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Stress Relief

My wife knows that I love diapers and we do not play that often, really never. Well I have been stressed and she does not like it when I drink. I needed help so I asked her.

" Could I put on a diaper after 8:00 and any time after that , you spank me?" Well after a small argument about 10 other subjects that were not related , I dropped it. At 8 she told me I had better get ready, I was stunned. I told her to forget it and she said that she was set to give a spanking and I should not ask again if I am to chicken out.

I went and put on a diaper and was so hard. She came over and helped me fasten the tapes. she told me what I needed to do before bedtime and let me know that she will be spanking my butt tonight and it will be a spanking on her terms , not mine. I did what she asked and watched some TV, while hard the entire time. Then she told me to get upstairs to my room.

I was to lay down on the bed on my belly. She carefully rolled my nappy down in back and started to spank me while scolding me for being a bad boy. She only used her hand, but she did a good job getting my whole bottom really red. She even spanked my upper thighs a bit, a nice touch. She had me lift up a bit and she stroked me while spanking me with her left hand.. I could not take anymore so I rolled over . I was happy with her reaction because she started to stroke me in my diaper.

" Do you wanna cum in your diaper or do you wanna cum in me?" My lover asked.

In a flurry she was naked and I was inside her with my diaper pulled up in back and down in front. She was so wet from giving me a spanking. She grabbed the back of my diaper and pulled me deeper into her and I came so hard. We held each other and kissed. I have not cum, You need to get to work. I have never went down after I came but I wanted to please her for all she has done so far. I tongued her clit and she rubbed my face all over her pussy as she felt my cum leak out. She must have loved that feeling cause she came so hard she passed out and went limp.

I feel really good today and my stress levels are back to normal. Wish I could get my wife to understand my fetish is good for both of us.

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