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Mistress Mommy (Part 1)

This story has been flagged by the automated processing system as potentially being hard to read. The main causes of this flag are that the story may be very badly formatted or where a NLP program was unable to intepret an unambigious and consistent plot in the story.

I wake up just a little groggy, I cannot for the life of me remember the night before or how I got here! I am at this time staring through iron bars and all I have on is a babydoll top and a diaper with a pair of rufled bottem plastic panties over the diaper! There are several cages with people dressed the same as me in this room! After a few minutes a man enters the room and opens the cage accross from me there is a young man in this cage and this young man appears to have a pamper on rather than a diaper. The guard puts a coller on the young man and drags him out of the cage! A lady dressed in a skin tight black leather outfit appeared in front of the guard and the young man. She commanded the guard to shacle the young mans hands to the bars hanging from the ceiling and secure his feet to the styrrups that are bolted to the floor at a shoulders distance apart. She then commanded the guard to wait outside the room till she called for him. You little pansy piece of shit ( the lady yelled at the young man ) do you know how lucky you are you little pants fillen piece of work! Well I will tell you how lucky you are you little soggy pants piece of scum. I finally found a buyer for youre diaper wearing ass! This will be youre last night of training! Just as those words cleared her lips she layed a belt accross his ass hard, and one wack wasn't enough she released numerous blows accross his ass untill he was crying like a baby and he had wet and messed in his pamper! "GAURD" she shouted; yes misstress the guard answered! Take this little pansy and have his pamper changed and pick him out some sissy baby clothing he is being sold in the morning. "Yes Misstress" the guard answers sharply. The guard waited untill the lady left the room and he grabbed the young man by the hair and placed him on his knees, suck this pacifier the guard said laughing at the young man. Just before the guard came in his mouth he pulled out and turned the young man around and bent him over the table, pulled down his pamper and fucked his ass. After the guard finnished he pulled the young mans pamper up and they dissapeared out of my sight. My god I thought as my mind raced like crazy to find an answer for why or how I got here! But there was no time to think, several people were entering the room and they where pushing carts. a guard and a lady dressed in a white sun dress came to my cage. First the guard opened my cage and four pointed me to the plastic mattress. Its ok ( said the lady) I just need to change youre diaper and give you a bottle. Why am I here I asked? You are going to be sold as a diaper slave that is all I can tell you, with the exception of if you are bad you will be punished if you are good you will be rewarded. Now just lay back and take youre nap, youre diaper is changed and you have a bottle so go nite nite little one. As soon as she was done the guard undid my shacles and closed the cage door. I picked up the bottle and started to drink from it I was thirsty. The last thought I remember before I fell asleep was how good the apple juice tasted. After about an hour of sleep I was awakened by the guard at my cage door, he reached in and put a coller on me and dragged me out of the cage, COME ON I AINT GOT ALL DAY THE MISSTRESS REQUESTS YOUR PRESENCE. The guard took me to another room where another guard was standing by the door. I see you have brought the misstress another play toy, (the one guard says to the other). They both take me into this room where the only light is sarounding a realy large play pen. Both guards pick me up and place me in the play pen DONT GO NO WHERE the guards say as they laugh sarcasticly. I cannot see any thing beyond the play pen becouse of the way that the lights are positioned.

Your scared, I like that (said the voice beyond the lights)! The voice was soft yet stern. Of course I am scared I dont know what is going on or why I am here! SILENCE YOU PATHETIC LITTLE PANTS PISSING THING! I will ask all the questions and you will answer them, do you understand you sniveling little shit! Yes mam. I CANT HEAR YOU! YES MAM (I shouted)! Thats more like it. Do you like your little outfit missy. I would like to have some adult cloths. I would like to have some adult clothes(the lady repeats to me tauntingly). Tough shit, you are going to wear Diapers and baby clothes and like it, no actualy your going to love it! is that understood? I dont understa... wha--hay. (Before I could finish my sentence the two gaurds grabed my arms and carried me out of the room to a big hall, where they shackled my hands over my head and shackled my feet to the floor and gaged me.) It must have been twenty minutes or so when other slaves where being brought in the room and shackled to there chairs facing me. The lady in skin tight black leather entered the room shortly after all the slaves were seated. You all were brought here for my pleasure as usual. As you can see we have another little pants messer to train, so I will start by introducing her to the punishment room. The lady walked over to the wall where several spanking devices hung. She returned with a leather coated paddle, and started to paddle my butt with it. With every wack from the paddle she would say somthing humiliating, like Mommie's little baby gonna cry or get used to it you are going to be Mommie's special little baby and get spanked every night before Mommy puts your little pissy butt to bed. I was crying hard by the time she finished spanking me. She then removed my gag and asked If I had to go potty. Sniffling and trying to stop the tears I said yes I have to poop. I am going to keep this one for now she is my Diaper slave(the lady anounces to the room full of people). She places a leash around my neck and has the gaurds undue my shackles. She then takes me back to the room where all the lights where but the lights are off, and I can see that this is her personal play room. The guards lift me up and place me back in the play pen. But mam I have to go potty. She smiles at me and says; I know you have to potty as she continues to walk out of the room, she stops at the door and says get used to calling me mommy! Then leaves the room!

