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Be Careful How You Act

Beth stomped her foot and repeated "I want it now!" Her voice grew just a little louder. She repeated the same thing for the fourth time until Mike drew close to her and said with his teeth clenched "you are acting like a baby, now knock it off." Mike really liked Beth and they had been going out for over eight months, but her temper tantrums were really annoying him.

"Why don't you make me?" Beth said as her head tilted right and then left while her eyes became very large and she then lowered her jaw so her mouth hung open. It had the desired effect of peeking his irritation.

"Beth, you really are acting like a spoiled brat and if you keep it up I don't see how we can remain a couple." Mike then turned and walked away. They were in the mall and Beth had drawn the attention of a few customers, but they kept walking, not wanting to get involved. Amanda walked up to Beth and looked at her friend with a sad smile.

"I thought you liked Mike." Beth let out a long breath, "I do, I really do".

"Then why are you pushing him away?" Amanda knew Beth was really bossy and could be very difficult, but this was even beyond her normal.

"I really want him to do something, show me he cares and, oh I don't know what I want, but I want him to step up and be a man." Amanda looked at Beth for an uncomfortably long time.

"Beth, are you saying you want him to put you in your place?" Amanda's smile and her downcast eyes made clear that she thought Beth was looking for a strong character, perhaps someone as strong as her.

"Yes, I want Mike to be my equal and not a weak, timid pacifist. He never challenges me or questions me, or even contributes to our conversations. I know he is intelligent and I know he isn't like that around everyone else, just me. So how do we have a relationship if he won't open up to me? I don't think we will ever be on an equal footing, but I would settle for him doing something once in a while." Amanda knew her friend well and finally asked "what do you want him to do? I mean you do like him, don't you?"

"That is part of the problem; I really think I love him." Beth looked down at the floor and slowly up to her friend.

"I want to spend my life with him, but he has to be able to open up to me and not be this timid." Beth drew a deep breath and continued "he can't be my lap dog; I want someone strong and able to share everything, not acquiesce to me."

That evening Amanda called Mike and told him everything. Mike slowly hung up the phone and knew she was right. He put up with a lot of things he would never agree to with Beth. As his thoughts twirled in his mind he knew that he couldn't go on like this and obviously neither could Beth.

"Alright' he said to no one in particular. He didn't know what he would do, but he better figure it out. Tomorrow was the party his friend Brian was putting on and that would be the place. Ok, he knew where, but the what and how still had to be figured out.

Mike still lived with his mother until he graduated from college and she asked him to get some milk from the grocery store about two miles down the strip. He started the car and drove to the store. His mind was still wondering when he was driving home he passed the drug store. This reminded him that he was going to get some meds for his mother. He had promised to get them a few days ago and since his mother still had about a weeks supply it wasn't critical but he decided to stop in now. As he walked to the back of the store to the pharmacy he was still trying to figure out what he could do. Time was running out, for the party and for his and Beth's relationship and he had no clue what he was going to do. The pharmacist said it would be a few minutes and Mike started walking up and down the isles. He passed the baby stuff and shook his head but then he came to the adult incontinence items and stopped cold. Mike then scurried around the store looking for the "finishing touches."

The next day Mike drove over to Brian's about 10am. Brian was already up, but had done little to prepare for the party that night so Mike helped a bit and finally told Brian what he was planning. Brian just shook his head and finally stated "well, that will either firmly cement your relationship or end it." Mike realized that that was very true. No backing out now he told himself. He couldn't go on in the relationship the way they had and it seemed like neither could Beth. Mike took a brown paper grocery bag into Brian's house and hid it just inside the door to the basement. No one should be going down there during the party and even if they did the bag was out of the way, but just for good measure he placed a bag full of plastic shopping bags over it. There, no one would think twice about it and you can't see into it unless you moved the plastic bags. Mike found his heart beating fast and he really was nervous. He hoped he had the courage to go through with it.

Mike drove up to Beth's house and stopped at the curb around 7pm. He took a deep breath and asked to no one in particular "are you ready?" He took one more deep breath and opened the car door and walked up to the house. Beth answered the door; she lived with two other girls that also went to college but all three of their parents really paid the rent. Beth looked stunning. She wore a yellow dress that was ruffled going down to the floor. Beth began "I am sorry for the other day." Mike stepped close to her and kissed her lips. He then leaned in close to her ear and whispered, "I love you, but I am letting you know right now that if you act like a baby I will treat you like one." Beth looked at him and couldn't help but notice the seriousness in his face.

