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Part One

For the last six months I have been held prisoner in my own home, by a woman named Robin something. I forgot her last name, but that's beside the point. I had a little get together a while back and a few of my friends showed up, and one of them brought by a girl they thought might connect with me because I am single. But, what my friends don't know is that I am an AB/bondage kind of guy, and that's really why I'm single. Because I like to be controlled so much it's hard for me to find the right girl.

Anyways I had this little party planned out for about a week, my friend Randy who means well kept telling me he was going to bring this chick by to introduce her to me. So I knew she was coming and I put most of my stuff away in my closet, under clothes in my drawer, and other places. I have a LOT of stuff that I have been accumulating over the years, and a lot of diapers. I had stuff hidden everywhere!

When they arrived the night was typical of any small get together amongst friends. The girl my friend Randy brought over was fine as hell and had a nice body she was introduced to me as Robin, and she seemed smart too. But, she didn't seem interested in me that much. However, Robin did respect the fact that I had my own home, and car, and job, you know the usual stuff. I guess she just moved into town from somewhere I can't remember because we were drinking, she had a job and she said she mainly worked from home off the internet or over the phone, which is ideal in my opinion.

As the night drew on she was like, "Why don't you show me around your place." So I did, with caution. I showed her my room the spare room with the computer, and bathrooms, none of which I really kept clean but it was presentable to a guest I thought. There was a futon in the spare room that was set up like a couch at the time. But if you lay it out like a bed you would be able to see the restraints on it because I forgot to put those away. And just like that, it all started.

I was showing her around, and we were in the guest room and she saw the futon and was like aw that looks nice and she grabbed the couch seat and lifted it up and pulled it down in a very easy motion, my hart skipped a beat at this point as I knew about the restraint way before we even started the tour. Just my luck, she would do the one thing I wouldn't think of.

Once it was down, it happened so fast I can hardly remember the details. I was buzzing, and she was like," oh that's nice" as she pulled it down and she examined the craftsmanship of the wooden frame and the ease of the mechanical aspects, and then came the comments about the restraints. She said, "ooh I'm telling" and she looked at me like a child would look at another child who had just broken the one rule of the house or something. And she started to walk out of the room in a "you can't catch me prance". I could feel my face turning red from embarrassment as I said, "For real? No, don't say that, nobody knows about" And just as quickly as she shuffled away she came right back in as she closed the door.

She was hot and her expression was one of sly seductiveness. She laughed,"Let's see if they work." And in that moment of hesitation I was wondering if I had heard her correctly.

Then I said, "Well yeah they work" at the same time she backed me up against the futon, and she kind of pushed me backward seductively. I sat down; as she laid me back and guided my left wrist inside the leather wrist strap and buckled it in, followed by the right. This only took a couple of minutes; it was real smooth and real fast. I was looking at what she was doing, and looking at her as I could kind of tell she liked this sort of thing. Then she said," You've got them too close to each other, you could get out if you wanted." And then she started to unbuckle the right strap from the armrest of the futon and moved it over slightly.

"There" she said.

"That should keep you put for a while" as she looked down at me with kind of a smile on her pretty little face. That's when she turned and walked out of the room, with a flick of the light switch, she promptly closed the door leaving me in complete darkness unable to yell anything, in fear that another guest might come in and discover me. I know I just past out for a couple hours at least. I woke up and it was still dark and I couldn't hear anyone, I was thinking there is no way this chick just left me here like this. I tried to get loose and I couldn't, so I just decided to calm down and go back to sleep and deal with this latter.

The next day I must have woken up by news on the T.V. in the other room. No sooner did Robin walk through the door, it was perfect timing cause I would have been pissed if I had to lay there and figure out how I was going to get released.

She said, "Good morning sweaty." Smiling down at me as she walked around the futon, still looking like she did last night, but smelling fresh as a new day.

She stopped, put a finger up and said," Oh wait, I got to go get something" as she left the room. I could tell she was barefoot as scampered out of the room again in a hurry.

My bed room was right next to the guest room where I was restrained all night, I couldn't see the door, but I could tell that's where she went too. I could even tell what she was doing; she was getting into my diapers and powder. At that point I was excited and embarrassed and speechless. She shuffled some things around for a while and then came back just as I asked," What are you doing?" In a soft and timid voice, like I had no idea.

