to Sandra.

"Open," she said cheerfully.

Sandra complied without hesitating and began sucking on the pacifier as soon as it was in her mouth. She had been worried about how her friend would react to all of her baby supplies and was thrilled to see that she had taken it all in stride and even seemed to be enjoying it.

Sandra sucked happily on her pacifier as Astrid continued her work. She got the wipes, lotion and powder out and set them on the bed. She then pulled out both the bag of pull-ups and the size 7's.

"Which does my baby want for bed time?" She asked holding up both packages.

Sandra thought for a moment before deciding the Pampers would be best after the coke at the theater, not to mention more fun to be put into by her friend. She pointing excitedly at them and smiled behind her pacifier.

"Good choice baby. Let's get you into a real diaper; we wouldn't want your bed getting all wet now would we?" Astrid danced her fingers along Sandra's belly and chest as she said this, accentuating her last words with a tap on the girl's nose. This all had Sandra giggling and kicking her legs in about a second.

"Alright little one, let's get these training panties off of you." Astrid reached down and took hold of the pull-up and ripped the sides apart. She left it in place while she pulled out one of the baby wipes. She pulled down the front of Sandra's "princess panties" and admired the only part of her that really showed her age, a well trimmed patch of bright red hair.

She carefully cleaned Sandra's most sensitive area, the cold wipes making the girl giggle and squirm. Astrid spent probably more time than necessary cleaning her friend. She couldn't help herself; she had always been attracted to the girl and was loving the opportunity to care for her as her baby.

She finished her cleaning and set to a task she was looking forward to even more. She pulled the wet diaper out from under her friend and tossed it into a wastebasket. She then picked up the bottle of baby powder and sprinkled some over Sandra's entire diaper area. She rubbed the sweet smelling powder into Sandra's skin, drinking in the touch of her friend's body.

Sandra moved her hips to meet Astrid's hand with her powdered lips. She was amazed by how good it felt to be touched this way. She had always been a fairly shy girl when it came to her body and until now had not allowed anyone, male or female, to touch her like this.

Astrid smiled devilishly as she felt Sandra pressing herself into her hand.

"No, no baby, it's bed time now," she said leaning in close to Sandra's face cupping her hand between Sandra's legs. She gave Sandra a kiss on the cheek and heard her moan softly from behind her pacifier.

"If you are a good girl, maybe we can have some 'play time' tomorrow." She stood back up and opened the bag of size 7's. Pulling out one of the diapers she unfolded it and smiled at Sesame Street characters on the front. She turned her attention back to Sandra, whose face had turned red from her excitement.

"Lift up," she said as she slipped the diaper under her friend. Sandra did as she was told and then let her hips fall back to the bed when the diaper was under her bottom. Astrid pulled the front of the diaper up and taped it into place.

Astrid gently rubbed the front of her friend's diaper and looked down at her.

"Isn't that better little one?" She asked with a kind smile.

Sandra just smiled and nodded sleepily.

"Well sweet pea," Astrid said clearing off the bed.

"I think it's time for my baby to get some sleep." She pulled the covers back and helped her friend into them. She pulled them back up and tucked her in. She knelt down by the bed and gave Sandra a kiss on the forehead.

"Sleep well baby, your sissy loves you very much, and I will be just down the hall if you need anything." She gave her another kiss and stood to leave. She stopped when she heard Sandra's voice speaking to her like a small child.

"Sissy," she said with her pacifier still in her mouth, "will you sleep in here tonight?" Astrid managed not to jump up and down, but mostly only because she had threatened Sandra with a spanking for doing the same thing earlier that night.

"Is my little sissy scared of the dark?" Astrid asked with mock concern.

Sandra flashed her best puppy dog eyes and nodded.

"Well of course I will sleep in here then baby. I just need to go get changed and use the potty; we only need one bed wetter in here," she said jokingly, Sandra giggled. She went to the bathroom quickly and hurried back to her room. She normally slept in the nude, but with her diapered treasure waiting in the bed she thought it wise to put on a pair of pajamas; if she didn't she doubted she would want to sleep much. She found a pair of flannel pajama bottoms and a tank top and quickly changed into them. She pulled on a pair of white ankle socks and headed back to Sandra's room.

She unlocked the door and gave a light knock as she opened the door. She walked in closing the door behind her and found her baby curled up on the bed sucking on her pacifier and holding a white stuffed tiger. Several more boxes were opened now and she figured Sandra must have done some quick searching to find her little friend.

She walked over to the bed and set the keys down on the nightstand. She pulled back the corner of the blankets and slipped under the covers. She wrapped her arm around her little friend and pulled her into a tight cuddle. The girl squirmed and pressed her back into her friend. Astrid smelled the vibrant red hair of her baby and caught the aroma of baby powder at the same time. The combination was amazing and she gently kissed the back of Sandra's head.

"Goodnight baby girl, sweet dreams." She said softly in the darkness.

"Goodnight sissy," Sandra said contentedly, "I'm really glad I have you here to keep me safe."

"Always little one," Astrid said hugging her friend and kissing her again on the back of her head.

She lay there holding her friend and smiling to herself about how perfectly tonight had gone. She drifted off to sleep thinking that she was the luckiest girl alive, a thought shared by Sandra. Her last thought before finally dropping off was that tomorrow was going to be even more fun...

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