Please dont leave help me I have to go potty! But to my dismay the leather clad lady that I was to call mommy, had allready closed the door behind her. If I could just squeeze my legs together a little tighter maybe I can hold it till she comes back. Some how I managed to get my legs close enough together to hold back my bowels, but it was difficult these diapers where extremly thick and bulky wich made getting my legs together near impossable, and forced me to toddle when I walked. I see you still have not pottied your diaper, as she pulled my diaper out in back and looked in to check. Dont you worry babykins mommy will remedy this little delima "GUARDS' she yelled! yes mistress! take my new baby and dress her appropriatly for a shoping trip. Make her adoreably cute so mommy can show her off "she said as she pinched my cheek". As you wish mistress. I was taken to a room full of all sizes of adult baby wear, the gaurd took off the clothes I was wearing and dressed me in a short pink little baby dress that was trimmed in little white ruffles with little fluffy bunnies on the pockets and a pair of matching pink rhumba panties wich also had white ruffles and a large white fluffy bunny over the seat of the panties. The dress was so short that it did not cover the rhumba panties nor did it hide the fact that I had on extremly thick diapers, at least ten ply thick. He then placed little anklet socks with pink trim on my feet before putting the little black shoes with the buckles on me. He then placed me in a barber chair shackled my hands to the arms of the chair and strapped me in so I could not wiggle, then put a large pacifier gag in my mouth so I could not complain. Then a lady entered the room told the gaurd to leave and proceeded to cut off my long red hair. All I could do was cry. she then proceeded to put my hair in large bouncy baby curls, when she was finnished my hair was tied upwith pink ribbon in two little bouncy pony tails. I was then realeased from the chair and taken to the car, where I was placed in a very large baby car seat and strapped in and a pacifier was placed in my mouth and attached so I could not remove it, and to end the ensamble a pair baby mittens that had hard plastic re-enforcement (to make sure my hands where of no use to me) where placed on my hands. I still had to poop very bad but I was managing so far to hold it in.

"Oh how cute" momy said as she entered the garage. The hair is perfect "she chided". You have done well gaurd you may take the night off, now go! Thank you mistress. and the gaurd dissapeared from sight. Is mommies babykins ready to go shopping in her new baby clothes? Why sure you are, we would not want to deprive people from seeing mommies cute little babykins, now would we? With that she started the car and we where on our way.

When we arrived I was in utter horror, we where not going to the grocery store like I hade thought oh no that would have been to mild. We where sitting in the mall parking lot and she made sure that she parked far enough away so people out side would see my very noticable babyfied condition. By the time we got to the door I was crying from the humilliation, but mommy just looked down at me and laughed and said get used to it! we must have walked all over the mall and I think every one either pointed and laughed or made some cruel comment about the big baby. But that was not the worst to happen by a long shot, no way. Mommy was standing in line with me when my bowles decided to push again, mommy noticed I was standing stiff legged, oh no you dont little girl, "she said" as she laughed and tugged my baby harness forcing me to walk. And with the first step I could not hold it any loger I filled my diaper to its capacity. The sounds comming from my diaper where extremly noticable and mixed with the smell it became evident to all who where in line with us that I just pooped my diaper. Did mommies wittle babykins mess her diaper? I just stood there and turned beet red and started to cry, untill I felt the sting of mommies hand accross my thigh! I ASKED YOU A QUESTION LITTLE ONE YOU BETTER ANSWER ME! "Yes mommy" I sniffled! YES MOMMY WHAT? Yes mommy I pooped my diaper ( I was so embaressed I started crying uncontrollably) Its ok babies are soppossed to do that so get used to it becouse mommies wittle babykins has no choice but to potty her diapers. Come on little one lets get you home its time for your nap.

I was completely devastated; there was little more this woman could do to me! So I thought! Come along babykins don't dawdle, momy needs to change that poopy diaper before you get any on your wittle outfit. As she was talking about my obviously messy state she drew attention to the massive bulge in the seat of my rumba panties by patting my diaper-clad butt. I was so humiliated that I not only started crying like a baby who needed their panties changed, but I wet without realizing it until I was done and this made me cry even more. The walk to the car was the longest walk of my life. It seamed that every step I took the massive mess in my britches worked its way further up my back and front, this was such a horrible feeling that I had not imagined what it was going to feel like when this mad woman made me sit in the car seat. There, all buckled in and since you were such a little cry baby today momy has decided that her wittle babykins needs more formal training, but we can start that after your nap.