She laughed, "Just getting you up and ready for your day." I could see clearly she had a diaper I had prepared with doublers, with a couple other things, like baby powder and lotion, and she had my inflatable gag. I was stunned and speechless as I examined the situation and felt like it was a dream come true, yet I was still unsure as to the girl that was doing all this, because I had just met here last night. As she approached me she said," I just couldn't help myself last night" she explained as she started laughing she said, "last night I came back out to the living room and everyone was looking at me. Then Randy was like, 'Well I got to go, it's getting late' and everybody left within fifteen minutes, without even a single question as to where you were." She laid the stuff she carried in with her, down on the mattress of the futon and just as I was about to say something she grabbed the inflatable gag I bought it to my mouth and said, "Shhh" putting a finger over her mouth and putting the gag in mine.

She said, "Just a second. I want to put this in their first."

I mumbled "ok" as I sort of chuckled, and I accepted the gag with an open mouth as she continued on with her story, and inflated the butterfly shaped contraption one pump at a time.

"So, I was left here with you tied up and I decided I would look at your room again and see what else you weren't showing me. So I looked in your closet and found these!"As she patted the diaper with her free hand, she said,"I couldn't stop laughing for like ten minutes." She started to giggle as she continued to pump up the gag. It quickly started to swell my cheeks and make itself comfortable in mouth.

With one hand on my diaper, and the other hand almost done inflating the gag, I was getting turned on by all this, though it was happening so fast. She took notice at my expanding cheeks and stopped pumping the gag up..... I tried to move my jaws to adjust, it felt more comfortable to me just as I was realizing that this girl was now in control of this situation and I was becoming pretty helpless.

That's when she took the pump off the gag and set it down on the other side of my diaper, and turned her attention to my belt, and pants. I realized as she started to unbutton my pants, that I had to go to the bathroom.

I mumbled as well as I could that I had to go to the bathroom, and she looked at me a said," You have to go pee-pee?" She asked in a playfully joyful manner.

I nodded yes and again I chuckled, as she said," Well hold it just a little longer, I'm going to put this diaper on you real quick, O.K.?"

I tried to mumble "Well, can I go first?" But she was already done undoing my pants. She pulled my shoes of with ease as they landed on the floor, she turned back at me and grabbed my pants and said "Lift up" indicating for me to lift my butt up so she could slip my pants off. I used this dilemma to mumble that I had to use the bathroom first.

She looked at me and said, "You better hold it John, I'm not kidding."

With a more serious expression on her face she added, "If you piss on me I'm going to be real pissed, too." And just then I could see something wasn't right here. I lifted my butt and she took down everything that covered my privates in one fell swoop. Leaving me half naked and exposed I shrank and she didn't even take notice as she was throwing my pants off to the side of the room, and unfolding my diaper. She examined it a second and said, "Lift up" again. I did and she slipped the diaper underneath me and pulled the back tabs out. I could see she was glancing at my shaved penis area. Still she didn't seem to pay any mind to that, as she placing my diaper under me she had a focused look on her face.

These diapers I bought were replicas of Pampers, so there was only one sticky tab on each side, and baby prints on the front. The diapers were very nice, and I also bought doublers to make them last longer, I could wet in them at least four times before they would leak.

As she pulled the tabs out from behind me, I relaxed back down on my butt once again. She looked back at the bottle of baby powder and grabbed hold of it. She opened it and sprinkled it on my privates, and on the inside front of diaper, and then said, "Bring your legs up, and cross your ankles like a baby."

As I crossed my ankles, I became a little embarrass and hesitated. I crossed them, and she put her forearm under calves to lift up with me. But when I was about to do the lifting of the butt thing I kind of relaxed, and grunted my disapproval in kind of a playful manner, but really in protest. She looked at me, and swatted my ass with a quick smack and the powder puffed up.

She said," Lift up, and quit acting like a brat!" Only now do I know she wasn't joking.

