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Well-Spanked Bedwetter

Part 1

Justin came down for breakfast still in his pajamas, but something was just a little off. I knew it, and he knew it, but it was clear he was hoping that I didn't.

"Justin, did you wet the bed again?

"No!" He lied

"Are you sure? This is day five, if you wet again its back in diapers for you!"

"I didn't!" He fibbed again.

"Son, I KNOW you are lying to me."

He got that deer-in-the-headlights look kids get when they don't know what to do next, but he didn't respond.

"THOSE are not the pajamas I put you to bed in. So here's the deal. I'll ask you one more time and you can tell me the truth and get put in diapers for a week; or you can lie and make it a month in diapers and a whipping! Your choice. So, did you wet yourself again or not?"

Justin shifted from foot to foot, trembling slightly as he answered. Ye.....No! No Daddy!"

"Let's go find out." I said with a disappointed sigh and took his hand. I led him upstairs and to his room.

"Okay I did!" He shouted as I reached for his comforter. I pulled the blanket back and found the tell-tale wet spot in the center of his bed. I lifted up his mattress and found the crumpled soggy pajama pants and underwear in his usual hiding spot.

"I'm sorry Daddy!" Justin said starting to cry. I said nothing, instead walking over to his desk and pulling out the chair. I sat and patted my leg. Justin obediently walked over to me and stood at my side so I could pull him over my lap.

Holding him down with one hand, I used the other to deliver ten firm smacks to the seat of his pants. He moaned and squirmed, but accepted the first round of smacks bravely.

"You told me the truth - finally - but a little too late I'm afraid Son." I explained as I pulled down his pajama bottoms and delivered twenty hard swats to his underwear-covered bottom. He cried out now and kicked his legs, but my grip was strong.

"I want you to understand: I'm punishing you for the lie, not for wetting yourself. You can't control that, which is why you need to start wearing diapers." With that I lowered his underwear and delivered ten last smacks, harder than the previous ones. He yelled and begged me to stop... and I did.

"Go take a shower and put those clothes in the hamper since you wore them within washing yourself. When you are done wait here for me."

While Justin bathed I had my morning coffee and finished the breakfast the Mrs had made for me. We discussed the wetting and the lies and she agreed it was time to break out the diapers we had bought a few days before. She was certainly tired of washing soaked sheets every day and I saw no reason to let Justin continue to wet himself without protection.

I waited an hour before going upstairs. I wanted Justin to have time to calm down, and to think about his behavior. My wife handed me a disposable diaper and a rubber panty; and I took my belt off.

Justin's eyes went wide as we entered his room, he stared not as his Mother or I but at the belt dangling from my fist.

"Sorry Justin, but I did promise you a WHIPPING if you lied. You've only gotten a spanking so far." It would be his first taste of the belt, but he needed to learn not to lie to his parents.

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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