"Okay" was all she could say. She wondered what that was all about but did find it nice he was being strong.

"I love you too." She managed to say. They both smiled and, for different reasons wondered what the evening had in store.

The party was going very well. Brian had alcohol and was taking the keys away from anyone that had a drink. Mike decided not to drink this day for fear of either loosing his courage or, more likely, of trying to go through with it and botching it due to drink. No, it was better to refrain from alcohol this day and keep a clear head. Beth had no such inhibitions and finished her third cup of beer when it happened. Beth wanted another drink but Mike was in mid conversation with his friend John. Beth was feeling pretty good and started to raise her voice "Mike, I want another drink." Mike looked at her for a second, "you can get it."

"I want you to get it, now." Her voice was getting louder and she was visibly getting that spoiled brat attitude. Mike stepped close and reminded her, "Remember what I told you, if you act like a baby I will treat you like one." His heart was pounding and his voice cared a tone of command that he really didn't feel. Beth looked at him and decided to test him. If he would make comments like that he better be willing, able, and ready to back them up so she raised her voice to that ear piercing brat like tone and screamed "I want it now!" Mike knew this was it.

"Ok, you want to be a baby?" Beth looked at him and said "yes, do your worst.' Her voice carried over the room, not quite over the music, but close. Amanda came up to Beth and tried to calm her down, looking at Mike with eyes that said more than her words. She would support whatever he had in mind but he had to act, or loose her. Beth would never respect him now if he let this go. Mike found his heart pounding and adrenaline seemed to pour through his veins. Brian looked on with a smile that let anyone who saw him know he had some idea of what was about to take place. The room still had the music playing and people were dancing, but the focus was on Beth and Mike. Everyone knew Beth's outbursts and wondered how long her spoiled condescending actions would be put up with. Of course everyone thought Mike would leave her, not that he would do what he did. Indeed his actions would be talked about for a very long time, with a bit of a smirk on the face of the storyteller well into the future.

Mike walked very deliberately to the basement door and opened it. Beth found her heart breaking as she thought he was leaving her, just leaving. She knew she loved him and had put him through too much; she shouldn't have called his bluff. She was about to run to the basement, to apologize, to scream she will do anything but don't leave her. Mike didn't go down the steps; instead he moved something and grabbed a paper grocery bag. Mike walked back to the middle of the room and waved Beth to him. She realized she was so relived he hadn't left but also very apprehensive as to what was happening. He had planned something, indeed he went right to that paper bag. Her mind was reeling now. She started to realize she had walked into something and wasn't sure she was ready for what would come next, but she walked to Mike's side. Mike then set the paper bag down and took out a container of Johnson & Johnson baby powder, then a box of baby wipes and then he reached into the bag a took out a plastic bag of Depends. Beth's eyes went wide as she realized what he meant that she would be treated like a baby. The room found more than a few party goers stifle a laugh or cover their mouths in utter surprise. Mike opened the perforated top of the Depends bag and started to pull a diaper out. The bag was very full and Mike found he had to use both hands to pull it out. He tucked the diaper under his arm, picked up the baby powder and took two wipes. Mike then reached out and took Beth's hand. Beth seemed to wake from a dream and realized what was happening. She started to back away but Mike had her hand. He didn't squeeze or hurt her; indeed she probably could have pulled her hand free if she gave any real effort but found her feet moving with Mike as he gently led her into the bedroom off the main room. The door was shut but Brian was there and opened it for them. As they entered the room Brian shut the door behind them. The room burst out in roars as they entered the bedroom. Mike found he was much calmer now that he was doing it. He was doing it he thought as the realization came to him. His heart still beat hard, but it was not so anxious. Beth on the other hand found her heart beating faster and harder than it had in a very long time. She smiled, "ok, you had your fun. You aren't going to put that on me." It was more of a question than a statement and her voice almost cracked twice. Mike looked at her and smiled. He turned to the bed and opened the diaper, laying it on the edge. Next he removed the top tape on the baby powder. Beth had backed up to the dresser when Mike walked to her. He bent down to the floor and lifted her dress just enough for his hands to reach her underwear. In one fluid motion Mike lowered Beth's panties to her ankles. Beth tried to back up but was blocked by the dresser she stood in front of.

"Ok, you made your point" Beth was thinking of anything and then smiled "We can have sex.