The little smack stung my ass, and made me lift automatically as she just continued, applied a little more powder to my crack. Then she lowered my but back down on the diaper and grabbed the front panel with the baby prints and covered my crotch with it. She taped the diaper with ease, she even put her fingers in the leg gatherers and sort of adjusted the diaper in place so it was nice and snug, and then she looked at me saying, "There you go; now you can take a leak. I'll be back in a little bit with some other stuff." As she got up, she grabbed my pants and shoes and walk out of the room like it was nothing to change a grown mans diaper and then clean up. Needless to say I was too embarrassed and confused to take a leak at that point. She left me there to admire her handy work, I crinkled loudly at every movement, and needless to say she did a great job. I mean, we haven't even talked yet, and she already had me diapered and "ready for the day" which I was oblivious to the meaning of at that point.

Before she left I tried to say something to her but she was gone and I was gagged. She went back into my room where I could hear the chains of my rubber lockable mittens; I also had a harness with spreader pants and a leash, it's really cute with blue trim and white leather. I was thinking this was too good to be true, as she came back with just that.

She explained, "I am going to put these mittens on you, and then this harness is next." I shifted my position and my diaper crinkled, "If you give me any trouble, you will be sorry." And I actually believed her for the most part. I mumbled an"O.k." as best I could wondering what she meant by that. Maybe she was just playing I thought.

She made light work of the mittens, the harness and the spreader pants, and then she undid the wrist restraints. It felt good to be out of those things finally my wrists were not free from confinement but my arms were able to come from above my head to rest at my sides again. The mittens were serious rubber stuffed bondage mitten with thick chains and a lock, with a key that she now had in her bra. My legs were spread apart by leather, and thick plastic plait that I have yet to even wear in. My diaper crinkled inside the spreader pants even louder and had a deeper tone to them now. With the upper part of the spreader pants a thick replica of a older style baby harness and the mitten, I wasn't getting out any time soon. Believe me I would try later. But, at the moment I was in paradise. Then Robin said the unthinkable.

She said, "I am going to go to the store to get a few things, and you are going to come with me. So, we need to get you some socks and shoes." Just like that, like it was nothing for a grown man to dress like this in public.

My eyes lit up as she said that, as though, I would allow that to happen. I mumbled a "huh?" under my gagged breath and looked at her like she was crazy. I sat up on the futon as she left the room to go back to my room to get some socks. I was wearing my shirt from last night, the harness with spreader pants, and some thickly padded bondage mittens and a diaper, with an inflatable gag in my mouth, and she wanted me to go outside like this? NO WAY!

At least that's what I thought; I seriously tried to get out at that point. I tried to take the mittens off and spit out the gag, but neither worked. I got off the bed, diaper crinkling under me and tried to walk out of the room. I had to walk as if I was squatting down. I'm sure it looked funny as I lifted my knees higher and stuck my butt out more. It was a hard task to just walk, and I was even less effective at talking.

I mumbled to her," But I can't go out like this." As I walked out the guest room and into the hall way like a toddler first learning how to walk and talk. I used the walls as a brace.

She simply looked at me, and said, "Listen John, I don't think that you're in any position to argue with me. You're pretty much my bitch at this point, and I have a tazer." she said as she held up a little black box, "So" she continued with a more serious tone.

"If you don't stop complaining, and do what I tell you, when I tell you to do it, you're going to get tazed..... Have you ever been tazed?" She asked as she clicked on the little black box. It was bright and loud, as it went click, click, click really fast. It was scary, and I didn't know how to respond except, to kind of chuckle at what she said.

She approached me with the tazer still on, clicking and bright, as it got closer I instinctually took a step back. She reached out her hand with the little clicking, flashing box pointed at me. I couldn't really walk so I kind of squatted down.

"Do you want me to taze you?" She asked.

"NO" I said as best I could with a gag in my mouth.

She lowered the tazer and released the switch that turned it on, it was silent as she raised her other hand with socks in it, and said, "Now sit down on the bed."

At this point I was a bit worried; I was wearing some pretty good restraints that I had picked out myself to be put in this very situation, only I never thought that I would actually be forced to do anything against my will. I really didn't want to go out in public like this; like I was being led to a bondage convention or something. As she put my shoes and socks on she paid me no mind. When she was done she took the leash out of the closet and the wrist cuffs that went with the harness part of the spreader pants. She walked over to me and said, "Alright Mr. Crincklebritches" as she attached the leash to the loop on the back, she then led the leash out and I felt it tug me as I got up and tried to walk again. Robin became impatient within the first few steps and explained, "I think you should bend down and kind of crawl with your ass up."

