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Oh Daddy!

Daddy opened the door immediately as if he had been waiting for my knock. He was younger than I expected, but still older than me. I liked that. He gestured for me to enter, and I did - following his cues as he closed and locked the door then led me further into his living room.

"Clothes." He barked in a stern, fatherly voice that startled me to attention. I was trembling suddenly - nervousness filling my body as I began to strip off my shoes, then socks. Daddy reached out and unbuckled my belt, then popped the button on my jeans. Slipping his hands into my pants on both my hips he slowly slid them down until they were below my knees. I stepped out of them then lifted my arms as he raised my shirt over my shivering torso and pulled it off me.

"Baby is wet!" he announced with a smile. Leaning in Daddy began to kiss me while pulling me close to him with a hand behind my head. His other hand explored my heavily padded crotch. As small as my cock is, it still strained against its plastic confines as Daddy groped my diapered crotch and explored my mouth with his tongue. My heart was racing and I knew I would cum at any moment... and apparently Daddy knew this too as he suddenly stopped and pushed me away from him.

"No no, not before Daddy, naughty boy!

"Daddy knows how to make that go away!" He said, pointing to my throbbing, soggy, diapered groin. With gentle hands he led me to the side of the couch and turned me away from him. A hand on my back directed me to bend over the couch's arm, and I obediently lowered myself over it. I braced myself as he pulled the tapes free from my soaked and lumpy diaper, allowing it to drop to the floor. I shivered as the cool air tickled my damp bottom. But Daddy was about to warm it up.

Daddy cupped my balls from behind and started to fondle me again.

"Tell me how you have been naughty son" He ordered as he gently pinched the tip of my foreskin.

"I pee on myself and I jerked-off this morning even though you told me to save myself for you Sir." I confessed. The playful fondling suddenly turned painful as Daddy tightened his grip on my balls.

"I knew you were a little sissy pants-wetter, but apparently you can't control yourself at all!" He scolded.

"You'll be punished... and now there will be no orgasm for you tonight!" I started to complain, but was quickly silenced by Daddy's hand coming down on my backside. I yelped at that first swat, but quickly recovered and silently took the next nine. Daddy alternated his spanks: left cheek, right cheek, left... His hands were surprisingly firm and efficient - each slap making me jump a little. After the tenth slap he stopped, but told me not to move. I heard him leave the room only to return moments later.

"Ever taken a belt before boy?" He asked his voice rough but with a hint of excitement. He knew I hadn't from our conversations before this meeting, but I told him again that I had never.

"Bout time then I think."

The first lick made me yell and I stood straight up, but Daddy ordered me back down and delivered another. After four I was in tears and a few more had me pleading with him to stop. He ignored me and continued to deliver the spanking of a lifetime. I was no longer counting the spanks in my head, and had given up my pleas for mercy. I bawled like a baby and laid there as Daddy whipped me with an intensity I hadn't expected. There was no playfulness, only the truth that I was a naughty sissy that Daddy needed to correct.

At some point I ran out of tears and silently accepted the rest of my whipping. This seemed to satisfy Daddy as he finally put the belt down and patted my back.

"On your knees now." He said, gentler now.

"Please Daddy, can I rest..."

"Now!" he demanded and I leapt up, turned around and lowered myself before him. His pants were off and nowhere in sight. He must have removed them when he went for the belt. His cock was rock hard and huge as he stroked it and moved it toward my mouth.

"Take it slow." Daddy said softly remembering I had not done this before. He slid his dick into my mouth and I wrapped my lips around it, enjoying its thickness and throbbing warmth.

"Daddy will do the work, just keep those lips tight." He instructed then slowly moved his cock back and forth. I choked a little as his dick reached the back of my throat and he backed off.

My dick sprung to life as my nerves eased and daddy gently fucked my mouth.

"Baby likes!" Daddy smirked.

"try to relax now..." He said as he pushed his cock to the back of my throat again. I took it without gagging this time and was pleased with myself.

"Ready for me to fuck that boy pussy of yours? He asked, looking down at me. I couldn't respond verbally, but looked up with pleading eyes. He understood.

"Okay, next time maybe." He said and picked up the pace of his thrusts.

"Trust me?" He asked. I nodded - sortof - his cock anchoring my head in place.

"Good, here it comes!" He thrust himself deep in me, his cock going down my throat - but he pulled it back before I could start to panic.

"Breath with the rhythm." He suggested as he rocked in and out of my windpipe. I gagged a few times, but he kept going and I got the hang of it. He was moving quickly now, deeper, harder. I was having trouble breathing but the sensation was amazing as he deep-throated me. His body tensed up as he made his deepest thrust and held it there. His balls were against my lower lip, his huge cock completely inside me. His cock was pulsing though he was still and I suddenly realized he was cumming down my throat. It was awesome! Finally he pulled back so just the head of his cock was on my lips.

"Lick it, get all that medicine. You need it!"

I sucked and licked his cock as it started to soften, drinking the last drops of cum it produced for me. Daddy then pulled his cock out and patted me on the head like a good dog. I cleared my throat which was raw and sore now. Daddy put his hand under my chin motioning for me to get up and when I was on my feet again he kissed me on the lips.

"Come with me." He said softly and directed me to his bedroom and into the connected bathroom. He handed me a bottle of Scope and suggested I rinse my mouth.

"It will burn, and be sore tomorrow." He warned.

After I cleaned up Daddy took me to his bed and laid me down on the right side. I watched lovingly as he pulled a pile of white cloth from his dresser. I had never gotten to wear a cloth diaper and he knew I wanted to try it. My cock went instantly hard and I reached down to stroke it before remembering I had been banned from cumming.

"Good boy!" Daddy commented when he saw me reach for then surrender my cock. He laid the thick cloth between my legs and I raised my bum for him to slide it under me. I watched as he folded the middle in between my legs to triple the bulk, then pulled the front of the diaper up and over my junk. He pinned it on tight like an expert Nanny then returned to the dresser. A moment later he was fastening the snaps on a soft blue plastic panty and I was in baby heaven!

Daddy got into bed with me and pulled me into his arms in the spooning position. He wrapped a comforter over us and I was completely secure in my diaper, a blankie and his arms!

"Sleep tight baby, maybe if you are a good boy and wake up nice and wet Daddy will let you cum in the morning before we go see your mom."

"My mom? Why?" I asked, suddenly panicky.

"Boy. She's going to know you like cock when you move in with me. Might as well tell her now."

"But... I..."

"Quiet. You are my baby, but also an adult. You'll tell your mom the truth then come back with me here to be my sissy baby full-time. Understand?"

"Yes Sir" I sighed, frightened but happy at the prospect.

"Good. I thought I would have to threaten to spank you... and that wouldn't be fair since I'm going to whip that sweet ass of yours again anyway."

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