"I learned my lesson; I am not wearing a diaper." She said the last with more confidence than she felt. Mike looked at her and inhaled, then exhaled "I told you what I would do, and if you decide that I can not treat you like a baby now, then I will walk out of this room and we are done. You are wearing a diaper for the entire night, or I will no longer need to put up with your temper tantrums." Beth couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"What, I have to let you put me in a diaper, or you're breaking up with me?" Mike looked at her and realized this was the moment, either they could be a couple or not.

"Yes." It was a simple statement but it took Beth's breath away. She remembered when she thought he was walking down the stairs, that she would do anything to keep him and she realized that if she could talk him out of going through with this now, she would never have that self-confident man she wanted. She stood there with eyes wide, breathing heavily. Mike then grasped her by the waist and slowly guided her to the edge of the bed. He stooped down and lifted her dress to her waist, exposing her bare bottom and, while holding the dress up slowly set her down on the bed, on the diaper.

"Lift your bottom" he said. The diaper wasn't perfectly aligned. Beth obediently picked up her bottom and Mike shifted the diaper just a little. Beth lowered her bottom and for the first time realized the feel of the diaper beneath her. Beth found her breath shallow and fast, she turned her head to the left looking away and with both hands grabbed the blanket on the bed. Mike took the baby powder and applied very liberally. Beth felt the coolness of the powder and bit her lower lip. Beth had closed her eyes and was caught a little by surprise when Mike lifted the diaper between her legs. At that moment Beth could smell the baby powder and she let out a small moan. Mike taped the lower right tape and then the lower left tape. He then taped the middle left tape and again moved taping the middle right tape. The top right tape was then fastened and as Mike pulled the diaper snug he fastened the top left tape. Mike then lowered Beth's dress. Beth laid there for a moment. She tried spreading her legs, but could feel the diaper, she closed her legs but she could feel the bulk of the diaper even more. It was no use, she was wearing a diaper. Beth opened her eyes and reached down to her groin. She felt her dress, but beneath that she could feel and hear the diaper. Beth let out her breath; she hadn't realized she was holding her breath until that moment. Beth looked up at Mike. She knew, now more than ever, that she was his and, yes, he was hers. She would wear diapers for him. Oh my god Beth thought. Everyone would know she is in a diaper. The thought struck her. Her mind raced, but she could think of nothing to do but get through the night.

Mike stood over Beth as she lay on the bed. Beth continued to shift from open and closing her legs. Her hands were still holding her groin and she just couldn't get used to the fact that she was wearing a diaper. It had been a long time since she wore one and she was still breathing a bit heavy. Mike looked at Beth squirming and started his speech. It had taken a bit to rehearse it but it flowed naturally now.

"Beth, you are going to wear a diaper all night and if you decide to act like a baby again by stomping your foot or screaming then I will let you know of two other items that I have, one on the steps to the basement that I didn't bring out and one in my pocket." With that Mike took out a pacifier from his pocket.

"The first outburst and you can have a pacifier. The second outburst and I will get the tee shirt I brought. If we get to the tee shirt, then all you will have is that tee shirt and the diaper." Beth tried to sink into the bed. The thought of wearing a diaper and tee shirt for all the world to see was more than she could bear. Beth then remembered what Mike had said.

"Wait a minute; you said I had to wear a diaper all night?" Beth remembered the three cups of beer she had already drunk.

"What if I have to use the bathroom?" Mike smiled a little knowing smile.

"Beth, you are wearing a diaper, the bathroom isn't a problem." Mike saw her squirming and decided to show a bit of compassion.

"You don't have to soil yourself, but if all you have to do is pee, then that is what the diaper is for." Beth slowly let that sink in. She was sure she didn't need to poop, but she would definitely have to go.

"Can we leave?" Mike was waiting for this question, "We will leave when I am ready to go, a few hours I would think." Beth closed her eyes and let her head drop back to the bed. It was going to be a long night.

The door to the bedroom opened and Mike stepped out with Beth behind him. The conversation in the room faded away with only the music still drumming on. A lot of smiles, whispers, and stifled giggles were seen. Beth was much more subdued as she walked close to Mike. More than a few eyes looked to Beth trying to see if they could tell she was wearing a diaper. The dress was flowing and quite frankly the diaper was not nearly as obvious as most people would have thought. Beth thought for sure that it was obvious, and the crinkle was louder than she thought it would be. Of course the noise was more in her mind. She could hear ever crinkle but the music actually drown out the noise and the only reason anyone really new she was wearing a diaper was the spectacle they made going into the bedroom. Jennifer was never really a friend, but not an enemy either. Beth and Jennifer were more accurately rivals and now Jennifer walked up to Beth and not very discreetly patted Beth's behind. Jennifer smiled "hello baby." Mike interceded "Ok, Jen that is enough."