I didn't know how to respond to that except with a slobbery grunt, through the inflatable gag. My saliva was flowing and as I leaned over to squat and raise my leg around the spreader for a fourth or fifth step. I felt the leash being pulled harder and this almost toppled me over, I caught myself with my hands. I was walking just as she had said to, and a resembled a monkey on a leash as we walked through my living room and towards the front door at a slightly faster pase. She reached out and grabbed the knob with her free hand and swung it opened to reveal a mail man walking up my path, a secured letter no doubt, I was shocked and I tried to stop walking but this women had control of my momentum and before I could gain any composure I was on the front porch with Robin and the mailman looking down at me in shock.

"Oh, sorry." He said, as he almost turned away.

Robin said, "No that's fine is there something you need signed?" I instinctual tried to turn and go back inside, but Robin had rolled the leash around her hand as though I was a dog.

She looked back at me and said, "SIT!" As she tugged the leash downwards I kind of fell in a plopping motion on my but, the diaper I was wearing made very obvious diaper noise and I looked up to see the mail man looking right at me because of it, then I could see his smile forming as he looked at Robin and handed her the letter to sign for.

"Good boy, Robin said, just like she was in denial that I was a real human or something." I was turning red and I felt the drool starting to get out of control. The gag wasn't going anywhere as I tried again to spit it out.

"There you go." Robin told the mail man as she handed the slip back to him. He turned and glanced one last time at me and her and said good bye. Robin, walked back inside the still opened front door and set the mail down on my little table, reserved for just such things. Unraveling the leash around her hand as she walked, she never let go of it because she didn't actually have to go that far inside the house. She walked back outside and closed the door and started to walk me to my SUV as the mail man started up his truck and drove down the street.

This was crazy I thought, I tried to say something but it was getting old trying to speak though this gag, nothing made any since and I was just spiting drool everywhere it felt like.

My comments however small, did not go unnoticed. I could hear Robin mumbling something like, "Keep it up, and see what happens."

This later to be found crazy bitch took me to several different places including an adult shop, in a manner of hours. We were back at the house in about four or five hours, and she didn't make me go inside any of the stores. I was just left in the back seat of my own SUV. I tried to get out of the restraints that kept me very uncomfortable at that point. I had to pee in my diaper a couple of times two times even though I really didn't want to. By the time we got back to the house I was pissed off and hungry, probably a little tired too.

I remember what happed next very clearly, we got down and she led me to the living room where she said,"Alright, Mr.Pottypants let's get you changed and fed" with an almost rigged excitement in her voice. Almost as if she could not wait for what was coming next, with this I just snapped and started to yell at the top of my gagged lungs and spiting saliva all over the place. Waiving my arms in a fit of rage I just about had enough of this treatment as I could take. And I felt it was time to express all the frustration she had caused me at that point.

She wasted no time in response to my fit, she turned and said, "Hay little mister" in a rather cute demeanor and pulled out the wrist restraints for the harness I was wearing, she had them in her pocket the whole time, "I'm going to show you what happens to bad little boys who don't want to behave." Holding the thick leather bands out at me as she walked closer I was kind of shocked at what she said and just didn't think fast enough to stop her from doing anything. Her response was cute to say the least.

She said, "Give me your wrists baby." And she grabbed my left wrist and wrapped the first restraint around it, and buckled it in. I cooperated thinking that this was just a little sarcasm on her part to try and make things right for what she had put me through that day. She clipped my left wrist on the side loop of the harness and proceeded to do the same with my right wrist.

When she was done restraining me to the harness I was more like a T-Rex than ever before. I was sitting on the living room floor with my legs crossed Infant style as she pushed me backwards on my back and I had no way of catching myself, I just rolled back spread legs, diaper crinkling underneath me. Robin positioned herself in between my legs and started to undo the bottom half of the harness, she took off the spreader and laid it next to her as she reached over and grabbed a bag from Home Depot and another black bag from the adult shop. I was excited at this point, my legs felt good to be out of the spreader, too. I saw my diaper was yellow and bulky, it felt squishy and my dick was pushing up against the diaper so hard I thought I would break through it. I squirmed a little, and the diaper was crinkling with every movement I made. I couldn't wait to get a little relief after all I had gone through that morning. This woman was starting to seem like a dream come true, again.

