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In Your Diaper

He thought he was alone as he prepared for bed. This consisted of the usual, essential items: comfy pajama bottoms, white undershirt, diaper and a few thick pads. He began by spreading open the diaper on the bed in front of him and one by one adding three pads. One designated for the front, one for the back and one pad in the middle. After adding the last pad he reached over to grab the powder off the nightstand when she caught him. She smiled mischievously for a moment then said

"lay down on top of your diaper." Doing as told he lay down on top of his diaper and thought about anything to not get an erection. She grabbed the powder off the nightstand and climbed up on the bed. She used generous amounts of powder, made sure his penis was facing down and brought the front of the diaper up and secured it snug around his waist. She gave the bulging diaper a few light pats which instantly made his already throbbing penis try to push through the diaper and pads even harder. Next she made him sit up at the end of the bed as she put on his pajamas starting with a white undershirt and then his pajama bottoms.

"Well now what am I going to do with you?" she said as she thought about it.

"Climb up on the bed and hold onto the foot board." He did as told, waddling on his knees to the foot board. He could feel her climb up on the bed behind him. All of a sudden "whack, whack, whack" he felt her spanking his diapered bottom. His cock got harder as he felt/listened to the loud smacks associated with the spanking of a diapered bottom! She spanked his bottom several more times before moving in close and whispering in his ear "does my bad little boy need more spanking?" Without expecting an answer she moved slightly to his right. She slipped her right hand down the front of his pajama pants while massaging his butt with her left hand. She rubbed his bulge slow and soft and his bottom for awhile before continuing spanking his bottom, now harder with her left hand. Ten or so spankings later she rested her left hand on his butt and started rubbing the diaper into his cock with more pressure. While slowly rubbing she whispered in his ear "I am going to make you cum in your diaper" he let out a loud, unintentional moan. With her left hand alternating between massaging and spanking his diapered butt she started rubbing the front of his diaper even harder.

"You are going to cum in your diaper for me like a good boy!" God it felt good! He could feel the intense sensation, ready to let it all go; ready to explode hot cum in his diaper. She whispered "Cum in your diaper..... then you can wet it for me". She could feel his body tense up yet tremor and hear him moan as he came in his diaper one of the most intense orgasms of his life. She continued to lightly rub the front of his diaper while his breathing slowed down, patted his bottom and whispered "good boy" in his ear. She relaxed her hand on the front of his diaper and said "now you can wet your diaper for me". With those words she soon felt his pads expanding between his body and his diaper. When the pads could hold no more, she felt his diaper fill up with warmth and expand.

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