I must've fallen asleep because I didn't remember momy pulling into the garage. Come on little one it's time to change that poey diaper and put you down for a nap. "Guards take this pathetic little pants shitter to the changing room and clean her up I will be there shortly to prepare my wittle darling for her nappy time". I was scared stiff! I'll get that diaper off of your cute little bottom but first I am going to have me a little fun. Right after he said that he leaned me over a spanking horse and secured my waist, hands and legs so I couldn't move. Then the guard placed a step in front of the spanking horse, I was not sure what he was up to but one thing was for sure I was not going to like it. Now this can be hard or it can be easy you decide poopy drawers! As he said this he undid the zipper of his leather pants and stuck his extremely large swollen cock in my face and said well what's it gonna be? I was so shocked and scared that I started crying and trying to turn away. Oh I see you like it the hard way, and with that he got down from the step and went behind me. The next thing I felt was a severe stinging on my outer thighs. He struck me again and again until I was screaming for him to stop and the tears were so heavy that I could not see. I soon had my sniffling cut short as his erect cock was forced into my mouth. He pulled my head up by my little babyfied curls and slowly fed me his cock. Slowly he built up speed until he was fucking my face. "GUARD! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY PROPERTY". The minute he heard the Mistress speak he thrust his cock deep into my throat gagging me with his load and giving me no choice but to swallow it. I felt him ripped away from me and saw the mistress start slapping him around the room and calling for another guard. Is my wittle babykins ok? As she untied me I fell into her arms and cried uncontrollably. Its ok mommy is here now lets change you and get you ready for bedy bye. She proceeded to clean me up and get me ready for bed. She placed two suppositories up my butt. There now I want you to get used to messy diapers, and she then proceeded to pull up another extremely thick diaper and pin it tightly around my waist. She then squatted over the diaper until she was sitting on the padding I saw her smile and I soon felt the warmth of her pee soaking my diaper. She then got up and placed a pair of pink plastic panties over the diaper. Awww did you pee your diaper already, bad baby as she swatted my thigh and laughed at me. Then she put me in a footed sleeper with mittens and locking zipper. There doesn't my wittle baby wook adowaboe, she chided. She then lead me to a large adult sized medical crib and helped me in. Inside it was a swaddler. She had me stand still while she placed it over my head then lay me down to bring the material past my feet and tied it closed. There now mommy's wittle babykins has to lay there and take her nap. Mommy's wittle girl is so helpless now you can't sit up or even roll over with out mommy's help. Get used to it, this is the first day of your formal training I figure In about six months I might give you back toddler status. But for now you will be my little helpless infant girl. The Mistress then placed a fluffy baby pillow in the crib by my head. She then placed a large adult sized baby bottle filed with infant formula in my mouth and propped it against the pillow. She then closed the top of the crib and locked it, then turned walked across the floor to the light switch. Sleep tight wittle Baby, she said laughing at my infantile condition and then gently closed the door behind her.

I am not sure how long I slept but one thing is for sure, the formula had a muscle relaxant in it. The reason I knew was the squishy feeling in my diaper as I tried to stretch. I heard a sound in the darkness that sounded like whimpering. Shortly after I noticed the sounds I heard the door open and the lights came on. I see my wittle baby is awake as the mistress opens the crib and undoes the swaddler and the locking zipper on my sleeper to check my diaper. Poor wittle ting mommy better change her wittle baby before her gets a nasty rash. The whole time she is checking my diaper I still hear the whimpering back behind me out of my sight. She goes and gets the necessary items to clean me up and slide another thick diaper on me and this time she places a pair of see through plastic panties over the diaper, removes the sleeper and the swaddler all the way. She put a pretty little baby doll dress on me that just comes down to my waist and leaves my diaper exposed. She then places my hands back in mittens and places special shoes on my feet that have rounded bottoms to ensure I have to crawl. She lets me out of the crib and calls a guard to help her place me in my high chair. It is at this time I see what was making that whimpering noise I heard earlier. The guard that took advantage of me was locked to the spanking horse naked. I have a special treat for you baby I am going to show you what happens to people who play with my property. She clapped her hands and two young ladies came out wearing rubber gloves, one spread his butt cheeks while the other proceeded to smear KY jelly into his hole. You are going to learn the ultimate lesson. You where a trusted guard but when I am done with you today you will have been reduced to a sissy baby and sold to a daddy and made to please his needs. As a matter of fact I am going to introduce you to your daddy now. Just as she said the words a very muscular man stepped into the room, removed his underwear to expose a very large cock. Poor little sissy boy needs a daddy to keep him in line? The man reached over and grabbed the once proud guard by the hair and said; I asked a question pussy boy I expect an answer! Yes daddy. The minute the exgaurd said yes daddy the man plunged his hard cock into his ass all the way to the hilt. The exgaurd screamed out in shock and pain. Learn to like it bitch boy from now on your daddy's little sissy baby. The man drove his cock into the guard's ass one last time cumming large amounts into his ass. When he removed his cock he placed a diaper on the little sissy and a pair of bright pink plastic panties. And left him tied up. I didn't understand why until about 10 minutes later when I heard a stream of muffled farts coming from the sissy boy's diaper. His daddy then untied him put a short baby doll dress on him like mine and removed him from the room.

You gonna be good for mommy? the mistress asked turned and asked me.

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