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Sandra woke early again, she had not been sleeping well since splitting up with her longterm boyfriend 6 months earlier, they had been together 6 years and the breakdown in her relaitionship hit her harder than she let anyone know. She got out of bed a relised her nappy was sagging from the overnight wettings it had recieved, she had been introduced to nappys by her ex and continued to enjoy them even after they had split, she pulled on a dressing gown thinking her nappy would hold for another 30 minutes and headed downstairs to have some breakfast, she made some toast and coffee and sat down in the conservatory and watched the sun rise in the distance, her garden overlooked her nieghbours house and she could see right into the kitchen, nothing was going on that day until she spotted her neighbours storm into the kitchen screaming at each other, this continued for a few minutes before Michelle stormed out into the garden, Sandra relising that she had been seen headed back inside her own kitchen and thought about heading upstairs to shower when she heard a knock at her door, she thought about ignoring it but thought she better open it.

On the other side of the door, Michelle stood, tears still visible,

"Hi Sandra, sorry to disturb you, i was wondering if i could pop in for 5", knowing she needed to change she reluctantly agreed and in walked Michelle. Michelle sat down in the Kitchen whilst Sandra popped the Kettle on, Michelle took the coffee and thanked her friend and also apologising for the early interuption, she then proceeded to tell Sandra all about the argument and the fact she needed to stay somewhere for a couple of days to collect her thoughts, Sandra thought about this and agreed Michelle could stay with her in the spare room. Michelle accepted and they agreed, so Michelle went to leave, pop home to collect a few things and return. Sandra thought right time to change and get out of this nappy. She went to get up when without relising , her dressing gown had become loose, allowing Michelle a perfect view of a 28 year old woman wearing nothing but a nappy, Sandra caught her neighbour looking, but nothing was said, Michelle left and Sandra thought that maybe she had been lucky and it wasnt spotted.

30 Minutes later, Sandra had showered, put her nappy in the bin and dressed when Michelle knocked at the door again, Sandra opened and helped Michelle up to the spare room with her stuff, They then spent the rest of the day talking and nothing was said about Sandras nappy.

It was now 11.30 at night, the two women had sat, talked and drunk 3 bottles of wine when Michelle said that she would better get her head down as she needed to be in work at 08.30 the following morning, they both walked upstairs and gave each other a hug before they went into thier rooms, Sandra walked into her bedroom and fell on the bed, knowing she always wet the bed after she had been drinking, she went to her wardrobe and selected a thick overnight cloth nappy and some plastic pants, she got herself ready and tucked herself into bed, she was wide awake so she put her tele on for a bit. After about ten minutes Michelle knocked her door and asked if she could pop in, Sandra, lying under her duvet said yes, Michelle cam and sat down next to her, Sandra could see through the nighty that Michelle was weraing that she didnt have a bra on, Michelle thanked her friend for allowing her to stay, before a tear started to roll down her cheek, Sandra gave her friend a cuddle, Michelle asked if Sandra would allow her to stay in her room for a bit, allowing this, Michellepulled the duvet back a bit and got into the bed, Sandra was worried now as she only had her nappy and plastic pants on. Michelle put her head on Sandras shoulder and started to caress her arm, Sandra thought about what was happening but thought nothing of it. She needed to wet and tried holdong it, but after 10 minutes the pain got to much and Sandra started flooding her nappy. Michelle was still resting her head on Sandras shoulder but had now put her arm across Sandras stomach, she started caressing Sandras stomach, Sandra was starting to enjoy it as it had been over 6 moths since anyone had touched her, she had never had any lesbian thoughts before but was relaxing and enjoying her friend caressing her. Her only worry was Michelle finding her nappy, Sandra looked down at Michelle and could see her hand rubbing her own nipple. Sandra put her hand on Michelles back and started to caress the top of her arse crack which allowed Michelles Nighty to raise up showing Sandra that Michelle wasnt wearing any underwear. Sandra got caught in the moment, only coming back to earth when she felt a hand on her nappy, it had stopped but was now working its way to the seams of the plastic pants. Michelle slid her hands into Sandras Nappy, finding it soaking wet from the wetting earlier, Sandra was enjoying it, and didnt stop when Michelle removed her nappy and started licking out her pussy, she came all over her friends face and then returned the favour, tasting a woman for the first time in her life. After making love, the two neighbours were cuddled up in each others arms when Michelle said that she knew all along about Sandras nappys and would like to try them herself. Sandra not believing her luck ran to her wardrobe and grabbed two disposable nappies, they then proceeded to nappy each other and fell alseep in each others arms.

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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