Robin was sitting on her knees with her back leaning up against my coffee table; she towered over me at that point. She halfway paid attention to me, while the other half of her attention was on the secret contents of the bags. Robin pulled out a hundred and fifty foot length of rope, wound up tight, and wrapped in its label. It was meant for a clothes line normally. She had it opened, and unraveled in little time, and then she had rope wrapped around my left and right thighs in a way that spelled inexperience. Not tight, but I didn't think anything of it because she didn't seem experienced in tying people up, and I had never been tied up before that day either. She leaned over and untapped my diaper letting out the smell of pee as she pulled it off, after telling me to "lift up" again, like before. I was rock hard at this point, and she had a more seductive look in her eyes as she reached into the bag from the adult shop.

As though catching herself before she made a mistake, Robin pulled her empty hand out of the bag and grabbed the front of the harness. She took a step forward to brace herself pulled me up with a big tug and a grunt, saying, "Come here a second." She shifted as though to stand up, but never letting go of the harness or the rope tied around my thighs. Just above my knees, the rope started to tighten like shoelaces pulling my legs together. Robin pulled me forward to the coffee table and leaned me over it.

"There you go." She said, "Just a second I have to get this ready first, no peeking." She added.

I was have naked leaned over my own coffee table with a hard on that was quickly fading, I tried to look around me to see what she was doing. It looked like she was tying me up to the table as she reached under it and pulled out the rope.

I tried to slide back off the table but she grabbed the back of the harness and the rope out of the other side, and yanked me back on the table.

"Where do you think you're going?" she asked as I was being bent over my own coffee table. I did not know where this was going, nor did I like the looks of things. I said, "What are you doing?" and she said, "You'll see in a second, just stop struggling."

I looked back at her just as she finished tying me up, and she still had a seductive look on her face. She stood up, I heard what sounded like wood from a two by four being picked up, and just then I felt a smack across my ass that sent a sharp stinking pain up my spine. It hurt badly, and I screamed under the gag. I felt the gags long term effect as it ached at my jaw, I could feel the blood rushing to my ass as there was a faint wisp of wind and then the second smack hit my butt checks at the same time, it hurt a lot more then the first one. I screamed even more as the pain shot through my body and I couldn't do anything about it, no matter how much I struggled. I was defenseless. I heard Robin under my own cries for her to stop, and I stopped to listen.

"Look, for your little outburst you can have one of two things." She said.

I looked back almost teary-eyed at her behind me, and then I looked forward again. It was hard for me to see her clearly and it hurt my eyes to look back like that. Smacking me a third time, and again without warning. I couldn't block it, or stop her from doing it. It just sent stings throughout my entire ass as an extreme heat flushed over the area, I wanted to cry. Then I felt her in my crack, I shifted sharply at the cold thin fingers being swiped across my ass whole, I could not believe this was happening. She was applying lubricant!

"I can spank that ass twenty or thirty times, or you can have this."She said, as I felt the tip of a large dildo enter my ass.

It did not go in to far before I felt the sting of it stretching something inside of me way to fast. I jolted on the table, tightening every restraint that kept me bound. I clinched my butt checks tight, but that did nothing. I screamed out as much as if not more as I did with the spankings. She relented, and pulled out the massive thing.

I looked back and saw the paddle, it was two feet long and at least three inches wide, it had to be at least a half inch thick. Leaning up against my brown leather sofa, it was like a fraternity paddle.

I felt the dildo enter again and this time I screamed, "No! Please!" I started to cry and jerk as violently as possible.

"Please?" She asked, and just kept pushing the Giant thing in further, slowly. I felt my insides open up as my ass just expanded and filled up, still stinging from the inside out. It was something I had never felt before, and it started to hurt again, very quickly I felt another sharp sting inside my ass that made my whole body jerk and flex. I tried to slide up off this thing inside me, at the same time Robin just shoved the whole think in as far as it would go. The pain was indescribable, as she pulled it out a little a then thrust it back in. I screamed again this time for her to stop, but I think she knew exactly what she was doing.

