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Is Ana 22 Going on 2?

Part 2

Ana shifted uncomfortably in her soaked panties, they were still dripping wet. A long moment of silence followed where the only sound was the dripping made by Ana's panties.

"Kiley, I'm so sorry, I was going to tell you... I was too scared you wouldn't love me anymore," Ana said. She stood there for a few more seconds before Kiley finally spoke.

"Ana, what's going on?" Kiley asked not sure what to think of her girlfriend pissing herself in front of her.

"Well, I guess the easiest way to explain it is, I want to be incontinent." Ana said burning red with embarrassment.

"What? Why would someone voluntarily become incontinent?" Kiley asked even more confused.

"Well, it's not so strange sounding if you like baby things; bottles, pacifiers...wetting diapers," again Ana blushed.

"Wetting diapers!?" Kiley exclaimed shocked.

"Wait a minute, Ana your nipples are poking out through your bra, are you enjoying this??" Ana was silent, but Kiley knew the answer.

"Ana, I have to think about this, I'll talk to you on camera tomorrow after I've had some time to think." As soon as she finished speaking she logged off.

Ana, still standing in the same spot she had wet herself, wasn't sure what to think. She felt a strange mix of emotions from hornyness to dread. She also felt more than one way.

Ana being alone in her apartment, and now getting quite cold, decided to get cleaned up. She removed her soaked panties and took off her bra. Cleaning up her shame off the floor she took a quick shower and went to bed.

Ana woke up early the next morning, that night she dreamed that she was Kiley's baby. She loved it and wished it wasn't a dream. Ana got out of bed, and began thinking deeply about her life. She decided her happiness was more important, and if Kiley wouldn't accept her then it wasn't meant to be. Ana removed her bra and panties, and then walked to her computer. Kiley wasn't online yet, so Ana got up and went into the kitchen leaving her computer still running her camera. She took her only baby bottle out of the cabinet, she never drank out of it normally fearing Kiley might spot it. Next to the baby bottle was her only pacifier she looked at it lovingly and popped it in her mouth.

Ana filled the baby bottle with water and walked into her laundry room. From the laundry room she retrieved four bath towels. Baby bottle and towels in hand she returned to her computer, and carefully set up three towels on top of her computer chair. The fourth towel she tied around her small hips and sat on the other three towels. Ana satisfied she was ready opened her browser and started watching videos of other women masturbating wearing diapers. Ana was quickly getting very wet and she started gulping down water. She drained her bottle and refilled it quickly returning to her computer. Ana hadn't used the bathroom since she had gotten up, and was starting to feel the pressure before she started drinking. Ana removed the pacifier from her mouth and slid it down the front of her makeshift diaper. Ana began masturbating with the pacifier rubbing it around her lips furiously.

"Oh...Mommy Kiley I'm sorry I had an accident," Ana said to herself. She only slowed down to gulp down more water until she drained her bottle again. Watching video after video she continued masturbating, rubbing her breasts and drawing closer to an orgasm. As Ana drew closer to her orgasm she felt more and more pressure on her bladder. Moaning and writhing in her chair she finally came, and her juices were all over her left hand. She removed her hand from her diaper and simultaneously she couldn't hold her water anymore. Still feeling waves of pleasure she flooded her makeshift diaper moaning with relief.

"What a performance baby Ana but I can't say Mommy Kiley approves your behavior." Ana froze recognizing her girlfriend's voice.

To be continued...

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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