"What, she is a baby now isn't she." Her smile was so wicked it could have cut if there were a blade to it. Jennifer turned and walked away, never loosing that smile. Beth took a deep breath, just have to get through tonight she told herself again.

Mike talked with a number of friends and twice found Jennifer harassing Beth. He knew Beth would be embarrassed but Jennifer was taking it to the extreme.

"Jen, are you that interested in diapers? I could put you in one if you really are that curious." Jennifer looked at Mike and smiled "I am not your girlfriend to diaper." She said as she turned and started to walk away and looking at Beth "Are you wet?" she said it so softly that Mike almost didn't hear it, almost. Mike looked after Jennifer for a few moments, his lips pressed together and his eyebrows furrowed. Brian walked up to him at that moment.

"Is Jennifer giving you a problem?" Mike looked at his friend "yes, but I am not sure what to do about it." Brian drew a half smile and said just let me know if you need anything and I can just about guarantee I can help with her. Mike thought about that and realized that Brian had been close to her family for a long time. Perhaps he would see how much help Brian could provide, later.

Beth was really feeling those three cups of beer earlier and started to shift from one foot to another. She finally moved close to Mike's ear "I really have to go." It was a statement and Mike looked at her. He also leaned in close so no one else would hear "do you have to go pee or poop?" Beth blushed but finally said "pee." Mike smiled and leaned close "you are wearing a diaper." Beth knew that was going to be the answer, but found it difficult to accept. The diaper was now kind of comfortable and she not only didn't mind it but found it a bit fun. Wetting her diaper though was a new level she wasn't sure she was ready for. The thought went through her, "her diaper" she had thought. Well, it was hers. She smiled a bit and then there was Jennifer.

"Getting off in your diaper?" Beth really wasn't liking Jennifer. She just wouldn't let it go. Everyone else had gone on with the party, a few smirks or giggles every now and again, but not like Jennifer. She constantly brought up the diaper. Mike looked at Jennifer and came close "if you keep this up I will put you in a diaper Jen, don't try me."

"Really, I'd like to see you try." Jennifer was being defiant until Brian walked up behind her.

"Would you?" he asked. Jennifer's face sank, almost becoming pale.

"You do owe me and I am beginning to think this would pay me back." Jennifer started to stutter when she noticed Beth standing with her legs a bit further apart and her eyes darting around. Jennifer realized Beth was peeing and started to say it out loud, forgetting what Brian had just said. Brian came up to her and said "I am calling my marker, you are going to let Mike diaper you right now and your debt is forgiven, or we can take this to your dad." Jennifer stopped immediately. She had pulled stupid prank that caused some property damage and Brian had agreed not to press charges, or more importantly tell her dad. The property damage was small, but her dad would cut her off and that was something she couldn't afford to have happen. Brian had always liked Jennifer but she had a mean streak in her and this seemed like the perfect way to help her loose that.

Beth had indeed been peeing; she just couldn't hold it any longer. She didn't want to do that in front of Jennifer but really couldn't hold it any longer. Mike looked at Beth and knew she needed to be changed but asked anyway "did you wet?" Mike asked very quietly so not even Jennifer could hear and Beth just nodded her head. Mike looked at Jennifer and Brian and said ok, he took Jennifer's hand and started walking to the main room where the Depends were still sitting on the center table. Beth followed them with Brian trailing. Mike took the wipes and handed the container to Beth who took it with a bit of a twinge in her chest as she thought people might see. She quickly realized everyone knew she was already in a diaper and it no longer mattered. Mike also handed her the baby powder and then reached into the package of Depends. He took two diapers out and realized they came out much easier than earlier. Mike looked inside the package and did a quick count. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 11. He had placed one diaper on Beth and had two in his hand, which accounted for three out of a package of 20. Eleven left plus the three he could account for meant six were unaccounted for. Mike looked around the room at all the people and smiled. Someone was having some fun besides him.