"You like that?" She asked, shoving this never ending dildo in my ass so hard it started to push the coffee table across the floor, with me on it. I could not believe that she was doing this to me, at the same time I just wanted this giant dildo out of my ass so bad I could not stop screaming. She grabbed my hair and pulled it back, arching my spin. I felt the direction of the thing that was spreading me open from within, shift slightly upward as it was hitting something that felt like it might give way to the pressure. Just as I relaxed to take a breath and even out my breathing, "it" did give way, and the dildo slid all the way into that passage. The shaft of this dildo became so wide it stretched my ass whole as wide as it would go. The fake balls hit my butt checks and smashed up against my crack spreading my cheeks to the point, I thought they might seriously rip something. I was in pain and in shock. I was being raped by woman in my own home, only it was more like a man was doing the rapping. I started to cry from the pain and the shock of it all, I sounded like a girl squealing in pain. From every thrust, she was pulling this dick almost all the way out of me and then thrusting it back in as hard as she could.

"You're crying? Huh little boy, you don't like this?" She asked as I could hear she was breathing heavily, she let go of my hair and said, "Tell me you like it, bitch!" She demanded, "Tell me like to get fucked!"

All I could say was, "Oh my god!"

Robin started to thrust the dildo harder into my ass, and it felt like pressure was build up. It hurt so much, I cried. Every time she pounded me I grunted in what sounded like a helpless girl being broken in for the first time, "Yeah, say you like getting fucked!" She continued.

I screamed for my life under that gag, "Help! Help me!"

She continued fucking me in the ass, telling me to confess that I liked it. After awhile, the pain went away for the most part and then it just felt dirty. I started to feel like I had to go number two really bad, and I couldn't help but to push. I could smell my own shit and the dildo was losing its lubrication.

She stopped trusting as hard as she could and for the most part just evened out the motion to a easy push pull, every now and again she would ram the cock in hard. But, for the most was done pounding me I guess you could say. There was more lubricant applied to the area and she smacked my ass with her hand and demanded for me so say that I liked it.

"Tell you like to get fucked, John." She repeated in a seductive voice, I could almost hear her laughing under her breath.

The smell of shit was getting stronger as I could feel the lube starting to wear off again.

"I like it." I finally said under the gag.

I was starting to recover from the pain and stinging of all the damage done to my ass, it seemed like an hour or more had gone by. My legs were tightly pressed together, and the ropes started to chafe at my thighs, I couldn't help but to push at this huge thing in my ass as it kept sliding along, in and out, and in and out.

"Tell me you want it harder."She added.

I just grunted, and she persisted, "Tell daddy you want to get fucked harder."

"Come on, let me hear you beg." She said.

I realized as I started to cry again from the pain, that this was not going to stop until I played along with her, and this thing was starting to hurt again. I was so embarrassed as I gave in to her request.

Under the gag I said, "I like it, I like to get fucked."

"Say, Daddy fuck me harder!" She demanded.

I whimpered as it was hard to give in, at the same time she teasingly thrust the cock harder in me, causing me to grunt.

She repeated herself, "Say, Daddy fuck me harder!"

I said,"Daddy, fuck me harder." Under the inflatable gag, my saliva was flowing the whole day and I had drool dripping and spitting from every word.

"Yeah?" She asked, "You want it harder?"

She started slamming the dildo in harder, pushing me across the floor again. Robin stepped in behind the dildo and grabbed the back of the harness with one hand and the dildo with the other and started to but fuck me. I could feel my ass checks jiggling with every thrust.

Just as she went in for a strong pounding she stopped inside of me. And she delivered a hard smack to my ass as she herself gasped for air. Robin jerked slightly at my hind end in small thrusts as she grinded on the other end of the dildo. She was masturbating I think, and then she climaxed as she let out a long sigh.

She just stood up and let the dildo hit the flood in between my spread calves. I let out a sigh as when that happened. It was such a relief when it fell out, it's hard to describe.

I could feel the air hitting my ass whole, it felt like it was wide open. I tried to tighten my anis back closed but the first clinch went by with what felt like little results. Robin smacked my ass inserted two fingers and started to make a swirling motion, as she shoved her middle and ring finger in slightly deeper. She started to almost lift me up as she pulled at the inside of me like I was a bowling ball.

