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Sara the Diapered Teacher

Part 9

Jen walked with her diapered entourage of Sara, Jen and Jessica behind her all of them red in the face trying not to look at their students who were also now all wearing diapers. Jen smiled at all the students who were too scared to look at her. Jen lead her babies into Sara's classroom and immediately everyone noticed the differences; the walls were painted baby blue with pacifiers and bottles in random places. A nurse wearing her skin tight white outfit was stationed in front of a changing table at the back of the classroom, merely observing and waiting.

Jen gestured Sara on top of her desk and had the nurse change her diaper in front of the whole class. Sara was red with embarrassment not just that she was naked in front of the whole class but also because she needed to be changed. Jen removed all of Sara's clothes but her diaper and put a large pacifier in her mouth.

"If any of you misbehave this will happen to you," Jen said pointing out Sara's nakedness. Sara suckled her pacifier with shame and hoped things wouldn't get worse.

Jen stood at the front of the class and began the lesson. Every few moments the sound of rustling diapers was heard as students adjusted to get comfortable. Jen flipped her hair casually and instantly saw it's devastating power. Every girl in the class instantly froze and then wet themselves seconds later. Chelsea, who was sitting in the front row, diaper began to leak onto the floor with an audible dripping sound. Chelsea stood up, trail right behind her and diaper sagging out from under her skirt, and walked down the row of desks back to the changing table. The nurse removed her soaked diaper and cleaned her but did not replace her diaper.

Instead the nurse stripped Chelsea naked stuck a pacifier in her mouth and walked her back to her desk. Chelsea was embarrassed to be naked in front of all of her friends. Jen savored the power she had over her babies and spoke to Chelsea, "You will remain naked the rest of the day baby Chelsea," Jen said satisfied with her flash of brilliance. Chelsea sat at her desk cold, mortified and very wet. Jen admired Chelsea's petite naked form throughout the class.

The bell finally rang to mark the end of the period and the girls waddled out of the room rustling loudly. Chelsea, Jessica and Sara remained behind with Jen. Chelsea shivered in her desk. There was a long silence as Jen stared at her three babies. Jen had Sara and Jessica changed into fresh diapers and merely had Chelsea and her desk cleaned. Sara, naked but her diaper and pacifier was first to be changed, Jessica was also changed into a new disposable diaper. Chelsea sat at her desk unprotected sucking her pacifier. Jen then surprised all of them by sitting in a desk in the front row.

"Sara, I want you to teach the next class. I will supervise, of course," Jen said authoritatively.

"Yes Mommy Jen," Sara said in compliance not even considering complaining. The bell rang again signaling that students should be getting to class. Seconds later students flowed in wearing their school girl outfits diapers freshly changed. Among the last few students to come in was Samantha. Samantha walked in on weak knees; she had already came once after getting a diaper change, and was nearing a second. Samantha grabbed the last seat in the front row next to Jen. Jen smiled and flipped her hair and much to her enjoyment Samantha was instantly wetting her diaper. Samantha was embarrassed that Jen held so much power over her.

The bell rang again signaling the beginning of class. Sara would normally have to quiet down the class, but Jen's power over all of them made them sit silently staring at Sara their teacher wearing not just a diaper but a wet one at that. Sara didn't feel like a teacher she felt like a helpless infant dependent on Jen, her mommy.

"Today class we will be reviewing the play we read last week." Sara said, but was soon interrupted by Jen.

"Actually baby we are going to write an essay about why it's important for you to wear diapers." Jen interjected and soon the whole class was writing about why Sara needed to wear diapers. There was silence throughout the room except for the scratching of pens, the rustle of diapers and the hum of Samantha's vibrator.

Samantha sat at her desk trying to write with a shaking hand. She was getting closer to an orgasm and wasn't able to stay quiet in her desk anymore. Samantha began to moan softly as the vibrator hummed inside her diaper. Soon most of the classes' eyes were on a writhing, moaning Samantha in her desk. Samantha's soaked diaper hung off the edge of the seat of her desk the warmth felt good to her pussy. Samantha continued to moan and rub her breasts until she finally came to a trembling orgasm only to begin the whole process yet again. Samantha breathed heavily still feeling waves of pleasure pass through her body.

Jen motioned for Sara to come over to her desk. Sara obeying bent over listening to Jen whispering in her ear. The whole class watched in anticipation of what would happen next.

"Yes mommy," was all Sara said. She walked silently over to Chelsea's desk and got on her knees. She pulled Chelsea closer and began to eat her out. Sara worked quickly stimulating Chelsea. Chelsea breathing became slow and heaving. The class watched in awe as their infantile teacher pleasured their naked classmate.

After minutes of Sara eating out Chelsea, she orgasmed cumming on her desk, and Sara. Sara cleaned her face and returned to the front of the class. A breathless Chelsea sat at her desk her essay half written. Sara announced that time was nearly up.

"Actually class we are going to stay here for the rest of the day. You will finish your essays and then Sara will read them aloud in the first person." Jen said smiling at her brilliant idea to dress down her teacher.

To be continued...

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