Jennifer stood there with her heart pounding. She glanced at Brian and knew he was serious. Oh god, what did she get herself into. She couldn't deny that when Beth was diapered she was more than a little curious, but she didn't really want to wear one herself, did she. Her heart was pounding and she couldn't really answer the question. On one hand she was furious with Brian for this, but on the other she was excited beyond anything she could remember. Mike started walking to the bedroom and suddenly she realized the room was quiet except for the music. Everyone was watching them go to the bedroom with Mike carrying two diapers. She decided to be as dignified as she could and lifted her head up and walked with a purpose. She didn't feel the confidence she was showing but there was no getting out of it now.

Brian opened the door again for the three of them and shut it behind them. Beth could throw a temper tantrum, but she never was mean. Jennifer, on the other hand, could be very mean and almost everyone in the room had experience her wrath or knew someone that had. As Brian closed the door the party goers let out a loud scream of approval. If Beth was being treated how she acted, Jennifer just plain deserved this. Even those who didn't really know Jennifer had seen her being horrible to Beth over the course of this night and felt she either wanted to be diapered or had dwelt on Beth's diaper enough to warrant her own.

Jennifer decided to be defiant to the end. As soon as Mike laid a diaper on the edge of the bed and opened it up, Jennifer reached under her dress and dropped her panties, walked over to the edge of the bed lifting her dress and sat on the diaper. Mike gently applied pressure to her shoulders so she would lie down and pulled the diaper into position. Jennifer looked up at the ceiling and breathed in through her nose. Her breath was short and quick as Mike liberally applied the baby powder. Jennifer felt like closing her legs but kept them open as Mike pulled the diaper between her legs. Jennifer smelled the baby powder and found herself aroused and excited. Mike made sure he had the diaper snug when he fastened the lower right tape, then the middle right tape. He fastened the lower left tape and then the middle left tape and the upper left tape. The upper right tape was fastened after Mike pulled the diaper very snug, not to hurt but she would feel this diaper as long as she was in it. When the diaper was in place Jennifer sat up, pushed her dress down and stood up. She looked on the verge of tears but was still trying to be defiant. Jennifer didn't say a word but walked to the door and opened it, stepped out and shut the door. When she entered the room everyone stopped and started clapping. Jennifer didn't know how much more she could take when Brian walked up to her.

"Will you be my little girl?" Jennifer had always had a crush on Brian and just then wanted him more than ever. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. Brian had always liked her and reached down taking her diapered butt in his hands and squeezed.

"I think I like this." He said. Jennifer knew she liked it, but wasn't yet ready to admit it.

Beth looked at Mike and walked to the edge of the bed, lifted her dress and lay down. She found herself biting her lower lip again in anticipation of being changed. Mike ever so slowly undid the tapes. Most of them stuck and he had to tear the diaper. He then opened the diaper exposing Beth's privates. He reached over to the wipes and gently began cleaning her up. When he had her cleaned he removed the wet diaper from beneath her and took another wipe to clean her butt, which had been sitting on the diaper. Mike held Beth's legs up as he did this and when he was satisfied he slid the other diaper under her, lowering her onto it. Mike then took the baby powder and applied a lot. When he thought there was enough, he added another five shacks for good measure. Beth closed her eyes, breathing heavily feeling more excited than she had in a very long time. Mike pulled the diaper up between her legs and again she could smell the baby powder. That was a wonderful smell that made her moan just a little. Mike fastened the tapes again starting on one side going to the other and finishing with the top tape making sure the diaper was snug. Beth paused for a moment. The fist time she wore a diaper this evening she was getting used to the diaper and found it foreign and embarrassing, this time it was pure ecstasy. She opened her eyes and took Mike's hand sitting up.

"Let's get you home." Mike was saying. When they opened the door and stepped out back into the party no one looked or even paid them attention.

Mike drove Beth home and walked her to her room. She removed her dress and stood in just a diaper as Mike chose a soft, silky night shirt. Beth lifted her arms as Mike brought the night shirt over her head. Beth climbed into her bed and looked up at Mike as he pulled the covers over her.

"I love you.' Mike said. Beth continued to look up at him and smiled.

"I don't have to wear diapers after tonight, right?" Mike smiled "no, unless you act like a baby." Beth thought about that and realized she would have to test him every now and again.

"Ok." Mike realized he needed to buy some more diapers as he reached in his pocket and took out the pacifier. It was still in its packaging and he opened it and put it in Beth's mouth.

"Good night baby." Beth took the pacifier and closed her eyes. Mike slowly walked out of her room while he was thinking about stopping at the drug store for some supplies on his way home. He couldn't be caught without diapers for his baby.

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