I remember this so well because before that day, I had never been treated like a girl before. And Robin had just fucked the shit out of me for the first time; she has done it many times since that day. But the first day she had me as her prisoner, was the worst day ever, because of that fucking dildo. It hurt me so badly. arch my back, and Robin said,

She swirled and lifted at my ass whole, lightly slapping it like it was a pussy. After everything I had been through the area was really sensitive. I started to arch my back. That's when she said, "Yeah, I bet you like that you little fagot." Finishing off this little incident with a final smack to the tosh she said, "I think you're going to like that after a couple more times. We'll probably have to stick to paddling you for punishment.

Robin walked out of the room after that and went to the bathroom, I again used this opportunity to try and escape. This time I was more serious than I had ever been. Knowing that this bitch was crazy and I was in a lot of trouble at this point. I started to cry and jerk to brake free. I didn't stop trying to get free after I heard the toilet flush. I was still trying to get free as she opened the bathroom door and looked at me, she laughed, "Man, saying when are you going to learn I wonder."

Robin didn't come back in the living room, instead she went in the bedroom and rummaged around a bit while I tried to slip my wrist through any loops I could. When she came back in the living room she was carrying a fresh diaper and lotion and powder and the pump to the gag.

She looked at me struggling as she approached me and said, "Keep it John and I'll spank you right now."

With that I wanted to cry again, but I just decided that this was not the best time to be disobedient. I looked at her and she did not return the gaze, rather she set the things down and said, "I am going to change your diaper and feed you, when I take this gag out. You are going to be a good little boy and stay quiet, or you will clean mister big dick with your tongue. Do you understand me?" She asked in a very cute manner, almost unbelievable. Until she held up the big black dildo I had been raped by.

It was covered in shit, it was so thick with poop that it actually increased its size by possibly an inch. Not to say that the dildo was small or anything. It was a least a foot long and probably three inches in diameter. The smell of my own crap hit my nostrils with full force as she held this nasty thing closer to my face.

I replied with a nod and a, "Yes." under the gag.

"O.k. John, just don't speak unless spoken too and you'll be alright." She added finally as she attached the pump the gag and let out the air.

The release of pressure from the gag was an amazing feeling, I tried to spit it out of my mouth but my muscles were just too tired. Robin pulled it out slowly and said,"O.K. let me undo the ropes a little a here, and then I'll put your diaper on."

I can't believe I didn't do anything at this point, when I was strongest. I let her untie me and put another diaper on me like I was some little kid being put to bed. I felt exhausted and tired from all that had happed in that one day. The sun was still up and I could have probably fallen asleep right there, all snug in my fresh diaper. But when Robin was done she said, "Alright my little troublemaker, are you ready for some numb-numbs?" in a playfully cute way.

Robin reached inside the shopping bag from the grocery store and pulled out two big jars of baby food, orange colored, then another two, one orange and one green, then another green jar. Five big jars of baby food total, sat on the floor in front of me. Robin got and said she would be right back as she made her way to the kitchen.

She returned with a bowl and a spoon as she sat down next to me. One by one, she opened the orange jars of baby food and spooned out the paste into the bowl, the smell was something like chicken and stars. At least that's what was on the labels as I read them over.

When she was done she looked at me and said, "Ready or not, here it comes." As Robin made her way with a big spoon full of baby food, off a big spoon, I wandered what it would taste like.

I took the spoon with an open mouth, and was filled with this cold watery soft paste, with very little flavor. My mouth muscles were still too weak to do anything with it close and swallow. This stuff was nasty. I was being spoon fed like a baby and probably looked like one too.

What seemed like forever was over after I swallowed the last bite of baby food in the jar with smashed pee's. I was stuffed and could not believe the spectacle I had been made out to be. Robin also bought a sippy cup for me to drink from, and filled it with apple juice. I was thirsty and I couldn't help but to just keep drinking the juice till it was all gone. Robin watched me chug the whole thing through the tiny little wholes on the lid of the cup.

She said, "Thirsty baby?"

As I finished my juice, Robin took the cup from me and went to go fill it again. I felt my ass whole almost swelling. At the same time it was like I had to go to the bathroom constantly, but nothing would come out when I pushed. I could also feel the heat from the spankings on my cheeks were still there. Everything this woman did to me in that one day was starting to all have an effect on me, and I was kind of getting tired.

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